Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 4

The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on TV Asahi
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The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!
Under Sampson's orders, Marcus and Thomas have become a team, but they are constantly in conflict. At the same time, due to robbers hacking a bank's security system, the gate connecting the human and Digital World is opened, and Drimogemon appears in the Real World and assists the robbers.moreless

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  • Thomas and Marcus need to learn to work together or they are all doomed.

    Well, to be perfectly honest, I didn't care for the episode that much. I am so over the "team-mates not liking each other" thing. I've heard it in wayyyyyyy too many shows. So basically this episode started off when a Numemon is loose and Yoshino, Thomas, and Marcus need to go stop it from ruining the place with it's nasty slime. Once there, Thomas tells Marcus of the plan he created as a plan of attack, but stubborn old Marcus doesn't want to listen to him. They end up attacking each other by mistake, but them they catch Numemon thanks to Yoshino. The Commander has told Thomas and Marcus to work together, but they hate each other. Once Thomas gives Marcus a ride home, Marcus' sister and mother are nice to Thomas, but Marcus thinks it's stupid to be nice to him since he dislikes him.

    Anyway, 2 bankrobbers are in the vault when they get stuck after one trips on something. They had a little code cracking device with them and when it starts acting up, it accidentally opens a DigiGate and a Drimogemon comes through and helps them escape by using it's drill. The thieves think nothing of it, and take Drimogemon to help them rob an ATM, but DATS arrives there to stop them. Drimogemon then becomes extremely large and starts to attack DATS to protect it's "friends". Agumon and Gaomon digivolve and try to stop Drimogemon while Yoshino stops the robbers with some attack by Lalamon that puts them to sleep. So, once again, Thomas comes up with a plan to try and stop Drimogemon. He wants to get it near the water so he can't drill underground, but then Marcus comes in and messes everything up. Marcus attacks, which drives Drimogemon backwards, and then he drills under to escape when suddenly a DigiGate appears and Drimogemon goes back to the Digital World. Thomas, who is very upset that Drimogemon escaped, tells the Commander he wants to go to the Digital World to stop Drimogemon, but they say it's too dangerous. At the very end of the episode, Yoshino hears something while on guard at DATS and steps out of the room to see what's going on, but Thomas sneaks in the room, locks her out, and goes into the Digital Wotrld. Now what are they going to do? That's one determined person!moreless
  • It all start out on their first mission to get rid of the Nunmemon.Even though Masaru does not agree with Touma's plan and wants to do things his way.Meanwhile Drimongimon appears in the bank.The two robber thinks that Drimongimon is good used when they rmoreless

    This is may not be one one of my fav Episode.But this shows Touma and Masaru,who has to be forced worked as an team.Even Touma,has an plan to stopped evil digimon.Masaru doesn't agree with it.As Yoshiro refer why can't they agree on anything and the only thing that they agree on is not wanting to be become partners.Now when they attacked Drimogimon.How come he got bigger? That is not really his original size.moreless
  • Not the best.

    Yeah! Raramon got some action and won! Unfortunatly it was only a Numemon.

    Next to nothing happened in this episode. All that happened was Tohma and Masaru got in several arrugments again and they chased after Drimogemon.

    Finally we get a Digimon who isn't huge who is at the champion level and what happens? For some reason he grows huge. I was digging Drimogemon even though it made no sense for him not to know how to talk right all Digimon should know how seeing as the partner Digimon know how to speak. Hey maybe it's the human raise forcing the Digimon to learn japanese kind of like when the english forced their way of living onto the indians.... Nah.

    Like the last episode we get some character development only this time for Tohma it seem he isn't just a ego-centric boy. He actually felt guilty in letting Drimogemon escape and then he went against order and went to the digital world... SWEET MOSES! Bad boy.

    FINALLY an episode without useless old man. And Yoshino goes a whole episode without saying "this is the worst".

    This episode gets 5.8 cause it wasn't very good at all.moreless
Michael P. Greco

Michael P. Greco

Robber #2

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Dan Woren

Dan Woren

Numemon, Robber #1

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Lex Lang

Lex Lang


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