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  • Season 1
    • October 21, 1974
      October 21, 1974
      Episode 1

      Dinah! premieres guests on the show are Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass), Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., actor Rock Hudson, actress Mary Tyler Moore, comedian Jack Benny, actor Bill Macy, singer-actress Florence Henderson and The Pointer Sisters.

    • October 22, 1974
      October 22, 1974
      Episode 2
      Dinah's guests are Burt Reynolds, Mike Connors, Dom DeLuise, Jerry Reed, Mike Garrett and Joan Rivers. Also on the show were Bobby Holmes and Jud Hughes, ex-cons who sing and play the guitar and who were discovered by Burt Reynolds when he did a special at Leavenworth penitentiary.
    • October 23, 1974
      October 23, 1974
      Episode 3
      Dinah's guests are actor George C. Scott, his wife actress Trish Van Devere, actors Carroll O'Connor and Edward Asner, TV game show host Peter Marshall, comedienne Ruth Buzzi and Seals & Crofts. Highlights: George C. Scott square-dances, and shows film clips from "The Savage Is Loose," a movie he directed, produced and starred in.moreless
    • October 24, 1974
      October 24, 1974
      Episode 4
      Dinah's guests are TV host Merv Griffin, TV game show host Monty Hall, actors Billy Dee Williams and Roger Moore, the 5th Dimension, comic Pat Paulsen, TV game show Allen Ludden, comedienne Betty White and sexual therapist Dr. Dennis Munjack and a surrogate wife who goes by the name of Adelle.moreless
    • October 25, 1974
      October 25, 1974
      Episode 5
      Dinah's guests are actress Jean Stapleton, actors Gavin MacLeod, Rosey Grier and Robert Fuller, comedienne Kaye Ballard, TV commerical star Rodney Allen Rippy, Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, plant expert Jerry Baker and James Hoffa former Teamsters Union President.
    • October 28, 1974
      October 28, 1974
      Episode 6
      Dinah's guests are comedian Art Carney, bandleader Lawrence Welk, singer-actress Diahann Carroll, actor Peter Finch and Dr. Alex Comfort who gives a discussion on sex. Highlights: Lawrence plays "Sheik of Araby" on the accordion. Art accompanies Dinah on the piano in "September Song".
    • October 29, 1974
      October 29, 1974
      Episode 7

      Dinah's guests are actor Vincent Price, comedian David Steinberg, football player Larry Csonka, pianist Walt Wagner and Indian wrestler Donna Myers.

      Dinah sings "I'm a Brass Band".

    • October 30, 1974
      October 30, 1974
      Episode 8
      Dinah's guests are TV host Dick Cavett, actors Wayne Rogers and Richard Roundtree, singer-dancer-actress Juliet Prowse and jazz singer Valerie Soares. Highlights: Dick & Dinah sing, "I Remember It Well" Discussion about inventions.
    • October 31, 1974
      October 31, 1974
      Episode 9
      Dinah's guests are Country singer Roy Clark, comedienne Kaye Ballard, actor Ronny Cox, comedian Henny Youngman and author Erma Bombeck. Highlights: Roy Clark performs "Dueling Banjos". Dinah sings, "Autumn Leaves".
    • November 1, 1974
      November 1, 1974
      Episode 10

      Dinah's guests are Walter Cronkite who discusses his early ambitions and answering questions from the studio audience; Singer-composer Tim Moore, winner of the American Song Festival competition and comedian Shecky Greene.

      Songs include, "Reach Out and Touch".

    • November 4, 1974
      November 4, 1974
      Episode 11
      Dinah's guests are Baseball great Hank Aaron, Country Western singer-actor Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans, comedian Pat Paulsen and The DeFranco Family. Highlights: Roy and Dale sing, "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" The DeFranco Family perform "Write Me a Letter". Roy and Dale also participate in a marriage quiz.
    • November 5, 1974
      November 5, 1974
      Episode 12
      Dinah's guests are actor Telly Savalas, Jazz singer Cleo Laine and her husband musician John Dankworth, singer Wayne Newton, comedian Lonnie Shorr and psychiatric social worker Annette Baran. Highlights: Telly models a variety of hats.
    • November 6, 1974
      November 6, 1974
      Episode 13

      Dinah's guests are comedienne Lucille Ball, actor George C. Scott and his wife Trish Van Devere discuss their film "The Savage Is Loose" and The Kingston Trio.

      The Kingston Trio perform "Hard Travelin'" and "Little White Cloud In A Lonesome Summer Sky".

    • November 7, 1974
      November 7, 1974
      Episode 14
      Dinah's guests are singer Dick Haymes, tennis champ Jimmy Connors, comedian David Brenner, The Hudson Brothers, psychiatrist Dr. Theodore Rubin author of "Shrink!" and juggler Hillary Carlip. Highlights: Dick sings "If". Dinah sings "Everything Is Beautiful".
    • November 8, 1974
      November 8, 1974
      Episode 15
      Dinah's guests are actor Robert Morse, playwright Lillian Hellman, comedian Arte Johnson, Jazz comic Franklin Ajaye and singer Billy Preston.
    • November 11, 1974
      November 11, 1974
      Episode 16
      Dinah's guests are Country singer Kenny Rogers, singer Charles Aznavour, comedian Marty Feldman, actress Elena Verdugo and feminist Gloria Steinem. Highlights: Discussions on marriage, the feminist movement and jeans. Charles sings, "She". Kenny sings, "Long and Winding Road".
    • November 12, 1974
      November 12, 1974
      Episode 17
      Dinah's guests are singer-actor Jim Nabors, singer-composer Paul Williams, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly and Jerry Lucas former basketball player turned memory expert. Highlights: Jim shares some traveling experiences. Paul sings, "I Won't Last A Day Without You". Charles and Dinah sing, "Kids". Jerry offers tips on improving one's memory.
    • November 13, 1974
      November 13, 1974
      Episode 18
      Dinah's guests are actor Danny Thomas, comedian Jimmie Walker and TV host Alan Hamel. Jimmie talks about ethnic hair styles. Also a detective and the man he helped free from prison. Highlights: Danny sings, "He Took My Hand". Dinah sings, "Come Back to Me".
    • November 14, 1974
      November 14, 1974
      Episode 19
      Dinah's guests are poet-composer-singer Rod McKuen, magician-comedian Carl Ballantine and singer Lori McCormack who lost her hearing after being diagnosed with middle ear bone conduction deafness. Lori only partially regained her hearing. Highlights: Rod sings, "There Goes A Man" Dinah sings, "Time" and "Where Are You?"
    • November 15, 1974
      November 15, 1974
      Episode 20
      Dinah's guests are celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor, mime Marcel Marceau, TV announcer Gary Owens, comic Mike Neun and psychologist Marie Edwards author of "The Challenge of Being Single". Highlights: Songs included are "Hello, My Baby," "Where Are the Clowns?"
    • November 18, 1974
      November 18, 1974
      Episode 21

      Dinah's guests are Michael York, Nancy Walker, Reverend Jesse Jackson, singer Linda Hopkins and blooper-collector Kermit Schaefer.

      Michael fixes English tea and discusses politics.
      Nancy prepares chicken soup and tells about her early career.
      Linda and Dinah offer a musical tribute to blues performer Bessie Smith.

    • November 19, 1974
      November 19, 1974
      Episode 22

      Dinah's guests are actor-dancer Donald O'Connor, singer-actor Clifton Davis, comedian-actor Paul Sand, TV game show host Geoff Edwards and Ann Farady author of "Dream Power".

      Dinah sings "Bye Bye Blues", "Something Wonderful" and "Something".

    • November 20, 1974
      November 20, 1974
      Episode 23
      Dinah's guests are singer Petula Clark, The Smothers Brothers, comic Pat Paulsen, comedian David Steinberg and consumer reporter Ciji Billet. Highlights: Petula & Dinah sing, "Loving Arms", "You and I" and "God Bless The Child".
    • November 21, 1974
      November 21, 1974
      Episode 24

      Dinah's guests are actors Cesar Romero and Ken Murray, Baseball great Leo Durocher, musician Tex Beneke, jazz drummer George T. Simon and celebrity agent George "Bullets" Durgom.

      Tex Beneke performs "I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo" and "Elmer's Tune".

    • November 22, 1974
      November 22, 1974
      Episode 25
      Dinah's guests are actor Wayne Rogers, singer-songwriter Paul Anka, songstress Odia Coates, singers Andy and David Williams, comic Steve Landesberg and Chester Karras author of "Give and Take". Wayne administers a wine tasting quiz. Highlights: Paul & Odia duet with "(You're) Having My Baby". Andy and David perform "I Don't Know How to Say Goodbye". Dinah sings "Who's Sorry Now?"moreless
    • November 25, 1974
      November 25, 1974
      Episode 26

      Dinah's guests are comedian Red Skelton, singer Frank Sinatra Jr., comic Stan Kann, Puppeteers Paul and Mary Ritt and the Ritts Puppets.

      Frank Sinatra Jr. sings "Because of You".
      Red discusses his writing and his oil paintings.
      Red does a pantomime and sings "My Love is Coming Home".

