Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 6

Togemon in Toy Town

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 1999 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

After escaping in the sewers, the DigiDestined meet the strange Numemon who fall in love with Mimi. Can the DigiDestined get away from them? And if they do, what could be worse outside?

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  • The kids, except Mimi, and stuck in Toytown where the town are playing with them instead of the other way around.

    Sora kinda seems like a wimp when she cries about the water aka her home.

    Matt talks about his mom cooking steaks on Sunday, but he doesn't live his mom. He said in an earlier episode that he and TK don't see eachother very often, yet TK lives with his mom.

    Running, running, running It's all they ever do.

    Mimi seems even more slow than usalal, why can't she realize something is wrong sooner? But, then she just excepts the kids actions are them beig weird. She really is a little bit stupid.

    After Mimi fnally finds out what's going on, she is less than thrilled to actually save everybody. Well, at least she stands up a little when she yells at the Mazimon. You can also tell she cares a lot for Palmon. So, even if it's late and with some hesitation Mimi actually saves the day.

    The end of the episode which corny, is actually sweet. And one thing you can say about Mimi is that she doesn't waiver in her desisions.moreless
  • What now? Some ugly-looking Numemon in the sewers and then a big teddy bear called Monzaemon?

    This episode I enjoyed still but just not as much as the previous episodes. The one main thing I don't get in this episode is the Numemon, these ugly-looking Digimon they are usually found down in the sewers. Well, somehow they ended up going down to these sewers and as well as being a disgusting place to be there's lots more to come.

    These Digimon eventually come onto the kids (Numemon). There seem to be so many down here. They seem to be chasing them as well as throwing this pink stuff? It is explained that the Numemon don't like sunlight. So, when the kids do make it to the top, the Numemon go back down.

    That's not the end of these Numemon. Later, some other weird objects appear - vending machines. Now, obviously by now we know something is not right. Mimi, as usual can't wait to go see these vending machines. This triggers off more Numemon to come. They can come out now since the clouds seemed to have gone over the sun. Later on, rather than become enemies they help out the kids. What I don't get is why the sun comes back out later. Wouldn't they not be able to stay out?

    Anyway, without their help they probably wouldn't of been able to defeat Monzaemon. Monzaemon is this big teddy bear who has been made evil by another gear. Eventually, the gear comes out and we have another Digimon back to his normal behaviour.

    Overall, a bit weird but funny still. The main thing that was the problem was the Numemon - they still stay out once there is sunlight?moreless
  • Interesting

    This episode was messed up. The Numemon falling in love with Mimi, okay. Maybe they should have fallen in love with Sora. I guess it all turned out for the best. If you look towards the end of the first season you could see that the Numemon helped her Tai and whoever else was there out by distracting Machinedramon. But it is odd though that she could not sing then but later she could sing. The episode had a little bit of stupid *** **** going I guess it is how they wanted to go. Well this was just a filler episode anyways.moreless
  • Oh, boy, it took a whole episode just to introduce Togemon?

    It starts out with everyone in the sewers thinking about what it would be like to be back home, which they will do at least 40 times this season. Anyhow, some Numemon start chasing them, and are throwing their own crap at them. Gross, and they all run to the sun where the Numemon can't get to them. Then, they come out of the vending machines, and Monzaemon starts trapping everybody. It's up to Mimi and Palmon to go to Toy Town and defeat Monzaemon.moreless
  • Numemon is the funniest Digimon of all time.

    I remember this one episode that I saw in an old Digimon tape I had a long time ago and I remember the funniest Digimon of all time is the Numemon. These Digimon are very weak but they toss poop and they really make me laugh and then later in the vending machines part one of them want to date Mimi but she refuses and made that Numemon mad and a whole bunch of them came out of nowhere and then a teddy bear Digimon named Monzaemon attack out of nowhere and the Numemon tried there best to atack Monzaemon but it isn't enough then Palmon first digivolved into Togemon and got rid of the black gear in Monzaemon. This has been another classic episode of Digimon I like n the first season.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Numemon hate the sunlight, yet they come out of vending machines during daylight and have no problems chasing the DigiDestined.

