Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 13

The Legend of the Digidestined

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1999 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

TK and Patamon are attacked by Leomon. Can the others arrive to save them, and if they do, how can they defeat Devimon?

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  • Patamon digivolve to...Angemon!

    This is an excellent episode! TK and Patamon are still in Primary Village when Leomon ambushes them. Eventually, the rest of the digi-destined gang comes to the rescue and saves the day. Devimon has put the final phase of his plan to destroy the children and their Digimon into motion. Matt and Tai finally permanently free Leomon from the control of the Black Gears by exposing him to the power of their Digivices. Afterward, Leomon tells the children and Digimon the "story" of how it was fortold that File Island would be plunged into darkness and how children from another world would arrive who give Digimon the power to Digivolve. Leomon goes on to say that these children are destined to save File Island. They all decide they must finally defeat Devimon, and hope by doing so they can return home to the real world. Devimon absorbs all of his black gears into his own body which makes him enormous. All the kids engage in a battle, but Devimon is superior to them and it looks as though the battle is lost. Devimon goes to destroy Patamon as he knows the smallest shall destroy him. Then, Patamon finally digivolves into Angemon and is able to defeat Devimon. As Devimon is being absorbed and tranformed into Data, he and Angemon have a conversation. He notes that it wasn't smart for Angemon to use all of his life force and energy to defeat him. He then notes there are Digimon as strong and even stronger then himself and asks Angemon "I wonder what you will do when you run into them." As Devimon fades, he laughs sinisterly. Angemon is nearly gone as well, but TK is crying out to him. Angemon tells TK "I'll come back TK...if you want me to." Angemon then reverts to a Digi-egg where Tentomon tells TK that he knows Angemon is inside, rebuilding his strength, and he will emerge when the time is right. The episode ends with an unknown man on a holographic device greets the children, who is later revealed to be Gennai.moreless
  • The kids learn of the legend of the digidestined. Devimon goes after Tk.

    Tk begins this episode with the cutest laugh.

    Just like always, Matt comes to save Tk. It's sweet because of the brotherly bond, but I wish he would just let Tk stand up for himself. He kinda does later in teh episode, but it's more of Angemon standing up for him, rather then him doing it for himself. Tai shows that he is truly the carrier of the crest of courage in my opinion. He galiently walks up to face the powered up Leomon. He doesn't even have a gaurentee that it will work, he just goes off his gut feeling (along with what Izzy told him). What everyone says when Patamon digivolves is really nice. Mimi even makes a comment about him being cute (the hair an all). Angemons voice is very whimsical and magical. He sounds so wise and selfless. He is definatly the best champian so far. When Tk begins to cry it makes we feel like crying, too. I didn't actually but i definatly felts something in my chest. It's so sad, Patamon finally digivolve but then he is torn away from Tk.moreless
  • Angemon v.s. Devimon...

    So Ogremon and Leomon attack at Primary Village, and Tai and Matt come to his rescue. Greymon easily torches Ogremon, but Leomon tries beat Garurumon to a pulp. But Izzy tells him that the Black Gear is destroyed by the Digivice, so Tai and Matt use theirs to bring Leomon back to normal.

    Leomon then tells them that they have to beat Devimon, and they go to Infinity Mountain. Joe and Sora come at the last minute, but it's hopeless. Six Champion Digimon are no match for Devimon. Patamon digivolves, and beats him, but is reverted to a Digi-Egg in the process.moreless
  • This episode is so sweet! I just love it!

    This episode is one of the greatest examples of the bond between the Digimon and humans. It shows just how much they care for each other. The part where T.K was so upset about losing Angemon was so sweet! I also loved it where Angemon said 'I'll come back T.K...if you want me to.' One of my fave episodes of any anime.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Izzy (after Tentomon Digivolves): My biology teacher would love this!

    • Ogremon: With Devimon out of the way, I can take over now!
      Leomon: Hello, you forgetting about me?
      Ogremon: Leomon! Get me out of here (Ogremon runs off)! Why can't the bad guys ever win?

    • Izzy: We have the consulate solution to all our problems!
      Tai: That's cool, but what are you talking about?

    • Joe: Hey, Patamon finally digivolved!
      Sora: That's super cool!
      Matt: Not bad, that little guy really had it in him.
      Mimi: Nice hair, good color.
      TK: I wanna take him home with me!

    • Devimon: Perfect...that traitor Leomon is leading them directly into my trap. He's been very valuable to me.
      Ogremon: I guess so, but I'm loyal and better looking.

    • Ogremon(To Greymon): Didn't anybody ever tell you not to play with fire? Someone could get hurt, namely me!

    • Devimon: You have used up all your power. That wasn't very smart, Angemon. Now, you're of no use to anyone! You can't get away from the dark forces; evil is everywhere, so don't savor your victory! There are other digimon that are just as powerful as I am. Some of them are even stronger! I wonder what you'll do when you run into them! You haven't won at all! What a waste of time! HA HA HA HA HA!

    • Angemon: TK, I'll come back again...if you want me to.

    • Togemon: I can't move; even my needles feel numb!

  • NOTES (11)

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Digital Monsters Volume 2.

    • In the Original version, Devimon warns Angemon that using the Holy Power could cause both of their deaths. Although the dub omitted this part, it left some foreshadowing of him when he declared that his fate was unimportant if he could help others. This is the reason why Angemon died at the end. Also the part of his apology to T.K. was removed as well where instead he assured him he'll get Devimon.

    • Edit: A 14 second cut. After Leomon attacks and Ogremon pops out, Ogremon uses his pummel whack and hits Leomon in the head. After Leomon is on the floor, a low angle shot of Devimon and Ogremon is shown, Ogremon explaining to Leomon that now he and Devimon are one making him much stronger.

    • Japanese Title: Angemon's Awakening!

    • This is the first episode where the full version of the battle theme is shown.

    • Originally, Devimon and Ogremon were suppose to DNA digivolve into SkullSatamon, but the directors decided that DNA digivolving was not ready to appear in this season but next season. This did happen in V-Tamer though.

    • Angemon's attack is 'Hand of Fate' even though he does not say it in this episode (Dub only). In the original, he actually calls out his attack which is known as 'Heaven's Knuckle' in Japan.

    • This is the final episode this season to feature Devimon (aside from flashbacks). However, he'll make a brief, yet unexpected return next season.

    • Debut: Angemon

    • The first 13 episodes are available as a DVD box set online. It is the only full saga of Digimon so far to have been released with all the episodes in it.

      Ends the Devimon/ Dark Gear saga.

    • There was an alternate ending purchased by FOX that had the kids return home after defeating Devimon. This was in case the series wasn't doing so well after the first thirteen episodes.