    • November 26, 1974
      November 26, 1974
      Episode 27
      Dinah's guests are singer Wayne Newton, actor Kent McCord, playwright Garson Kanin, comedian Tim Herbert and The Checkmates. Highlights: Wayne describes his Arabian horse ranch. Kent takes a driving test. Garson shares anecdotes of Hollywood's heyday. The Checkmates prepare fried cabbage.
    • November 27, 1974
      November 27, 1974
      Episode 28
      Dinah's guests are singer-comedienne Jaye P. Morgan, Baseball great Johnny Bench, comedian Charlie Callas, writer James Dickey and artist Herbert Shuptrine, who collaborated on the book "Jericho", comic Jimmy Hampton and author Edmund Van Deusen. Highlights: Jaye sings "Masquerade". Dinah sings "Cute". Dinah & Jaye duet with "Breezing Along with the Breeze".moreless
    • November 29, 1974
      November 29, 1974
      Episode 29

      Dinah's guests are comic actor Tony Randall, actor Joseph Bologna, comedienne Renee Taylor, singer Roz Clark and Dr. Neil Solomon with losing weight tips.

      Tony sings "I Came Here to Talk to Joe".
      Roz performs "Take Life a Little Easier" and "I Won't Last a Day Without You".

    • December 2, 1974
      December 2, 1974
      Episode 30

      Dinah's guests are comedienne Phyllis Diller, actor Ronnie Schell, singer Bobby Vinton, TV game show host Peter Marshall, singer Monica Mancini (Henry Mancini's daughter) and author Marc Fasteau. A recipe for an organic breakfast drink and a discussion of household gadgets.

      Bobby Vinton sings "Melody of Love".
      Peter Marshall sings "I Love My Friend".
      Monica and Peter duet on "I Love You, I Honestly Love You".

    • December 3, 1974
      December 3, 1974
      Episode 31
      Dinah's guests are actresses Anne Bancroft and Anne Francis, Blues performer B.B. King, Aaron Williams and Freddie the puppet and psychiatric social worker Annette Baron, topics include adoption and marriage. Highlights: B.B. sings "I Like to Live the Love". Anne Francis performs "Baby Child". Dinah sings "Let Me Be There". B.B. & Dinah duet with "Every Day I Have the Blues".moreless
    • December 4, 1974
      December 4, 1974
      Episode 32

      Dinah's guests are actors David Groh, Conrad Bain and Michael Callan, The Hager Twins, comic Franklyn Ajaye and author Bob Rosefsky. Topics include, misleading advertising and curing ailments through psychic powers.

      Dinah sings "I'm a Woman".
      The Hagers sing "All Your Love".

    • December 5, 1974
      December 5, 1974
      Episode 33
      Dinah's guests are Country singer Roger Miller, actors Wayne Rogers and Richard Thomas, Michael McFadden and song-and-dance group Sparky. Highlights: Roger Miller sings "Our Love". Sparky performs "I'll Never Say Never Again". Poetry by Richard Thomas and a discussion of wines with Wayne Rogers.
    • December 6, 1974
      December 6, 1974
      Episode 34

      Dinah's guests are boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, singer Chuck Berry, sportscaster Curt Gowdy, comedian Mike Neun and singer Gisele Mackenzie.

      Chuck Berry sings "Maybellene" and "Johnny B. Goode".
      Gisele sings "Mr. Sandman".

    • December 9, 1974
      December 9, 1974
      Episode 35
      Dinah's guests are actor Lorne Greene, comedian Bill Dana, singer Ray Stevens and author James Willwerth. Highlights: Dinah sings "Some People". Ray Stevens sings "Everybody Needs a Rainbow". Lorne Greene offers advice to people who might find themselves caught in an earthquake. Bill Dana talks about comedy writing. Author James Willwerth gives tips on how to avoid muggings.moreless
    • December 11, 1974
      December 11, 1974
      Episode 36
      Dinah's guests are Country singers Charley Pride and Ronnie Milsap, Baseball great Willie Mays, comedian Pat Cooper, Senator Charles Percy, singers Four Guys and TV announcer Gene Wood.
    • December 12, 1974
      December 12, 1974
      Episode 37
      Dinah's guests are singer-actor Robert Goulet, Country musician Chet Atkins, Country singers Charley Pride and Gary Stewart, actor Ken Berry, TV critic Cleveland Amory and David Douglas Duncan author of "Goodbye Picasso". Highlights: Songs include "Little Prince," "Trouble," "California Dreamin'," "Hold On."
    • December 13, 1974
      December 13, 1974
      Episode 38
      Dinah's guests are actress Maggie Smith, comedienne Fannie Flagg, singer-actor Pat Boone, Country singer Diana Trask, journalist Charles Kuralt and consumer adviser Bob Rosefsky. Highlights: Songs include "Young Girl," "Help Me Make It Through the Night," "Let's Get Away from It All," "Don't Fence Me In," "Release Me."
    • December 16, 1974
      December 16, 1974
      Episode 39

      Dinah's guests are actress Gloria Swanson, composer Marvin Hamlisch, newsman Dan Rather, comedian Bill Daily and child singer Lena Zavaroni.

      Lena sings "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows".

    • December 17, 1974
      December 17, 1974
      Episode 40
      Dinah's guests are singer-actress Florence Henderson, newsman Bernard Kalb, TV game show host Allen Ludden, the singing Isley Brothers, child actor Steven Warner ("The Little Prince") and artist LeRoy Neiman. Highlights: Songs include "You've Got a Friend," "Live It Up," "Midnight Sky."
    • December 18, 1974
      December 18, 1974
      Episode 41
      Dinah's guests are lyricist Sammy Cahn, actress Kathryn Grayson, comedian Bill Dana, columnist Shirley Eder and gardening expert Jerry Baker. Highlights: Bill performs "Welcome to the Yosemite National Tree". Dinah sings "The Second Time Around" and a medley of Sammy's hits.
    • December 20, 1974
      December 20, 1974
      Episode 42
      Dinah's guests are M*A*S*H actress Loretta Swit, comedian George Carlin, singer Peggy Lee, Country performer Hoyt Axton, author Adela Rogers St. Johns and dog-trainer Steven Cobb. Highlights: Peggy sings "Always". Hoyt performs "Sweet Misery". Dinah sings "Love Music". Dinah & Hoyt duet with "Boney Fingers".
    • December 24, 1974
      December 24, 1974
      Episode 43

      Special Christmas Show. Dinah's guests are actor Rock Hudson, comedian-actor Bill Dana, comedian Arte Johnson, The Lennon Sisters, columnist Erma Bombeck, USC Trojan Marching Band and Dr. Arthur Bartner.

      Dinah prepare eggnog for the guests.
      Arte reads from Charles Dickens' story "The Chimes".
      Songs include, "The Twelve Days of Christmas", "Christmas Waltz" and "Silent Night".

    • December 30, 1974
      December 30, 1974
      Episode 44

      Dinah's guests are singer-actress Karen Morrow, TV game show host Gene Rayburn, actors Paul Sand and McLean Stevenson and comic Walter "Zany" Blaney.

      Songs include, "I Can See Clearly Now," "New World Coming," "My Favorite Things," "It Never Entered My Mind."

    • December 31, 1974
      December 31, 1974
      Episode 45

      Dinah's guests are actor James Franciscus, actresses Amanda Blake and Barbara Rush, singer Syreeta, wildlife conservationist Norma Foster and columnist Erma Bombeck.

      Songs include, "Leave Me Alone," "Just a Little Piece of You," "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams."

    • January 2, 1975
      January 2, 1975
      Episode 46

      Dinah's guests are singer-musician Jose Feliciano, comedian Bill Daily, boxer George Foreman, actor Mike Evans and singer-actress Conny Van Dyke.

      Songs include, "Mimi," "Pennies from Heaven," "Day In, Day Out."

    • January 3, 1975
      January 3, 1975
      Episode 47
      Dinah's guests are actor Richard Chamberlain, singer-actress Michele Lee, comedienne-actresses Betty White and Georgia Engle, actor-stuntman Anthony DeLongis, actress Taryn Power (Tyrone's daughter) and two chimps are the guests. Highlights: Songs included are "You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me," "I Believe in You," "Standing on the Corner."
    • January 6, 1975
      January 6, 1975
      Episode 48

      Dinah's guests are comedienne Totie Fields, actor Barry Newman, singer Billy Daniels and author and money expert Bob Rosefsky.

      Songs include, "That Old Black Magic," "Try a Little Tenderness."

    • January 7, 1975
      January 7, 1975
      Episode 49

      Dinah's guests are singer Vikki Carr, producer Quincy Jones, comedian Norm Crosby and author-journalist Eliot Janeway.

      Music includes the theme from "Ironside," "Wind Me Up," "Need to Be," "Hallelujah, I Love Him So."

    • January 8, 1975
      January 8, 1975
      Episode 50
      Dinah's guest are actor David Groh, actress Gail Fisher, singer Bobby Vinton, comedian Arte Johnson and author Harry Browne. Highlights: Songs included are "The Most Beautiful Girl," "Ballin' the Jack," "I Got a Song."
    • January 9, 1975
      January 9, 1975
      Episode 51
      Dinah's guests are TV host Johnny Carson, singer-songwriter Mickey Newbury and magician Greg Wilson. Highlights: Mickey performs "Down Down". Other songs included are "My Baby Just Cares For Me", "Our Love Is Here to Stay", "American Trilogy".
    • January 13, 1975
      January 13, 1975
      Episode 52

      Dinah's guests are comedian Jackie Gleason, singer Sarah Vaughan, humorist Sam Levenson and the singing Rhodes Kids.

      Songs include, "Over the Rainbow" and "I've Got a Crush On You".

    • January 14, 1975
      January 14, 1975
      Episode 53

      Dinah's guests are Columbo star, actor Peter Falk, comedian Buddy Hackett, TV game show host Wink Martindale and poet-songwriter Rod McKuen.

