Season 6 Episode 160

May 19, 1980

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM May 19, 1980 on



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    • Headlines read after the taping of Dinah! on May 2nd, 1980.


      Dean Martin rarely goes on talk shows, but it's tough to turn down Dinah Shore, so there he was, murdering legends right and left in a Hollywood taping for airing May 19. Those tales of his Olympian bouts with John Barleycorn? Those stories of his refusal ever to rehearse a show are Balderdash, actually.

      Says Dean, "Do you think NBC would put up millions of dollars for 15 years for a drunk who wouldn't study?" He says he uses cassette tapes of his scripts constantly at home, in his dressing room, even in his golf cart so when he gets to the studio he has his lines down pat. His image will never be the same.

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