Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 5

Old Reliable

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 02, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Gomamon contacts Joe to let him know what the Digimon Emperor's next target is. Joe helps the new DigiDestined in their quest.

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  • Joe is still the same reliable kid.Who would do anything for his friends.Enspecially for Gomamon as well!

    It all started when Cody had to go to kendo practice,that his Grandpa teaches.Yeah and his grandfather loves Prune Juice! It all start in the digital world.When the digimon emperor was working on building something.He order the Gazimon to worked hard by hitting them with the whip.Gomamon tried to protect them.Even though,he got hurt instead.He was calling out to Joe.Yeah somewhere along the line.Joe decided to come with the other digi destined to help out.You know when I first saw Joe in the first season.I didn't really liked him in Season 1.I mean always worried about something always getting worried.But than he turned out to be not an bad character to hate.moreless
  • Good ol' reliable Joe!

    Another one of those episodes of digimon which focuses on the character of the characters. Good ol' reliable Joe makes an appearance proving his reliability and boy scout characteristic of "always prepared" Meanwhile, Cody's character is also explored; following on the advise of his grandfather of "people will rely on you only to the extent that you rely on yourself" he decides to come to the digital world with the others. Another great episode and proving that the show focuses on character and not just mindless animation.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the JP version, Gomamon taunted Shellmon, but in the Dub, Gomamon tried to tell Shellmon some jokes to stall.

    • Goof: When Flamedramon attacks the Fridgemon, instead of saying "Fire Rocket" he says: "Flamedramon the fire of courage!"

    • If your TV carries CCs, you know it reads that TK is saying, "I bet he's home crying, 'Mommy! Those mean kids broke another one of my spires! Waahh!'". It was actually Davis who said that.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Davis (about the Digimon Emperor): I bet he's home crying "Mommy, those mean kids broke another one of my spires! Waaah!"

    • Digimon Emperor (to a Gizamon): Get up!
      Gomamon (catches whip): Hey, quit it! They're all tired and need rest. Maybe someone should use this whip on you, you big bully!
      Digimon Emperor: Number one: Don't ever talk to me without calling me "sir." Number two: Don't ever talk to me!

    • Yolei: According to this map, the Emperor's area is getting a lot bigger. I bet his ego is too!

    • Cody: (to Joe) I was wondering if you'd like to come over to my house sometime? I think you'd like my grandfather & I know he'd like you!
      Joe: Sure I love prune juice.
      Kari: (excited) Is it ok if I come over to? I would just love meeting your grandfather!
      Davis: (cuts in) If Kari's goin I'm goin too!
      Kari: Do you always have to do everything I do?
      Davis: But you and I are partners!
      Kari: Sorry Davis but you already have a partner!
      Davis: Uhh, you mean him? (looks at Demiveemon)
      Demiveemon: (running over to him) Ya you got a problem with that?!
      Davis: Ug, it's just not the same!
      (Everyone else laughs)

    • Ken: Blast they've destroyed another Control Spire & that was a freshly conquered area too! Alright then, I'll just have to go to Plan B! Wormmon what is Plan B? (there's a short pause) ..well?!
      Wormmon: "We can all become friends"?
      Ken: That's not Plan B you fool!
      Wormmon: (sadly) Don't blame me I can't spell!

    • Joe: Alright Gomamon, your in charge here now.
      Gomamon: Great a frozen wasteland just what I always wanted.
      Joe: At least you'll have plenty of time to practice your jokes.
      Gomamon: Very funny!
      T.K.: I guess we better be heading back home.
      Cody: Before we go there's one thing I just have to finish.
      Joe: Oh really, what's that?
      Cody: Our introduction: "Hello my name is Cody" (he bows to Joe).
      Davis: I don't get it Cody, what's the big deal?
      Cody: My grandfather says that, next to prune juice, manners are the most important thing a man can have!
      Kari: You know Cody reminds me an awful lot of Joe. Always honest & sticks to the rules!
      T.K.: I think he reminds me of Izzy. Just loaded with curiosity!
      Joe: Part Izzy & part me, that's a scary combination!

    • (After Cody falls into a river & is rescued by Gomamon, it cuts to him shivering in front of a fire)
      Armadillomon: (to Cody) Warmin up yet?
      Joe: Drink this herbal tea, (hands him a cup of tea) it's 10% herbal & 90% tea.
      Cody: Thanks a lot Joe!
      Yolei: Boy that Joe really comes prepared!
      Kari: Thats nothing, wait until you see him during hay-fever season.

    • (After digging Gomamon out of the snow)
      Joe: Gomamon speak to me!
      Gomamon: (weakly) ...Joe.
      Joe: What day of the week is it?
      Gomamon: It's Saturday..?
      Joe: Actually it's Thursday, but you never did know the days. So you're back to your old self!

    • Kari: What's the matter with you?
      Davis: Kari great! I'm going to the computer room, why don't you come with me?
      Kari: Sure let's go.
      Davis: (to himself) Really, you and I together all alone in the dangerous digital world? Finally it'll be like my dream come true!
      Kari: Excuse me?
      Davis: ..I-I said I'm studying French; "par-le vu"?
      (They both arrive at the computer lab to find Yolei & T.K. are also there)
      Davis: (sadly) I just can't win.

    • Joe: They did it, they destroyed the control spire! Now you can digivolve(referring to Gomamon)
      Digimon Emperor: What?!
      Wormon: He said, "they destroyed the control spire, now you can digivolve"
      Digimon Emperor: It's just a figure of speech!

    • Gomamon: Why did one Shellmon take another's Shellmon's lunch? Because it was SHELLFISH!

  • NOTES (4)