      Songs include "A Lot of Livin' to Do."

    • January 15, 1975
      January 15, 1975
      Episode 54

      Dinah's guests are Harry-O star actor David Janssen, actress Karen Valentine, comedian John Byner and singer Lou Rawls.

      Songs include "I'm Flying."

    • January 16, 1975
      January 16, 1975
      Episode 55

      Dinah's guests are actresses Lauren Bacall and Colleen Dewhurst, sports commentator Howard Cosell, singer Helen Reddy and a fashion show featuring the wives of Robert Stack, George Hamilton and Henry Mancini.

      Dinah sings "Come Rain or Come Shine".
      Helen Reddy sings "Angie Baby."

    • January 17, 1975
      January 17, 1975
      Episode 56

      Dinah's guests are actor Richard Harris, comedian Don Rickles, actress Ellen Corby, comic Charlie Callas and Country singer Marty Robbins.

      Dinah sings "Everybody Had the Blues".
      Marty Robbins sings "Life".

    • January 21, 1975
      January 21, 1975
      Episode 57
      Dinah's guests are entertainer Bob Hope, and his wife Delores Hope, comedienne Phyllis Diller, singer-actor Jim Nabors, Baseball great Johnny Bench and cue card king Barney McNulty. Highlights: Songs included are "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "Two Sleepy People," "It's De-lovely," "It's Always You," "Buttons and Bows."
    • January 22, 1975
      January 22, 1975
      Episode 58
      Dinah's guests are actor Ricardo Montalban, musician Doc Severinsen, newsman Hugh Downs, comic Mike Neun and Country singer Waylon Jennings.
    • January 23, 1975
      January 23, 1975
      Episode 59
      Dinah's guests are director Sam Peckinpah and actor Gene Hackman, humorist Mort Sahl, TV game show host Monty Hall, The Kingston Trio and Dr. Judd Marmor. Highlights: Monty sings "Smiles". The Kingston Trio performs "Hard Traveling".
    • January 24, 1975
      January 24, 1975
      Episode 60
      Dinah's guests are comedian Alan King, singer-actor Tommy Leonetti, actor Earl Holliman, newspaper editor Mike Culbert and the Hues Corporation. Highlights: Tommy sings "Kumbaya" and "I Won't Last a Day Without You". Hues Corporation performs "Rock the Boat", "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and "If I Had a Hammer". Dinah sings "You're the Top" and "Traces".moreless
    • January 27, 1975
      January 27, 1975
      Episode 61
      Singers Robert Merrill and Pearl Bailey guest host for the absent Dinah. Guests are comedienne Betty White, comedian David Brenner, singer Johnnie Ray, magician Harry Blackstone Jr. and his wife Gay and the canine star of the movie Benji and his trainer Frank Inn. Highlights: Robert's wife Marion accompanies him on the piano for the aria "Largo al factotum" from "The Barber of Seville".moreless
    • January 28, 1975
      January 28, 1975
      Episode 62
      Dinah's guests are actors Jack Albertson and Bill Macy, comedian Norm Crosby, Dr. Neil Solomon, The Hues Corporation and 12-year-old vocalist Mark Dalton. Highlights: Songs include "Rockin' Soul," "Call Me," "Bye Bye Love," "Every Street's a Boulevard in Old New York."
    • January 29, 1975
      January 29, 1975
      Episode 63

      Dinah's guests are actress Jessica Walter, actor Alan Young, baritone Robert Merrill, comedian-actor Jamie Farr and The Lettermen.

      Songs include, "Tell Me Why," "Because of You," "Top of the World," "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By."

    • January 30, 1975
      January 30, 1975
      Episode 64
      Dinah's guests are actor Lorne Greene, singer Frankie Avalon, actress Susan Saint James, comedian Pete Barbutti and Pediatrician Lendon Smith. Highlights: Songs included are "Holiday for Strings," "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree."
    • January 31, 1975
      January 31, 1975
      Episode 65
      Dinah's guests are singer Ed Ames, TV host David Frost, comedian Harvey Korman, singer Patti Page, Country singer Guich Kooch, author Georgiana Tucker and Dr. Edward Martin. Highlights: Songs include "Never Can Say Goodbye."
    • February 3, 1975
      February 3, 1975
      Episode 66

      Dinah's guests are actress Sandy Duncan, columnist Abigail Van Buren, TV game show host Bert Convy, comedian Bill Daily and songwriter-musician Johnny Bristol.

      Songs include "Razzle Dazzle," "Hang On in There Baby."
      Plus a spoof of soap operas.

    • February 4, 1975
      February 4, 1975
      Episode 67

      Dinah's guests are The Pointer Sisters, comedian Arte Johnson, actors Wayne Rogers and Mike Evans, columnist Erma Bombeck, basketball coach John Wooden, basketball player Charles Gaines and bodybuilding champion Franco Columbo.

      Songs include: "Pony Boy," "Let It Be Me," "Until It's Time for You to Go."

    • February 5, 1975
      February 5, 1975
      Episode 68

      Dinah's guests are actor Burt Reynolds, TV critic Cleveland Amory, celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor, actor Robert Fuller, the Righteous Brothers, karate expert Chuck Norris and his wife Dianne Holchek Norris.

      The Righteous Brothers sing "Rock and Roll Heaven".
      Dinah sings "Fever".

    • February 6, 1975
      February 6, 1975
      Episode 69
      Dinah's guests are entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., comedian Freddie Prinze, actress Ellen Corby, actor John Amos, The Sandpipers and columnist Erma Bombeck. Highlights: Sammy sings "Chico and the Man". Dinah and Sammy duet on "Sing". The Sandpipers sing "We May Never Pass This Way (Again)". Also a pottery making demonstration by Fred Wilson.moreless
    • February 7, 1975
      February 7, 1975
      Episode 70
      Dinah's guests are entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., actor Robert Blake, The Jeffersons stars actors Sherman Hemsley and Mike Evans and comedian Pat Paulsen. Highlights: Sherman dances to the tune of "Proclamation". Sammy sings "Lover, Come Back to Me". Dinah & Sammy duet on "What I Say". Dinah sings "Spinning Wheel".
    • February 10, 1975
      February 10, 1975
      Episode 71

      Dinah's guests are actor Robert Duvall, actress Sandy Duncan, The Righteous Brothers, dancer Ann Corio and tennis player Pancho Segura.

      Sandy and Dinah sing "Inchworm".
      The Righteous Brothers sing "Oh, Babe".
      Dinah sings "Delta Dawn".

    • February 11, 1975
      February 11, 1975
      Episode 72
      Dinah's guests are comedienne Betty White, actors Robert Culp and Jeff Bridges, comedian JerryClower, musician Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 and exercise guru and author Nicole Ronsard. Highlights: Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 perform "Fool on the Hill". Jeff sings "Give Her Up". Dinah sings "Bein' Green". Dinah, Sergio and Brasil '77 perform "The Girl From Ipanema".moreless
    • February 12, 1975
      February 12, 1975
      Episode 73

      Dinah's guests are comedian-actor Jerry Lewis, singer-actor Michael Gray, Dr. Thelma Moss and the US Navy Band.

      Jerry and Dinah duet to "Makin' Whoopee".
      Michael sings "Rings and Things".
      Dinah sings "A Taste of Honey".
      US Navy Band performs "Cute".

    • February 13, 1975
      February 13, 1975
      Episode 74

      Dinah's guests are actor Richard Harris, actress Sally Kellerman, singer-actor Clifton Davis, TV personality Ed McMahon and dart throwing expert Tom Fleetwood.

      Sally sings "Deep in the Night".
      Clifton sings "Never Can Say Goodbye".
      Richard Harris performs "Children".
      Sally and Dinah duet on "The Gentleman is a Dope".

    • February 14, 1975
      February 14, 1975
      Episode 75
      Dinah's guests are actor Charlton Heston, actresses Jessica Walter and Esther Rolle, comedienne Lily Tomlin and Evangelist-healer Kathryn Kuhlman.
    • February 17, 1975
      February 17, 1975
      Episode 76

      Dinah's guests are Tony Orlando & Dawn, Country singer Anne Murray, TV personality Dick Clark, comedian John Byner and singer Teresa Brewer.

      Anne Murray sings "Snowbird".
      Tony Orlando & Dawn perform "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree".

    • February 18, 1975
      February 18, 1975
      Episode 77

      Dinah's guests are singer Rosemary Clooney, actress-singer Shirley Jones, singer-actor Gordon MacRae, rock singer David Essex, actor Ronnie Schell and The Righteous Brothers.

      Gordon & Shirley sing an "Oklahoma!" medley.
      Righteous Brothers sing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'".
      Rosemary Clooney sings "The Way We Were".
      David Essex performs "Rock On".

    • February 19, 1975
      February 19, 1975
      Episode 78

      Dinah's guests are singer Dionne Warwick, actor Jack Gilford, Country singer Tennessee Ernie Ford, pop singer Andy Kim and soul group Main Ingredient.

      Tennessee Ernie Ford sings "Sixteen Tons".
      Dionne Warwicke sings "I'll Never Fall in Love Again".
      Andy Kim sings "Rock Me Gently".
      Dinah sings "I Believe in Music".
      Main Ingredient perform "Just Don't Want To Be Lonely".

