Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 31

Ultimate Anti-Hero

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2001 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • In season 1, we learn that WarGreymon is a "-Dramon Destroyer," which shows his domination against such Digimon as MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon. In Season 2, BlackWarGreymon more than likely has those same abilities. So why do the Digidestined use Paildramon, and later Imperialdramon against BlackWarGreymon?

  • Quotes

    • Mummymon: If you have to use a hundred hairs, you could get a job at the circus as the bald lady (chuckles)!
      Arukenimon: And you can join the circus on the flying trapeze (throws Mummymon off the cliff)!
      Mummymon: Every time she treats me like that, I feel closer and closer to her. Could this be love I'm feeling? Oh!

    • Cody: I say forget about Ken. We never needed him before, and we don't need him now. We can do this on our own!
      Davis: You're wrong!
      Yolei: Both of you, knock it off! You're acting like a couple of twelve-years-olds. Ugh, you know what I mean!

    • ExVeemon (about BlackWarGreymon): What should we do, Ankylomon?
      Ankylomon: I'd say protecting the kids is high on the list!
      Aquilamon: I agree wholeheartedly!

    • Arukenimon: This is fun. Nothing quite relaxes me like scaring kids!

    • Arukenimon: (thinking to herself) Those Digi-rats make me so tense! I've got to try to relax. Maybe I should think happy thoughts. Let's see... evil spells! Crushing my enemies! More control spires! Less Digi-Destined! Oh, I can't keep those kids out of my head! How hard can it be to get rid of them? Where did I go wrong?

    • Paildramon: Woah. Talk about meeting head to head. We're going to need an aspirin the size of a Control Spire after this fight.

    • Yolei: I'm sorry I slapped you, but I needed you to wake up.(Ken groans)

  • Notes

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Zero Two Volume 1.

    • Japanese Title: Ultimate Evil! BlackWarGreymon

    • BlackWarGreymon's attacks are the same as WarGreymon's but only the names are different. Instead of Terra Force and Great Tornado, BlackWarGreymon's attacks are Terra Destroyer and Black Tornado.

    • This is the third Dark Agumon stage to debut on the show(the first being SkullGreymon and the second being BlackMetalGreymon).

    • While Arukenimon created Champion-level Digimon from one control spire, and created Ultimate-level Digimon from ten control spires, BlackWarGreymon was created from 100 control spires, making him the only Mega-level Digimon to ever be created in this fashion!

    • BlackWarGreymon makes his debut. In the toy-line, BlackWarGreymon's Warp-Digivolving figure can Warp-Digivolve from BlackAgumon, a Digimon who can also turn into BlackGreymon and the BlackMetalGreymon from "The Captive Digimon (2)" and "The Storm of Friendship (3)."

    • Like the Blue Colored MetalGreymon that was seen Earlier in the Season Black WarGreymon is also a Virus Type

  • Allusions

    • Mummymon: Ninetey-nine control spires on the road, ninety-nine control spires...

      This is a parody of the song "Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer".