Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 51

Such Sweet Sorrow (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 08, 2002 on TV Asahi



  • Quotes

    • Janyu: The whole world was in danger and we had no other option. We had to take it. Even if it meant losing the Digimon.
      Ryo: What do you mean lose? Where are they going?
      Janyu: They have to return to the Digital Plane or they'll disappear forever, like the D-Reaper. They were never meant for this world.
      Takato: (crying) But Guilmon's meant to be with me! He's a part of me. I promised him we'd always be together. I promised!
      Rika: No. This can't be. I won't let it happen!
      Henry: You knew didn't you? You knew this would happen when you scanned Terriermon!
      Janyu: I had no other choice. The fate of the world was at stake. I couldn't let everything and everyone we love be destroyed!
      Terriermon: Henry? Momentie.
      Henry: Oh, Terriermon, no. Don't go! (lets go of Terriermon)
      Rika: Renamon, stay! You can fight this, can't you?
      Renamon: Rika, I know we'll see each other again some day.
      Rika: No, Renamon, please! I love you! (lets go of Renamon)
      Takato: Guilmon...
      Guilmon: We'll play again soon, won't we, Takato?
      Takato: Yeah, yeah. (let's go of Guilmon and the Digimon go through portal one by one)
      Kazu: Guardramon, I love you, man!
      Kenta: Marineangemon!
      Ai and Mako: Impmon, we'll miss you.
      Jeri: Thank you Calumon.
      Susie: Lopmon, don't go!
      Terriermon: Momentie, Henry!
      Renamon: Stay strong, Rika!
      Guilmon: Remember, Takato. You promised, you promised! Takato!(digipost closes)
      Susie: Henry, where'd they all go? Where's Lopmon? I want my Lopmon and Terriermon! I don't want them to go! (starts crying)
      Janyu: Henry, I know it hurts now son, but in time, it'll get better. You'll see. (Henry shakes his head) Oh, Henry, I....(starts crying) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
      Takato: I promise Guilmon. Just you wait. We'll be together again soon.