    • February 20, 1975
      February 20, 1975
      Episode 79
      Dinah's guests are actor-comedian Shelley Berman, singer-songwriter Paul Williams, R&B singer Ray Charles, Country singer Tammy Wynette, singer Maureen McGovern and Three Dog Night. Highlights: Ray sings, "Born to Lose" and "Hey Jude" Paul sings, "Where Do I Go From Here?" and "Sugar, Sugar" Three Dog Night perform, "Shambala" and "The Show Must Go On".moreless
    • February 21, 1975
      February 21, 1975
      Episode 80

      Dinah's guests are actor Burt Reynolds, singer Bobby Vinton, songstress Bobbie Gentry, comedian John Byner, football player Larry Csonka and Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods.

      Bobby Vinton sings "My Melody of Love".
      Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods perform "Billy, Don't Be a Hero".

    • February 24, 1975
      February 24, 1975
      Episode 81
      Dinah's guests are Captain Kangaroo Bob Keeshan, comic George Carlin, TV game show host Peter Marshall and singer Bobby Short. Highlights: Bobby sings, "I've Got a Crush On You", "And Her Mother Came Too" and "Dinah". Dinah sings, "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"" and "The Letter".
    • February 25, 1975
      February 25, 1975
      Episode 82

      Dinah's guests are producer Norman Lear, comedienne Lucie Arnaz, actor Alan Arkin and actress Cloris Leachman.

      Songs include, "Follow Me".

    • February 26, 1975
      February 26, 1975
      Episode 83
      Dinah salutes Broadway musicals with guests singer Ethel Merman, comedian Phil Silvers, actor Robert Morse, singer-actor Jack Cassidy and singer-actress Michele Lee. Highlights: Robert sings, "I Believe In You". Jack sings, "She Loves Me". Phil sings, "Make Someone Happy". Ethel sings, "Hello Dolly". Michele sings "Nobody Does It Like Me" from "See Saw" and "Tonight" from "West Side Story". All join in for "There's No Business Like Show Business".moreless
    • February 28, 1975
      February 28, 1975
      Episode 84
      Dinah's guests are singer-actress Liza Minelli, songwriters Fred Ebb and John Kanter, Country singer Roy Clark, actress Jessica Walter, actor Earl Holliman as well as a surprise visit from Broadway star Chita Rivera. Highlights: Liza sings, "Nowadays" and "I'm My Own Best Friend". Roy and Dinah sing, "For the Good Times". Dinah sings, "Brotherhood of Man".moreless
    • March 3, 1975
      March 3, 1975
      Episode 85
      Dinah welcomes producer-director Peter Bogdanovich and his cast from the movie "At Long Last Love". Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd, Eileen Brennan and John Hillerman. Also composer Arte Butler.
    • March 4, 1975
      March 4, 1975
      Episode 86
      Dinah's guests are singer Andy Williams, comedian-actor Don Knotts, Former Senator Sam Ervin (D-N.C.), Food editor Craig Claiborne and Chef Jean Vergnes. Highlights: Andy & Dinah duet with "Mood Indigo". Dinah sings "Hey, Good Lookin'".
    • March 5, 1975
      March 5, 1975
      Episode 87
      Dinah's guests are Tony Curtis and his wife Leslie, singer Jack Jones, comedian Rich Little, Food editor Craig Claiborne and Restauranteur Kenneth Hansen. Musical Highlights: Jack Jones sings, "Wives and Lovers" & "Write Me a Love Song Charlie". Dinah sings,"The Last Blues Song" & "I Didn't Mean to Love You".moreless
    • March 6, 1975
      March 6, 1975
      Episode 88
      Dinah's guests are Debbie Reynolds, Robert Fuller, Dancers Ken Sloan and Sheila Webber-Sire, Food Editor Craig Claiborne, Chef Georges Perrier and Phyllis Cohen who shows how to decorate T-shirts. Highlights: Debbie sings, "I Ain't Down Yet". Dinah sings "I Got Lost in His Arms". Dinah & Debbie duet on "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend". John Rodby orchestra.moreless
    • March 7, 1975
      March 7, 1975
      Episode 89
      Dinah's guests are actor Danny Thomas, singer Ray Stevens, actress Suzanne Pleshette and food editor Craig Claiborne. Highlights: Danny sings, "Danny Boy" and "My Kind of Town". Dinah sings, "The Night Chicago Died".
    • March 10, 1975
      March 10, 1975
      Episode 90
      Dinah's guests are entertainer Ethel Merman, composer Henry Mancini and his daughter Felice, comedian Bill Daily, actress Annette Funicello and singer Tony DeFranco. Highlights: Ethel sings, "Alexander's Ragtime Band". Dinah and Henry sing, "Days of Wine and Roses". Felice sings, "Sometimes". Ethel and Dinah sing, "Together Wherever We Go".
    • March 11, 1975
      March 11, 1975
      Episode 91
      Dinah's guests are Mannix actor Mike Connors, Game-show host Geoff Edwards, singer Al Green, comedian Foster Brooks, former college-football coach Ara Parseghian and Food editor Craig Claiborne. Highlights: Dinah and Mike sing, "By the Light of the Silvery Moon". Al sings, "L-O-V-E" and "Let's Stay Together".
    • March 12, 1975
      March 12, 1975
      Episode 92
      Dinah's guests are producer-director Mel Brooks, actor Wayne Rogers and actress Sandy Duncan. Highlights: Mel sings, "Dancing in the Dark". Sandy and Dinah duet on "Circle Game". All join in a musical tribute to Mel that includes, Blazing Saddles, Jezebel, Singin' In the Rain and Look for the Silver Lining.
    • March 13, 1975
      March 13, 1975
      Episode 93
      Dinah's guests are pianist Victor Borge, singer Mel Torme, comedian Bill Dana and singer Aliza Kashi. Highlights: Victor and Dinah sing, "I Feel A Song Comin' On". Mel sings, "It Might As Well Be Spring". Aliza sings "This is My Life". Mel & Dinah duet with "Quiet Night".
    • March 14, 1975
      March 14, 1975
      Episode 94
      Dinah's guests are actors Alan Alda and Edward Asner, comic Pat Paulsen, Country singers Marty Robbins and Loretta Lynn and actress Cloris Leachman. Also Pancake flipper Patricia Clark. Highlights: Marty sings, "Back Home Again". Dinah and Marty sing, "I Can't Stop Lovin' You".
    • March 17, 1975
      March 17, 1975
      Episode 95
      Dinah's guests are Producer Norman Lear, singer-dancer Juliet Prowse, actors Paul Sand and Mike Evans and singer Billy Swan. Highlights: Juliet and Dinah sing, "I'd Do Anything". Billy sings, "I Can Help". Billy and Dinah sing, "Shake, Rattle and Roll". And a medley that includes, "Pennies From Heaven", "Swingin' On A Star" and "Imagination".moreless
    • March 18, 1975
      March 18, 1975
      Episode 96
      Dinah's guests are Columbo star actor Peter Falk, singer Lorna Luft, comedienne Betty White, actor Demond Wilson and Country singer Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. Highlights: Buck and Dinah sing, "Lonesome Me". Lorna sings, "I've Got the Music In Me". Dinah sings, "Pretty Baby".
    • March 19, 1975
      March 19, 1975
      Episode 97
      Dinah's guests are comedienne Totie Fields, entertainer Pearl Bailey, Country singer Barbara Mandrell, singer Mac Davis and Paul Desautels, gem curator at the Smithsonian Institute. Highlights:: Mac sings, "Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me". Barbara sings, "I'll Paint You a Song". Dinah and Pearl sing, "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". Dinah sings, "A Good Man is Hard To Find".moreless
    • March 20, 1975
      March 20, 1975
      Episode 98
      Dinah's guests are actor Zero Mostel, singer-actress Diahann Carroll, comedian Cleavon Little, singer Danny Davis and The Nashville Brass and mentalist the Amazing Kreskin. Highlights: Danny and the Nashville Brass perform, "Mule Skinner Blues" and "Rocky Top". Dinah, Danny and the Nashville Brass perform "Flowers on the Wall".
    • March 21, 1975
      March 21, 1975
      Episode 99
      Dinah's guests are actresses Anne Bancroft and Jessica Walter, comedian-actor Don Knotts, golfer Laura Baugh and Rhythm and Blues band Tavares. Highlights: Tavares perform "My Ship" and "She's Gone". Jessica sings "Cabaret". Dinah sings, "Feel Like Makin' Love" and "Laughter in the Rain".
    • March 24, 1975
      March 24, 1975
      Episode 100
      Dinah's guests are actresses Lynn Redgrave and Valerie Perrine, newsman Edwin Newman and Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. Highlights: Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods perform, "Last Blues Song". Lynn and Dinah sing, "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?".
    • March 25, 1975
      March 25, 1975
      Episode 101
      Dinah's guests are actor Jack Albertson, comedian Bill Daily, Soul singer Ben E. King, actress Ja'net DuBois and songstress Maureen McGovern. Highlights: Ja'net sings, "Never Can Say Goodbye". Ben sings, "Supernatural Thing". Maureen sings, "We May Never Love Like This Again".
    • March 26, 1975
      March 26, 1975
      Episode 102
      Dinah's guests are singer Bobby Vinton, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, actor John Amos and dance group The Lockers. Highlights: Bobby sings, "Beer Barrel Polka". John sings, "Lookin'". Dinah sings, "Superstition".
    • March 27, 1975
      March 27, 1975
      Episode 103
      Salute to Chicago. Dinah's guests are actress Ann-Margret, comedians Arte Johnson and Bill Daily, syndicated columnist and TV host Irv Kupcinet and Talk-show hostess Lee Phillip. Highlights: Ann-Margret and Dinah sing, "Doodle Dee Doo" & "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown". Dinah sings, "My Kind of Town". All join in for "Chicago".
    • March 28, 1975
      March 28, 1975
      Episode 104
      Dinah's guests are actor McLean Stevenson, composer Michel Legrand, TV commerical star Rodney Allen Rippy and song-and-dance group Shirley and Company. Highlights: McLean sings, "Love". Michel performs "Brian's Song". Rodney sings, "Candy Man" and "Smilin'". Shirley and Company perform "Shame, Shame, Shame". Dinah & Michel perform "Watch What Happens".
    • March 31, 1975
      March 31, 1975
      Episode 105
      Dinah's guests are actress Karen Valentine, comedian George Kirby, singer-songwriter Mickey Newbury, comic Mike Neun and author Martin Poriss of "How to Live Cheap but Good". Highlights: Mickey sings "Lovers". Mike sings "Mr. Brown". Dinah sings "It's Alright With Me".
    • April 1, 1975
      April 1, 1975
      Episode 106
      Dinah's guests are actress Michael Learned, singer Kenny Rankin, entertainer Melba Moore, comedian Jamie Farr and actor Henry Winkler. Highlights: Kenny sings "Penny Lane". Melba sings "My Soul is Satisfied". Dinah sings "You Light Up My Life".
    • April 2, 1975
      April 2, 1975
      Episode 107
      Dinah's guests are actor Alan Alda, The Hudson Brothers, actress Diane Ladd, Stand-up comic Franklyn Ajaye, Patti LaBelle and her group "LaBelle". Highlights: The Hudsons sing "So You Are a Star". Diane Ladd sings "Crawdad Hole". LaBelle performs "Lady Marmalade" and "What Can I Do For You?" The Hudsons and Dinah sing "Aba Daba Honeymoon". Dinah sings the "Love theme from "The Godfather".moreless
    • April 3, 1975
      April 3, 1975
      Episode 108
      Dinah's guests are actor Dick Van Dyke and his daughter Stacy, TV host David Frost, comedian Marty Feldman and singer Johnny Russell. Highlights: Dinah and Dick sing, "Play a Simple Melody". Johnny sings "Act Naturally". Dinah sings "Funny Face".
    • April 4, 1975
      April 4, 1975
      Episode 109

