Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 54

The Fate of Two Worlds

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 24, 2000 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • Mimi mentions that Wizardmon will be reborn. But since he was killed in the Real World as revealed in "Ghost of a Chance," this is untrue.

    • When everyone is making their good-byes, Tai and Agumon reminisce about the time that Seadramon attacked the Digi-Destined and Agumon claimed that that was the first time he was able to make his Pepper Breath. This is untrue, however, as he was able to attack with his Pepper Breath as soon as he Digivolved from Koromon to Agumon in the first episode.

    • Tai claimed that Seadramon attacked the kids when Agumon burned his tail. But in the actual episode, it was an ember from their campfire that burned it's tail.

    • Gatomon probably lost the whistle sometime during the time period between the end of this season and the beginning of the second season.

    • When Kari gives Gatomon her whistle, it doesn't appear in season 2

  • Quotes

    • Apocalymon: They're doomed!!

    • Tai: Our adventure in the Digital World might be over for now, but that gate won't stay closed forever. I have a feeling that this won't be the last time we see our pals, the Digimon. You wait and see. One day that portal will open up again and we'll return to the Digital World. I wonder if Agumon will remember me? I know I'll never forget him or the rest of the Digimon, none of us will!

    • Joe: I know it's gonna be hard to find a friend as great as I am, Gomamon, but you'll have to try.
      Gomamon: Not a problem. I took an ad out in the personals. I've got five interviews lined up for next week.

    • Ogremon: I'm out of here.
      Mimi: What do you mean, you're leaving?
      Ogremon: It's time to hit the road. Take a hike. Make like a tree, and leave!
      Palmon: But Ogremon, why not stay here with us?
      Ogremon: Look, I'm a Virus type Digimon. You guys are Data and Vaccine types. If I hang around here too long, I'll get sick to my stomach. Catch you later! (disappears)
      Biyomon: He vanished!
      Gomamon: He just can't face the fact that he likes us.
      Tentomon: I've never heard of a Virus giving someone a cold shoulder!

    • Tai: Well guys, this is it. What can I say?
      Agumon: Try "goodbye."

    • Ogremon (to the Digidestined): You were amazing! Remind me to call you the next time I have trouble with my landlord!

    • Mimi: Lillymon, did you have to use me as a boomerang?
      Lilymon: Sorry, but I wanted to make sure you came back to me!

    • Joe: Then we can stay in the Digital World for up to... let's see carry the four divided by three... a really really long time!
      Izzy: To be precised, it's forty thousand three hundred and twenty days, that's about a hundred and ten years!
      Tai: Alright, we're staying!

    • Joe(to Gomamon): For someone without a hand, you have a pretty strong grip.

    • Izzy: Tentomon
      Tentomon: Yes Izzy?
      Izzy: There's something I need to tell you before we part ways, okay? I love you...
      Tentomon: WHAA! [falls off the chair]
      Izzy: Tentomon! Are you okay?
      Tentomon: Yes im fine but i was a little taken aback by your sudden display of emotion.
      Izzy: You're right, sorry about that I dont usually get emotional but this was a unique occasion.
      Tentomon: I understand. You dont have to say it. I know how much our friendship has meant to us. And in the name of our friendship i need to ask you one last favor...
      Izzy: Yeah, what is it?
      Izzy: Sure, buddy. You're a true pal! (hugs Tentomon)
      Tentomon: OW! YOU'RE BREAKING MY SHELL!!!

    • Patamon: TK please stop crying cause you're making me cry.
      TK: I was just crying because you were crying.
      Patamon: Well, if you're crying because I'm crying and I'm crying because you're crying, then neither one of us needs to be crying do we?
      TK(stops crying): Oh, oh yeah

  • Notes

    • Including the movies, a total of 130 Digimon debuted in this season.

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Digital Monsters Volume 5.

    • Andromon takes a picture of all the Digimon and Digidestend. This picture is brought up in an episode in Season 2.

    • Song: "Hey Digimon" by Paul Gordon plays at the end of the episode in the dub.

    • With 54 episodes, Digimon Adventure is the longest season.

    • Apocalymon's ultimate attack is revealed to be called as 'Total Annihilation', in which he destroys both the Real and Digital World, but their Digivices manage to stop it.

    • Japanese Title: "A New World"

    • This is the only time WarGreymon waits until the end of his Digivolution sequence to say his name.

    • Japanese Version: The song "Butterfly" (Theater Size version#2) plays. This special version of the song begins with the chorus and without any instruments or background music.

    • At the end of this episode, we actually get to hear the full version of the song "Hey Digimon".

    • We learn that before Apocalymon's appearance, the time in the Digital World and Earth were different like this: 24 whole hours in the Digital World is equal to only a minute on Earth.

    • Apocalymon dies in this episode.

    • * This marks the end of the first season. This also marks the final appearance of Gennai until half of the second season that he returns younger.

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