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Dilbert is a cubicle dwelling employee for a large soulless corporation. Each episode the show goes on many adventures that will leave you waiting for more. One simple phrase to describe Dilbert would be laugh out loud. The comical adventures that each story have are very well written by expert writers and voiced by an astonishing cast. The series is mainly about the main character Dilbertand his daily life at work. Although it is not always your typical days events that happens at the office. One of the many features this office has are little people living in the basement who apparently steal the company's markers and uses them to get high. Story lines expand from the world coming to an end for Y2K to the Dogbert trying to enslave the world! Dilbert truly is a show that you only see once in every 30 channels! Characters: Dilbert: Dilbert is your average "tech buff." He has a dog named Dogbert who frequently out-wits him. When push comes to shove you will most likely see Dilbert on the ground. He is an engineer, but often questions if he was meant to have that career. Often he tries to get his own office away from the fellow employees, but every scheme fails for one reason or another. Dilbert is the average struggling guy trying to get by at work one day at a time. Dogbert: Dogbert is not your average dog. In fact he is nothing like a dog at all. On the outside he may look like "man's best friend", but on the inside he wants to rule man. In many episodes Dogbert tries to control the world, but in each episode his scheme fails for one reason or another. Although Dogbert may seem cute and fuzzy he is far from it. The relationship is basically the opposite between Dilbert and Dogbert. Though these two often disagree on many matters they always have each other's back….or at least most of the time. Pointy-Haired Boss: He's every employee's worst nightmare. He has the laziness of Homer Simpson and the wacky comments of Peter Griffin. When those two are mixed watch out! Although he is often away from work he is the boss and as the boss he has the most power at the office. Now stupidity and leadership don't always work well together so just when you thought you figured him out he will surprise you with some wacky antic! Alice: She is one of Dilbert's co-workers. Being the only female employee in the department, she puts up with a lot. Occasionally the guys at work may step out of their place, but she will always take care of that with some violence. Her cubical is located to the left of Dilbert's, but that doesn't stop her from making frequent visits. Certainly Alice is a force not to reckon with. Wally: He is every employee's worst nightmare! He is very lazy and only goes to work just to be there thus receiving his pay check. He tries to use schemes to receive quick cash, but usually they don't work. He later learned in the series that trying to save up sick days for early retirement doesn't always work. The lesson learned in that was that over a period of time those days expire. Over all Wally is pretty much a small guy with a big mouth that frequently gets him in trouble. Broadcast history: Mon: 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM Tue: 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM Like many great shows Dilbert was short lived, but its memory lives on in eternity. Now, many are able to watch Dilbert on DVD and relive every wacky memory that the show has to offer. Not only has Dilbert become one of the most famous comic strips like Garfield, Peanuts, Blondie, etc. etc. but has become somewhat of a "hope symbol" to the daily working person. So pop the DVD in and let your bones ache from laughter! Dilbert is based off of the hit comic strip series of the same name created by Scott Adams.moreless
Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt

Voice of Wally

Jackie Hoffman

Jackie Hoffman

Voice of Dilmom

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Carol/Various Guests

Jim Wise

Jim Wise

Loud Howard

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott

Voice of Dogbert

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  • One of the most underrated TV shows of all time

    This show was excellent. Dogbert and Pointy-Haired Boss are the best characters. The reason this show diddn't last long because it was on the wrong network. If Scott Adams chose FOX or Comedy Central for the show, it would probably still be on the air now. At least we have the complete series dvd.
  • Dilbert's transition to TV is far from perfect. Overall it is a decent effort, just not spectacular. If you want something truly special, read the comics.

    The pithy comments about office life that makes Dilbert work so well as a comic strip doesn't work as well in a TV show. While there are times when you laugh hysterically at a particular quip, a laugh here and there doesn't sustain you through a whole episode. Many episodes felt as if they had little momentum on their own, which left you waiting between jokes.

    The characters start out very one dimensional and remain the same throughout the series. As such we are left with stereotypes and clichés that gets a little boring. The producers could have used the TV genera to explore these characters and add some depth, especially Dilbert himself.

    The episode quality appears to get better towards the end due to better story telling because episodes have a better overall theme to them. Albeit the show defiantly too a turn towards the outrageous,but animation thrives on this sort of absurdity.

    Overall Dilbert is an enjoyable show with moments of brilliance, unfortunately there is a lot of filler that one must wade through to get to the good bits.moreless
  • Great animated show of the new millenium! It's about the title character who works in an corporate office. I love it!

    I was a fan of the show, since it began. I was eighteen years old and a senior in high school, when the show started. I was nineteen and out of high school, when the show ended. I remember watching it, when it premired on the now defunct network, UPN duing the show's mid-season replacement. One of my favorite characters is Dilbert and his dog, Dogbert. Dogbert is very, very smart. He helps Dilbert through out his situation at home and at work. Dilbert is an engineer at a coporate office. His pointy-haired boss could be evil sometimes. He received his Masters in electrical engineering from MIT. He understands it very well. He has good ideas, but has a poor social life. Dilbert loves computers and technology.moreless
  • The best comic book show EVER.

    This show will not disappoint you at all. It is hilarious, amusing, funny and loyal to the book. In fact, I would say it's better than the comic. It reveals the personality of Dilbert and all the characters in a profound way. The graphics are amazing for 1999. The voice acting is SPOT ON and reflect the character's personality, unlike the comic. I assure you that Dilbert is much better than Family Guy by far. Too bad Dilbert got cancelled in less than 2 years: It's a shame here now. Restart the production and I will be happy. Restart production already!moreless
  • dilbert was a funny uder rated show

    dilbert is about a man that works in a souless corpertation and he works in a cublicle with his friends its a very funny show that i thought was cancaled way to early like there was this part with a bear that started to mall everyon in the office till they shot him wiht loads of trainkerlizer dotts which was funny. but anyway it was a great show and had alot of funny moments with a dog a red dog was also in the show and they had a car were they both pressed the ignition keys in and it fired a huge missle that destroyed all the cars and they got through traffic. i think that is classic and it kept making me laughmoreless
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    "Family Guy" came back, and "Futurama" is coming back.  For a long time, "Dilbert" was still shown on Comedy Central (I believe) ...
  • Why was Kathy Griffin uncredited?
    Every episode lists Jackie Hoffman in the credits, who does not appear in every episode as Dilmom. Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin is in...
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  • Art.
    I was wondering if any one here would be able to tell mejust who the person Dilbert and Dogbert watchat the start ofthe episode 'A...
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    the animaton art that was used to make the dilbert tv show is now on ebay i've bought 3 lot of animation art and it's really inter...

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