Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 47

When Knights Fall... (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2003 on TV Asahi

Episode Recap

The Group Is On One Of The 3 Digital Moons And Kouichi Is Still Shocked About What Crusadermon Told Him. They Notice Some Bubbles In The Sky Coming From Far Away And Go There. There Are A Bunch Of Digi-Eggs And Hatched-Baby Digimon There Which They Remember From The Village Of Beginnings And They Play With Them. Patamon Finds 2 Digi-Eggs And They Hatch Into Lopmon And Salamon, Cherubimon And Ophanimon's Baby Forms, Who Play With Patamon. Meanwhile, The Royal Knights Still Question Lucemon If They Still Had An Agreement To Take Them To Earth, And Lucemon Sends Them To The Moon. Before The Royal Knights Arrive Scaring The Baby Digimon Away, Takuya Remembers The Challenges He And The Rest Had In Their Adventures, Even On The Dark Continent. Takuya And Koji Unified Spirit-Evolve Into EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon. Crusadermon's Doubt About Lucemon's Agreement Is Weakening Her. EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon Fight Them Until They Defeated The Royal Knights. When EmperorGreymon Goes To Purify Them, Lucemon Shows Up And Absorbs Their Digi-Code. Lucemon Digivolves Into Lucemon Chaos Mode And Gives The Kids Another Chance To Become His Servents In His New Version Of The Digital World. EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon Try To Attack Him, But They Failed. EmperorGreymon Is Easly Defeated And Lucemon Tries To Absorb Takuya's Digi-Code. MagnaGarurumon Tries To Destroy Lucemon Chaos Mode, But Is Defeated Too. Lucemon's Slam On EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon Causes The Moon To Break.