Season 1 Episode 1

The Name

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1999 on UPN
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Episode Summary

Dilbert, Alice, Wally and Loud Howard are assigned to create a new product. Before the product is even created their Pointy-Haired Boss becomes concerned more about the name than the product itself.

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    Chris Elliott

    Chris Elliott

    Voice of Dogbert

    Jim Wise

    Jim Wise

    Loud Howard

    Daniel Stern

    Daniel Stern

    Voice of Dilbert

    Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Carol/Various Guests

    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny


    Larry Miller

    Larry Miller

    Voice of the Pointy-Haired Boss

    Billy West

    Billy West

    Voice of unknown

    Guest Star

    Jim Wise

    Jim Wise

    Voice of Loud Howard

    Recurring Role

    Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Voice of Unknown

    Recurring Role

    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny

    Voice of Asok/ Ratbert

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Dilbert's chicken antics of "luck luck luck luck…" originally appeared in the comic strip during a storyline where Ratbert is convinced that he's psychic.

      • At the Scrabble scene at the end of the episode Dilbert has the reversed letters from the ones had when he played Scrabble the first time in the episode.
        (He had IIIIIIT, he then has TTTTTTI)

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Dogbert: Let's start with you accounting guys.
        Accounting Guy: Walter's good at this creative stuff. He just named his baby.
        Pointy-Haired Boss: How is Walter Jr.?
        Walter: She's fine. Thanks for asking.

      • Dilbert: I thought you were going to wake me at 6:30.
        Dogbert: I also said women like men who are shaped like potatoes - can you find the pattern here?

      • Dilbert: (thinking of new name for product) How about Sisyphus, the the guy who pushed a rock up a hill for eternity?
        Pointy-haired Boss: It could convey a sense of playfulness...
        Dilbert: (dumbstruck) It's supposed to convey a sense of futility!
        Pointy-haired Boss: You have to look at it from the rock's point of view.

      • Pointy-Haired Boss' Boss: Salmonella. (pauses) I like it. By this time next year I want every person in the country driving a Salmonella.
        Dilbert: It's not necessarily a car.
        Pointy-Haired Boss' Boss: It's not? Then why are we giving it a car name.

      • Dogbert: (points to Dilbert) How about Salmonella in honor of rooster boy here?

      • Dogbert: There's still plenty of names left in the areas of Greek mythology, bodily secretions, diseases, and everything involving intestines.

      • Pointy Haired Boss: Well there's no point in killing a dead horse.
        Dilbert: You mean there's no point in beating a dead horse.
        Pointy Haired Boss: Why would anyone beat a dead horse?
        Dilbert:Why would anyone kill a dead horse?
        Pointy Haired Boss: Maybe it kicked you.
        Dilbert: (exasperated) It's already dead.
        Pointy Haired Boss: And so is every customer who used our flagship product.

      • Wally: The herbal throat lozenges?
        Dilbert: I told them at the rollout meeting that Anthrax was a bacteria not an herb.
        Wally: No you didn't.
        Dilbert: I was thinking it pretty hard.

      • Dilbert: (to Wally and Alice) Are we sticking with our ban on useless greetings?
        Wally and Alice (groaning) Yes.
        Dilbert: Just checking.

      • Dogbert: Don't you do enough engineering at work?
        Dilbert: Work is just meetings. (points to voice activated shower) This is engineering.

      • Dogbert: Is it that hard to turn the knobs?
        Dilbert: It's not that it's hard, it's unnecessary.

      • Frenchman: Leave the premises now, or I will be forced to call the security guard, who although old and feeble, will whip you and beat you without mercy until you sing campfire songs in the voice of a little girl!

      • Dilbert: I thought you were gonna wake me at 6:30.
        Dogbert: I also said women like men who are shaped like potatoes. Can you find the pattern here?

      • Dilbert: What do you think an egg dream means?
        Dogbert: Hmm, probably an omen.
        Dilbert: A good omen?
        Dogbert: How many good omens involve things that come out of a chicken's butt?
        Dilbert: There only has to be one.

      • Dilmom: Standard Scrabble rules apply: no kicking, biting or slapping. No projectiles of any kind.
        Dilbert: Name calling?
        Dilmom: Only on your own turn.

      • Dogbert: Where'd you get the voice for that thing? It sounds like the computer from that stupid movie. What was it? Something something, a Space Odyssey?
        Dilbert: It wasn't Something Something a space Odyssey, it was 2001, a space---AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

      • Dilbert: What's a mousepad?
        Wally: Feminine protection for mice.
        (Alice slaps him with a book)

      • Dilbert: (after Dogbert's Explosion) Remind me never to negotiate with you again.

    • NOTES (2)

      • The show was actually advertised. UPN's advertising of the show was controversial and new at the time, although it is commonplace on all channels now to promote other shows during a program:

        "QUICK, DUCK! IT'S DILBERT! - Dec 20

        From Variety:

        UPN has come up with a rather in-your-face way to promote its upcoming Dilbert premiere on Jan. 25. In the midst of several of its comedies, including Moesha, Clueless and DiResta, animated Dilbert and Dogbert icons randomly float down into the middle of scenes wearing parachutes emblazoned with Dilbert premieres Jan. 25.

        After producers of some UPN shows from Columbia's competitors (including parent studio Paramount) complained about the wacky and somewhat jarring Dilbert interruptions, which have no relation to the show's plots, UPN is now attempting to limit Dilbert's appearances to the beginning or end of acts."

        I believe, although my memory could be wrong, that Dilbert's parachute said "Dilbert" and Dogbert's parachute said "Premieres January 25th" on it. I could be wrong.

      • This is the first episode of the series to air with a low rating due to lack of advertisement.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)