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  • Digimon I made-up!

    I loved Digimon sooo much that I created my own. And btw, my tamers name is Patchy Jones

    Glosmon (baby form)

    Quemon In-training form)

    Jexmon (rookie):Solar Striker, Guitar Slammer, Sound Screecher, Demi-X dino bash

    MagnaJexmon (Champion): Magna shooter, Atomic Destroyer, Mega Agility

    Firedredmon (Ultimate): Flare claw, Fire swirl, Mega-ton crusher

    Puremon (Mega): Pure light, Justice Flare, Angel's Power

    Puremon can also DNA-Digivolve with MetalTyrannomon to become Kyrodedramon

    Feel free to copy some of my Digimon and his digivolution and maybe even get something out of my tamers name. Just try not to make it a little too obvious you were taking somethings out of my Digimon and tamer.

  • wow i love this series!!!!

    My favorite anime right now is silent mobius but this franchise will always remain closest to my heart!
  • Digimon Tamers Was Good

    Digimon Tamers was my favorite it was interesting and the digi-modify was cool to me
  • An all time favorite

    Usuaully, you hear that Digimon was a rip off of Pokemon. I think that's false. Sure, they both have the same "mon" in their title names but the shows themselves are vastly different. Don't get me wrong, I like Pokemon a lot but I just don't like that whole "ripoff" comment.

    Anyway, I actually watched an episode of Digimon before I watched Pokemon in the 90s and I instantly became a fan.

    Season 1 = Classic. Always have to make time to re-watch this season at least once every year. When I was a kid, I never noticed the somewhat dark and serious undertones the show had. Like just how hard it was for Matt & TK with their parents' somewhat nasty divorce. Or how Tai felt insecure taking care of his sister Kairi after she had a near death attack from her fever. Or Izzy being adopted and not knowing how to handle it. Indeed, for a kid show, while cheesy, it could get pretty "real". All in all, this was a very great season. My personal favorite team was Matt & Gabumon though Wargreymon is one of my all time favorite Digimon.

    Season 2 = Another timeless classic. It continues after the events of season 1 where we move our attention to a new cast of characters who share relations with the older cast. Season 2 is probably the season I hooked the most too. It was also cool how they kept the original characters from the first season and made them a little older (something Pokemon never does -_-). The main antagonist "The Digimon Emperor" who later gets freed from the evil and becomes a part of the gang had one of most tragic back stories I've heard for a kids show. Anyway, this one is anime kid gold for me. During this time, my favorite character was Ken and my favorite Digimon was Veemon.

    Season 3 = Admittedly, I thought it was dumb at first (Hey, I was a kid lol). That is, until I tried watchign the whole series again n 2011 and man was I wrong. The only problem I had was that it had no relations to the first two seasons and in fact, they claim it was just a tv show. But the story was rather good though I'm not suprised as they were able to get their hands on the writer who did Serial Experiments Lain. This series had even more grim undertones, particularly with the character Jerri (I don't want to spoil lol). Anyway, I think this one is definitely worth a watch, even if Takato can be a little much at times. My favorite character was Rika and favorite Digimon is a tie between Guilmon and Renamon.

    Season 4 = I never watched this one so I can't give it a proper review.

    Season 5 = I watched halfway through and just couldn't finish.

    Season 6 (Xros Wars) = Like Season 5, I've only watched a few episodes but just not feeling it. I'm not really keen on how most of the Digimon this time around look more like Gundam robots than actual living breathing animals. But that's just my opinion.

    All in all, I really like Digimon and I always will. :)
  • One of my favorite childhood shows

    Digimon Adventure - Definitely my favorite season out of them all, and the one I watched the most as a kid. Each of the characters are all unique in their own ways and the overall plot and battles are very well done. The only somewhat negative thing I have is that the english voice acting can be a little rough around the edges.

    Digimon Adventure 02 - I consider this season kind of a step back from the first one. The new digidestined that they introduced aren't nearly as good as the old ones (ken is arguably the best one, although davis did get a little better as the season progressed) and the whole world tour arc kind of dragged. Even though it's not as good as the first season, it's still a good sequel to it.

    Digimon Tamers - My second favorite season, and a new and interesting direction for the series. Although the overall plot can start off pretty slow, The new characters and digimon are all very well constructed (except Jeri), the english voice acting is top notch, and the season crosses the boundary between being light hearted and being dark which is something the other digimon seasons didn't do. Not to mention I love Guilmon's naivety.

