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Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 54

The Fate of Two Worlds

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 24, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The kids chest begin to glow with their crests. Their Digimon Digivolve to their Ultimate and Mega forms, but can they defeat Apocalymon?

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  • Season 1 Finale

    This was a good and sad episode. The battle was great and the ending was sad. I wish the battle would have been longer and would have been more of a struggle then just a quick 10 minute victory. The ending was touching, giving each character and Digimon there own little seen of saying goodbye. Seeing Mimi and Palmon's goodbue was touching showing how Palmon loved her so much that she couldn't say goodbye. Overall, this is a great episode and was a good way to end the season. It also gives a "prelude" to Season 2 (a small one anyway). This has to be one of the greatest episodes of this season.moreless
  • The Digidestined and the Digimon work together and finally defeat Apocalymon! However they have to say good bye in the end before leaving the Digital World!

    A very SAD episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this episode, the Digidestined and their Digimon finally defeat Apocalymon as well as stopping his Total Annilation attack with their Digivices!!!!!! Man, it was like whoa, what's gonna happen since the fact in the last episode their crests were destroyed by Apocalymon and being sent to the Data World! But they only needed themselves in the end!!!!! However, they soon need to say good bye in the end.............. A very special episode as well as sad!!!!!!!! The characters spend their last moments with their Digimon as well as say their final thoughts before leaving!!!! I won't say too much now to spoil the episode then!!!!! Except that you will enjoy it very much!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5moreless
  • Good End to Good Season

    This was probably one of the best endings to a Digimon season thus far, with the exception of Savers, obviously its too early to tell. It pretty much completed everything that had its gaps through out the season. Emotion dominated the last part of this episode. At this point in the series, it brings about a pause until Season 2 began. I'm guessing incase Season 2 never came to be, then it could end without a sence of gaps. Overall, this was one of the best seasons of Digimon to date. Great storylines and great character development really helped out.moreless
  • Very good and sad season finale.

    This is another good episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters when they digivolve all their Digimon to two megas and six ultimates to defeat Apocalymon and they did and the digital world is back to normal but there is one problem the kids have to return to the real world and say goodbye to their digimon and it is very sad to say goodbye to your friends and they hope they meet again when the digital world opens it gate again to see them.moreless
  • The digidestined face off apocalymon threatening to destroy everything until the digidestined realize they have the power within.

    fitting end to season 1! when i watched this episode i almost cried because i thought it was gonna be the end for characters until season 2 came along. i thought apocalymon should have put up a longer fight but its all good! of course the tearjerker was when the digidestined had to say theirgoodbyes. real awesome!
Laura Summer

Laura Summer

Patamon, Tokomon [SEASON 1 & 2]

Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Kari Kamiya [SEASON 1 & 2]

Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds

Old Gennai [SEASON 1 & 2]

Anna Garduno

Anna Garduno

Palmon, Tanemon [SEASON 1 & 2]

Michael Lindsay

Michael Lindsay

Joe Kido, Greymon [SEASON 1 & 2]

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Sora Takenouchi [SEASON 1 & 2]

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Mimi mentions that Wizardmon will be reborn. But since he was killed in the Real World as revealed in "Ghost of a Chance," this is untrue.

    • When everyone is making their good-byes, Tai and Agumon reminisce about the time that Seadramon attacked the Digi-Destined and Agumon claimed that that was the first time he was able to make his Pepper Breath. This is untrue, however, as he was able to attack with his Pepper Breath as soon as he Digivolved from Koromon to Agumon in the first episode.

    • Tai claimed that Seadramon attacked the kids when Agumon burned his tail. But in the actual episode, it was an ember from their campfire that burned it's tail.

    • Gatomon probably lost the whistle sometime during the time period between the end of this season and the beginning of the second season.

    • When Kari gives Gatomon her whistle, it doesn't appear in season 2

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Tai: Our adventure in the Digital World might be over for now, but that gate won't stay closed forever. I have a feeling that this won't be the last time we see our pals, the Digimon. You wait and see. One day that portal will open up again and we'll return to the Digital World. I wonder if Agumon will remember me? I know I'll never forget him or the rest of the Digimon, none of us will!

    • Joe: I know it's gonna be hard to find a friend as great as I am, Gomamon, but you'll have to try.
      Gomamon: Not a problem. I took an ad out in the personals. I've got five interviews lined up for next week.

    • Ogremon: I'm out of here.
      Mimi: What do you mean, you're leaving?
      Ogremon: It's time to hit the road. Take a hike. Make like a tree, and leave!
      Palmon: But Ogremon, why not stay here with us?
      Ogremon: Look, I'm a Virus type Digimon. You guys are Data and Vaccine types. If I hang around here too long, I'll get sick to my stomach. Catch you later! (disappears)
      Biyomon: He vanished!
      Gomamon: He just can't face the fact that he likes us.
      Tentomon: I've never heard of a Virus giving someone a cold shoulder!

    • Tai: Well guys, this is it. What can I say?
      Agumon: Try "goodbye."

    • Ogremon (to the Digidestined): You were amazing! Remind me to call you the next time I have trouble with my landlord!

    • Mimi: Lillymon, did you have to use me as a boomerang?
      Lilymon: Sorry, but I wanted to make sure you came back to me!

    • Joe: Then we can stay in the Digital World for up to... let's see carry the four divided by three... a really really long time!
      Izzy: To be precised, it's forty thousand three hundred and twenty days, that's about a hundred and ten years!
      Tai: Alright, we're staying!

    • Joe(to Gomamon): For someone without a hand, you have a pretty strong grip.

    • Izzy: Tentomon
      Tentomon: Yes Izzy?
      Izzy: There's something I need to tell you before we part ways, okay? I love you...
      Tentomon: WHAA! [falls off the chair]
      Izzy: Tentomon! Are you okay?
      Tentomon: Yes im fine but i was a little taken aback by your sudden display of emotion.
      Izzy: You're right, sorry about that I dont usually get emotional but this was a unique occasion.
      Tentomon: I understand. You dont have to say it. I know how much our friendship has meant to us. And in the name of our friendship i need to ask you one last favor...
      Izzy: Yeah, what is it?
      Izzy: Sure, buddy. You're a true pal! (hugs Tentomon)
      Tentomon: OW! YOU'RE BREAKING MY SHELL!!!

    • Patamon: TK please stop crying cause you're making me cry.
      TK: I was just crying because you were crying.
      Patamon: Well, if you're crying because I'm crying and I'm crying because you're crying, then neither one of us needs to be crying do we?
      TK(stops crying): Oh, oh yeah

  • NOTES (13)