Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 33

Out On The Town

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2000 on TV Asahi
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With another day of failures aside, the kids head home, but TK and Matt run into two "comic Digimon".

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  • A

    Muy buen episodio me gusta mucho eso aunque no aparecio ninguno de los niños elegidos a xepcion de Matt y TK me gusta mucho angemon y me gusto como atacaron a Myostsimon pero Punpikmon y Gotsumon no ma cayeron bien me alegre que los hallan matado (bueno en realidad los regresaron al digi mundo) pero me gusto
  • TK gets angry with Patamon, who flies off. While searching for Patamon, TK and Matt meet Pumpkinmon and Gatsumon, who are working for Myotismon but just looking to have a good time. Myotismon destroys them, and with Weregarurumon in trouble, Patamon digivmoreless

    This episode was great for many reason. The first is that in the middle of the series, when its taking a much darker turn, there is still a light-heartedness to the show. It also showed how evil Myotismon really was. The thing that really made this show over the top was the reappearence of Angemon. We\\\'ve already seen 4 of the digimon go to the ultimate level. People are hoping for a new digivolution every episode, and while this wasn\\\'t new, Angemon hadn\\\'t been seen for 20 episodes. It also showed a fact many people had yet to realize. Angemon, as a champion, could contend with Myotismon, and ultimate level digimon, and proved that he was much more powerful as a champion than most of the others in the ultimate level. The hope to finally see Angemon digivolve and find out how powerful his ultimate form would be may have kept people with the show for a while. One of the best episodes of season 1.moreless
  • What happens when T.k and Patamon has an fight and Patamon leaves T.k.Matt and T.k does some searching for Patamon.But will they find Patamon or would they find trouble?

    Oh yeah this was an funny episode! This was an touching episode to me.When T.k,Matt and Tsunomon begin their search for Patamon.Little did they know that they will find two micheif digimon.When Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon begin to have fun in town causing trouble here and there.Even getting people mad as well.T.k and Matt seemed to be trying to keep them from making trouble.But when Myotismon comes.First he order Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon to attacked the chosen children.But unfortunelly plan failed.In the english verison he sends them to prison.But in the original verison the two got killed.This episode to me was so funny!!!! Also they should\'ve put in the japan verison Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon theme song \"Lets go Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon\"moreless
Laura Summer

Laura Summer

Patamon, Tokomon

Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Kari Kamiya

Edie Mirman

Edie Mirman

Gatomon, Nyarumon, Salamon

Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

Tsunomon, Gabumon, Garurumon, WereGarurumon

Michael Reisz

Michael Reisz

Matt Ishidi

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the end of Patamon's digivolution to Angemon, he pronounces his name incorrectly. He says "Ann-ge-mon" instead of "Ahn-ge-mon".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Gotsumon: (After Pumpkinmon trips and knocks over a teenage girl on the phone) Whoa I think you knocked over a monster.
      Pumpkinmon: Even worse, I think I knocked over a teenager.

    • TK (Pumpkinmon appears in front of them): Hey, how'd you do that?
      Pumpkinmon: Aren't I amazing?
      Gabumon: Well, you might make a nice pie...

    • Gotsumon: Let me drive! You're going the wrong way!
      Pumpkinmon: How do you know? You've never been to the real world before.
      Gotsumon: What's the difference? I've never driven a car before either!

    • Manager (as he catches Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon playing Pachinko): Hey, you two! You kids just don't get the message! Get out and STAY out! (tosses the 2 down the escalator) If you have to try sneakin' in here dressed as cartoon characters, at least get a decent costume.
      (he walks back to work as Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon get back on their feet as they reach the bottom of the escalator)

      Pumpkinmon: Boy, it's a good thing we were just about to leave!
      Gotsumon: Or we'd teach ya some manners!
      (the manager returns)
      Manager: What did you just say?!
      Pumpkinmon: Uh-oh!
      Gotsumon: Oh, boy!
      (they both scurry away)

    • Tsunomon: I'm tired and I don't even have any feet or legs.

    • Gotsumon: Next stop Hollywood! Pumpkinmon & Gotsumon: TA-DAAA! TK: They're not ready for TV.

    • Gabumon: (to Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon) You guys don't have any money, so how did you get ice cream?
      Pumpkinmon & Gotsumon: We stole it!
      Ice cream owner: Hey! Come back! Come back here with my ice cream!

  • NOTES (10)

    • Patamon is the only character in the first season to Digivolve from a considerable distance from his partner in this episode. The Digivices are supposed to have a close proximity range, shown in various episodes. Patamon digivolves to Angemon a few blocks from TK and were Were-Garurumon and Myotismon are fighting before swooping into action.

    • When TK and Patamon have their argument, Patamon gets off the subway and flies away and soon after TK, Matt, and Tsunomon chase after him. The train station they get off at is Shibuya, the same train station that the Digidestined of season 4 depart to the Digital World from. This is also slightly ironic because the voice actor of Matt also voices Takuya, one of the Digidestined in that season.

    • WereGarurumon takes a page out of MetalGreymon's book and says his name while digivolving as soon as he starts to transform, instead of waiting for the Digivolution to be complete.

    • In the original version, Tsunumon mentions that TK and Matt parents divorced four years ago. if the year is 1999, then the divorce was somewhere in 1995.

    • Japanese Title: Pump and Gotsu Are Shibuya-Type Digimon?!

    • This is the first episode to feature the second intro. Myotismon appears after the second verse instead of Devimon. Kari, Gatomon and the Ultimate Forms of the Digi-Destined's Digimon also appear in it. This is also the first episode to have a narrator's voice at the end.

    • When WereGarurumon runs out of energy and reverts, he turns into Rookie form instead of In-Training.

    • Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon make their debut.

    • Angemon is finally forced back into action.

    • In the original Japanese version, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon were killed instead of being sent to a dungeon, like the American version illustrates.


    • The loyal dog Hachiko statue

      In the original version, Patamon overheard two girls telling that they could meet easily in front of "The Loyal dog Hachiko" The statue of the dog is a really popular meeting place in Shibuya since 1934. The story of this dog takes place in the year 1923 in November, the dog always followed his master faithfully and always waited for him near the railway station. His master later died and he was given away to other people, but the dog always came back to the station to wait for his master for the next 11 years till he died of heart worms. His loyalty became of National importance and a statue on his honor was made.

      The dub didn't allude to this, instead the girls just said: "You can find lots of people in the park"