Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 11

Storm of Friendship

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2000 on TV Asahi
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As the DigiDestined try to find a way to save Agumon from the Digimon Emperor, they find a new Digiegg.

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  • The Digidestined encounter MetalGreymon for the last time. Davis refuses to battle and gets bashed by the others for it. At the end, he realizes that he has to fight and gets the digiegg of friendship which helps Vmon become Raidramon and free Agumon.moreless

    This episode had the potential of being a great one. it is the final encounter with everyone' favorite Digimon. However, the attempt to employ character development in this episode fails miserably. An attempt to make Davis feel and look vulnerable is played poorly by the writers. It starts off in Cliche fashion with TK and Davis argue. They fight as a result. And to top it off, Tai and Matt let them fight and pass it off as a "learning experience." It is a lame and blatant attempt to tie the first two seasons together. Then, the fight ensues where Davis refuses to fight because he does not want to hurt the other Digimon. That's fair right? Well the others don't think so and they start bashing on the poor guy. Cliche after cliche ensues and poor Davis gets pounded as being a bad friend because he won't battle Agumon. Of course, he then refuses to act all together which is justified. He realizes that he needs to act and lamo fashion yells out, "VEEMON, I'm your friend!" What happens next, the Digiegg of Friendship comes to him. Which is not really a nice connection. It would have been better if he would of found it at the last second or as in Episode one, it would have happened at random. Instead, they try to connect the egg with a lesson which really doesn't work. Raidramon is cooler than Flamedramon and he saves the day. Agumon returns and has a weird conversation with Tai which seems out of character. This conversation and other parts of the episode present Tai as an idiot, which he isn't. He's not the brightest light, but he is far from retarded. And the equilibrium joke? LAME! The episode does benefit from a nice action and tension. The Garurmon vs. MetalGreymon battle is a nice hommage to season 1. The prescence of the older Digidestined taking charge sure makes for a more interesting episode. Veemon's joke at the end is very funny. Overall, the writers' vision of a character arc in this episode is lame. It works as an action piece and a conclusion to the Agumon arc, but only as those.moreless
  • While the superior Japanese version strikes down with greatness, the inferior English version just fizzles out!

    Hey brothers and sisters, it's time for the Roy Stantz Episode Review Show! This time, we review episode 11 of the second season of Digimon called "Storm Of Friendship". And for the sake of it, I'll be referring to the characters by their Japanese names.

    In their search for Agumon (who was captured by the Digimon Kaizer (Digimon Emperor)), the Chosen Children (DigiDestined) arrive at some barren wasteland part of the Digital World and find another DigiMental, this time bearing the Crest of Friendship. After Taichi (Tai), Yamato (Matt), Takeru (T.K.), Hikari (Kari), Miyako (Yolei), and Iori (Cody) all have a go and fail, Daisuke (Davis) tries pick up the object, but the Digimon Kaizer attacks our heroes with Metal Greymon. All the Chosen Children jump into battle, and Patamon gets captured, but Garurumon saves him.

    During the battle, Daisuke feels pretty unconfident about winning the battle, and he yells out how much he's a loser, and that is when the DigiMental of Friendship comes to him. V-mon tells him to use it, and Daisuke does so, which results in V-mon armor-evolving into Lighdramon (Raidramon). Daisuke realizes that he has to give it everything he and Lighdramon got, so they, along with Yamato and Garurumon, destroy the Dark Ring and save Agumon, resulting in the Digimon Kaizer making his big getaway. Taichi, Yamato, Takeru, Hikari, Miyako, and Iori all congratulate Daisuke on a job well done.

    Back on Earth, Daisuke feels confident that he saved the day, while the others laugh.

    I've seen davesy22's review of this episode, which means that he's only seen Saban's lame English version and not the more superior Japanese version, which was more TENSE, and more better to watch. You knew it was something special. In the dub, it just seems like a regular episode. This is probably due to a combination of the awful music, and bad dialogue. This is particularly noticeable during Daisuke's line where he receives the DigiMental of Friendship - originally, he SHOUTED "Goddammit! I'm such a loser!" In the dub, we just get a lame "Veemon, I'm your friend!"

    The original was cool. It was something BIG. It was another great "key episode", and another milestone for the series, to have something truly dramatic happen.

    The dub just seems to make light of the situation, and I don't even know exactly how.

    I love Daisuke. He's just my favorite second season character.

    So naturally, I hate the mockery Saban makes of him! Evil, evil Saban.

    Whatever the case, this is a good episode that shows the beginnings of Daisuke's growth from a selfish, rebellious child into a selfless team-playing adult.

    Watch the Japanese version if you get the chance. And that means YOU, davesy22, you stupid inbred retardmoreless
  • Davis learns about friendship and helps v-mon to digivolve to free augumon from the emporor's control.

