Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 1

There Are Monsters Among Us

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

There Are Monsters Among Us
Marcus finds an Agumon and together they embark on an adventure that could change the Real World forever. Even if DATS and the Digimon Kokatorimon get in the way.

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  • Finally, a new dubbed season of your favorite Digital Monsters!

    It felt weird watching this. It's been years since I've seen a new episode of Digimon, but this wasn't bad. I have to get used to the voice of Agumon, that is my only complaint. I could tell the woman who did Sora in Season 1did Yoshino (is that her name? Not used to their names yet). Agumon digivolved into GeoGreymon, which was new. I hope that the season gets better and better because I am in the mood for some Digimon! Lalamon was cool! The attack was lame, though, but whatever. Overall, this wasn't a bad episode and I cannot wait for the rest of the season!moreless
  • a new season of digimon has arrived.

    i watched this episode in japenese on youtube. it was great.

    the main character is different than the other 4 leaders. his name is Masaru. he has a big Agumon and it's champion form is called GeoGraymon. this episode was a great way to start the new season. i also saw the opening theme with the frontier season soundtrack on google. season 5 is going to rock! i i'm looking forward to it when it come's to the U.S. and i'm warndering what channel it's going to air? that all. byemoreless
  • Purrr. Digimon makes its comeback.

    So color me surprised when Digimon pulled a ReBoot and Family Guy when it returned after years of cancellation. The animation is completely different from the first 4 seasons and personally I think its a bad move as a kid I always thought they looked weird and wanted it to be like a normal cartoon but now I've grown to appericate that Digimon's different animation was an aspect that made the show orignal.

    It's hard to believe just how cute Agumon is! I never liked the original much but this one I just adore. His digivolving sequence is cool but if you ask me it's a little short. And at the very beginning when Masaru uses the digisoul it's like a combination from both Tamers and Frontier.

    I don't know how I feel about everyone in DATS having a Digimon Partner it doesn't really make the three kids very special. But nither the less I would like to see all those Digimon digivolve. And I'm sorry I don't know what you people where thinking but that turtle Digimon looks nothing like Squrtle the only thing they have in common is the fact that they are both turtles.

    We got some history on our hero! It seems his father ran away on him 10 years ago and he lives with his mom and siter. He's in junior high and 14. And he likes to fight. We get all this information for DATS how? Later in the episode a mysterious old man tells him how to use to digisoul to make Agumon digivolve... Hmmm could this old man be daddy?

    The opening credits are cool but the end credits are so boring!

    All in all I feel this season opener has earned a 7.1. It's not GREAT but not BAD either. I'm excited to see where the season is going. Hopefully it'll be decent.moreless
  • Although this isn't like the typical beginning of a Digimon Series, it was good nonetheless.

    When I heard the there was gonna be another digimon season, I was extremely thrilled. A friend pointed me in the direction of the subtitled Japanese pilot. I thought it was a really good episode/pilot. The storyline is much different than the previous seasons. The kids aren't really digidestined, but work for an organization called DATS. They help stop digimon that excape form the digital world. One thing that I was really pissed about was that the man Character, Masaru, doen't have any googles. I mean it is basically a Digimon tradition!!! Overall it is good, but I wish the same people that made seasons 1-4 would have made this season.moreless
  • Digimon's back!

    Well, it's been three years since a new season of Digimon aired. Now its back and even though it has yet to reach the North American shore, thanks to the power of the internet i was able to see it. In raw Japanese with subtitles of course. The first thing one will notice that is different from the previous seasons is the animation style. Gone is the unique digimon anime style the viewers are accustomed to; it looks like a typical anime show now. The show's main characters are older than the previous seasons'. The plot has a Digimon Tamers feel but its not a total remake and i regret to say that some aspects have a POKEMON feel. For instance the female main character summoned her digimon from a box-like device. All in all, it was fresh and new with many comical moments that i'm sure will be a highlight of this season. 9.3moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Agumon: O Boss! I'm hungry!
      Marcus: What else is new?

      This is a reference to the Adventure 01 Agumon. Who, in early episodes, would need food to evolve.

    • Marcus knows the exact words to say to make Agumon digivolve without having prior knowledge of how to do so.

    • Agumon, Lalamon, and Gaomon, the Digimon that the three main characters of this anime are partners with, were also featured on the front cover of the Digimon World DS game in 2006. Which was released stateside months before the anime was.

    • Even though the term "Digivolution" is used in the English dub, the Digivice still reads "Evolution", though the text is smaller than it used to be.

    • In the Japanese version, Kamemon never spoke yet, and doesn't until episode 30.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Marcus: Agumon!
      Agumon: Boss, I'm fine, but could you lend a hand?
      Marcus: How about I lend a couple of fists?!

    • Marcus: Keep it up, and I'll knock you out just like I did these guys!
      Agumon: What did you do, just talk them all to sleep?

    • Agumon: Aniki, I can't hold out much longer! Give me something to eat!
      Marcus: Yeah, got it. How about going for a hamburger?
      Agumon: Ah, is that nice?
      Masaru: (thinking) So...who was that old guy?
      Agumon: Uh, Aniki...
      Marcus: Yeah, it's great!
      Agumon: Yay!

      ~Japanese Version

    • Marcus: It's fightin' time!

    • Yoshino: Marcus is the worst! I should arrest you right now!
      Marcus: Run, Agumon!

    • Marcus: What's the big idea trying to eat me?
      Agumon: I'm sorry boss, but I've got to admit that you do look very yummy sometimes.

