Digimon: Digital Monsters

Episode 0

Revenge Of Diaboromon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on TV Asahi
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Revenge Of Diaboromon

Diaboromon turns out to be alive and is sending thousands of Kuramon to the Real World. Tai, Matt, and Omnimon head to the internet to once again face him, while the rest of the Digi-Destined capture the Kuramon.

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  • A great movie

    A great movie with great Digimon but to me i thought that omnimon and the one whos name escapes me would fuse when he just gaves his powers It is a clasic digimon movie and a great show stopper if there was a bad episode. I wishe tho that they DNA digivolved
  • Yeah! Revenge Of Diaboromon this movie rock! Digimon Revenge Of Diaboromon.Can I say that this movie is more better than "Digimon The First Movie" where in the first movie they had cut and edited few things out of the movie.Which we never seen.Also puttinmoreless

    Diaboromon Strike Back or should I say "Revenge Of Diaboromon" is the last and final movie for Digimon Zero 2.This takes place after the battle with Myotismon and before they grew up.I think it was in the summer.I must say this movie is the best one of all.Even though,it was disappointing not to see Joshua Seth voice as Tai.But I was also glad to hear Michael Reiz,Brian Donovan,Derek Stephan Prince and those others who voiced the characters that we know and love.Unfortunelly those who weren't there or we didn't hear.They couldn't come due to other busy schedule that they have.I love this movie.It is pretty funny as well.My favorite part of the movie,is how Izzy greeted Mimi.

    Izzy: "Oh its only Mimi."

    Mimi commenting how he should greet her.I forgot the qoute.But that part was funny.moreless
  • Diaboromon Strikes back. He digivolves into Armageddonmon who defeats Omnimon with facility. Omnimon gives his power to Imperialdramon who changes to Paladin Mode and defeats Armageddonmon with facility.

    For a viewer's standpoint, this "movie" is good entertainment, but not really a critical part of the Digimon Lure. It maintains the footsteps of season 2. Instead of innovation, it goes for more aciton and instead of adding another digivolution like "Our Wargame" did, this one opts for mode changing Imperialdramon. It is a lame change nad not particaularly interesting. As if this were not enough, the rest of the movie is lame. No new enemy. He's a rehash of before and he's lamer than ever. The characters rejoin once more, but this time it does nothing interesting. Most of the Digidestined watch on the sidelines while Omnimon and the Imperialdramon fight. The Angels make a final appearance, but its lame. For this final meeting with these Digidestined, ALL the Digimon should fight together, as they did in the Apocalymon encounter. It's good if you're looking for action, but if Nostalgia is what you seek, forget it. Most of the voices are different (Tai and Patamon), the music is that of season 4, and the visuals are as awful as ever. It just doesn't work as a worthy addition to this great series.moreless
  • If only Disney hadn't dubbed it. This is Season 2, why in the world did they use Season 4 music?!

    I can't stand Disney for what they did in the dub. They use the pathetic music used in Season 4 to taint the opening theme in this Season 2 movie, they ruin the Digivolving sequences with it. Why? I'm not surprised. After all, a Power Ranger executive (who works for Disney) admitted to not ever watching the show. Oh, and Tai's VA wasn't there. And yet he is on the disgusting second-rate anime like Duel Masters and Daigunder.

    Aside from what brings my liking of this sequel down, it was great to see the original voices (excluding Tai) back in action. Even though Ken sounded like he was depressed about something. The animation, pretty standard, and the story was pretty good for Season 2's standards, in my opinion, Tamers could've done more with the whole Internet thing.

    And after years of seeing Imperialdramon's Paladin Mode in video games, he's finally released in the show. Gee, not a suprise when he grabbed the OmniSword. If the producers wanted to surprise us, they should've dubbed this while Saban still ran the show.moreless
Jason Spisak

Jason Spisak

Tai (replacement voice)

Guest Star

Jeff Nimoy

Jeff Nimoy

Gabumon, Hawkmon (replacement voices), Omnimon (shared)

Recurring Role

Paul St. Peter

Paul St. Peter

Diaboromon/Armageddemon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (shared)

Recurring Role

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Omnimon (shared)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Angemon and Angewomon are depicted as much larger then usual, both being able to carry their partners on their shoulders.

    • Upamon and Poromon are seen, despite the fact that Azulongmon's power (given to them in "Dramon Power") had enabled Hawkmon and Armadillomon to remain in their rookie forms in the real world.

    • When Paildramon Mega-Digivolves, he says "Mega-Digivolve to Imperialdramon Fighter Mode" but we then see that he only digivolved to Imperialdramon and not Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.

    • During the battle with Diaboromon, Angemon and Angewomon are much larger then they usually are, both of them being able to carry their partners on their shoulder.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Davis: Veemon, why'd you attack that Kuramon?
      Veemon: It looked at me weird!
      Davis: It's only got one eye. All it's looks are weird!

    • (There's a knock at the door}
      Izzy: Uh, who's there? (Mimi comes in)
      Mimi: (laughs) Start the party!
      Izzy: (a little annoyed) Oh, it's only you, Mimi.
      Mimi: (a little annoyed) Hmph, nice welcome. No "Mimi! So nice to have you home!"?
      Izzy: (sighs) Hi, Mimi. How are you?

    • (Davis runs into a pole)
      Davis: Why don't they put warning labels on those things?!

    • Davis: (to a guy) Excuse me! I'm begging you! Can I borrow your laptop?
      Ken: Uh, Davis... What are you doing?
      Davis: We have to connect to the internet and transfer our power to Kari. Please mister, I'll be your eternal slave forever if you just lend me your computer for a minute, plus I'll throw in five bucks (he hands over laptop to Davis).

    • Kari: Where are they, Angewomon? I don't see them.
      Angewomon: Don't worry, Kari. Angemon and I will find them.
      Angemon: Maybe I should've taken a left at the search engine.
      Angewomon: I told you to stop and ask for directions! OH! (to herself) Just like a man!

    • Izzy: Digi, Digi
      Davis: Mon, Mon

  • NOTES (7)

    • On his website, Jeff Nimoy said that this was his first time working on Digimon since episode 99.

    • Joshua Seth does not reprise his role of Tai Kamiya for some unknown reason. Instead, Jason Spisak plays him in this movie. Bridget Hoffman reprises her role of Patamon instead of a role reprising by Laura Summer. Jeff Nimoy reprises his role of Tentomon and plays Gabumon (and 1/2 of Omnimon) previously played by Kirk Thornton as well as Hawkmon who was previously played by Neil Kaplan. Armadillomon has no dialogue.

    • One of the ringtones playing on the cellphones of the huge crowd is "Butterfly," one of the opening songs to the Adventure season of Digimon. It repeats once, in case you miss it the first time, but it bleds in pretty well with the other generic tones.

    • Technically, Armagemon is the alternate and superior mega form of Infermon...not Diablomon.

    • This movie's script was translated into English for Saban by Grace Anderson, prior to the takeover by Disney, indicating that there may have been some interest in dubbing it - a theory further supported by the fact that figures of this movie's new characters, Armageddemon and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, were included in Bandai's 1.5" figure sets.

    • Imperialdramon Paladin Mode appears in this movie. Armagemon, Diaboromon's alternate and far superior mega form, also appears.

    • This is the first and only movie with Ken.