      Dinah's guests are Undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, comedienne-actress Betty White, comedian Dom DeLuise and singer Mel Tillis.

      Mel Tillis sings "Best Way I Know How".
      Dinah sings "It's Today" and "Beyond the Seas".

    • April 7, 1975
      April 7, 1975
      Episode 110
      Dinah's guests are actress Leslie Caron, actors Clifton Davis and Claude Akins, singer Tom T. Hall and Golfer Amy Alcott. Highlights: Clifton sings "Once in a Lifetime". Tom sings "Ravishing Ruby" and "Sneaky Pete". Dinah sings "Lonesome Road". Tom & Dinah duet with "I Love".
    • April 8, 1975
      April 8, 1975
      Episode 111
      Dinah's guests are singer-actor Pat Boone and his wife Shirley and their four daughters. The Spinners and Basketball player Rick Barry. Highlights: Pat Boone & daughters sing, "When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes". The Spinners perform "Sadie". Dinah sings a medley of sentimental tunes.
    • April 9, 1975
      April 9, 1975
      Episode 112
      Dinah's guests are actor Robert Fuller, comedian Bill Daily, actor Scatman Crothers, The DeFranco Family and singer LaCosta. Highlights: Robert sings "Jenny". The DeFranco Family sings "Save the Last Dance For Me". Scatman sings "Nagasaki". LaCosta sings "He Took Me For A Ride".
    • April 10, 1975
      April 10, 1975
      Episode 113
      Dinah's guests are Country singer Tammy Wynette, actors Will Geer and Henry Winkler and comedian David Brenner. Highlights: Will & Dinah sing "So Long, It's Been Good to Know Yuh". Tammy sings "Stand By Your Man".
    • April 11, 1975
      April 11, 1975
      Episode 114

      Dinah's guests are actor Barry Newman, singer Nancy Sinatra and her husband Hugh Lambert, comedian Arte Johnson and The Dramatics.

      Nancy and Hugh duet on "Husbands and Wives".
      Nancy, Hugh and Arte do a love medley.
      Nancy sings "Memphis".
      The Dramatics perform "What You See Is What You Get".
      Dinah sings "Going to Chicago (Blues)".

    • April 14, 1975
      April 14, 1975
      Episode 115
      Dinah's guests are TV host Ed McMahon, singer Freda Payne, actor Cliff DeYoung, Emergency! actor Robert Fuller and Medics Tom Barrett and Richard Kauffman and singing group Blue Swede. Highlights: Ed and Dinah sing "Makin' Whoopee". Cliff and Dinah duet on "Sunshine". Freda sings "What About Today?" and "All In Love Is Fair". Blue Swede performs "Hooked on a Feeling" & "Hush/I'm Alive".moreless
    • April 15, 1975
      April 15, 1975
      Episode 116
      Dinah's guests are comedian George Gobel, singer Tina Turner, Country performer Eddy Arnold, actor Anson Williams and The Manhattan Transfer. Highlights: Tina and Dinah duet on "Proud Mary". Eddy sings "The Great Mail Robbery" and "Anytime". Anson sings "Sweet Sixteen". Manhattan Transfer sing "Operator", "You Can Depend On Me" and "Java Jive". Eddy & Dinah duet with "Nobody's Darlin' but Mine".moreless
    • April 16, 1975
      April 16, 1975
      Episode 117
      Dinah's guests are actress Deborah Kerr, writer Edward Albee, actor Ben Gazzara, singer-actress Carol Lawrence, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly and Game-show host Gene Rayburn. Highlights: Carol sings a medley of "West Side Story" songs. Gene sings "Put On A Happy Face". Dinah sings "On Broadway".
    • April 17, 1975
      April 17, 1975
      Episode 118
      Dinah's guests are actresses Shirley MacLaine and Goldie Hawn, comedienne Ruth Buzzi, comedian Pat Paulsen and Country singer Hoyt Axton. Highlights: Hoyt sings, "Speed Trap" Dinah sings, "It's Good to Be Alive"
    • April 18, 1975
      April 18, 1975
      Episode 119
      Dinah's guests are singer-actor Jim Nabors, tennis champ Billie Jean King, musician Doc Severinsen and singer-dancer Lola Falana. Highlights: Billie & Dinah sing "Express Yourself". Jim sings "If You Love Me (Let Me Know)". Doc performs "The Hill Where the Lord Hides". Lola sings "I'd Love Making Love to You".
    • April 21, 1975
      April 21, 1975
      Episode 120
      Dinah's guests are singer John Davidson, comedienne Betty White, actor Bob Crane and soul singer James Brown. Highlights: Betty and Dinah sing "The Glory of Love". James sings "Further Up the Road". John Davidson sings, "Telephone Song".
    • April 22, 1975
      April 22, 1975
      Episode 121
      Dinah's guests are singer Glen Campbell, singer-actress Florence Henderson, comedian Steve Martin and Dr. William Rader. Highlights: Glen sings "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Wichita Lineman". Florence sings "Hey Jude". Glen and Dinah sing "Abraham, Martin and John".
    • April 23, 1975
      April 23, 1975
      Episode 122
      Dinah's guests are comedian Jonathan Winters, TV host Alistair Cooke, comedienne Lucie Arnaz and singer Kenny Rankin. Highlights: Lucie and Dinah sing "Fascinating Rhythm". Kenny sings "Like a Seed". Dinah sings "America, the Beautiful".
    • April 24, 1975
      April 24, 1975
      Episode 123
      Dinah's guests are writer Carl Reiner, humorist Art Buchwald, singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson, singer Rita Coolidge, comedian John Byner and pianist Barbara Carroll. Highlights: Barbara performs "Dancing On the Ceiling". Dinah & Barbara duet with "How High the Moon?" Rita sings "For the Good Times". Kris & Dinah sing "Me and Bobby McGee".moreless
    • April 25, 1975
      April 25, 1975
      Episode 124
      Dinah's guests are Country singer Loretta Lynn, Country performers Buck Owens and Mickey Gilley, actor Wayne Rogers, comedian John Byner and comic Stan Kann. Highlights: Buck sings "Forty-first Street Lonely Hearts Club". Mickey performs "Weekend Daddy". Loretta & Wayne duet with "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man". All join in for a tribute to Hank Williams.moreless
    • April 28, 1975
      April 28, 1975
      Episode 125
      Dinah's guests are actress Angie Dickinson, actor-comedian Art Carney, singer Frank Sinatra Jr. and actor Scatman Crothers. Highlights: Art & Dinah duet with "My Blue Heaven". Frank sings "I'll Be Your Audience". Scatman & Dinah duet with "Baby, Won't You Please Come Home" and "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You". Dinah sings "How Lucky Can You Get?"moreless
    • April 29, 1975
      April 29, 1975
      Episode 126
      Dinah's guests are actress Beatrice Arthur, singer Vic Damone, The Hues Corporation, pianist-singer Mary Jane Gardner and Japanese chef Endy Miyamoto. Highlights: Beatrice sings "How About Me?" Vic sings "An Affair to Remember" and "You and Me Against the World". The Hues Corporation perform "Love Corporation". Mary Jane does "Sleepin' Bee". Beatrice and the Hues Corporation perform "Rock the Boat". Beatrice and Dinah duet with "My Melancholy Baby".moreless
    • April 30, 1975
      April 30, 1975
      Episode 127
      Dinah's guests are singer Judy Collins, actress Ellen Corby, actor Will Geer, bandleader Lawrence Welk, comedian Bill Daily and rodeo champion Larry Mahan.
    • May 1, 1975
      May 1, 1975
      Episode 128
      Dinah's guests are actress Julie Kavner, singer Aretha Franklin, Country singer Charley Pride and actress Mary Stuart. Highlights: Aretha does a medley that includes "Angel," "Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)," "Ain't Nothin' like the Real Thing" and "Without Love". Charley sings "I Ain't All Bad". Dinah does "Loads of Love."moreless
    • May 2, 1975
      May 2, 1975
      Episode 129

      Dinah's guests are actress Glenda Jackson, entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., actor Gary Burghoff and singer B.J. Thomas.

