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  • One of the most underrated TV shows of all time

    This show was excellent. Dogbert and Pointy-Haired Boss are the best characters. The reason this show diddn't last long because it was on the wrong network. If Scott Adams chose FOX or Comedy Central for the show, it would probably still be on the air now. At least we have the complete series dvd.
  • Dilbert's transition to TV is far from perfect. Overall it is a decent effort, just not spectacular. If you want something truly special, read the comics.

    The pithy comments about office life that makes Dilbert work so well as a comic strip doesn't work as well in a TV show. While there are times when you laugh hysterically at a particular quip, a laugh here and there doesn't sustain you through a whole episode. Many episodes felt as if they had little momentum on their own, which left you waiting between jokes.

    The characters start out very one dimensional and remain the same throughout the series. As such we are left with stereotypes and clichés that gets a little boring. The producers could have used the TV genera to explore these characters and add some depth, especially Dilbert himself.

    The episode quality appears to get better towards the end due to better story telling because episodes have a better overall theme to them. Albeit the show defiantly too a turn towards the outrageous,but animation thrives on this sort of absurdity.

    Overall Dilbert is an enjoyable show with moments of brilliance, unfortunately there is a lot of filler that one must wade through to get to the good bits.
  • Great animated show of the new millenium! It's about the title character who works in an corporate office. I love it!

    I was a fan of the show, since it began. I was eighteen years old and a senior in high school, when the show started. I was nineteen and out of high school, when the show ended. I remember watching it, when it premired on the now defunct network, UPN duing the show's mid-season replacement. One of my favorite characters is Dilbert and his dog, Dogbert. Dogbert is very, very smart. He helps Dilbert through out his situation at home and at work. Dilbert is an engineer at a coporate office. His pointy-haired boss could be evil sometimes. He received his Masters in electrical engineering from MIT. He understands it very well. He has good ideas, but has a poor social life. Dilbert loves computers and technology.
  • The best comic book show EVER.

    This show will not disappoint you at all. It is hilarious, amusing, funny and loyal to the book. In fact, I would say it's better than the comic. It reveals the personality of Dilbert and all the characters in a profound way. The graphics are amazing for 1999. The voice acting is SPOT ON and reflect the character's personality, unlike the comic. I assure you that Dilbert is much better than Family Guy by far. Too bad Dilbert got cancelled in less than 2 years: It's a shame here now. Restart the production and I will be happy. Restart production already!
  • dilbert was a funny uder rated show

    dilbert is about a man that works in a souless corpertation and he works in a cublicle with his friends its a very funny show that i thought was cancaled way to early like there was this part with a bear that started to mall everyon in the office till they shot him wiht loads of trainkerlizer dotts which was funny. but anyway it was a great show and had alot of funny moments with a dog a red dog was also in the show and they had a car were they both pressed the ignition keys in and it fired a huge missle that destroyed all the cars and they got through traffic. i think that is classic and it kept making me laugh
  • Un popular, Under rated, But fantastic!!! Come backkkk. :(

    Dilbert was originally a comic strip written by Scott Adams who wrote strips in the paper but also wrote many Dilbert books from 1989-Present. The book (show) was about a man who works in an office Cubicle as an Engineer for a company that changes its name frequently. There's characters in the show like the boss, Alice, Wally, the guy who talks loudly and of course one of the smartest memorable cartoon characters ever, Dogbert! In 1999 the first season aired in America and it started to grow on people but it was on a network that wasn't very popular called UPN. The show unfortunately lasted only 2 seasons and finished at the end of 2000. It aired in other countries as well like Australia, England, Canada etc. And may i point out it has one of the coolest Intro's ever!!!

    The show was highly under rated like many good comedies or cartoons, but it wasn't the same as a normal cartoon because this one wasn't intended for Children even though there are some not intended for children like South park and Family guy... But this show was more of an intelligent humor in retrospect. I think it is wonderful apart from a few Dull story lined episodes but the humor is great and the voice acting is great and the animation isn't overly worked.

    In fact even though it was under minded it still won 1 Golden Globe award in 1999/2000... I only hope that maybe f they aired re-runs on tv more often A station would maybe ask Scott Adams to write Season 3? Un-likely but still
    Must watch show if you have free time on your hands.
  • Bring it back!!!!!!

