Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 51

Such Sweet Sorrow (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 08, 2002 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Gallantmon is now Gallantmon Crimson Mode. MegaGargomon activates the program Henry's dad implanted him to stop the D-Reaper.

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  • Fantastic episode...

    This is my all-time favorite ending of the entire series. It was incredible! I felt so bad for the Tamers in the end when their Digimon had to return to the Digital World. They should continue this season! They could have the gang go back to the Digital World! We also got to see 2 relationships get together with Ryo/Rika and Takato/Jeri! I loved the whole episode! Gallantmon Crimson Mode is awesome! It was so cool how Sakuyamon gave her power to Justimon to destroy that stupid D-Reaper Agent. Even though the season started off a little slow, the ending made up for it! Incredible!moreless
  • Nice Season ender and very emotional

    The best episode by far in the whole entire season. Had a very Digimony feel to it. The mood of the episode was a perfect way to end a mediocre season. Digimon is known for happy endings and very noble morals. Example Friendship overcomes all. Yet this episode had a different vibe to it. Maybe it was the very sad ending when all the children had to abruptly say good bye to all the their digimon. That to me was a suprise! I couldn't believe it, everything was turning out to be another happy ending. The episode imprinted sadness all over me , until they showed that it was after all going be a happy ending. Well what do expect, the sadness was memorable but Digimon is Digimon. ^_^moreless
  • At first it is very corny but at the end its heartbreaking and leaves you mad not knowing if tokato goes to the digital world with the gang or by himselfmoreless

    It was such a good episode! Too bad its over. I think they should have made one last episode when tokato and the gang see their digimons after years of seperation that would be so AWESOME !!! And then all of the them would be like yay and i would probably cry cause it would be such a happy moment and im just trying to use up words right now. But i dont understand how the digidestined\'s friends had suddenly became tamers also and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and i guess thats it!moreless
  • After a long time with their digimon Takato,Henry and Rika must say goodbye to the digimon who they really like.

    As a digimon fan it hurts me to say this is possibly the worst digimon episode of all.A total cliffhanger and TOO MUCH CRYING.WHAT'S WITH THE CRYING???THEY'RE 12.STOP THE CRYING...NOWWWWWW.I can understand the season 1 kids crying the're only 10 but these guys are 12 AND ABOVE!!!THE WORST EPISODE EVER.
  • finally!!! a great ending!!!

    this. eppi. was. awsome !!! finally some romance!! you could totaly see all the flirting between ryo and rika, and takato and jeri. i like both those pairings. what? a boy cant like romance stuff? (scoff) dang, i only have about 45 words in and i'vewritten what i wanted to write. i'll just babble now. time to stop reading my review. edhf wsejhfed fdsnds fds dfs mvfe v vcs fd ge g fg gf t hh tgf gr ds bf tert e fde cf dse sg re rf er fd sa f re g sd f edr f er gfmoreless
Bridget Hoffman

Bridget Hoffman

Mother D-Reaper/D-Reaper [Jeri-Type]

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The above it not true. While marine Angemon is one of the many possible evolutions of Zudomon, it is not his true final form. Plus, Marine Angemon has no offical line. None of the other season one children's Digimon have confirmed Mega forms. With the exception of Tai, Matt, Tk, and Kari. However it is widely accepted by the Digimon community that Plesiomon is Gomamons most likely form. Marine Angemon did not de-evolve at the end of this episode. The fact he has no true line makes that perfectly clear.

    • About Marineangemon not dedigivolving: HE DID! Marineangemon is the Gomamon's mega form. Joe (in season's one and two) Only got Gomamon to the ultimate level, Zudomon, but when Zudomon digivolves, he digivolves into Marineangemon, who actually looks like Bukamon, which is Gomamon's in-training form. He did in fact dedigivolve, hence the lack of wings, no heart on chest and pink color... he was purple in the end!

    • To the 'effecting all the digimon' thing, I think that data sphere the Tamers slashed the Red card in made a lage 'bubble' that extended for miles around, thus changing all the digimon in the area while it was up.

    • in responce to the one above, MarineAngemon, compare to the other, hid in his pocket, so maybe it was like protection to the dedigivolving.

    • In response to MarineAngemon-
      MarineAngemon was a concept that never really worked. The series tried to make him seem like a Rookie level Digimon, to make his parternering with Kenta less unnatural. But, at the same time, he was clearly a mega, as Kenta was even the first to say "Wow! I'm a Tamer!? To a Mega!?"

