Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 12

The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2007 on TV Asahi
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The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth
Marcus's sister, Kristy, finds a Digi-Egg. Falcomon comes in pursuit of the egg, and he dislikes that humans have it in their possession.

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  • A Mega Digimon Comes to get the Data Squad!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok A digiegg fell from the sky. (very slowly) and Christy and her mom got it. it look cool. (I think). well Marcus and the gang came because a digimon reading was coming from his house. but it was the digiegg. then it hatches. and digivolves into Biyomon.I think it was for christy. also they talk about how Thomas,Yoshi,and Marcus Digieggs came from the sky. which means it's for someone. then Falcomon comes and tries to take biyomon form christy. but marcus help her and almost sends him back to the digiworld. then this mega digimon comes. (he looks Strong) his name was Merukimon. well can't wait for the next episode. (CLUE Geogreymon Digivolves into Rizegreymon) OH YEA!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Finally a storyboard that I can now understand as something happens

    After eleven boring episodes of just watching these digimon train, finally i was satifsied when I saw this episode. From the moment biyomon came in the world, and Falcomon spoke the way he spoke when he entered the real world, I knew this was gonna be a good episode. Falcomon seemed to be the real challenge for the champion level digimon which seemed fair now and finally I know the good always win, but i like when the good side gets challenged. To top off this episode, a Mega Digimon appeared and I was glad to hear DATS say this digimon was off the charts. I can't wait to see what happens next week, Finally a storyboard to follow and I hope it remains intense and will be as good as season 1 and season 2. I loveed season 3 too, but the whole D-Repear idea wasn't too hott. Can Season 5 top them all?moreless
  • Finally, a good episode!

    I've been waiting for an episode like this for the entire season so far and I'm glad it was finally a good episode. A Digi-Egg comes to Earth, well, Marcus' house to specify, and when it hatches it gets attached to Kristy. Falcomon comes and wants the egg back but Puwamon digivolves into Biyomon to protect Kristy and Falcomon leaves. Falcomon's boss, Merikumon, hears of this and comes to Earth to get back Biyomon. DATS tries to stop him, but he's a Mega Level and they are no match for him. Biyomon vows to protect Kirsty, but Marcus wants Biyomon to go back to the Digital World so Kristy won't have to join DATS. Such a mess, but it was good!moreless
Brian Beacock

Brian Beacock

Male Nurse

Guest Star

Terrence Stone

Terrence Stone

Puwamon/Biyomon, Doctor

Guest Star

Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar


Recurring Role

Michael Lindsay

Michael Lindsay


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When Falcomon leaves Kristy's room and Augumon comes in and asks what's happened, Marcus says "you're late that's what happened" in a totally different voice then he usually has.

    • Just like with Togemon, Biyomon was a girl in season one but is now a male. So either it is totally separate thing, or Digimon have both Sexes.

    • US Edit: When Marcus quickly climbs the tower that Falcomon is perched on, Falcomon defends himself with Ninja Blade/Shuririnken at Marcus. The scene where the blades rain on Marcus is cut.

    • US Edit: When Biyomon punches Marcus in the face, his nose bleeds then he spits the blood aside. However, there is no blood in this version but the spitting animation is still there.

    • Puwamon digivolves to Biyomon, from fresh/baby 1 to child/in training. Normally, Puwamon would digivolve to either Pinamon or Chapumon first, then to Biyomon. In essence, Puwamon skips a level.

    • When Mercurimon appears, the DATS analysts say its analysis is unattainable. But the Digimon Analysis screen comes out anyway.

    • Falcomon knocked Marcus's Digivice out of his hand, so how did it end up back around his neck in the next scene if he was never seen grabbing it again?

    • Marcus gets bruised and has a bloody nose after Biyomon punches him, yet soon after, all of his bruises and his bloody nose are gone.

    • Biyomon uses "boku", meaning it's a male.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Falcomon: Please, Biyomon! I don't want to fight!
      Marcus: Yeah? Well, WE do!

    • Marcus: (to Kristy) Everything okay, sis?
      Thomas: Not with you as a brother!

    • Yoshino: (reading data on laptop) "Puwamon": Although clingy, it extremely hates having its tail touched.
      Agumon: Huh? (touches Puwamon's tail then gets shocked) AAAHH! Tell me that earlier! (gets shocked again) AAHH!

    • Biyomon: Marcus!
      Marcus: (Doesn't hear the "-san" suffix after his name, which he finds rude) Where's my honorifics?!

    • Yoshino: Thomas, don't drop it (egg)!
      Thomas: It wasn't me...I think it moved...
      Yoshino: That's not possible!
      Thomas: Uh...
      (Egg shakes)
      Agumon: It's moving!
      Yoshino and Thomas: Ah?!

    • Marcus: I've got it! Pile on!
      Raramon: Mmph mmph...!
      (Everyone except Raramon dogpiles on Marcus, then egg is seen jumping away, Marcus looks beneath himself and notices something) Oh, wrong one.
      Raramon: (Under the dogpile in pain) ~You're terrible.

    • Agumon: (Notices Puwamon is staring at him eating chips) Oh, you want some? Here.
      (Puwamon then stares Agumon's jaws then hides behind Kristy out of fear)
      Kristy: Agu-chan!
      Agumon: (gasp)
      Kristy: Puwamon is still a baby, so don't bully him!
      Agumon: Okay, I'm sorry...No, I'm not bullying him!

  • NOTES (9)


    • Scorching! Birdramon: Piyomon acts similar to his Adventure 01 female counterpart, because of his determination to protect Chika. Just like in the aforementioned episode.