    • Although Palmon is female, her champion level, Togemon, is in fact male, beyond Champion level, she reverts to female form

    • When the kids were reminiscing about things they missed in the real world, Matt says he's been dreaming about Sundays when his mom grilled steaks. But Matt's parents were divorced and he lived with his dad (This is only a dub goof in the original he just saids that he wants Grizzled Barbecue).

    • When they are in the sewers Gomamon is black for a minute.

    • When Togemon attacks, she says Digimon Needle Spray instead of just Needle Spray

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Palmon: Time to take it to the next level. I may be a lady, but I am no pushover!

    • Mimi: Palmon, you're fantastic!
      Palmon: My... stem is bruised!

    • Numemon: I'll save you, Honey! (he throws a piece of pink poop at Monzaemon's forehead)

    • Numemon: (to Mimi and Palmon) Since I saved you ladies, now will you go out with me? Huh?
      Mimi: No.

    • Numemon: Come here Cookie, I'll protect you!
      Mimi: No thanks!
      Palmon: On second thought. (Mimi and Palmon hid in a crack with Numemon from Monzaemon)

    • Numemon: (about Mimi) Wow! She's so feisty, what a girl!

    • (after Mimi put a coin in the vending machine;suddenly the vending machine collapses and a Numemon was inside it)
      Numemon: Hey, cutie pie! Huh-huh!
      Palmon: It's their leader!
      Mimi: Their leader? He couldn't lead a pack of show poodles, even with his doggie breath!
      Numemon: Hey, let me take you out on a date!
      Palmon: I thinks he likes you. It's gotta be the hat.
      Mimi: What? What are you thinking?

    • Mimi: (about Numemon) I wouldn't go near that short slimey sewer sliding sludge flinger! Palmon: Mimi, you'll make him mad!
      Mimi: Who cares? Besides we're safe in the sunlight.
      (clouds blocked the sunlight)
      Mimi & Palmon: Uh-oh.
      Mimi: Um, we were.

    • Numemon: (to Mimi) How dare you call me short, the date's off! (throws pink poop)

    • Mimi: Hey c'mon I had singing lessons for three years!
      TK: Oh. You did? Did it help?
      Izzy: Mimi, you should get a refund. That's what I think.

    • Everyone (singing): Digimon eat and Digimon fight, Digimon digivolve and fight all night!

    • Izzy: [being chased by an army of toy soldiers] What a delightful activity. This activity is very delightful.

    • Mimi: Yay! Soda! You want one?
      Palmon: NO, I DON'T!
      Mimi: You don't have to bite my head off!

    • Mimi: [singing off key] Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam...
      Joe: [singing] Avoiding your drone.

  • NOTES (8)

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Digital Monsters Volume 1.

    • In the original version, Numemon are known as the most hated Digimon.

    • In the original version, Izzy doesn't miss accessing satellites. He just misses emailing his friends back and forth.

    • Here's the song the kids and the Digimon were singing in the sewer in the Original Version:

      "I remember my hometown in distant lands
      Sweet is not, Sour it is sucess is not meant for me, me, me"

      Agumon later tells the children that it's their turn to begin with the letter "E" in "Me me me me" The children have no clue on what to rhyme with "e" Until Mimi all of the sudden starts singing: "Errenous Person" Joe asks her what is that, and Mimi tells him that it's Enka (A Japanese music style divided in two periods. Mimi sings the style of the Showa Period which is a more Melodramatic and traditional). According to Mimi her Dad used to sing it on the Karaoke all the time.

      All these details of course were omitted in the dub since it involves Japanese Culture.

    • A shot of a doll floating around the sewer was cut (This was a minor a edit only seven seconds).

    • Japanese Title: Palmon's Evolution of Rage!

    • Togemon's Japanese Attack Name is "Chiku Chiku (Prickly) Bang Bang".

    • Debut: Togemon, Monzaemon, Numemon


    • Togemon's name comes from the Japanese word toge, meaning "needle". Monzaemon's name comes from Chikamatsu Monzaemon, a famous Japaneese puppet-theaterist. Numemon's name comes from the Japaneese word numenume, meaning slippery.