      Sammy sings "This Love of Mine" and "The More I See You".
      B.J. Thomas sings "Another Somebody Don Somebody Wrong Song (Hey, Won't You Play)".
      Dinah sings "Good News".

    • May 5, 1975
      May 5, 1975
      Episode 130

      Dinah's guests are actress Ingrid Bergman, comedian Jimmie Walker, actor David Groh and The Hudson Brothers.

      Hudson Brothers perform "If You Really Need Me".
      Dinah sings "Love's Theme" medley of "Aren't You Glad You're You", "Anastasia", "As Time Goes By".

    • May 6, 1975
      May 6, 1975
      Episode 131
      Dinah's guests are actress Teresa Graves, comedienne Fannie Flagg, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, singer-dancer-actor Ben Vereen and actor Ralph Waite. Highlights: Teresa sings "The Way We Were". Ben performs "Magic to Do" and "By Your Side". Dinah sings "Walk in the Sunshine" and "I Got a Name".
    • May 7, 1975
      May 7, 1975
      Episode 132
      Dinah's guests are actor Robert Morse, singer Dusty Springfield, comedian-actor Ken Berry and Country performer Freddy Fender. Highlights: Dusty sings "Since I Feel For You". Dusty & Dinah sing, "Groovin'". Robert and Ken do "You Were Meant For Me". Freddy sings "Before the Next Teardrop Falls". Dinah sings "South Rampart Street Parade".moreless
    • May 8, 1975
      May 8, 1975
      Episode 133
      Dinah's guests are The F.B.I. actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr., The Rookies actors Sam Melville and Georg Stanford Brown, Kojak actor Kevin Dobson, The Odd Couple actor Al Molinaro (Officer Murray Greshler), former police officer now author Joseph Wambaugh and Jim Starr of the Los Angeles Police Department. Highlights: Dinah sings "I Love a Cop" and "Night Chicago Died". Jim sings "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree".moreless
    • May 9, 1975
      May 9, 1975
      Episode 134
      Dinah's guests are singer-actress Shirley Jones, actor Clifton Davis, sportscaster Frank Gifford and Martin Poriss consumer advocate-author of "How to" books. Highlights: Clifton sings "Looking Through the Windows". Shirley sings "Losing My Mind". Dinah sings "Love Music" and "Here, There and Everywhere". Dinah & Shirley duet with a colors medley.
    • May 12, 1975
      May 12, 1975
      Episode 135

      Dinah's guests are actress Karen Valentine, actor Lorne Greene, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, comedy team of Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.

      Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass perform "The Work Song" and "Somewhere".
      The Tijuana Brass do "Mexican Hat Dance".
      Dinah sings "You're the Top" and "Being Alive".

    • May 13, 1975
      May 13, 1975
      Episode 136
      Dinah's guests are former actor Governor Ronald Reagan, Dr. Neil Solomon, football star Larry Csonka, Seals & Croft and singer-pianist Walter Heath. Highlights: Seals and Crofts perform "I'll Play For You". John Rodby Orchestra plays "Tara's Theme". Dinah sings "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head", "Mrs. Robinson", "Theme from 'Love Story'" and "Sound of Music".moreless
    • May 14, 1975
      May 14, 1975
      Episode 137
      Dinah's guests are actor Karl Malden, actress Loretta Swit, Country singer Charlie Rich and his wife Margaret Ann and comedian Bill Daily. Highlights: Charlie sings "Behind Closed Doors" & "Benji's Theme". Bill sings "Over the Rainbow". Karl does "Bye Bye Blues". Dinah, Charlie and Margaret Ann sing, "Field of Yellow Daisies".moreless
    • May 15, 1975
      May 15, 1975
      Episode 138
      Dinah's guests are comedienne Lucille Ball, TV host Bert Parks and rock 'n roll band Sha-Na-Na. Highlights: Bert sings "Miss America". Sha-Na-Na performs "Romeo and Juliet," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Get a Job," "Sh-boom" and "Rock Around the Clock". Dinah sings "Come Rain or Come Shine". Dinah & Sha-Na-Na sing "Blue Moon".
    • May 16, 1975
      May 16, 1975
      Episode 139
      Dinah's guests are actress Eva Gabor, actors Wayne Rogers, and John Amos and singer Smokey Robinson. Highlights: Smokey sings "Baby, That's Backatcha". Dinah does a tribute to the Broadway musical "The Wiz" and a medley of old novelty tunes.
    • May 17, 1975
      May 17, 1975
      Episode 140
      Dinah's guests are actress Raquel Welch, singer Donna Fargo, actor Henry Winkler and The Checkmates. Highlights: Donna sings, "The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A."
    • May 20, 1975
      May 20, 1975
      Episode 141
      Dinah's guests are singer-actor Hal Linden, actress Sandy Duncan, dancer Bobby Van, voice actor Jim Dale and comedian Stubby Kaye. Highlights: A selection of Irving Berlin tunes highlights the musical segments of the show. Bobby Van performs "Tea for Two". Hal sings "In My Own Lifetime". Sandy & Bobby duet with "I Could Be Happy with You". Stubby performs "Jubilation T. Cornpone". Dinah sings "On Broadway".moreless
    • May 21, 1975
      May 21, 1975
      Episode 142
      Dinah's guests are singer-actress Rita Moreno, comedian Paul Lynde, actor Gary Burghoff and The Lennon Sisters. Highlights: Rita sings, "In the Meantime". Paul & Dinah sing "Make 'Em Laugh". The Lennon Sisters perform "One Less Bell To Answer". Gary sings "A House Is Not A Home". Gary & the Lennon Sisters sing "Dreams". Dinah sings, "Day In, Day Out".moreless
    • May 22, 1975
      May 22, 1975
      Episode 143
      Dinah's guests are actress Candice Bergen, comedienne Ruth Buzzi, actor Jan-Michael Vincent and The Hollies. Highlights: The Hollies perform "The Air That I Breathe" and "Another Night". Dinah sings "It's Nice to Be With You" and "Gentle Rain".
    • May 23, 1975
      May 23, 1975
      Episode 144
      Dinah's guests are actress Ellen Corby, comedian Richard Pryor, comic John Byner, singer Jim Dale and actor Charles McGregor. Ellen offers a yoga demonstration. Highlights: Jim Dale sings "Georgy Girl". Dinah sings "Satisfaction".
    • May 26, 1975
      May 26, 1975
      Episode 145
      Dinah's guests are Country singer Roger Miller, actress Jessica Walter, TV critic Cleveland Amory and comedian Norm Crosby. Highlights: Jessica sings "Where Am I Going?". Roger Miller sings "King of the Road". Dinah sings "Come Saturday Morning".
    • May 27, 1975
      May 27, 1975
      Episode 146

      Dinah's guests are McCloud star actor Dennis Weaver, comic Pat Paulsen, actor Scatman Crothers, comedian Bill Daily and columnist Rona Barrett.

      Dennis Weaver sings "Hollywood Freeway".
      Scatman performs "Walking My Baby Back Home".
      Dinah sings "For Me".

    • May 28, 1975
      May 28, 1975
      Episode 147

      Dinah's guests are actor Robert Blake, actress Elizabeth Ashley, celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor and singer Bobby Vinton.

      Bobby Vinton sings "Sealed With a Kiss".

    • May 29, 1975
      May 29, 1975
      Episode 148
      Dinah's guests are actor Art Carney, TV personality Ed McMahon, comedian David Brenner, actor Kevin Dobson and singer Johnny Bristol. Highlights: Art & Dinah duet with "Talk of the Town" Dinah sings "Mr. Bojangles". Johnny sings "Leave My World".
    • May 30, 1975
      May 30, 1975
      Episode 149
      Dinah's guests are singer Ray Stevens, comedienne Betty White, singer Mel Torme, Ferrante & Teicher, The Captain & Tennille and a dog named Poncho. Highlights: All but Betty and Dinah are featured at the piano on this program. Music includes "I Love a Piano," "Misty," "Love Will Keep Us Together," "Camelot," "Love Story," "Chopsticks," "Begin the Beguine."moreless
    • June 2, 1975
      June 2, 1975
      Episode 150

      Salute to New York with Dinah Shore and guests actresses Bea Arthur and Ellen Burstyn, comedienne Betty White, singer-actor Robert Goulet, singer-pianist Matt Dennis and singing group The Blackbyrds.

      Beatrice sings "Everything Happens to Me".
      Robert and Dinah duet with "Let's Get Away From It All".
      Beatrice and Betty sing "42nd Street".
      Matt Dennis performs "Angel Eyes".
      The Blackbyrds sing "Walkin' in Rhythm".
      Dinah sings "New York, New York".

    • June 3, 1975
      June 3, 1975
      Episode 151

      Dinah's guests are actress Sally Kellerman, actor Robert Blake, comedian Redd Foxx, comedienne LaWanda Page, singer Timmie Rogers and Burbank, California mayor William Rudell.