    Digimon Frontier - Although this season isn't really bad, I can't help but think that this season kind of removed the one of the focuses that made digimon special, which was forming a bond and connection with your digimon partner. The new character are ok, but they're not as good as the characters from the previous season. The overall plot is pretty average and the royal knight battles really get old after a few episodes. It's a pretty decent season but it's not really my favorite.

    Digimon Savers - Probably my least favorite out all the seasons. Although this season went back to the human and digimon companionship that was absent in the previous season, the characters themselves aren't really that interesting to me (not to mention I never really cared for the main character) and the overall plot is pretty weak. I will admit that new digivolution concept such as burst mode is pretty interesting, but the english dub of this is also pretty weak.

    Digimon Xros Wars - Although I haven't seen a whole lot of this season (only about 10 episodes so far) it does have a little bit of charm that the first two seasons had. It also has a very unique digivolution concept to and the story is only decent so far, although I'm sure it will get better as I watch more episodes. The characters are ok so far but not really that memorable. This season is pretty good so far, and I definitely need to start watching some more of it.
  • Still My Favorite

    I remember watching this show during a time when Pokemon was the popular show at my school. If you liked Digimon, you weren't cool, but I didn't care. The characters and situations that these got into... So good. This is still my favorite cartoon (not just anime, cartoon in general!) ever. And even to this day, at being almost 24 years old, I still rewatch the series when I need an uplift.

    If you're bored and looking for a feel good anime, this is for you. Start at season 1, and you'll know what you're getting into!
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  • Digimon Digital Monsters Digimon Are The Champs!

    Digimon is the absolute best show! Digimon is all teamwork, friendship, being reliable, and believing in yourself.
  • Gotta Love It

    I've only seen the first four season (and I have NO desire to watch the newer ones). This was such a wonderful show! I wasn't a fan of season 3, but it was still good. Season 2 was my favorite, because it kept the season 1 characters and added great new ones! Season 4 was wonderfully different from the rest. It's also a shame the card game didn't take off like others did.

    To those saying Pokemon is better, it's apples and oranges. The two shows have completely different premises.
  • Best Anime EVER!

  • Di-Di-Digimon! Digimon!

    Guys this show is the best! Don't anyone even talk to me!

    Season 1&2 (apparently are both tecnacly season 1) were the best! When they were all kids & it was all about Tie & Matt & Mimi & Sora!

    'season 2' was ok! I liked it was about TK & Kara...IDK why they werent a couple yet. But Gatomon was still awesome! Thier new power merging this was SOOO lame!! >:(

    Glad matt married at least one of the girls. Tho i wanted him w mimi & Tie w Sora...Oh well!!

    Did TK & Kara end up together? I think they did!!!...

  • ok show not better than any other show

    cool nice the humans are not in the battles so that's dume but all in all of a 90%35 OK
  • This show sucks Pokemon is better.

    If you have to choose between this and Pokemon then choose Pokemon. I hated this show it sucks more than the newer Pokemon episodes. The plot is different, there's full of talk and talk, no battling part and also no full of action. People say Pokemon copied Digimon but they I looked it up Pokemon came out before Digimon so Digimon copied Pokemon. OK I'll tell the plot, it is all about those kids who suck into a computer but what does it for, the monsters can talk but every Digimon name ends in 'mon. I finally seen the English dub one, there's no action and the battle are just plain stupid and movie battles are even worse. Pokemon is a lot better there battles are awesome and movies have lots of action and awesome battles. Thank god this series is over.
  • Bad..

    I hated this show. Why people love this show (I won't gonna make other fans mad), It's even worse than the new Pokemon . The plot is different, there's full of talk and talk, no battling part and also no full of action. People say Pokemon is a clone of Digimon, no it's a Pokemon clone. OK I'll tell the plot, it is all about those kids who suck into a computer but what does it for, the monsters can talk but their names is ended in 'mon. I finally seen the English dub one, but it was good but I still hate..

    I recommend you should watch Pokemon instead of watching this..
  • Digimon, wow, this fine series has gone through a lot... it's been called a blatant copy of Pokemon, which it really isn't and has been through more bad times than any show I can think of.


    First of, it is not a copy, both shows came out at the same time and yes, they do share a similar title but they both mean different things, yes, the shows are similar but out of the billion anime franchises that started around the mid 90s, pokemon and digimon are one of the few good ones, I see it as this: Pokemon has brilliant games, and a mediocre but affective series, Digimon has relatively good games, and the series are one in their own.

