Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 9

The Emperor's New Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Ken leaves the real world because his identity has been revealed. He targets Agumon for his new plan.

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  • Terrible in fear the force of terror SkullGreymon has returned!

    This episode was good very good better then good SkullGreymon was back and just as strong and powerful as ever T.K was right the one thing more terrify then he's looks are he's fighting skills, SkullGreymon has ever once lost a battle making him a powerful force, SkullGreymon beat everyone in this episode Meramon, Armour Digimon, DarkTyrannomon he is is unstoppble!
Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz


Recurring Role

Peter Spellos

Peter Spellos


Recurring Role

Frank Catalano

Frank Catalano

Mr. Ichijouji

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Cody mentions that the Digimon that Ken summons are DarkTyrannomon even though he has never seen them before.

    • In one battle scene, Nefertimon calls out her Rosetta Stone attack, but she clearly used Cat's Eye Beam instead.

    • When the DigiDestined return to the Digital world, We hear Davis say 'Digiport open', and he holds up his D3. If you look closly, you'll see the D3 is yellow, meaning it's Cody's.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Nefertimon: Everyone, run!
      Kari: But we have to fight SkullGreymon!
      Pegasusmon: Yes, great idea, stay clustered together so you create an easy target. Get to safety!

    • Kari: (about Ken) His smile makes him look so gentle.
      TK: Yeah, but his haircut makes him look like you, Kari.

    • TK: Look at this land of fire. It's like that movie... Land of Fire!

    • Wormmon: Uh-oh. The Emperor's not in a good mood today, which is just like every other day.

    • Greymon: What do you say the two of us go at it, one on one?
      Ken: As much as I appreciate your offer, Greymon, I'd rather replace Fear Throw! (drops a Dark Ring)
      Greymon: But I hate Fear Throw!

    • Cody: Okay, I wrote down with a battle plan.
      Yolei: (heard police sirens) Does it include the police?
      Davis: Man! That's kid's trouble!

    • Digimon Emperor : Sending Greymon to attack those kids is my best plan yet!
      Wormmon: But uh, what about the problems you had with Andromon?
      Digimon Emperor: I learn from my mistakes, if I can make a rookie digimon digivolve while under my control, then I can control his other form as well!!
      Wormmon: Master, you give me chills when you act all tough...
      Digimon Emperor: Oh be quiet.

    • Kari: Why can't we ever fight anything short?
      Yolei: Like some mice!

    • Kari: That's Agumon!!
      T.K: That slimy creature is coming after him, and when I say slimy creature, I mean Ken!

    • Reporter: Join us as we talk with young genius, Ken Ichijouji!
      Ken: I'm just your average boy genius.
      Reporter: You're so modest, do you spend a lot of time studying?
      Ken: Some geniuses do, but I rather play soccer.
      Reporter:(laughs) And funny, too! They say genius' 1% brain and 99% hard work! Do you think that's true?
      Ken: Mine's 2%.
      Reporter:(laughs again) You are funny! And to think you came from such humble beginnings in an everyday apartment building, are you glad you're just an normal average kid?
      Ken: Yeah, there's absolutely nothing I love more than being average!
      Reporter: So, you've mastered chess, 3D chess, and the Donkey Madness video game! Is there anything you can't handle?
      Ken: Reporters?
      Reporter: (laughs again) The big question on everyone's mind is what does a genius do for fun when he's not solving complex math problems, thought I know that maths is already more fun than most people can handle!
      Ken: Well, I'm always busy writing one of my computer programs, but like I said earlier, my favorite thing to do is play soccer.
      Reporter: I'm sure you'll be a big success in that too, Ken! I don't see how anything could possibly get in your way!

    • Izzy: I'll use my map program to locate the apartment building behind Ken on his picture...
      Yolei: Looks like a nice place to live!
      Davis: Yeah, living next to a heartless kid who wants to rule the world is nice!

  • NOTES (4)