Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 52

Piedmon's Last Jest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 20, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Piedmon reveals his final attack, a white cloth that turns anyone it covers into key chains.

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  • Piedmon is the last of the dark masters left, and he, one by one, takes out the digidestined, except for Kari and T.K. Angemon finally digivolves to ultimate and easily takes out Piedmon.moreless

    This is by far the best episode in the entire series. Now we know why it took so long for Angemon to digivolve to ultimate. Note, it wasn't the megas that defeated Piedmon. Piedmon was obviously no match for MagnaAngemon. I think they should have left MagnaAngemon's original name alone, HolyAngemon is a better name.
  • At last the Final Battle with the Leader of the Dark Masters. I'm suprised that Myotismon was not the leader....he was one of the evil digimon to last longer than each dark master.moreless

    In the part where Lillymon was helping Mimi climb the side of a mountain. I was laughing when she was complaining. Why would Lillymon push Mimi up the mountain?! In the final episode, Lillymon was holding Mimi by her hand and flying towards Apocalymon. Don't you all think that Lillymon would have done THAT instead of push her up the mountain??? When I first saw Lillymon in "Flower Power", I had a feeling something funny would happen later in the season (involving Lillymon).moreless
  • Piedmon is defeat!!!

    The end battle was really cool and we finally got to see Angemon's ultimate form, which in my case was very cool! His ultimate form is MagnaAngemon. All the Digidestined all team up to take down Piedmon and MagnaAngemon opens up his "Gate of Destiny" and WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon push him in and he's defeated, however, a new enemy is about to make his appearence!
  • Piedmon's Last Jest...I like Enter the Dark Masters better, but this is a close second.

    Matt has finally returned, and realized he belongs with the team. The team is reunited, except for Mimi and Palmon, and the battle with Piedmon rages on. Metal-Garurumon and War Greymon seem to have the upper hand until Piedmon emerges with a while flag, which he tosses onto them, and War Greymon and Metal-Garurumon have become key chains. The others begin to run, as Andromon attempts to stall Piedmon. He too is turned into a keychain, as the other kids enter a room with a giant chasm and a trapeeze. While crossing, Joe, Izzy, and Tentomon and turned into keychains. The others are hiding in some sort of empty room, when Garudamon and Angewomon attack. Sadly, they too are turned into keychains. Eventually, only Kari, TK, and Patamon are left, and they find a ledge on top of a mountain they can't climb or jump down. They find a rope that extends skyward, and begin climbing, but Piedmon finds them. Patamon digivolves to Angemon and appears to be doing well. He attacks with Hand of Fate to finish Piedmon, but it is reflected and he uses Trump Sword to knock Angemon to the ground below. Piedmon then slices the rope TK and Kari are climbin as they plummet toward the ground. Angemon then digivolves to Magna-Angemon and is able to get all the key chains and reverts them back to normal. Mimi and Lillymon arrive with their digimon allies for the final battle. Piedmon has an army of Vilemon and all the Vilemon are absorbed into Magna-Angemon's Gate of Destiny. War Greymon and Metal-Garurumon knock Piedmon into the Gate, and he is destroyed. They believe they can return home, but an earthquake shakes the land violently, and Gennai tells Izzy that they aren't though yet.moreless
  • Reunited, Matt and tai join forces to fight Pidmon. However, he turns them and their Digimon into keychains. He does so to all the Digidestined until only TK, Kari, and Patamon are left. Angemon digivolves in MagnaAngemon and defeats Piedmon.moreless

    This episode is one of the greatest episodes written in the entire saga. Once again, the Digidestined face complete annihilation and once again, they pull through and become victorious. The beauty of this episode is how it brings into question various philosophical questions proposed throughout the episode. Are humans really in control of their destinies? Has technology taken over our existence? In this particular episode Piedmon turns the Digidestined into Keychains. Piedmon is a virus digimon. He represents the techonology and modernization in society. By turning the children into KEYchains, he is in control of the "key" to the children's existence. In addition, he does so through trickery and unseen power.He drops a white blanket on each child and their digimon to transform them into the keychains. By using this blanket, Piedmon and by extension, technology, is blindly taking control of human existence. Anotehr interesting question posed into the Digimon Saga is the search for self. At this point, the youngest member in the group is finally able to mature in order to over come death. There are moments in this episode where TK seems to be giving up and ready to lose. Obviously, this escalates in his downfall. However, he is finally able to communicate with his brother (which is in fact his conscience) and realizes that he must not give up the fight. This is obviously inconceivable and cheesy(the reason why the episode is not perfect), but it also is very interesting. Matt's goal throughout the series was to protect his brother from harm. Time and time again, Tk proves to Matt that he doesn't need that protection. However, it is ironic that even though he is no longer in physical existence, he provides TK with the "protection" that ends up saving him in the end. Obviously, he doesn't provide TK with physical protection, but provides him with mental protection. he protects TK from allowing his doubt to take over and plunge him to his death. He provides TK with hope (ironically this is TK's crest) and in the end leads to victory. This can be interpreted in this manner, but can also be seen as TK's own conscience coming in as Matt. This could imply that TK wants to be more like Matt. Finally, the episode culminates in the battle with Piedmon. This includes all the digidestined and their allies. THe climatic battle is actually very good to watch. The cliffhanger on the end is expected, but makes the viewer intrigued to watch more. Overall, one of the best episodes to watch.moreless
Laura Summer

Laura Summer

Patamon, Tokomon

Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Kari Kamiya

Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds

Old Gennai

Michael Lindsay

Michael Lindsay

Joe Kido, Greymon

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Sora Takenouchi

Edie Mirman

Edie Mirman

Gatomon, Angewomon, Nyarumon, Salamon

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Piedmon corners TK, Kari, Sora, Patamon and Gomamon, he says he only needs to turn them into keychains to "have the whole set", forgetting completely about Mimi and Lillymon.

