Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 25

Princess Karaoke

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 1999 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Mimi has a beautiful singing voice. But in "Togemon in Toy Town", it wasn't that good.

    • When Tai, Joe, Agumon, and Gomamon landed on the beach and Tai looked at his Digivice, how did he know that the signal they were receving was coming from Mimi's Digivice? For all they knew, it could have been Sora, Mimi, or Izzy (since they didn't know Matt and TK had found him in the previous episode).

    • In this episode, ShogunGekomon is refered to as Shogunmon.

  • Quotes

    • Gomamon: Can you help us? We're looking for someone.
      Gekomon 1: 'Bout time you got here. Where's the triple hot-fudge sundae we ordered for delivery to the princess?
      Tai, Joe, Agumon, and Gomamon: That's not us.
      Gekomon 2: Then you must be delivering her a bacon-chili cheeseburger with fries and a super sized milkshake.
      Tai, Joe, Agumon, and Gomamon: That's not us, either.
      Gekomon 3: Of course, not! They're delivering the garden-fresh salad with low-fat dressing without dessert.
      Tai, Joe, Agumon, and Gomamon: We like to ask a question, if you don't mind.

    • Myotismon: Didn't you say you knew it would happen if you failed?!
      DemiDevimon: (hung over fire) Well, when I said I knew, I didn't mean really mean that I knew knew. You know what I mean? But now that I do know. If it's not too much trouble sir, COULD I BOTHER YOU FOR A GLASS OF WATER?!!

    • Tai: Well, ready to go, Mimi?
      Mimi: Yeah. Do you think I could take some of my princess clothes with me?
      Tai: Mimi!
      Mimi: Well, it just seems such a waste. The jewels, at least?

    • Mimi: (furiously grabs the microphone) Hey, you! How 'bout some gratitude?!
      ShogunGekomon: Huh?!
      Mimi: I sang you out of your 300-year nap, you wannabe crooner!
      ShogunGekomon: All that racket? It was you?!
      Mimi: Uh-oh!

    • Gekomon (after an argument with Tai and Joe, Mimi rings the bell, summoning her subjects): Your highness! What is it that you desire?
      Mimi: I desire these rude and bothersome peasants to be removed from my boudoir at once!
      Gekomon: Yes, Princess! (all the Gekomon and Otamamon shove Tai, Agumon, Joe, and Gomamon out of the palace)

    • (As the Gekomon escort Tai and Joe to the room with ShogunGekomon)
      Tai: Is she going to chop off our heads?
      Joe: (grimly) Don't even joke.

    • Tai: Well who says you need Mimi to wake up Jumbo? Crank it up and let me take a shot!
      Everyone except Tai: YOU!?
      Tai: What cha laughing at?

    • Gekomon: Here's our master, Lord Shogunmon.
      Tai: Whoa! Somebody's had a few too many donuts!

    • ShogunGekomon: You wanna hear some singing?! (sings badly) The ground will shake, when you hear the noise I'll make, because I'm glad to be awake! Yeah!! (he attacks and collapses a wall of the building down)

    • ShogunGekomon: Now it's showtime! (sings badly) Now I can try that, cause I'll knock you flat, and now you're gonna feel it! Yeah!! (his Musical Fist attack negates the opposing attacks)

    • (when she discovered an extra cord on the karaoke machine and saw Joe and Agumon's heads at the window)
      Mimi: Huh, what's that cord for? I see... (on the microphone) AHHHHHH!!!
      Everyone: AAHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Mimi: So, you thought you can pull a fast on on Princess Mimi, did you?
      Tai: That's Princess Meanie!

    • Mimi: [Singing] I wanna sing a song, a song that will wake you up. And when he hears my, he will call me his sweet buttercup. (Some interruption)

    • Tai: I won't disect frogs in Biology, okay?

    • (Sailing on a swan-shaped pedal boat)
      Agumon: Hey! What's wrong you guys? Can't you make this bucket go any faster?
      Joe: What are you doing to help?
      Agumon: Watching for icebergs.
      Gomamon: We'd gladly trade places with you, but..
      Gomamon and Agumon: Unfortunately, our little legs won't reach the pedals! (they laugh together)
      Tai: Hey! We could've gone faster if we threw you off!
      Agumon: You wouldn't!
      Tai: (closes his eyes) It's tempting.

    • Palmon: (to Mimi) It hurts me deeply to have to say this, but you're a spoiled brat!

  • Notes

    • The song sung by Mimi in the Japanese version was the Japanese ending theme "I Wish", rather than a song about trying to sing a song. In fact, the next episode, "Sora's Crest of Love" was the last episode to use that ending theme.

    • Japanese Title: The Sleeping Tyrant! TonasamaGeckomon

    • This is the first time an evolutionary line of Digimon other than the Digidestined's(Otamamon: Rookie, Geckomon: Champion, and Shogungeckomon: Ultimate) has been seen on the show.

    • Devimon and Etemon make return appearances as figments of Mimi's nightmare.

    • Otamamon, Gekomon, and ShoganGekomon make their debut.

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