    The DigiDestined find a new Digiegg. All the kids try to pick it up, but none of them can. The new Digiegg has the Crest of Friendship on it. Matt gets mad at Davis and accuses him of not trying hard enough or realizing what true friendship is about. This just makes Davis accuse Matt of trying to be his parent. Ken shows up and decides to attack. When Veemon is saved by Patamon, Davis realizes he does have friends, and the Digiegg of Friendship comes to him. He unlocks it and Veemon Armor Digivolves to Raidramon. Raidramon and Garurumon then team up and destroy the Dark Spiral freeing Agumon, so Ken begins to try and figure out a new way to make his Dark Spirals indestructible.moreless
Laura Summer

Laura Summer


Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Kari Kamiya

Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan

Davis Motomiya

Edie Mirman

Edie Mirman

Gatomon, Nefertimon

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Ken Ichijouji (the Digimon Emperor), Veemon, DemiVeemon

Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz

TK Takashi

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    • Digimon Emperor: I can't believe they were able to defeat one of my new dark spirals! I'm just gonna have to make them even more powerful!
      Wormmon: Hey Ken, is it okay if I drive for a while? You said once we took over the Digiworld that I could drive. Well, can I?
      Digimon Emperor: How many times have I told you? When I'm thinking, don't talk. And I am always thinking, so never talk!

    • Tai: I'm sorry we attacked you, Agumon!
      Agumon: I'm sorry, too!
      Tai: I'm sorry that you're sorry!
      Agumon: Well, I'm sorry that you're sorry that I'm sorry!
      Tai: Tell you what, I won't be sorry anymore, and you don't be sorry either, okay?
      Agumon: Sorry!

    • Patamon: I got you Veemon! (pulls him out from being stomped upon by ShadowMetalGreymon)
      Veemon: I owe you one.
      Patamon: Don't worry. I'm keeping track!

    • TK: There's no way we're going to let you use Patamon to help you with your plan!
      Tai: That goes for Agumon, too!
      Digimon Emperor: That's really funny. Because I don't remember asking for permission.

    • Davis: I have to hand it to TK. He really risked himself to save Patamon. What a friend.
      Flamedramon: Would you try to protect me if I was in danger, Davis?
      Davis: Well...maybe...
      Flamedramon: Maybe? MAYBE?! What about definately?!

    • Halsemon: Sorry. We have to separate Patamon and the Emperor.
      Davis: I don't see how we can!
      TK: We've got to try!
      Davis: Oh yeah? How?
      TK: We can trap him by using you as bait!
      Davis: Me? Why do I have to be the one?
      TK: We have to use some kind of bait we could do without!
      Davis: Oh, yeah? Well, we could easily do without your hat!
      (TK lunges at Davis and they start to fight)
      Yolei: Stop fighting! How's a good time to remember to crest of friendship, okay?
      Digimon Emperor: (laughs) I'd love to see how this turns out, but I've got to run. I have a few chores to take care of, like taking over the digital world.

    • Digimon Emperor: When I put this on your little friend here, I will have complete control over him. I can make him to anything I want. (To Patamon) Did you hear that? I'm going to make you do my laundry, one piece at a time. And then, I'll...
      TK: I'll never let you get away with it!
      Digimon Emperor: Don't interrupt while I'm planning my evil deeds!

    • Davis: I think you guys are going about this all wrong.
      Tai: So, you think you can lift it up?
      Davis: Yeah, you just have to use physics.
      Matt: What do you mean?
      Davis: You see in physics, there's this little thing called Equilibrium. When you have two Libriums that weigh the same, they're Equilibrium!
      Tai: That makes perfect sense to me.
      Davis: You know, Tai, I was just making that stuff up. I really don't know anything about physics. I used to leave that stuff up to scientists and professors and Izzy. I didn't think you'd take me seriously.
      Matt: Oh, I'm sick and tired of all of your blabbering, Davis!
      Tai: Yeah, hurry up and lift that DigiEgg so we can get out of here!
      (They throw Davis into the crater.)
      Davis: Hey! I could've put an eye out!

    • Matt: Tentomon, we need your help.
      Tentomon: Now? I was going to have my shell waxed.

    • Davis: Did you see that? I got a noogie! That means I'm one of the guys now!
      Demiveemon: I have a question. If you're one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls? And if so, how come you never told me?

    • Flamedramon: (about to attack the Digimon Emperor and Flymon) Fire...
      Davis: Hold hit Flamedramon. You'll might accidently miss and hit Patamon.
      Flamedramon: I'm such a hot-head.

    • Tai: Davis, help us!
      Flamedramon: Come on Davis, aren't you gonna help them fight?
      Davis: I just can't do it, there's a chance to hurt MetalGreymon.
      Flamedramon: YOU DON'T KNOW UNDERSTAND ABOUT FRIENDSHIP!!!.(Flamedramon De-Digivolves to Veemon)
      Davis: Ah, Veemon...oh no!

    • Kari: Davis you saved the day, we thought you were wonderful.
      Yolei: Raidramon too.

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