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Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 43

Under Pressure

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Whamon saves the DigiDestined, but MetalSeaDramon is still attacking them. Can they finally defeat one of the Dark Masters?

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    Laura Summer

    Laura Summer

    Patamon, Tokomon

    Lara Jill Miller

    Lara Jill Miller

    Kari Kamiya

    Anna Garduno

    Anna Garduno

    Palmon, Tanemon

    Michael Lindsay

    Michael Lindsay

    Joe Kido, Greymon

    Colleen O'Shaughnessey

    Colleen O'Shaughnessey

    Sora Takenouchi

    Edie Mirman

    Edie Mirman

    Gatomon, Angewomon, Salamon

    Jeff Nimoy

    Jeff Nimoy

    Divermon (Gold Leader)

    Recurring Role

    Tom Fahn

    Tom Fahn

    Divermon (Blue Leader)

    Recurring Role

    Doug Erholtz

    Doug Erholtz


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • When MetalSeadramon is attacking with his River of Power attack, WarGreymon goes in to intercept him, calling out "Terra Force!". However, he doesn't attack with Terra Force; rather, it looks like he was going to use his Mega Claw attack.

      • When the Divermon are using codenames, such as Red Leader and Gold Leader, to report on the areas of the ocean they are searching, the lead Divermon berates them for using codenames because there are only three of them and it is unnecessary. However, when the Divermon initially report to MetalSeadramon and when they are chasing after Whamon, there are four of them.

      • When Mimi says "What's that sound?" when the Digi-Destined begin to hear the Divermon's sonar her lips aren't moving.

      • In the original Japanese version of the episode, Gatomon (Tailmon) was silent before cutting the upcoming jumping fish, as if like a ninja waiting for the right moment to attack, while Matt (Yamato) was using his harmonica. In the English dub, she was singing the blues to the beat of Matt's harmonica before cutting the fish.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Metalseadramon: I rule this ocean with an iron hand, an iron tail, and an iron everything for that matter.

      • Tai: Whamon, thanks for everything, but you can leave the rest to us!
        Whamon: What, no tip?
        Matt: Hurry and get out of here! You're an easy target. You're just too big!
        Whamon: Are you calling me fat? I'm just big-boned!

      • Sora (about the Dark Masters): I wonder how they took over the Digital World in the first place. Do you remember, Whamon?
        Whamon: Of course I remember Whamon! Big fella, snappy dresser. Oh! You mean the Dark Masters. Well, I don't know all the details. But soon after the Digital World began to warp, MetalSeadramon began to take over the ocean.
        Tai: (punches his fist to the top of Whamon, thinking he's actual ground) DARN!!
        Whamon: Ow!
        Tai: Oh! Uh, sorry, Whamon!

      • Tai: Thanks for saving us, Whamon.
        Whamon: Aw, don't mention it. No, seriously, don't mention it. I don't want it to get around!

      • Divermon 1: Red leader to Blue leader. Areas thirteen though eighteen are clear.
        Divermon 2: Gold leader to Blue leader. Areas twenty-three and twenty-four are clear, too.
        Divermon 3: Listen, Phil, Sid. How many times do I have to tell you guys, there are just three of us, you can call me Jim.

      • Gomamon: Whamon is built to handle pressure, unlike some of us!
        Joe: Well, forgive me for not being a whale!

      • Metalseadramon(About the Digidestined): They're easier to figure out then a two-piece jigsaw puzzle!

      • (Whamon is about to carry the digidestined to safety in his mouth)
        Tai: I never thought I'd want to be fish food, but we'll be safe in here!
        Izzy: Technically, it's a mammal!

      • Metalseadramon: This is my moment to shine! Does my hair look alright?

      • Gomamon: Hey, fishes. Learn anything new in school?
        Fish: We learned Divermon are at the area.

      • Gatomon: (singing in a blues style) "Cats land on their feet, but we still need to eat. It's Gatomon's wish for some fresh flying fish, cuz I'm a kitty...a digi-kitty."

      • Tai: Agumon, your gonna eat those Dramon alive! (sees Agumon swallowing a fish whole) That's not what I had in mind.

      • Kari, Mimi, and Sora (seeing the small circle lights): Wow! Pretty!

    • NOTES (5)

      • The first part of this episode where Whamon arrived to save the Digidestined was the ending for episode 41 in the Japanese version.

      • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Digital Monsters Volume 4.

      • US Dub Edit: A 2 minute cut in this episode, the scenes where suddenly Whamon interferes and hits MetalSeadramon. Later, MetalSeadramon kills Whamon and MetalGreymon proceeds to kill, etc. This scenes were cut and moved into the first 3 minutes of episode #43. Dub viewers were left with a huge cliffhanger.

      • We learn that WarGreymon has claws that easily destroy Digimon with Dramon at the end of their name, called the "Dramon Destroyer".

      • The Divermon make their debut.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Area 51:
        When the Divermon reports where he found Whamon and the Digidestined, he says he found them in Area 51.

        This may be an allusion to the Area 51 that is rumored to be a top secret government facility that houses the strange and paranormal.

      • The title of the episode, "Under Pressure", is the title of an early 1980's song by Queen and David Bowie.