      Dinah sings "Everybody's Talkin'".

    • June 4, 1975
      June 4, 1975
      Episode 152
      Dinah's guests are actors Kirk Douglas and Peter Sellers, singer Ricky Nelson and The Stone Canyon Band, Russian actress Victoria Fyodorova with her interpreter Henry Gris. Also: a phone interview with Victoria's father, Rear Adm. Jackson Tate (Ret.). A fashion show with actresses Beverly Adams and Carole Wells Doheny and Gale Hayman, wife of a clothes-boutique owner. Highlights: Ricky Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band perform "Hello, Mary Lou". Dinah sings "Lazy Day".moreless
    • June 9, 1975
      June 9, 1975
      Episode 153

      Dinah's guests are actors Robert Young and Jack Klugman, comic Billy Holliday, poker champion Bryan "Sailor" Roberts and Perdita Huston of the American Bicentennial Administration.

      Dinah sings "Get Together" and "Yes Sir, That's My Baby".

    • June 10, 1975
      June 10, 1975
      Episode 154
      Dinah's guests are singer Peggy Lee, actor Barry Newman, singer Mel Tillis and actress-comedienne Hermione Baddeley. Highlights: Peggy sings "What's New?" and "I'm a Woman". Mel sings "Midnight, Me and the Blues". Barry sings "Talk of the Town". Hermione sings "You". Dinah sings "The Birth of the Blues". Peggy & Dinah duet on "Sing a Song".moreless
    • June 11, 1975
      June 11, 1975
      Episode 155
      Dinah's guests are Emergency actor Robert Fuller, singer Al Martino, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, The Miracles and Second City, improv group (Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, John Candy and Eugene Levy). Highlights: The Miracles perform, "Dancing Machine", "You Are the Sunshine of My Life", "What's Going On?" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Al Martino sings "Charmer".moreless
    • June 12, 1975
      June 12, 1975
      Episode 156
      Dinah's guests are actor Stacy Keach, singer Leslie Uggams, actor Tom Hallick, Country singer Freddie Hart and columnist Erma Bombeck. Highlights: Leslie Uggams sings "I Honestly Love You". Freddie Hart sings "The First Time" & "Easy Lovin'". Dinah & Leslie duet on "Hooray for Love". Dinah sings "What the World Needs Now Is Love" & "Don't Rain on My Parade".moreless
    • June 13, 1975
      June 13, 1975
      Episode 157
      Dinah's guests are singer-actor Robert Goulet, actress Loretta Swit, actor Leslie Nielsen, comedian Foster Brooks and Mystery writer Mickey Spillane and his wife Sherri. Highlights: Robert sings "I Won't Live a Day Without You". Robert & Leslie duet on "How to Handle a Woman". Foster sings "My Way".
    • June 23, 1975
      June 23, 1975
      Episode 158
      Dinah's guests are comedian Bill Dana, actor Steve Forrest, The Supremes, Composer Joe Raposo and Chef Louis Szathmary. Highlights: Bill Dana sings "My Funny Valentine". Dinah sings "It's A Fine Life", "Sing A Song" "Sesame Street" and "Bein' Green".
    • June 24, 1975
      June 24, 1975
      Episode 159
      Dinah's guests are singers Eydie Gorme and Johnny Mathis, Reverend Jesse Jackson, columnist Erma Bombeck and comedian Charlie Callas. Highlights: Eydie sings "It Had to be You". Johnny sings ""Let Me Be the One," "I Won't Last a Day Without You" and "What'll I Do?" Eydie & Dinah duet with "Swanee". Dinah sings "If I Had a Hammer".moreless
    • June 25, 1975
      June 25, 1975
      Episode 160
      Dinah's guests are actor Edward Asner, entertainer Pearl Bailey, singer-dancer Melba Moore, columnist Erma Bombeck and 17-year-old Mary Lawlor winner of a $5000 Betty Crocker college scholarship. Highlights: Pearl sings "I'll Be Seeing You". Melba & Dinah duet with "Everything is Beautiful". Dinah sings "Honky Cat" and "All is Fair in Love".moreless
    • June 26, 1975
      June 26, 1975
      Episode 161
      Dinah's guests are ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and Mortimer Snerd, comedienne Phyllis Diller, actress Sandy Duncan and Consumer advocate Martin Poriss. This episode features a lengthy tribute to the year 1946. Highlights: Phyllis sings "The Gypsy". Sandy sings "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah". Dinah & Sandy do a medley that includes "Golden Earrings".
    • June 27, 1975
      June 27, 1975
      Episode 162
      Dinah's guests are actor Warren Beatty, actress Nanette Fabray, singer Kenny Rogers and comic Martin Mull. Highlights: Kenny sings "There's An Old Man in Our Town", (which he wrote for his grandfather). Nanette and Dinah duet on "Ohio". Martin performs "Ventriloquist Love". Dinah sings "Nice Work if You Can Get It."moreless
    • June 30, 1975
      June 30, 1975
      Episode 163
      Dinah's guests are actor Desi Arnaz Jr., comedian Nipsey Russell, journalist Jimmy Breslin author of "How the Good Guys Finally Won", singers Minnie Riperton and Cindy Duvall. Highlights: Minnie sings "Lovin' You". Cindy sings "Got to Get You off My Mind". Nipsey performs "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby".
    • July 2, 1975
      July 2, 1975
      Episode 164
      Dinah's guests are actress Juliet Mills, impressionist David Frye, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, singer-actress Karen Morrow and The Hues Corporation. Highlights: The Hues Corporation performs "Rockin' Soul". Karen sings "Singin' in the Rain". Dinah sings "Once Upon a Summertime". Dinah & the Hues Corporation perform "Rock and Roll Star".
    • July 3, 1975
      July 3, 1975
      Episode 165
      Dinah's guests are actresses Elke Sommer and Michael Learned, producer Sheldon Leonard, actor Jim Dale and singer-composer David Gates. Highlights: Jim Dale sings "This Is Me". David Gates performs "Make It with You" and "Baby I'm-a Want You". Dinah sings "I'm in Love" and "If".
    • July 4, 1975
      July 4, 1975
      Episode 166
      Dinah's guests are actress Sally Kellerman, ator Richard Harris, singer-actor Clifton Davis, TV host Ed McMahon and dart-throwing expert Tom Fleetwood. Highlights: Sally sings "Deep in the Night" Clifton sings "Never Can Say Goodbye". Richard performs "Children". Sally & Dinah duet on "The Gentleman Is a Dope".
    • July 7, 1975
      July 7, 1975
      Episode 167
      Dinah's guests are The Jackson 5 (plus Two), singer Rosemary Clooney and actor McLean Stevenson. Highlights: Rosemary sings "When You Got Love". The Jackson 5 perform "It's Your Thing". The Jackson 5 plus 2 perform "Love is Strange". Dinah & Rosemary perform a medley of torch songs. Michael Jackson & Dinah sing "You Are the Sunshine of My Life".moreless
    • July 8, 1975
      July 8, 1975
      Episode 168
      Dinah's guests are singer-actress Carol Lawrence, actors Brian Keith and Frank Langella, comedian Robert Klein and Dr. Joyce Brothers.
    • July 10, 1975
      July 10, 1975
      Episode 169
      Dinah's guests are actress Sally Struthers, actor-singer Jack Cassidy, actor David Groh and The Pointer Sisters. Highlights: The Pointer Sisters sing "Sleeping Alone". Sally & Dinah duet with "My Heart Belongs to Daddy". Jack sings "You're My Girl". Dinah sings "Try a Little Kindness".
    • July 11, 1975
      July 11, 1975
      Episode 170
      Dinah's guests are singer-dancer Joey Heatherton, actor Barry Newman, comedian-actor Gary Burghoff, folksinger Janis Ian and Cajun musician Doug Kershaw. Highlights: Joey sings "When You're Smiling". Janis Ian performs "At Seventeen". Gary does "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)". Doug sings "Cajun Joe". Dinah sings "I Got Rhythm".moreless
    • July 14, 1975
      July 14, 1975
      Episode 171

      Dinah's guests are entertainer Carol Channing, actor Mike Connors, actress Connie Stevens and Dr. Aldo Gucci, founder of a chain of high-fashion shops. Also: a fashion show with the wives of Johnny Carson, Edgar Bergen and Sammy Davis Jr. as models.

      Carol sings "Bye, Bye, Baby".
      Dinah sings "Love Will Keep Us Together".

    • July 16, 1975
      July 16, 1975
      Episode 172
      Dinah's guests are comedians Arte Johnson and Charles Nelson Reilly, Broadway actor Ted Ross, singer Freddy Fender and The Fifth Dimension. Highlights: Dinah & The Fifth Dimension sing, "Mama Told Me Not To Come".
    • July 17, 1975
      July 17, 1975
      Episode 173
      Dinah's guests are actress Sandy Duncan, actor Ron Howard, singers Jim Stafford and Holly T. Lipton and gardener Jerry Baker. Highlights: Jim sings, "Spiders and Snakes". Holly sings "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" and "Song for You". Dinah sings "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year".
    • July 18, 1975
      July 18, 1975
      Episode 174
      Dinah's guests are actor George Segal, entertainer Danny Thomas, actor Steve Forrest and singer Charo. Highlights: George plays, "Willie the Weeper" on a trombone. Danny sings, "Keep Smiling at Trouble". Dinah sings, "It Don't Mean a Thing".
    • July 21, 1975
      July 21, 1975
      Episode 175

      Dinah's guests are actor Cliff Robertson, actress Elke Sommer, actor Martin Milner, comic Dap Sugar Willie and actresses Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson both from Little House On the Prairie.