    Dilbert is probably my favorite animated show ever! It's based off of what is probably the best comic strip ever. The show the hilarious story of a cubical worker who works in a souless corporation with crazy and wacky co-workers. It's has great character design, and though it is based off of a comic strip, it's got a plot that works for a tv show with the comic strip humor worked into it. The situations they get into range from dilbert ending charitable giving among all the world, to dogbert writing a book about a fake medical condition. The show's craziness hilarity really blends well with the excellent plots. The only problem is that it cusses quite a bit so it isn't appropriate for kids.
  • Dilbert is a great cartoon series, not at a level for kids, but great for lovers of Dilbert

    This series, based upon the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams. The way that each episode begins with a comedic sketch that sets up what will occur later on the episode. It is also great to watch the pointy-haired boss toy with the lives of the engineers under his watch. From the creation of the Gruntmaster 6000 and all the twists and turns that it goes through from Pointy-Haired Boss' idea to design, to the competition for the prototype of the Gruntmaster 6000, and to the trial through hell that the Gruntmaster 6000 goes through during testing. The episode with the testing on a "typical" family and that causing a black hole was probably my favorite episode. Something else I enjoyed was the trips to Elbonia. They were the most amusing episodes of the series. Overall, Dilbert, is a great cartoon series and very enjoyable.
  • I love Dilbert but somehow he fails to make the transformation from comic strip to cartoon without losing much of the humour.

    Just about every worker can symphonise with at least one of the characters in Dilbert. It seems like everyone has had a clueless 'pointy haired' boss or been frustrated by co-workers traits that are well played out in the comic strips but these characters fail to connect in this animated version. The larger than life characters that provide the puns and punch lines in the comic strip version are sadly just background for much of the time in the TV version and thus it lacks much of the edge that makes Dilbert great.

    It seems that the shows producers have been unsure who their audience is, where they thinking that they where making a childs cartoon and not realizing that it is adults who live in Dilbert's world. The end result is a show that doesn't seem to meet anybodies expectations.
  • Nothing else is like the brilliance that is Dilbert!

    I had only seen the cartoon a few times, before watching one episode of the series, after this, I went and brought the DVDs, the show is great, the animation, while being simple, is just great. The opening is great, the plots are hilarious and also the sureal meets smart humour take, is something that is exactly what i like. Dilbert had at least a season or 2 left in it, maybe even more. The comic strip is great, as well, but the series is just so brilliant. My favourite character is Dogbert, he's hilarious, and is a slightly more evil version of me, he's great, I also like Catbert, :lol:, I roll around on the floor cacking myself, everytime he comes on screen, he's a classic.

    All in all, I love this, if you see the DVD buy it, heck buy it for your friends even, that's how much I love the show.
  • Its the awesome animated versions of the classic newspaper daily comic strip.

    The show dilbert is brilliant. I dont know Why the weird UPN canceled this after only 30 episodes. I really hope that the Cw will bring back this show because beleive me this is a good show. Dont go thinking because its about working at an office that its gonna be boring and only for people who work at an office. No thats not quite it, It really still has its adult cartoons fetures to it. Like When ALice was looking for a boyfriend through a magazine that showed prizon inmates. Thats what I mean. So yeah this show is worth watching.
  • Dilbert is soooooooooooooooooooooo good!

    dilbert is an office comedy that is truly remarkable. i really like this show because it depicts what a real office life is like . . . maybe.

    The boss who has'nt a clue, you co-workers that betray you and act as your best friend at the same time, the intern who is completely useless and the dog who is so perfect at everything it makes you life sem completly worthless, wait! what was that last one?

    This is pretty much what the life of the man with nothing to lose or gain is about. stressfull job, uncaring mother, outshowing pet. Dilbert is this man and he must contend with these problems every day of his life
  • "Dilbert" is excellent. Great in a surprisingly large amount of ways. This show deserved another season.

    This show's animation is without-a-doubt my favourite of all time. It's simple, and totally attractive.
    The voice-acting is excellent in this show, a lot better than other show's.
    And I LOVE the theme music. so catchy. so awesome.

    The comic strip is pure genious. And I don't really see how this show is any worse. When this DVD becomes available for me to buy, I will sure buy it.

    I learnt a lot from this show. I learnt about engineering and what it's about, which is positively surprising for a cartoon.

    There is something that is very unique about this show (and the comic-strip for that matter..), and that is that I truly don't mind about it's slow-paced humour, and it's unique style.
    It's so entertaining watching it because I'm learning new things. Making the show, and the comic-strip one of the most brilliant things ever created.
  • A surreal satire on office life

    While I've never read the comic strip before, the cartoon is a terrific show, with hilarious characters and absurd plots that can either be satirical, insane or a mixture of both.

    In some cases the show can get way too absurd but for the most part all the characters and plots are terrific, and an accurate depiction about the boredom of office life with more light entertainment arising from aliens, downsized midgets and assassins.

