Season 6 Episode 19

October 12, 1979

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    • Columnist Marilyn Beck UPS column October 7, 1979. (Note, the show was taped in advance of it's October 12th airing.) Taxi star Andy Kaufman insists he's furious over the fiasco at a Dinah and Friends taping when Tony Clifton, his tacky Las Vegas lounge singer-character, hurled insults at the band and his hostess, and created a scene before the cameras until guards escorted him off the set. It's common knowledge that Andy IS Tony, but Kaufman insists he was sitting in the audience watching Clifton commit chaos and is now fuming that he's being held accountable for Tony's behavior. And, from "their" representative comes the statement: "Andy's been on Dinah's show before and was delightful, but it wasn't Andy they booked this time. Their contract was with Tony Clifton - and I frankly don't know why they'd book Clifton to begin with."