Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 14

The Samurai Of Sincerity

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The DigiDestined return to the Digital World in search of a new Digi-Egg.

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  • Yolei begins to learn the crash course of being sincer and also start to develop an crush on Michael as well.

    Yolei knew from the start that DigitalTamamon was going to be bad.Of course,the others didn't really believed her.Even though Yolei idolized Mimi.I think she was getting an bit jealous when Michael was congratlating Mimi on something.I forgot what.But for the few times Yolei has finally learned about being sincer.Which ables to get Hawkmon to digivolved to the Shurimon.You know nobody knew that Mimi liked Michael.Pretty much throughout was totally unexplainable of course.So I guess the creators left us on the edge of our seats wondering.moreless
Tom Gibis

Tom Gibis


Guest Star

Dina Sherman

Dina Sherman

Betamon (voice)

Recurring Role

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince


Recurring Role

Dan Lorge

Dan Lorge


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Shurimon is called "the Samurai of Sincerity", but by his appearance and abilities, he's more like a ninja.

    • Digitamamon mentions the Dark Masters. This is the first of many times the Dark Masters have been mentioned since their defeat in Season One.

    • No-one seems to notice Digitamamon's change in eye color, which should have alerted them of the Dark Spiral controlling him.

    • In his previous appearance, Digitamamon's attack was "Nightmare Syndrome." But from this point on, he calls it "Nightmare Syndromer".

    • When Digitamamon is ranting at Mimi before Yolei's rant and her getting the Digi-Egg of Sincerity, you see a quick screen of Yolei and Mimi's face. During this screen Mimi is moving her mouth perfectly in-sync with what Digitamamon is saying, so it looks like Mimi is talking.

    • Before the Spiral inside Digitamamon's shell is destroyed, a pan of Digitamamon's insides are cut out.

    • Shurimon's Shuriken impacting Digitamamon's shell opening is cut out.

    • Yolei doesn't have Digi-Dollars, that's why she can't pay. In the original version, you see, Digitamamon's restaurant only takes American dollars, but in both this episode and season one's "Weregarurumon's Diner," Yolei and Joe have only Japanese Yen, and can't pay. Michael is able to pay because he's American, and hence, has dollars. "Digi-Dollars" are a creation of the dub, and their use flip-flops between "Weregarurumon's Diner" and this episode.

    • The first time Digitamamon appeared, his restaurant only excepted Digidollars, so why does he only accept real money now?

    • Where exactly did Yolei get all of those Digidollars?

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Yolei: (about to pay her bill) What's our bill come to?
      Digitamamon: 87 Digi-Dollars, plus tip.
      Yolei: Uh...
      Digitamamon: What's the problem? (smiles) Don't you have any money?
      Yolei: (laughs) We don't have Digi-Dollars. But we have plenty of money.
      Digitamamon: Forget it!
      Yolei: Huh? But our money's just as good.
      Digitamamon: Since the Dark Masters left, we only accept Digi-Dollars!
      T.K.: What's the problem?
      Yolei: The lunkheaded waiter won't take my money.
      Davis: Uh-oh!
      Kari: I see you're being your usual blunt self.
      Yolei: I'm just trying to be honest.
      Digitamamon: I think you kids are trying to skip out on the bill.
      Yolei: (opens up her wallet) I told you, we have $87!
      Digitamamon: Only Digi-Dollars! Or the Digi-Express Card.
      Yolei: (furiously) That's it! I'm not gonna recommend this restaurant to anyone!
      Digitamamon: Good! I don't want any human-world dead-beats in here! No wonder the French detest tourists!
      Yolei: (growls lividly)
      Digitamamon: Now, are you going to work off your bill, or do I have to call a cop?!
      T.K.: I think I've heard something like this before.
      Cody: If we work here, we'll be late getting home.
      Davis: Can't we just pay the next time we're here?
      Digitamamon: There won't be a next time! You're not allowed in here again. Now, get in the kitchen, and start washing dishes, or I'll...!
      Michael: Fear not! I'll pay their bill. (the gang notices him)
      Yolei: How sweet! Prince Charming!
      Kari: Who are you?
      Mimi: This is Michael. (pops up from behind) He's a friend of mine I brought with me from America.
      Everyone else: It's Mimi!

    • Sukamon: Oh, Mimi, if you don't care about looks, how'd you like to go on a date with me? (Mimi angrily punches him, sending him flying into the forest) OW! I'LL TAKE THAT AS A NO!!!

    • Michael (after hearing about the Digimon Emperor): I can't believe it. Why would a young kid wanna take over the Digital World when he can be playing polo or practicing the violin?
      Davis: To him, it's a hobby.
      Yolei: Do you wanna know what my hobby is, Michael?
      Davis: Boys don't count, Yolei.
      Yolei: Who asked you?

    • Yolei: Okay, I admit it. I have a problem judging others by my first impression of them. I see a cute looking boy and I instantly fall in love. I never stop to think what kind of person they might be. They could be really cool like TK or a real jerk like Davis!

    • Digitamamon: Before, I was soft and runny. But now I'm hard-boiled!

    • Yolei: From now on, I promise not to judge a book by it's cover!
      Digitamamon: And I promise not to put all my eggs in one basket!

    • Mimi: I don't care how rough and tough you try to act on The outside...deep down inside, I know you're not evil!
      Digitamamon: Quit trying to butter me up! What do I look like, a piece of toast?

    • Digmon: Rock Cracking!(The attack doesn't affect Digitamamon) I need an egg cracking attack!

    • Davis: Tell us something, Michael, are there more Digi-Destined kids like you in America?
      Cody: And tell us how you became a Digi-Destined in the first place?
      Yolei: And tell me you're single!

    • Kari: Hey Palmon, are you sure it's okay you are here?
      TK: What about the area you were protecting?
      Palmon: No problem, Tentomon said he'd watch it for me if I brought him back a souvenir t-shirt!

    • Digitamamon: Would you like to sit in the Digivolving, or Non-Digivolving section?

    • Armadillomon: When we find that Digiegg, I'm gonna eat it!
      Hawkmon: You'll do no such thing, and besides, your cholesterol's too high.

    • Shurimon(in his vital status): I am Shurimon. As Hawkmon, I use the Digi-Egg of Sincerity to Armor Digivolve. My Double Stars Attack are double trouble.

  • NOTES (8)


    • Michael (about seeing Gorillamon in the Big Apple years ago): I thought it was simply another ape climbing the Empire State Building.

      Michael made a reference to the title character of the classic 1933 film: King Kong.

    • Our War Game: When Davis, Yolei and Cody look back in the past explaining their previous experiences of Digimon 3 years ago, Yolei mentions sending an email during the fight with Diaboromon, a clip of her is also shown from the movie.