Dilbert - Season 1

UPN (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • The Infomercial
    Episode 13
    The Pointy-Haired Boss appears in an infomercial for the Gruntmaster 6000, but the head injury he suffers during the taping makes him a singing psychic. Dilbert says it's too early for an infomercial, as they haven't done any testing of the new version with its Graviton generator. The Pointy-Haired Boss informs him that they've sent the only prototype for consumer testing to a typical family in Squiddler's Patch, Texas. When the Gruntmaster is activated a black hole is formed.moreless
  • Holiday
    Episode 12
    Dilbert goes up against Dick from procurement and the plethora of holidays that get in the way of any work being done. Dogbert's solution to the holiday problem is to lobby Congress to eliminate all national holidays in favor of "Dogbert Day", which they do.
  • Charity
    Episode 11
    Dilbert feels charitable but he is also critical of where the money actually goes. When he badmouths the charity carnival, the Pointy-Haired Boss puts him in charge of it. Dilbert is also critical of Alice's morality, which sends her into a tailspin that makes her homeless. Soon the office is overrun with organizations looking for donations, including urchins collecting for Dogbert's "Canine Apathy" charity. Dilbert makes some comments at a charity dinner that makes everyone there no longer feel like giving.moreless
  • Y2K
    Episode 10
    Dogbert and Ratbert try to decide where they are going to celebrate the new millennium. Dilbert is put in charge of the company's Y2K problem. Wally plans to scam the banks, trusting that their computer records will fail them. Wally may be the key to "Black Betty," the old mainframe that still runs the whole company. The Evil HR director, Catbert, begrudgingly offers the team assistance in the help of some hypnosis books to recover Wally's memories of when he helped install the mainframe. He also offers additional support in the form "Misfits and Losers" such as: The Useless Guy, Ted the Generic Guy and Zimbu the Monkey.moreless
  • The Knack
    Episode 9
    When Dilbert sips from the cup of management, he loses "the knack" that makes him a great engineer. In denial of his situation, he engineers a satellite project that goes wrong and takes out all communications and power, sending the world back into the dark ages.
  • Little People
    Episode 8
    Dilbert discovers that someone has been using his computer to access dwarf pornography on the Internet. He is summoned to appear before the evil HR director, Mr. Catbert and forced to sign a confession. Also the office's supply of dry erase markers is missing. Dilbert discovers the culprits are group of former employees who have been "downsized," literally and are addicted to the smell of dry erase markers.moreless
  • Tower of Babel
    Episode 7
    Dilbert gets over his illness, but the rest off the staff in the entire building gets ill, and the ones that don't die begin mutating. When upper management commissions the building of the new office space, Dilbert volunteers to oversee the operation, on the condition that he gets his own office with a door. A nicely designed office space turns ugly, when Dilbert must try to incorporate the demands of the mutated employees, whose only real concern is that they don't sit by the boss.moreless
  • Elbonian Trip
    Episode 6
    Dilbert and the project team travel to the country of Elbonia, where the Gruntmaster 6000 is to be manufactured. In the right-handed country, left-handed Dilbert is put to work in the abysmal conditions of the factory's production line, so he does the only thing he can, he tries to unionize the left-handed labor force. Meanwhile, Dogbert enjoys diplomatic immunity, a naked Wally enjoys the mud of Elbonia, Alice gets in touch with her maternal instincts and the Pointy-Haired Boss enjoys his vacation only he doesn't know it's Elbonia.moreless
  • Testing
    Episode 5
    The Gruntmaster 6000 prototype is ready for the frustrating stage of its development, testing. Legendary tester, Bob Bastard is assigned to the project and puts the prototype through a variety of unrealistic tests that the team must design their product to withstand. Meanwhile, Dogbert joins the space program and learns government secrets.moreless
  • The Takeover
    Episode 4
    Using Dogbert's Get Rich or Get Out of My Way: Investing Dogbert Style book, Wally and Dilbert become majority shareholders in the company, all in the space of one morning. By the afternoon, they are elevated to sit on the board of directors. In his new position Dilbert has great plans to make a great place to work.moreless
  • The Prototype
    Episode 3
    A rival engineering department is developing a prototype of their own for the Gruntmaster 6000. Headed by the legendary Lena, who is rumored to steal the ideas and heads of other engineers. She sets her sights on Dilbert.
  • The Competition
    Episode 2
    Security tightens up around the company and Dilbert's project deadline is pulled up when news of the Gruntmaster 6000 project is leaked to the industry via a phantom insider (Dogbert). Dilbert is fired for being the leak. So he gets a job with the competition, Nirvana, a pleasant place to work. Until Dilbert's suggestion for creating a marketing department is implemented and spreads like a virus destroying the company. That makes Dilbert famous in his industry and gets his old job back.moreless
  • The Name
    Episode 1
    Dilbert, Alice, Wally and Loud Howard are assigned to create a new product. Before the product is even created their Pointy-Haired Boss becomes concerned more about the name than the product itself.
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