    • Why were all the digimon affected by Juggernaut?

    • Why didn't MarineAngemon de-digivolve?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Henry: The park's never looked more beautiful.
      Kazu: Dude, everything's beautiful! I could kiss the dirt!

    • Calumon: Jeri, wakey-wakey.
      (Jeri wakes up noticing that she is in Takato's arms)
      Takato: Can you hear me? Jeri, it's me.
      Jeri: (Wakes up) Takato...you came.
      Takato: Well of course I did. What do you think? I'd leave you?
      Jeri: (Smiles) I can't tell you. How good it is to see you.
      Takato: I'd miss you too.
      (Jeri hugs Takato's head as he blushes)

    • Henry (as MegaGargomon): Terriermon, what's happening?
      Terriermon (as MegaGargomon): We're outta' ammo, not that it matters because our last attack did as much damage as a water balloon!

    • Jeri: Calumon, come over here, quick.
      Calumon: You don't have to tell me twice.

    • Janyu: The whole world was in danger and we had no other option. We had to take it. Even if it meant losing the Digimon.
      Ryo: What do you mean lose? Where are they going?
      Janyu: They have to return to the Digital Plane or they'll disappear forever, like the D-Reaper. They were never meant for this world.
      Takato: (crying) But Guilmon's meant to be with me! He's a part of me. I promised him we'd always be together. I promised!
      Rika: No. This can't be. I won't let it happen!
      Henry: You knew didn't you? You knew this would happen when you scanned Terriermon!
      Janyu: I had no other choice. The fate of the world was at stake. I couldn't let everything and everyone we love be destroyed!
      Terriermon: Henry? Momentie.
      Henry: Oh, Terriermon, no. Don't go! (lets go of Terriermon)
      Rika: Renamon, stay! You can fight this, can't you?
      Renamon: Rika, I know we'll see each other again some day.
      Rika: No, Renamon, please! I love you! (lets go of Renamon)
      Takato: Guilmon...
      Guilmon: We'll play again soon, won't we, Takato?
      Takato: Yeah, yeah. (let's go of Guilmon and the Digimon go through portal one by one)
      Kazu: Guardramon, I love you, man!
      Kenta: Marineangemon!
      Ai and Mako: Impmon, we'll miss you.
      Jeri: Thank you Calumon.
      Susie: Lopmon, don't go!
      Terriermon: Momentie, Henry!
      Renamon: Stay strong, Rika!
      Guilmon: Remember, Takato. You promised, you promised! Takato!(digipost closes)
      Susie: Henry, where'd they all go? Where's Lopmon? I want my Lopmon and Terriermon! I don't want them to go! (starts crying)
      Janyu: Henry, I know it hurts now son, but in time, it'll get better. You'll see. (Henry shakes his head) Oh, Henry, I....(starts crying) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
      Takato: I promise Guilmon. Just you wait. We'll be together again soon.

    • MegaGargomon: Who needs ammo when you're a whoopin' machine?!

    • Takato: Even though I thought I'd never be the same, the world soon went back to normal, and after awhile, so did I. Life became exactly what it was before I met Guilmon. Kazu still made bad jokes and Ms. Nami still gave too much homework. Sometimes I'd go by our old hangouts just to see if he's there. I don't know why I bother, cause he never is. Most times I'm OK, but there's the one thing that bugs me. A promise I made to a friend. A promise I don't think I can keep...(a digi-gnome passes by from behind) (later, in Guilmon's old hiding place) Actually, scratch that. (notices a digital gate in Guilmon's hole) I think I'm going to keep that promise after all!

    • Yamaki: The nightmare finally ended. It still seems strange that a misguided program could cause so much damage-believing it was doing the right thing. Maybe we have more common with the D-reaper than we'd like to believe. But today we won coming together. Which makes me believe there's hope for us-all of us!

    • Rika: He's just doing that to impress me.
      Ryo: Well, is it working?

    • Ryo (to Rika): That's one less person to poke fun at you, right Pumpkin?

    • Rika: Ryo may be out of his pompous mind, but he's also right.

  • NOTES (16)


    • Episode Title: Such Sweet Sorrow

      This is part of a quote from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (Act II, scene II): Parting is such sweet sorrow That I shall say good-night till it be morrow.

    • When Takato rescues Jeri, he carries her like Superman when he rescues Lois Lane.