Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 48

Shadow Of The Beast King

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2002 on TV Asahi

Episode Recap

Beelzemon was now becoming free and he tried desperately to make up for his actions in the past. Many agents suddenly showed up and it all seemed a waste because even with the defeated ones more kept showing up. Henry decided that Gallantmon should try to find Jeri while they keep the agents busy. Back at Hypnos Daisy and Shibumi found out a lot more info on the D-Reaper's destructive path. With satellite pics they discovered that The D-Reaper has wiped out 47% of the Digital World and is split into different entities around the Real World. Meanwhile Susie and Lopmon are scared but they decide to fight so Lopmon digivolves to Antylamon to help them. Susie uses the modify card Ryo gave her to make Antylamon stronger. She helps out MarineAngemon and Guardromon as they take on the chaos. Gallantmon spots Beelzemon and they both do their attacks to free Jeri from the core and it doesn't work. Yamaki discovers how to operate the camera within the D-Reaper and he uses it and discovers that the Tamers are within the Mega forms of their digimon. This shocks their parents. Also Mrs. Asagi and Takato's classmates see the camera vision and they cheer him on. Yamaki tells Takato that Grani is equipped with an attack called "Yuggoth Blaster". Grani uses it and it breaks the shield around the D-Reaper's core. Suddenly Jeri wakes up from her nightmare and ask for someone to help her, she sees Beelzemon and begins to recover hope. Beelzemon tries to break through but can't so he uses Leomon's "Fist Of The Beast King" attack (he can use this attack because he absorbed Leomon's data). Jeri sees this and suddenly sees Leomon's soul within him for a second then she realizes that it's just Beelzemon. Beelzemon cracks through it and tries to save Jeri, but Jeri doesn't want to be saved by him because he killed Leomon. The core then regenerates and Beelzemon gets seriously hurt and his data starts to malfunction.