Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 26

Spirit Needle

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Davis thinks Ken has changed, but no one else believes so. Meanwhile a Golemon attacks the dam that protect the Primary Village.

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  • The digi-destend wonder if Ken has really changed.

    The mysterious Digimon who saved Cody was Wormmon's Digivolved form, Stingmon. Davis believed Ken's change of heart was for real and tried his best to accept Ken as an ally. But the reaction of Yolei and the others was somewhat different. There was still some part of their hearts that couldn't quite believe Ken. It was then that they received an SOS from the Digital World. Golemon had suddenly appeared and began to destroy the dam! Yolei and the others hurried to the Digital World in order to stop him, but Golemon wasn't even phased by their half-hearted attacks. In order to protect the village downstream they'd have to destroy Golemon for real...just as Ken had done to Thundermon!! Unable to destroy Golemon or to protect the dam, Yolei agonized over what to do. When they find out that its not a real Digimon though, and that they must do everything to protect the Digital World, then Hawkmon Digivolves to Aquilamon and he destroys Golemon saving the dam.moreless

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    • Mimi: Ken, if you knew about the control spires, why didn't you say something?
      Ken: Well, I...
      Wormmon: We made the mess, so we wanted to clean it up by ourselves.
      Davis: I guess you should have called a maid service, Wormmon.

    • Davis (about Golemon): He's climbing up the dam again! Doesn't he know when to stop?
      Yolei: I don't think so!
      Kari: Well, he has a rock for a brain. He can't be that bright.

    • Davis: Ken! Hey!
      Ken: So, what brings you all the way out here? Did you come to remind me that I've been a bad boy?
      Davis: Come on, Ken. You've done some pretty rotten things, but you're not an evil person!
      Ken: I'm not?
      Davis: No! The person who designed the school's lunch menu, now that's an evil person! (laughs) That was a joke, Ken.
      Ken: Sorry, I haven't been in a laughing mood lately.
      Davis: We really need you, Ken. The Digital World has been really crazy lately.
      Ken: I don't know. I've done a lot of wrong things. (leaves)
      DemiVeemon: (from Davis's bag) You almost got through to him, Davis.
      Davis: He'll come around eventually, but it'll take time. Which we don't have a whole lot of.
      (T.K. and Patamon are watching from nearby on a bridge)
      Patamon: What do you think, T.K.? Do you think Ken is sorry for what he's done?
      T.K.: Everyone deserves a second chance, Patamon, even Ken. If he's truly sorry for what he's done, we'll forgive him and let bygones be bygones. I hope he forgives himself...

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