Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 8

The Singer's Secret

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on TV Asahi

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  • Yoshi is going undercover as spy on Neon as suspected to be holding a Digimon???

    Not really a bad episode I suppose. In this episode, Yoshi is seen going as the new girlfriend of singer Neon. But he is actually the prime suspect of holding the Digimon Keremon. I won't spoil the episode too much now........ Well this episode lacked action. It just had the fight at around the last part of the episode with Gaomon and Agumon digivolving to their Champion forms Gaogamon and Greymon to fight the digivolved Keremon. In the end, not only did Yoshi had to erase the memory of the ANNOYING Cameraman, she also had to do it to Neon as well. Kinda sad..... This episode was not too good but not too bad actually, quite filled with funniness with Yoshi given more roles in this episode. Even Thomas had to stop Yoshi from participating in the mission for fear of emotional problems and conflicts............. I also kinda liked the beginning with Marcus eating Ramen and having a surprise and scolding Agumon for having a BIG mouth!! Ha ha! In other words, you will enjoy the episode. I really don't know how to say much now la.........Final rating is around 7.5 to 7.9.
  • Just when I thought...

    They were going to start a storyboard i got excited. I thought keramon being in this would be a plot for a series of episodes with a story behind. I would have to admit that i did enjoy this episode, and it is much better that the rest episodes that played but still they are tryin to fit too much within 20 minutes. I wanna see more action, please hurry up start a storyboard where it will be a launch of to be continued... episodes.

    I started watching season 1, when they went into the real word for the first time because there was a storyboard. Season 2 when Arukenimon came, there a storyboard began which was awesome. Season 3 with the D-Reaper, never really saw season 4. But when the storyboards start happening, it gets more serious and you will always want to follow to see what will happen next, so yeah enough with the training already and quick finishing attacks, lets get a storyboard going.
  • Keramon.

    Not a bad episode. I still wish they would have a bit more action, but its still early in the season. A famous star Neon has been linked with Keramon, and Yoshino was sent to spy on him since she knew him from school. Turns out that Keramon was his partner, and Keramon has been helping Neon advertise and seem to popular, when in reality, he wasn't that popular. Gaomon digivolves and attacks, but Keramon digivolves and beats Gaogamon. GeoGreymon beats them though, and Yoshino erases Neon's memory. It wasn't a bad episode. Keramon was cool and all, but like I said, I want more action!
  • man uses Keramon to get videos of him on every tv screen in town and then DATS comes in and tries to stop him. after DATS shows up Keramon digivolved to Chrystalimon thanks to GeoGreymon he blasted Chrystalimon into a digiegg.

    the episode was a pretty fair obe in my veiew. i did lie the battle with Chrysalimon. that digimon rockes. the ep was not dubbed but i got the point. man uses digimon to get videos of him on every tv screen in town and then DATS comes in and tries to stop him. the rest i was almost lost. when a cleb tring to get a way from the cameras and she looks like Yoshino. thats what i think... but the ep title Yoshino Gets Tama no Koshi?! Chrysalimon\\\'s Shadow\\\" Tama no Koshi i think means marriage for jewels.