Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 53

Now Apocalymon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 24, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Apocalymon arrives and destroys the kids crest and tags making them think that they can't defeat such a powerful enemy.

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  • The kids realise they don't need the crests and tags...

    Apocalymon comes and destroys their crests and tags. After that he turns them into Digital Data. During their time as data they have flashbacks to certain points in the season where they really shined. After that they resolve to fight Apocalymon no matter how much the odds are against them. Then their hearts glow with their crests. Izzy says that they don't need their crests because the power has been inside them all along. Matt then says it's more than that. He said that he could see every one elses Friendship and in turn then fueled his Friendship. The Digimon are then able to digivolve (Can I say that when Angemon digivolves into MagnaAngemon in the background 'Warp Digivolve' is heard? And the theme for that Digivolution is heard.) to Ultimate/Mega. They then return to Apocalymon's realm. This is why I like the episode so much - the kids finally realise they don't need the crest and it wasn't just themselves that made the crest glow.moreless
  • The Digidestined come face to face with their final opponent. He destroys them and sends them to the world of Data. They give up hope, but their Digimon convice them to believe in themselves. They reassemble themselves and prepare for the final battle.moreless

    The beauty of this episode is that it opens up for a lot of thought. The first bit of thought is the fact that there were once Digidestined before the current ones. This actually brings ito quesiton the validity of the new Digidestined. If there were already Digidestined, then why not bring them back? How long ago did they come to the Digital World, and more importantly, HOW OLD is the digital world? The warp of time is thrown off when Apocalymon returns from the wall of fire, so it must not have been a very long time. It gives food for thought. Another intriguing characteristic of this episode is Apocalymon himself. He is a mutant created from sorrow and loneliness. His evil and by extension, the other evil digimon in the Digital World, stems from his loneliness and need for revenge. This of course is actually a beautiful insertion in the series. Instead of creating an evil digimon with no really motivation, the writers bring up a philosophical question. What creates EVIL? In this case, the writers think that it is loneliness and lack of connection with the goodness which the world provides. This theme is in parallel with Puppetmon\'s evil (which made him the most developed of the Dark masters) and Matt. This is also present in the cave with Matt and Sora. But the fact that the final enemy has a real motive makes him an acceptable enemy and makes the Final battle Worthwhile. Anotehr wonderful aspect of this episode is the pitfall that the Digiddestined face. They are beaten to their weakest position. They lose hope, but once again, their Digimon (representing thier inner strength and conscience save them.) The tension between whether or not human strenght comes from the individual or from the group is finally resolved from the writer\'s perspective. Overall, teh addition of mythos to the Digimon lure and the phenomenal encounter make this episode EXCEPTIONAL! It is also nostalgic to see the Digimon Digivolve for one last time, even though it takes a good 5 minutes.moreless
  • when apocalymon sends them into the data zone it was a big mistake since it allowed them to call upon thier previous battles and gve them the power to call upon hidden strengthmoreless

    when apocalymon sends them into the data zone it was a big mistake since it allowed them to call upon thier previous battles and gve them the power to call upon hidden strength.

    hmm what else should i talk about. well all i have to say is digimon episode 53 is awesome and if you like digimon you should definately watch this episode. its awesome and even though my standard is high (yeah right) i still accept it as a good episode so to all you anime and manga fans especially digimon freaks this will be the episode for you ( ps check out my profile, im a new guy but i guess im good at this reviewing thing) so to all of you who took your tme to read this (and i doubt there wll be a lot) CIAO!!moreless
  • This is easily one of my favorite episodes of season one, as well as the entire show. But, at the same time, it's also one of the most depressing

    I had already been a huge fan of Digimon by the time this episode came on, and was dreading watching it for a few reasons. The main reason being I wasn't sure if the series would continue after this episode. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised by the story and the action of this episode. The Digidestined showed a type of courage that I doubt any normal children their age could have. And before you say they had been in fights with evil Digimon before, consider this: in this episode they were basically KILLED (in the digital world, having your data scrambled in the same as being murdered). I, for one, would probably be having a heart attack. Even more uplifting is the fact that they realize they don't need their crests; the power was always inside them. Now, I know most people would call this cheesy, but for me, I just thought it was awesome. The way Apocalymon was defeated was a little anticlimatic, but I could handle it.

    What I couldn't handle was the fact that the kids and their digimon would have to part ways. I mean, in the case of the original seven, they'd been together for quite a while in both the Digital and the Real Worlds. The individual goodbyes were hard to get through, especially since in every case, you can tell that neither human nor Digimon wants to say goodbye. I manage to make it through this without crying, just barely. However, the tears fall at the very end when the Digimon are all running and/or waving to their friends as they leave the Digital World and the song "Hey Digimon" is playing in the background. I can no longer hear that song without crying.

    Overall, great ending episode for a great season. I'd recommend it, but I'd also recommend some tissues in case you feel the tears coming.moreless
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Laura Summer

Patamon, Tokomon [SEASON 1 & 2]

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Mike Reynolds

Old Gennai [SEASON 1 & 2]

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Michael Lindsay

Joe Kido, Greymon

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Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Sora Takenouchi [SEASON 1 & 2]

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Edie Mirman

Gatomon, Angewomon, Nyarumon, Salamon

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Julie Maddalena

Mrs. Tachikawa

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Paul St. Peter


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Dan Woren

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Elizabeth Rice (III)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Apocalymon forces all of the Digimon to de-Digivolve, Matt exclaims that they're all Rookies. However, Gatomon is a Champion level Digimon.

    • When Angemon digivolves into MagnaAngemon, once again, the background voice says "Warp Digivolve" even though MagnaAngemon is an Ultimate.