    All in all, Dilbert is a great show and while it can't stand up to some of the terrific shows, it's certainly a lot funnier than the crap TV rolls out nowadays.
  • In many way better than the strip

    Dilbert, based on the comic strip by Scott Adams, is one of the best animated series to last one season before some network idiot (This time at the defunct WB) cancelled it.

    Dilbert remained true to the origanal comic strip, but I feel was even better. Why? It made a comic strip most people relate to even more relatable. I can't read the comic strip without hearing Daniel Stern and Chris Elliots voices ringing in my head. I guess what i'm saying is it (the strip) was brought to life.

    Why is it that Fox is the only network that gives animaited shows a chance to find an niche.
  • In many way better than the strip

    Dilbert, based on the comic strip by Scott Adams, is one of the best animated series to last one season before some network idiot (This time at the defunct WB) cancelled it.

    Dilbert remained true to the origanal comic strip, but I feel was even better. Why? It made a comic strip most people relate to even more relatable. I can't read the comic strip without hearing Daniel Stern and Chris Elliots voices ringing in my head. I guess what i'm saying is it (the strip) was brought to life.

    Why is it that Fox is the only network that gives animaited shows a chance to find an niche.
  • Really REALLY Good!!!

    Dilbert was a great cartoon that aired from 1999-2000. The episodes were well written. The voice cast was outstanding.
    The main title is very creative. overall very good show!!!
    I have the complete series on DVD and I like it alot!
    The complete seies DVD can be bought at online stores(amazon.com,ebay). Dilbert is about the average man and his daliy life at work,along with his co-workers Alice,Wally,Ashok and Loud Howard. The show has great writing,for example in episode 9 Dilbert and the co-workers
    try to solve the Y2K problem. In episode 18 Dilbert is put in charge of making art and it become popular up until the boss ruins its popuarity by accident(it was REALLY funny).
    Overall Dilbert was a great cartoon.
  • true to the comic strip

    The cartoon Dlbert did everything they could to be a successfull show. They had the right cast, the right writing, the right balance of comic strip influence, and the right idea about which way to go with the characters. It\'s a shame that it didn\'t work out because the first two seasons are very funny and enertaining. The characters while based on the comic strip seem to take on their personalities that are completely different. They also chose to give certain characters from the comic larger roles most notably Loud Howard. The voice acting is top notch and every character sounds the way i imagined them in my hea while reading the comic. Alhoguh would be happy if they brought the show back i think that it was the best time for them to go out. Good show overall.
  • Pretty damn good series shame that there are only two series of it.

    This is a great series it is a shame that there was only two series made. I have watched all of the episodes that where made and i think that they should bring this series back.
    Although there are a number of series that are similar to this and just as good.
  • Love this show ever since I was 4.

    I remmember this TV show from when I was 4. It was a great TV show. I wounder why this show is really made from newspappers. I know that Dilbert was not really a TV show. It was more like a commic book. But I love this series and hope that one day I will see it!!
  • Completely funny, true to life, and one one of the most honest shows ever on tv!

    "Dilbert" was ahead of its time in so many ways. The humor was beyond brilliant, but the combination of being ahead of its time and stuck on UPN is what killed the show.

    Some of the episodes speak universal truths, such as "The Virtual Employee," about the creation of an imaginary employee who provides salvation for his coworkers despite his nonexistance (a scathing commentary on modern religion), or "Art," about how the frenzy of trends can take over a culture without imposing any actual meaning.

    The show unfortunately died way too soon and deserved to be in a better position to begin with.
  • This show is about Dilbert and his friends Wally and Alice who all basically live in cubicles and their pointy haired boss.

    I believe that this show is awesome. I have seen but a few episodes and can already tell that one of them made me roll over laughing so hard that I could not breathe. I would have to say that this is definently one of the best cartoon shows made for adults beating American Dad but losing by a small margin to Simpsons. I loved it I wish that they had continued it and that they played new episodes every day. That way I would always be able to watch the show every day instead of watching every episode in reruns on the dvd.
  • Dilbert, a blue-collar everyman, struggles to cope with the souless company he works for. This is definetaly one of the best animated shows on TV, after the Simpsons,Family Guy, and Avatar.

    This is one of the best animated shows on television. It takes regular life and twists it around to shows how idiotic bosses can be and how souless and evil company's can be. I like to think of Dilbert as a cross between the Simpsons and the Drew Carrey Show. One of the funniest characters is Dogbert, who thinks he owns everything and pretty much does. Also, Catbert,who is like the devil. It's very smart how they made him the head of Human Resources, which would explain why the company is so evil. This show isn't very laugh-out loud funny, but the episodes are so well done their eye-candy. Excellent show!
  • Engineers in a big world trying to make the best of it. One engineer is devoted to make things better. Only to clash with his friends and boss.

