Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 39

The Man in the Moon is You

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 13, 2003 on TV Asahi

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  • The gang tries to figure how to get back to the digital world.

    Ok lets see if I can remembered this.It has been an while since I saw this.But I recall that Takuya and the others are trapped in the moon and are trying to figure an way to go back to the digital world.Deciding to fight back the royal knights and Lucemon.So in the end the gang create an rocket with the help of the digimon.The gang heads back to the digital world to save it.

    This was funny! I mean Takuya and J.p those two don't know anything.I couldn't stopped laughing my head off.
  • the kids get blasted to the moon

    I was laughing so hard my tv cracked the kids are on the moon and they all come up with stupid ideas to get off takuya's idea was the funniest one out of them all it was that if every one fired in one direction they could move the moon everyone just leaves him there laughing tommy's idea was to jump off the moon that didn't go so well either jp's idea was to shoot takuya out of the rocket on his head it didn't work then koichi finds a rocket they fix it up and
    the starmon and bugermon help them they get in the rocket and its back to the digital world
  • The kids are trapped on the moon.Can they escape or will they be stuck forever?

    Truthfully this would be my favourite of all digimon episodes. I was funny,and contributes to the fact that Koichi is just a spirit in the digital world well considering that he was the only one awake when they got blasted to the moon. But why didn't they get blasted to the moon the next times they fought the Royal Knights.Anyway I consider this episode AWESOME!!!!!!!!