    • Althought it's not truly a goof, as the intention is there, Tai tells every one to get their crests ready, then reaches for his Digivice instead.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Apocalymon: (after smashing all 8 crests) I hope you learned your lesson. Always save your receipts! The warranty was probably still good on those things!

    • Gabumon: We can't stop fighting now, just because of a little setback!
      Biyomon: So what we're bits of information, we have no tags and crests, we can't digivolve, and we're facing the most powerful enemy of all time. I don't see what the problem is!
      Sora: Listen, Biyomon. You guys have a great attitude about this whole thing, but all the positive thinking in the world can't gaurantee we'll find a way to get back to our original forms.
      Joe: I tried positive thinking once, and I was positive about one thing: I positively hated it!

    • Izzy (about Apocalymon): He's using the powers of all the evil Digimon we've defeated in the past!
      Joe: You mean we have to fight them all over again? This is the worst recurring nightmare I've ever been awake for!

    • (as Apocalymon "deletes" the Digidestined)
      Izzy: Fascinating! Our bodies are being broken up into bits of Digital information!
      Tai: FASCINATING?!

    • Gomamon: We'd Digivolve if we had something to eat first.
      Palmon: Come to think of it, I am kind of hungry.
      Agumon: Forget the food. We've got the power within us.

    • Apocalymon: I'll take these children and use their fear
      to make them digital and DISAPPEAR!

    • Apocalymon: Are you repulsed by my appearance? Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings. They're already hurt. You see, I was created from all that was lost during the digivolving process.
      Izzy: What do you mean by lost?
      Apocalymon: Digimon have been digivolving for many years now. Over and over again. But there were some who weren't up to the challenge and simply disappeared.
      Izzy: That makes sense. Even on Earth, some species became extinct during the process of evolution. In fact, the Tasmanian tiger wolf was one of those-
      Apocalymon: Silence! Who's the one telling this story anyway? Me or you?
      Matt: Alright! Go ahead!
      Apocalymon: First I have a question to ask. Do you believe that I am worthy of coexisting with you?
      Izzy: Uh well, yeah, sure!
      Apocalymon: Oh really? Even though I was forged from the pain and misery of all the ill-fated digimon who vanished while attempting to digivolve?
      Sora: You're entirely made up of grief and sorrow? How sad for you.
      Apocalymon: Sure, rub it in. And now, digi-destined and digimon, I have been waiting an eternity for this encounter.
      WarGreymon: What?
      MetalGarurumon: What do you mean?
      Apocalymon: As I sat alone in the cold, miserable darkness of my world, I watched all of you on the other side, laughing and having fun in the light. Now it's my turn.... To shine!

    • Apocalymon: I am Apocalymon, a mutant digimon. My Darkness Zone attack transforms my enemy into nothingness. I have the power to turn everything I touch into total darkness. Perhaps I will start with Earth.

    • Apocalymon: I am the ultimate evil. Complete with hot and cold running water.

    • Gennai: When I was searching through the Dina Ruins, I came across an ancient inscription. It told of a time long ago, when a strange being appeared from behind the wall of fire. It was angry. You would be too, if you lived with that kind of humidity. The mere existence of this being caused a warp in space and time was thrown completely out of whack. It threatened the collapse of the digital world, and even worse than that, my new wristwatch stopped working. The digimon knew they didn't have the strength to defeat this being, so the original digi-destined children were summoned from the real world, and together they defeated the evil.

    • Apocalymon: That was Metalseadramon with his classic River Of Power. Now here's Myotismon and his number one hit, Crimson Lightning!

    • Apocalymon: Do you think it's fair that I should have to live with all this agony? Why should you get to laugh when I am forced to cry? Why do you get to taste the best life has to offer while all I do is choke on its leftovers? Answer me this! Why do all of you get the pizza, while I get the crusts?
      Mimi: Ahh, I can't take all these metaphors!
      Izzy: Boy, this guy really holds a grudge.
      Apocalymon: I will rule the world and plunge it into darkness, so that I don't have to be alone anymore in my misery. A ha ha! A HA HA HA! Wait a minute, what am I laughing at? I'm supposed to be depressed!

    • Tentomon: Izzy, when I first met you, I thought you were just one of those computer geeks, but after I got to know you better, I just realized that you ARE one of those computer geeks!

    • Izzy: This is like some kind of Marco Pollo experience.
      Tentomon: I know what he's famous for! Marco!
      Agumon: Pollo!
      Tentomon: Marco!
      Patamon: Pollo!
      Tentomon: Marco!
      Biyomon: Pollo!

    • Mimi: Data!?! I'm too young to be dating!

  • NOTES (8)

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Digital Monsters Volume 5.

    • Japanese Title: The Final Dark Digimon

    • There was a censored scene (Apocalymon self-mutilated himself before the kids, but he regenerated), but it was shown in Latin America.

    • Gennai said that they were first Digi-Destined who came to the Digital World and sealed Apocalymon. Ryo must have be one of the first Digi-Destined who appear in Ken's flashbacks in Season Two and appear in Season Three.

    • Apocalymon's name comes from the anglosaxon word apocalypse, meaning the end of the world.

    • Apocalymon makes his debut.

    • Censored Scene: When Apocalymon was screaming, he self-mutilated himself before the kids {Hence Mimi covering her eyes}. But he regenerated with green blood stains on him still.

      Despite his treatment in the dub, Apocalymon was more disturbed with a sense of vigilante justice for his pain. He also referred to himself as "We", likely as he had no one to talk too in the void & that he was created from the data of Digimon who were wipe out for being unable to evolve & exist in the next age of the Digital World.

    • Apocalymon uses the power of Devimon, Myotismon and the Dark Masters.


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