    I have been always a fan of the dilbert strips. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my father is an engineer. I'm becomming one also. This show catches the feel of engineering in some way and the problems with marketing and management.

    The greatest aspects on this show is it's mediacritisism. We have Dogbert, Dilberts friend, the cynic capitalist who uses the media and the system for his own benefit. We see him posting false information on web to cause distortion in the society. We see him start a firm to help other firms to mege and take huge summs in the process. We see him looting the country of Elbonia with a pass of Diplomatic Immunity.

    And ofcourse management has no idea what the engineers do and keeps only setting harder goals without realising what they are doing. There is also the marketing who tries to invent products so they fit their image seeking.

    All voice actors are great and there are some superb guest voices like Jerry Seinfeld, Wayne Knight and Jason Alexander, who does an excelent performance as Catbert the Evil Director of Human Resources.

    The criticism on capitalism, work life, media, marketing and other things make this show so special. It's so funny but it still says so much. Like when the garbageman resurrects Benjamin Franklin and Dilbert asks about the democratic system. Franklin replies: "By now you have realized that democracy was just a big joke" Dilbert: "What?" Garbageman: "He doesn't know" Franklin: "Oh, nevermind".

    Find this one. I guarrantee the laughs.
  • Dilber is a cartoon that focuses on making fun of work life. You have your dumb boss thats always right no matter how wrong he is, you have dilber the worker that is smart and trained for his job but is under appreciate, and wally a do nothing worker.

    Dilber is a cartoon that focuses on making fun of work life. You have your dumb boss thats always right no matter how wrong he is, you have dilber the worker that is smart and trained for his job but is under appreciate, you have walley the guy that does nothing, and other workers. Its just such a fun critic of work life. I really wish it would have gotten pick up by another network after upn screwed up buy puthing it on a friday night. This is the type of show that should not be on a friday, half of the views are 18 and up, not just grown ups. I think if it was on a different day it would have done better, i can understand why it was market for adults but it wasn't just for adults.
  • A fantastic animated sitcom, about modern office life in America. Starring some superb voice actors (including Seinfeld's Jason Alexander), it truly deserves a third season, especially given the popularity of the Dilbert comic strip.

    Dilbert, the animated series, is a fantastic animated sitcom, about modern office life in America. The show's protagonist is a meek mild-mannered engineer named Dilbert, who lives alone with his borderline psychotic dog, Dogbert (who is completely amoral, and possessing genius level intelligence). His co-workers, and management, mistreat Dilbert terribly, while Dogbert intervenes only when it suits his agenda.

    As far as the animation goes, it's so-so. The real delight is in the storytelling, and the voice actors. It has some superb voice actors (including Seinfeld's Jason Alexander), and some great storylines that'll have you in stitches.

    Dilbert truly deserves a third season, especially given the popularity of the Dilbert comic strip.
  • This is the smartest written animated show since The Simpsons. It creates a world with some of the wittiest and most creative characters ever.

    The show is simply brilliant. Scott Adam (or is it Amend?) is given due credit for his equally smart comic strip. The best character by far is Dogbert. He supplies the much needed sarcasm to make the show a laugh riot. Only flaws come from some predictable jokes. Otherwise, simply brilliant, and must be returned to TV land.
  • Dilbert, an average engineer for a computer company, tries to survive in the regular business world whilst suriving the stupidity of his moronic pointy-haired boss, dregs of coworkers, and his ethically deprived 'pet' Dogbert.

    A brilliant show based on the exquisite comic strip by Scott Adams. Although there are only 30 episodes, it's still a great watch for the mostly unique humor you get from it. It's quite interesting to watch the morally sound Dilbert try to deal with his common problems (like dealing with a project deadline) and not-so-common problems (like being pregnant with an alien-cow-hillbilly baby). Many of the characters are stereotypically exagerrated, such as the marketing department being a bunch of idiots and the human resources department being a bunch of evil trolls. If you like office humor, or are looking for an original show unlike any other, Dilbert is worth a look.
  • I haven't seen much yet, but I'm impressed.

    I have only seen a few episodes of Dilbert, but from what I saw I was very impressed. You see Dilbert has trouble with his boss, and co-workers incompetince. This show 2 very sessential elemants to it, it is smart, and funny. Dogbert is quite a riot, he is my favorite charachter. I really hope they bring this show back, because I want to see more!
  • funny and funny at the same time, wait, what?

    this is a great show but why did they cancel it within one year! i would have given it a 10 but they cancelled it to soon. if dilbert were still alive it would be on fox probaly and would be tied with simpsons. I love dilbert and simpsons! yeah!
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