      Cliff and Dinah duet with "By the Beautiful Sea".
      Dinah sings "Lovin' You" and "Fly Me to the Moon".

    • July 22, 1975
      July 22, 1975
      Episode 176
      Dinah's guests are TV personality Steve Allen, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, game show host Bob Barker, actor Gavin MacLeod and singer Thelma Houston. Highlights: Thelma sings "Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon".
    • July 24, 1975
      July 24, 1975
      Episode 177
      Dinah's guests are singer Tony Orlando, actor Barry Newman, singer-actress Florence Henderson and blind singer-actor-author Tom Sullivan. Highlights: Tony & Dinah sing "My Love". Tony sings "You Are So Beautiful" & "Amen". Florence sings, "A Cock-eyed Optimist" & "I Have Dreamed". Tom sings "One More Night". Barry performs "I'm in the Mood" on saxophone and does an impersonation of Ted Lewis singing "Me and My Shadow."moreless
    • July 25, 1975
      July 25, 1975
      Episode 178
      Dinah's guests are singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson, his wife singer Rita Coolidge, comedian Ronnie Schell, singer Tony Orlando, Jazz pianist Barbara Carroll, Football pro Anthony Davis and amateur athlete Linda Jefferson. Highlights: Tony sings "Let Me Call You Sweetheart". Tony & Dinah do a love medley. All join in for "Up the Lazy River". Rita & Barbara perform "Nobody Wins". Dinah & Barbara perform "Love Me or Leave Me".moreless
    • July 28, 1975
      July 28, 1975
      Episode 179
      Dinah's guests are TV personality Dick Clark, actress Annette Funicello, singer Jim Stafford and Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes. Highlights: Dinah & Jim duet with "My Girl Bill" and "With a Little Bit of Luck". The Blue Notes perform "Where Are All My Friends?" and "Bad Luck". Dinah sings "Just in Time", "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "True Love".moreless
    • July 29, 1975
      July 29, 1975
      Episode 180

      Dinah's guests are actor Robert Shaw, TV personality Dick Clark, Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, singer Melissa Manchester and comedian Johnny Brown.

      Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods perform "Our Last Song Together".
      Melissa Manchester sings "Midnight Blue".
      Dinah sings "I'm a Brass Band".

    • July 30, 1975
      July 30, 1975
      Episode 181
      Dinah's guests are TVgame-show host Bob Barker, comedian Bill Daily, actor Robert Fuller, Shazam! actor Michael Gray, basketball player Ricky Barry and The Stylistics. Highlights: The Stylistics sing, "Thank You Baby". Dinah sings a medley of tunes Fred Astaire made famous. Bill accompanies Dinah on the bass in "Big Noise from Winnetka".moreless
    • July 31, 1975
      July 31, 1975
      Episode 182

      Dinah's guests are writer Carl Reiner, singer Frankie Valli, comedian Lonnie Shorr and Tim Gallwey author of "The Inner Game of Tennis".

      Frankie Valli sings "Swearin' to God".
      Dinah sings "Sooner or Later" and "Fire and Rain".

    • August 8, 1975
      August 8, 1975
      Episode 183
      Dinah's guests are actor Roddy McDowall, actress Susan Saint James, comedian George Gobel, conductor Zubin Mehta, musician Johann Sebastian Bork, tea expert Mo Siegel and Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods. Highlights: Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods perform "Heartbreak Kid" and "You're Sixteen". Dinah sings "You're Driving Me Crazy".
    • August 11, 1975
      August 11, 1975
      Episode 184

      Dinah's guests are actress Brenda Vaccaro, composer Marvin Hamlisch, psychiatrist Dr. Theodore Rubin and soul group Kool & the Gang.

      Kool and the Gang rock the house and perform "Hollywood Swinging".

    • August 12, 1975
      August 12, 1975
      Episode 185
      Dinah's guests are actor Martin Landau and actress Barbara Bain of Space: 1999, comedian Bill Daily, The DeFranco Family and Fashion designer Rudi Gernreich who designed the costumes for Space: 1999. Models display Rudi's creations and a film clip is shown from the series Space: 1999. Highlights: The DeFranco Family perform "We Belong Together". Tony DeFranco sings "Time Enough For Love". Dinah sings "Out of this World" and "Lost in the Stars".moreless
    • August 13, 1975
      August 13, 1975
      Episode 186

      Dinah's guests are TVgame-show host Monty Hall, The Young & the Restless actress Janice Lynde, The Captain and Tennille, pianist Peter Nero and Journalist Shana Alexander.

      Captain and Tennille perform "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "God Only Knows".
      Peter Nero performs "Nothing From Nothing".
      Janice Lynde sings "You're My Best Friend".
      Peter and Dinah sing "This Can't Be Love", "I Didn't Know What Time It Was", "Falling In Love with Love".
      All join in for "Our Day Will Come".

    • August 15, 1975
      August 15, 1975
      Episode 187
      Dinah's guests are actors Darren McGavin and Ralph Waite, comedienne Jackie Joseph, actress Denise Alexander and singer Freddy Weller and the Jimmy Castor Bunch. Highlights: Freddy sings, "Games People Play".
    • August 18, 1975
      August 18, 1975
      Episode 188
      Dinah's guests are actor Robert Morse, comedienne Betty White, singer Buddy Greco, child actress Kathy Coleman and magician Bob McAllister, host of the children's TV series Wonderama. Highlights: Kathy sings "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head". Buddy sings "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and "Misty". Dinah sings "The World Is a Circle".moreless
    • August 19, 1975
      August 19, 1975
      Episode 189
      Dinah's guests are comedian Jan Murray, actress Rue McClanahan, singer Lainie Kazan, singer Roger Whittaker and TV game-show host Chuck Woolery. Highlights: Lainie sings, "I Feel A Song (In My Heart)". Roger sings "The Last Farewell" & "I Don't Believe In If Anymore". Chuck sings "Jeremy". Dinah sings "Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?".moreless
    • August 21, 1975
      August 21, 1975
      Episode 190
      Dinah's guests are comedian Redd Foxx, comedienne Kaye Ballard, actor Henry Winkler, singer Billy Eckstine and The DeFranco Family. Highlights: Kaye sings, "Gregorian Chant". The DeFranco Family sing, "Love the Way You Do" & "We Belong Together". Billy & Dinah duet with "Alright, Okay, You Win".
    • August 25, 1975
      August 25, 1975
      Episode 191
      Dinah's guests are puppeteer Shari Lewis, TV game-show host Peter Marshall, actor Larry Linville, Tony winner Ben Vereen from the production of Pippin and The Commodores. Highlights: Ben sings "Jubilation". The Commodores perform "Slippery When Wet" and "This Is Your Life". Peter & Dinah duet with "Put On a Happy Face". Ben & Dinah duet with "If I Had a Hammer". Dinah sings "I'm Going Fishing".moreless
    • August 27, 1975
      August 27, 1975
      Episode 192

      Dinah's guests are TV game show host Allen Ludden, singer-actress Gloria Loring, R&B group Tavares, Country singer Ronnie Milsap and financial columnist Sylvia Porter.

      Gloria Loring sings "Let Me Serenade You".
      Tavares performs "Free Ride" and "Remember What I Told You To Forget".
      Ronnie Milsap does "Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends".
      Dinah sings "You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me".

    • August 29, 1975
      August 29, 1975
      Episode 193
      Dinah's guests are actress-dancer Cyd Charisse, singer Tony Martin, actor Wayne Rogers, comedian Ronnie Schell and Rhythm-and-Blues/Gospel group Sister Sledge. Highlights: Tony sings "C'est Magnifique". Sister Sledge perform "Love, Don't You Go Through No Changes on Me" & "Help Me Make It Through the Night". Dinah sings "How Lucky Can You Get?".moreless
    • September 1, 1975
      September 1, 1975
      Episode 194
      Dinah's guests are comedians Rich Little and Dan Rowan, actors Vincent Gardenia and Richard Castellano and singer Petula Clark. Highlights: Petula & Dinah sing, "What I Did for Love" & "As Long As He Needs Me".
    • September 4, 1975
      September 4, 1975
      Episode 195
      Dinah's guests are comedian-actor Don Adams, musician Doc Severinsen, The Rhodes Kids and Country vocalist Barbara Fairchild. Highlights: Doc plays "The Way We Were". The Rhodes Kids perform "Runaway" and "Once You Get Started". Barbara sings "Teddy Bear". Doc & Dinah duet with "You Go to My Head". All join in for "Rock Around the Clock".moreless
    • September 8, 1975
      September 8, 1975
      Episode 196

      Dinah's guests are comedian-actor Gabe Kaplan, actor Peter Bonerz, TV game-show host Jack Barry and The Supremes.

      The Supremes perform "Get Out of Town".
      Dinah sings "99 Miles From L.A.".

    • September 10, 1975
      September 10, 1975
      Episode 197
      Dinah's guests from The Carol Burnett Show are Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence. Highlights: Vicki sings "The Other Woman". Dinah sings "Make 'Em Laugh".
    • September 12, 1975
      September 12, 1975
      Episode 198
      Dinah's guests are singer Cher, actor Elliott Gould, comedienne Phyllis Diller and singer Frankie Valli. Highlights: Cher & Dinah duet with "Satisfaction". Frankie sings "In My Eyes". Dinah sings "The Best is Yet to Come" and "Time in a Bottle".
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