Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 6

The Ultimate Team No More?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on TV Asahi

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  • Getting boring..but still decent.

    The whole "Digimon appearing and DATS saving everyone and destroying the Digimon" is getting kinda old. The whole argument in this episode with Agumon and Marcus was so stupid. Elecmon comes and digivolves to, as the dub said, Garurumon. Wasn't it BlackGarurumon? Marcus held onto it's back and it jumped across town and Marcus got hit by it's claw and then he got back up, didn't see too realistic, even for an anime. I mean, if you get smashed with a claw from BlackGarurumon, I don't think you would be able to get up, especially since he was hit into a wall. Whatever, though. Decent.
  • Oh those boys!

    At first I thought the idea of driving a wedge between Agumon and Masaru was a little early but they seemed to have pulled it off. With that said I thought the fight was pretty dumb but thats how it happens you'll start fighting over dumb things and it will escalate to hurting the other person a lot.

    NO not old man again! But at least I got a couple episodes with out him. And Again Yoshino says "This is the worst" and Raramon too but it was pretty funny when Raramon said it and Yoshino said "That's my line" haha.

    Oh dear it seems Masaru has made an enemy! A human one no less. Looks like he might have another rival yet.

    Now how did old man manage to get into the DATS HQ in order to get Agumon to Masaru? Old man you sure are mysterious.

    FINALLY Raramon gets to digivolve again! But still no episode about Yoshino. Grr.

    So BlackGarurumon is called just Garurumon throughout the whole episode. But on the Digimon Analizer he's called Garurumon (Black)... Weird. I tell ya I can buy Elecmon digivolving into BlackGarurumon more then Drimogemon into Digmon.

    All in all it was a pretty touching episode. And just too diggly when the boys finally got back together. 7.9 woo!
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