    • Although MangaAngemon is only Ultimate level, he was able to fend off Piedmon, a Mega level Digimon, initally unable to be defeated by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

    • In the part where T.K., Kari and Patamon are about to leave Sora, she informs them that if Piedmon gets her, T.K. and Kari, then the Digital World is doomed. It seems that Sora forgot about Mimi and Lillymon at that point.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Tai: You know, I'm starting to think we have a strange-looking group of friends.
      Mimi: They might not have the best fashion sense, but they're the best friends we've ever had!

    • Gatomon: (trying to hold onto T.K. on the trapese bar) What do you carry in that bag? Bricks?

    • (Lillymon is seen helping Mimi climb the side of a mountain)
      Lillymon (grunting): Mimi...I'm getting exhausted, ugh!!!
      Mimi: Really that's strange. I feel fresh as a daisy.
      (Other digimon are seen climbing the mountain)
      Gekomon: Mimi, get up here it looks like the battle started!!!!
      Mimi: Oh, its just my luck. I finally bring all the reinforcements and all they wanna do is hang around.

    • Gomamon: Sora, I wanna stay and fight with you!
      Sora: Don't be ridiculous! You can't even digivolve without Joe, so go before Piedmon gets here!
      Gomamon: But Sora...
      Sora: Gomamon, Joe risked his neck to protect us, and if Piedmon turns you into a doll his sacrifice will mean nothing, now please help TK and Kari, there's not much time!

    • Izzy: Hmm, we have e-mail from Gennai.
      Sora: What's it say, Izzy?
      : Not now. I need a nap.
      : It's coming in now.
      : Is he congratulating us?
      : Gennai says here that the Dark Masters aren't the real enemies.
      : Huh?!
      : It says here that the real enemy is an evil force whose very existence warps the Digiworld and created the Dark Masters. So according to this, I don't think we're out of the woods quite yet!
      : Wait a sec, if it is not the Dark Masters, than who do we fight next? (a huge earthquake came out of nowhere and the sky is darkened)
      Mimi: What's happening?!

    • TK: Let go Kari or he'll get you too!
      Kari: No, I won't let you go, TK!
      Piedmon (cuts off the rope they were hanging on to): Sounds like you two are falling for each another!

    • Tai(After returning to normal): Wow, what a weird dream. I had an incredible urge to carry some keys.

    • MagnaAngemon (as his vital status appears): I am MagnaAngemon. I have eight shiny wings and a beam shield. I wield the mighty sword Excalibur and my most devastating attack is the Gate of Destiny.
      Piedmon: Chew on this!
      MagnaAngemon: I'm not hungry!
      (he slices the keychains off Piedmon's waist, grabs them, and knocks Piedmon off the observatory) I guess my sword trumps yours.

    • Piedmon(To TK and Kari): Welcome to the dead end, Come be a keychain like your friends!

    • Piedmon(Whilst pinning Gomamon with his foot): In order to succeed, sometimes you have to step on people along the way.

    • Piedmon: Hello, my name is Izzy and I'm very smart. Although I didn't know how to stop me and my friends from being made into keychains. A ha ha! I love a good puppet show!

    • Centarumon: Look at all this fire! This is terrible! I didn't bring a single marshmallow.

    • Izzy: What did you do to Tai and Matt, Piedmon?
      Piedmon: I hold the keys to their existence. And I need a place to put them, so I made a couple of keychains.(He opens his hand to reveal miniature, inanimate versions of Tai and Matt. In his other hand are a tiny WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon) I think I'll hang these two on my backpack.
      Sora: What kind of sicko turns people into keychains?
      Piedmon: I'm not a sicko, I'm a collector, and these new items have such sentimental value to me. A ha ha ha! Now, who wants to be next?

    • (After Matt, Tai, Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon have been turned into keychains)
      Piedmon: Ta daaa! Thanks for coming, next show's at seven-thirty. You've been a great crowd. Goodnight!
      Joe: He made them all disappear!
      Tentomon: Well, at least he didn't saw them in half!

    • Piedmon: Open! (Door explodes) I must quit this; It costs me a fortune in new doors!

  • NOTES (14)


    • The rope that Kari and TK were climbing might be an allsion of the Indian Rope Trick. It is a magic trick in which a long rope is made rigid and a boy climbs it up to the top. When he reaches the top, he disappears. Magicians, however, believed it was merely a traveller's tale.

    • MagnaAngemon: ...I wield the mighty sword Excalibur...

      Excalibur was the mystical sword that King Arthur recieved from The Lady of the Lake.