    Series one:

    It all started here and the first series, though cancelled at one point, sadly rather close to it's climax, was a very fun and great introduction to the franchise as a whole, premium children's entertainment.

    Four stars.

    Series two:

    It's literally a good continuation of it's predecessor, and I'd say it is as good as the first series, but more skill was used, as it combated the fact that they needed to re-introduce the leveling platform, in order to keep new viewers, and it did it siccessfully.

    Four stars.

    Series three:

    For me this, and series Five, are two of the best anime series I've viewed, it had brilliant character designs, great and fun action, great plot, and to someone so young, watching the end of this series was a real tear jerker, then again I was rather young! And don't worry folks, I won't spoil it, because I wouldn't forgive myself if I did!

    Five stars.

    Series Four:

    This series wasn't as good as the others, but still effective and fun there were some clichecharacters, but I'd still say it's better than most shows of this genre.

    Three stars:

    Series Five:

    I'd recommend watching the original Japanese version of this masterpiece, it was fantastically scripted, had a brilliant plot and for adults, surprisingly good, without a doubt the joint best series with Digimon Tamers (Series 3) a great series for kids and a great series for teens and adults alike, just please, don't get the watered down English version, it's messages are gone for what seems to be political reasons, and some of the script was taken out, which in my opinion is incrediblydisrespectful.

    Five stars

    There is one rather long series I have yet to review, I've watched an amount of Xros wars and enjoyed it, check my profile in the far future for a review once I have watched the series.

  • Epic just epic its so epic its better then pokemon.

    I can honestly say that digimon as an anime and a little in the games is better then pokemon. I'm not gonna wright about that but this was just awesome. No one where I live liked it they said it was not worth watching and was copping pokemon. I bought most of the digimon games and they loved digimon. There's a new main character in every season and has a great story. The games are awesome and this show will forever be one of my top 5 favorites of animes and shows. If you don't like this show or don't like the games you obviously never played or seen this series.
  • Seven kids are transport to a digital world with strange creatures call Digimon together encountering evil digimon and protecting the digital world.

    The first season of Digimon is mostly about 7 kids who goes to camp and get's transport to the digital world where they meet mistical creatures with awesome powers call Digimon they all were confuse but as they get along with their digimons they found themselves enjoying of the digital world but in their way there are many bad guys who wants to get ride of them but with the help of their digimon they manage to defeat every single evil trick they face, after defeating their ultimate enemy they found that they must return to their world before the gate closes and not be able to go home again. It;s really a cool anime myself I really got to enjoy it a lot ^-^
  • Digimon its like dragon ball Z: Its explodes the power levels of EPICNESS!

    Before i get started i must say i feel really really sad for pokemon fans who said digimon sucks and pokemon its better,has better plot and battles.
    If pokemon its bleach,digimon its YU YU HAKUSHO.
    First of all,i watched the original version
    (You MUST check it out),not the stupid hugely censored english version.
    In the first season the episodes are extremely well played,watching 50 episodes you feel like you watched 100,because the events are not slow and does not have any filler!
    The characters are deph and amazing.
    The crest digivolution is EPIC
    The villains :
    Devimon,the scariest.
    Etemon,the funniest.
    Myotismon,the greatest.
    Dark masters and apocalymon,the baddest.
    Also,the second season does not dissapoint at all!
    Davis and ken were great new leaders
    Armor shinka was very fun
    Jogress shinka was EPIC
    The villains of season 2 were even better than season 1(Except myotismon,which its the best villain ever,oh i forgot he's on the season 2 too XD)
    And it has the best series finale i've ever seen.
    Tamers wasn't thaaat great.
    It was kinda boring.
    But biomerge and belzebumon were epic.
    Frontier was kinda better than tamers,but not enough.
    But lucemon was a very interesting villain....until turn into satan mode.
    A humanoid villain become a monster is so cliché.
    I don't know what to talk about data squad,it just sucked.
    I hope xros will be better than digimon 3 and 5.
    That's all.
    Digimon adventure is one of the greatest tv shows ever made(only looses to dragon ball Z)and pokemon looks CAILLOU close to him.
  • Fair story, but keep some continuity

    First of all, I want to say, I was raised on Digimon. It saved me from many a day of watching boring television. For that, I will always be grateful. However, that does not mean that the series doesn't have its problems. It does have one particularly large problem that I will attempt to detail. The continuity. Digimon, series-wise, is one long mass of unclosed stories and contradictions. There is no real overarching theme save for digital monsters meeting humans and teaming up to take out other digital monsters. One moment, the series is about Tai and his friends. Then it moves to a completely different continuity with Takuya, then Takato, the Marcus (in the most unbelievable story line yet). And now some new kid named Taiki.... What the HECK is going on. I mean, it's a good show, just unpredictable and unreasonable (even for a fantasy show).
  • Fantastic show, I love it!

