Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 37

No Mon Is An Island

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2002 on TV Asahi



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    • Rika: MegaGargomon! Special attack: Gargo Missiles.
      Takato: Jeez! He should be called "Humongo-Enormous-Seven-Stories-Tall Missiles" from the look of him!

    • Zhuqiaomon: Am I supposed to be afraid?
      Rapidmon: No, you're supposed to take your beating like a good little villain!

    • Zhuqiaomon: Trespassers. You have disturbed the lair of Zhuqiaomon, Sovereign of the Digital World, and protector of it's inhabitants. Look upon my countenance and tremble with fear, for in my eyes, you see your own undoing!
      Takato: Um... okay, I'm trembling over here.
      Rika: Yeah, trembling seems to be the thing to do right now.

    • Zhuqiaomon: Compitulate, fools!
      WarGrowlmon: Hah! We don't even know the meaning of the word!

    • Kazu (about Jeri and Suzie): Man, two sad girls. I haven't even started dating, and already I've got two sad girls!
      Guardromon: Once you start dating, I'm sure you'll make many girls sad!

    • Takato: You'd think we'd learn to move away from danger, instead of toward it.
      Rika: Some of us are just thick-headed, I guess.
      Guilmon: She means you, Takato.
      Takato: Yeah, yeah...

    • Guilmon: Do we have to walk the whole way?
      Lopmon: Momentai.
      Terriermon: Hey, that's my word!

    • Kazu: Hey, what's all the jaber about over here? Umm, where Susie go?
      Guardromon: She flew away.
      Kazu: She flew away?! Are you kidding me, but how?! You were suppose to be watching her.
      Guardromon: I was, I watched the whole thing.
      Kazu: It's not what I mean't, you big duffess!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Unknown: He shall rise from the ashes.
      In the last five minutes of the episode, the Tamers think that they have beaten Zhuqiaomon. However, Zhuqiaomon rises from the ground. Legend says that when the mighty phoenix died, it would rise from the ashes. In this case, Zhuqiaomon is a phoenix and him rising from the ground was a reference to the legend.

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