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  • Un popular, Under rated, But fantastic!!! Come backkkk. :(

    Dilbert was originally a comic strip written by Scott Adams who wrote strips in the paper but also wrote many Dilbert books from 1989-Present. The book (show) was about a man who works in an office Cubicle as an Engineer for a company that changes its name frequently. There's characters in the show like the boss, Alice, Wally, the guy who talks loudly and of course one of the smartest memorable cartoon characters ever, Dogbert! In 1999 the first season aired in America and it started to grow on people but it was on a network that wasn't very popular called UPN. The show unfortunately lasted only 2 seasons and finished at the end of 2000. It aired in other countries as well like Australia, England, Canada etc. And may i point out it has one of the coolest Intro's ever!!!

    The show was highly under rated like many good comedies or cartoons, but it wasn't the same as a normal cartoon because this one wasn't intended for Children even though there are some not intended for children like South park and Family guy... But this show was more of an intelligent humor in retrospect. I think it is wonderful apart from a few Dull story lined episodes but the humor is great and the voice acting is great and the animation isn't overly worked.

    In fact even though it was under minded it still won 1 Golden Globe award in 1999/2000... I only hope that maybe f they aired re-runs on tv more often A station would maybe ask Scott Adams to write Season 3? Un-likely but still
    Must watch show if you have free time on your hands.
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