    Show chronicals around the adventure of kids and there digimon, it really depends on the season. Each season is great, but my least favorite is probably Frontier. I'll judge the seasons now:
    Season 1: The one that started it all is not short from being amazing.

    Season 2: One of my favorites, it contained some of the best digimon, like V-Mon and Hawkmon.

    Season 3: Dark and awesome, my favorite season by a mile.

    Season 4: Sadly, when I started loosing interest :/

    Season 5: Didn't see it.

    Season 6: AMAZING! Really awesome concept, I absoluteley love Shoutmon and his attitude towards things, And Taiki kinda reminds me of Davis.
    All: Digimon is one of my favorite shows *fangurl screams*
  • Brings back a lot of memories everytime someone or something talks about them...

    One of my favourite anime many years back, perhaps for the longest period to date. This was like, the only show that I would bother to watch when I had spare time for television, I could go into the extent of watching DVDs multiple times a day.

    I'm also surprised at how the community could evolve so rapidly. One day, it was nothing, the next day almost everyone was talking about Digimon. Back then I didn't have any Digimon cards, Digivices etc., but it was still good enough to get into the conversation.

    What makes it so interesting to watch? The idea that cute, little creatures like Agumon, Veemon could transform into mega-size monsters, the intensity of the battles, the cliffhangers seen at the end of episodes, just about everything. Sorry that I had to keep that 1.5 score out, probably because of Season 5. I can't believe they don't have a google boy just like all other 5 seasons.

    But Season 5 aside, this is a big pile of amazing work.
  • Suckish Show.

    This show sucks so bad its not even funny. What else is there to say? The plot is completely unoriginal, the characters are bland and unlikable. The dialogue is poorly written and every episode is exactly the same. I see it as among the greatest failures of television series ever aired.
  • let's face it they ripped off poke mon put some yu-gi-oh in and badabing a worse show

    a This used to bh a prety good show but then it started to go down hill and then blew up. Heres what they did for season 3 and 4 copied pokeymon puta little yu-gi in and called it new. Wow That's unuridginol. Anyay this show was good til about season3 season 1was pretty good Season 2 was okay and the rest were pidiful.
  • Pitiful piece of crap.

    If i could decide between Digimon & Pokemon, i would go with Pokemon. Digimon is pathetic, pitiful, & stupid. I'm surprized it actually has fans. I'm surprized they even allowed it to air. But, i'm glad I never wathed it. I probably would've needed special therapy afterwords to getmy common sense back.
  • Worlds Biggest Put-In

    For Weeks Since it came on television Pokemon Tortured my soul until finally, Salvation It was replaced,BUT....I was destoyed when another similar show but even more unoriginal and boring surpassed it, Digimon, For the rest of that year I was Enraged With Tv, It had betrayed me, and so I never watched it again until new years eve, anyway sticking to the point here, Digimon was absolute dog turd, Crappy Characters and Names for gods Sake They all ended with Mon, c'mon! The theme song threw me off even worse and In every Japanese Cartoon They have some annoying character of some sort, god help us all any ways I haven't seen the show since so I hope it has been incinerated.
  • HUH? What?

    This show seems just like pokemon. I don\\\\\\\'t like pokemon, its just this show seems like it copies it. All the animals have a mon in there name. Its just seem likes its, ?, I don\\\\\\\'t know. I mean what kind of show is this. I never liked it and it just doesn\\\\\\\'t seem like its any good. It copies Pokemon and that\\\\\\\'s not even a good show. Watch something else instead of this. Its not worth it. Watch something like, dunno. Anything besides this though. Waste of time and I never got this, and never will. This show just flys by my head.
  • A show in which 7 kids get sucked into a digital world and get digital monsters. Like Pokemon, minus the originality...

    Ahh Digimon... I remember when I used to enjoy this show. I watched it everyday, until I was 8 years old and realized that it sucked.

