Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 12

The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2007 on TV Asahi

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  • A Mega Digimon Comes to get the Data Squad!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok A digiegg fell from the sky. (very slowly) and Christy and her mom got it. it look cool. (I think). well Marcus and the gang came because a digimon reading was coming from his house. but it was the digiegg. then it hatches. and digivolves into Biyomon.I think it was for christy. also they talk about how Thomas,Yoshi,and Marcus Digieggs came from the sky. which means it's for someone. then Falcomon comes and tries to take biyomon form christy. but marcus help her and almost sends him back to the digiworld. then this mega digimon comes. (he looks Strong) his name was Merukimon. well can't wait for the next episode. (CLUE Geogreymon Digivolves into Rizegreymon) OH YEA!!!!!!!!