    • Marcus: Amazing! Just like my follower! (turns around expecting to see GeoGreymon) Huh? (looks down and sees Agumon)
      Agumon: Aniki! I'm hungry!
      Marcus: What's with you? Always hungry...

      ~Japanese Version

    • Yoshino: Another Digimon may have attacked the place, but you still injured 13 people! That can't be ignored!
      Marcus: Sorry, but that was me. They were punks from the next town. They wanted to know what I didn't like about them, so I showed them.
      Agumon: If anyone threatens you, Anike, you'll set them straight!
      Marcus: That's right!
      Yoshino: This is the worst...I'm going to arrest you right now!
      Marcus: Ah! Run, Agumon!
      Agumon: Wait up, Aniki!

      ~Japanese Version

    • Marcus: What the hell are you?! You're getting in the way of my fight! I don't know who the hell you are, but nobody is allowed on my turf! I'm Japan's best street fighter, Daimon Masaru-sama!
      Yoshino: Is he...trying to fight a Digimon?
      Agumon: Shut up! You're nothing but talk! You're full of yourself, just like all humans!
      Yoshino: It's actually talking?
      Raramon: And it'll win this fight.

      ~Japanese Version

    • Marcus: What the hell, were you trying to eat me?!
      Agumon: I'm sorry, but everything looked so tasty.

      ~Japanese Version

    • Agumon: You caught me off guard, but you won't get me again. I can see right through your punch!
      (Agumon charges at Masaru)
      Yoshino: Look out!
      (Marcus slams his knee into Agumon's chin)
      Marcus: See right through it, eh?
      (Agumon kicks Masaru in the groin)
      Agumon: Heh, how's that?
      Marcus: That hurt, you bastard!

      ~Japanese Version

    • Marcus: Quit it with that ugly mug!
      Agumon: Hey, I was born this way!

      ~Japanese Version

  • NOTES (23)

    • Marcus is the first Digi-Destined leader whose first name does not begin with a T since Davis from season 2. Ironically, both their names end with the letter S.

    • US Version Edit: The scene where Marcus is nearly kicked "under the belt" by Agumon is replaced with a comical flash.

    • Denmark Airdate: 4 February, 2008 on Cartoon Network

    • The japanese opening "Gou-ing! Going! My Soul!!" by "Dynamite SHU" is the first and only Japanese Digimon opening that isn't sang by Kouji Wada

    • Evolution Japanese Insert: "Believer" by IKOU.

    • Japanese Opening: "Gou-ing! Going! My Soul!!" by "Dynamite SHU"

    • First season to have an episode preview at the end of the episode in the dubbed version.

    • The title is done differently. Instead of it just appearing on the screen, it is shown before the episode and is read out. Another change is that the kids seem to be MUCH older (more like teenagers).

    • Yoshi keeps her catchphrase "this is the worst" from the Japanese version.

    • Japanese Title: I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Attacks!

    • This season has been dubbed "Digimon: Data Squad" in the US.

    • This is the second season where it begins with three Digi-Destined. The first season was Season Three.

    • Japanese Airdate: April 2, 2006

    • This is the first Digimon series where the leader does not wear Googles.

    • This season is the first to not have Kouji Wada to sing the opening theme, nor does Ai Maeda (AiM) for the ending, as they were once the main contributors for the last seasons.

    • Yoshino's catchphrase is "saiyaku nandesu kedo" (spelling unconfirmed) or in English, "This is the worst". Though the official website states her favorite catchphrase is "a palanquin set with jewels", despite that she only says it once in the entire series.

    • Digimon analyzation is presented differently this time. Instead of being interrupted by a small clip featuring a disembodied voice narrating a Digimon's profile, the analyzation is done by two female DATS representatives in an ordinary scene.

    • Other known changes in the series:

      -The human character designs have changed from the last 4 seasons. Especially the eyes, which used to be drawn in a "tall-oval-like" shape. The eyes are now drawn in the same shape seen in most anime. Face design, in general, seem similar to Gash Bell/Zatch Bell.

      -The size of Agumon's nostrils are bigger. His voice has changed (like from puberty) but still just as grainy. And he now wears "belts" on his claws.

      -GeoGreymon is a lot taller, looks more robust, has more stripes, scars, horns and his "helmet" has extra spikes than original Greymon.

    • This is the first new episode of Digimon for 3 years. It has replaced Gash Bell's (Zatch Bell in US) time slot on TV Tyoko.

    • Agumon's size in this series is bigger than the first season, but not as large as the Agumon first seen in Digimon: The Movie (first segment).

    • Digimon can be kept in and summoned from the Digivices.

    • This Agumon has a completely different Digivolution line. As in this episode, he Digivolves into GeoGreymon.

    • Introductions and Debuts: Marcus Damon, Agumon (new design), Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda, Lalamon, GeoGreymon, Hiroshi Yushima, PawnChessmon White, PawnChessmon Black, Kudamon (redesigned), Kamemon, The DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) Organization.


    • Reading Masaru's last name, Daimon, diffrently gets "Dai-mon-dai" meaning "Big problem" which relates with Masaru's love for fighting.

    • Daimon Masaru:

      The original name of Marcus (Daimon Masaru) was based on Nagai Masaru, ‰iˆä'å from TimeRanger. the Super Sentai Counterpart of Power rangers Time force

    • The burger place has the McDonald's emblem (Golden Arches) but are upside down.

    • The fight between Kokatorimon and GeoGreymon is very similiar to the fight between Parrotmon and Greymon in "Digimon: The Movie" (segment 1).