Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 10

The Captive Digimon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The kids find out where Ken is holding Agumon and decide to free him, but Ken already knows how to make him digivolve to MetalGreymon.

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  • Metalgreymon becomes evil because of the new dark-spiral.

    SkullGreymon's energy was drained. He became Agumon, so Ken decided to continue experimenting on him. The Black Digivice made him Digivolve again to SkullGreymon. His power got redrained as he proved to be too strong for the Dark Ring, so Ken decided to create a Dark Spiral. Wormmon freed Agumon, but the DigiDestined where delayed at leaving due to Davis wanting to fight. This allowed Ken to catch up and trick the kids into fighting. While they were fighting, Agumon decided to attack Ken, and Ken used the opportunity to slip his Dark Spiral onto Agumon. Then, the Emperor made him Digivolve to ShadowMetalGreymon using his new Dark Spiral. ShadowMetalGreymon defeated the Armor Digimon and then went with Ken to conquer the Digital World. Matt arrived and punched Tai to knock some sense back into him. Tai then got everyone to commit to defeating Agumon, and they jumped into the train carts to pursue Ken and ShadowMetalGreymon.moreless

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    • Cody: You should be ashamed of yourself, Ken. You're the kind of bully who gives bullies... a bad name!

    • Davis: Tai, Agumon's close. I'm following his tracks.
      Tai: Those are TRAIN tracks, Davis!

    • Tai: (taking a math test) Integrated... quadratic? It's like this stuff makes no sense!!

    • Tai: (About MetalGreymon) Let me just try to reach him! Ah!
      Davis: The only thing you'll reach is the bottom of his footprint, Tai!

    • Tai: Agumon! You've got to fight the Digimon Emperor's control! It's me, Tai! Don't you recognize me?
      Digimon Emperor: Ooh, such a tense moment. I've got chills. Allow me to answer. MetalGreymon, attack!

    • Digimon Emperor: How did Agumon get away?
      Wormmon: An escape clause in his contract?

    • Kari: It's Ken!
      Digimon Emperor: My name is the DIGIMON EMPEROR!
      Davis: So now you don't want to be called Ken, huh? So how's Kenny or Kenneth?

    • Woodmon: I am Woodmon! I cannot be defeated!
      Flamedramon: Flame Shield! (Attacks and knocks down Woodmon)
      Woodmon: Hey! i'm being defeated!
      Flamedramon: Fire Rocket!(The control spire breaks and lands on Woodmon, who starts to sink into the ground)
      Woodmon(Dark Ring breaks): Yikes! Ah! Whas happened to me? And who are you?
      Tai: Woodmon! Do you know where the Digimon Emperor can be found?
      Woodmon: Well, I'm not really sure, but I think he went that way.
      Tai: Thanks a bunch! Go, go!
      Woodmon(Sinks further): Can I get some help here? Seriously! Big Spire! Really heavy!

    • Davis: Sorry I'm late. I was supposed to get a haircut but when I looked in the mirror, I realized my hair is perfect.
      TK: The only thing is he was staring in the mirror for over an hour.

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