Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 39

Song Of Sakuyamon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2002 on TV Asahi



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  • Quotes

    • Henry: I guess this means we can finally go home.
      Takato: Home.
      Guilmon: Where all the bread is.

    • Takato (about Ryo and Rika): Why are they doing this? Are they crazy?
      Kazu: Dude, that's what I've been saying about Rika since day one. The girl's crazier then a soup sandwich!

    • Cyberdramon: I must defeat him!
      Ebonwumon (Left Head): Hold on there, Mr. Feisty McAngry. You're not talking about fighting Baihumon, because I won't let ya! I'm no spring Sovereign, but I can still give ya the old one-two!
      Ebonwumon (Right Head): Yep. He's one, I'm two.

    • Kazu: My head hasn't hurt this bad since I had to listen to Kenta's knock-knock jokes.
      Kenta: Hey!
      Kazu: Come on, dude, they are pretty bad!

    • Rika: Hey Renamon, remember how you said we can choose our own destinies?
      Renamon: Yes, Rika.
      Rika: I choose...to stay here and fight with you!

  • Notes

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Tamers Volume 4.

    • Japanese Title: "Dancing While Scattering Ultimate Flowers! Sakuyamon Evolution"

    • Rika acts differently than either Henry or Takato. While the boys are agressive and are too busy fighting an enemy to feel anything, Rika feels a deep spiritual bliss while preventing the D-Reaper from harming those she cares about.

    • In the digital world, the D-reaper is called "The Chaos", even by the Tamers, who should know better. In the Real World, it is called the D-reaper again like it should be.

    • Since Calumon is now a Digimon, maybe if had became Jeri's partner she wouldn't be sad and the D-Reaper wouldn't use her to get to the real world.

    • Maybe the D-Reaper somehow possesed Jerry's Puppet cause it leads her away and say,"Sadness can be DELETED" so deleted could mean it is the D-Reaper.

    • Debuts: Baihumon, D-Reaper, Sakuyamon (Rika and Renamon's Bio-Merged form)

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