    Digimon was not a very popular series in Japan, and it has the same effect here. It's about these kids (Tai, Sora, MiMi, TK, Joe, Izzy, and I forget the other one, but he was emo) who stumble into another dimension (Although never thoroughly explained HOW they ended up there) called the Digital World. There, they discover little creatures that follow them wherever they go called digimon. Just like Pokemon! The only differences are you only get one digimon, and these guys can talk. Oh boy, can these guys talk. They have more lines then there owners... I mean friends.

    Voices are medeocre at best. I forget exactly how everyone sounded, but I have a good idea. Tai was ok, considering Fox was 4kids before 4kids was 4kids. Sora was alright, and so was TK. The emo one couldn't emote well, but he was acceptable. The others were terrible. Joe sounded like he was going to p*ss himself every time he spoke, Mimi had a god awful southern accent, and Izzy sounded like he had a permanent cold. The Digimon had generic, and often stereotyped voices all the time. Now we get so censorship! Many compare the Saban to 4kids when it came to anime they dubbed. They are very correct in doing so, but I found a huge difference between them. 4Kids tries to insert America more, but Saban would just add retarded lines. They had dumb jokes just for no reason in the show that are a bit funnier than the most dubbed anime, but barely. Also, I found another thing that bugged me. Izzy was played as a bit of a nerd, as he was before. However, Saban found it necessary to give him an odd little catchphrase. He would say "Prodigious" when excited, or astounded. I know many nerds, but none of them have ever said anything quite as dorky as that! This was bothersome, but not quite as annoying as Naruto's "Believe it"...

    The music was so bad I forgot a lot of it. The only thing I remember music wise is the theme song. Many shun this song, but to this day I enjoy it. I don't know why, it has baffled me for years, but anytime I hear that song I hum along with it. Maybe it's all those subliminal messages flowing through my brain. Overall, it was an ok show, but it stopped being ok after season 3, around when I stopped watching. Most of the points in this show are from nostalgia, so it's a little biased. I would say only watch it to laugh at some of the ridiculous lines that were added. Other than that, try to steer clear of this show.
  • A great classic animation that has a good flowing story with love, friendship and of course DIGIMONS.

    I've seen this animation when I was a six or seven year old. Every day at eight o' clock I would watch this and I went wild. It was a good show to watch with my friends and discuss about them the next day when we met. The thing that made Digimon very entertaining for me was that unlike Pokemon, didn't have the motto "Gotta catch 'em all". Now as soon as I saw this motto I was like "There's no end to Pokemon." I mean how many monsters are there in this Pokemon world? Well enough about Pokemon now. Digimon is just better. Digimons can talk (which makes it more clear of what they are saying) nd are NOT owned. They choose to follow their master's lead and I think that's a better scenario for little kids than actually catching and making the monsters obey. The story is amazing throughout the original series. As the producers went on to as I can recall it to "Power Digimon", it got more violent, serious and thrilling. Which was still okay to target little kids. Now even at Power Digimon, the story didn't get bad but as they went on and on to the next series such as "Digimon Frontier", I just go sick of it. Nah, I wasn't going to watch this show anymore but I liked the idea that the producers changed the characters because in Pokemon, Ash seemed to rule everybody. Anyway good show with nice detailed drawings and figures with lots of great comedy. There are certainly love even between bad Digimons and I think that is a great lesson. Digimon is an okay show and I wouldn't mind to watch the whole series again.

    That was my review for Digimon.
  • Used to be good.

    The show used to be good for only 1 or 2 seasons, but it is like Pokemon, they should not have made any more because the rest sucks. I stopped watching the show after I finished watching the second season. The original season was the best. Later on, there are new characters/generations and new digimon to replace the old. The good thing about season 2 was that Kari and TK were in it again because they grew older and were about the same age as the old generation. (They look better together than Kari and Davis ^^) The graphics somewhat resemble Pokemon.
  • Greatest Fox Kids show of all time!

    Digimon is my favorite Fox Kids show next to Woody Woodpecker. My favorite seasons are 1 and 2 mostly because both seasons featured the same Digi-Destined kids as the first. My favorite Season 1 episode is "Playing Games" and my favorite episode from Season 2 is "The Samurai of Sincerity". My favorite characters are the Digi-Destined Kids: Tai, Sora, Matt, Joe, Izzy, Mimi, T.K., Kari, Davis, Yolei, Ken, and Cody. My favorite Digimon are Agumon, Patamon, Gatomon and Gabumon. No doubt about it. Digimon was the best show Fox Kids had to offer. I give Digimon Seasons 1 and 2 a perfect 10.
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