Dinah! - Season 2

(ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • September 17, 1976
    September 17, 1976
    Episode 221
    Dinah's guests are R&B singer Lou Rawls, Country singer Red Sovine, singer-songwriter Morris Albert, composer-film producer Arthur Schwartz and soul group The O'Jays. Highlights: The O'Jays perform "Survival" and "Unity". Lou sings "You'll Never Find Another Love like Mine" and "This Song Will Last Forever". Morris does "Memories". Dinah sings "It Takes All Kinds of Music" and "That's Entertainment". Red sings "Teddy Bear".moreless
  • September 15, 1976
    September 15, 1976
    Episode 220

    Dinah's guests are Emergency! actor Robert Fuller, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman actress Mary Kay Place, boxer Ken Norton, entertainer Charo and The Temptations.

    The Temptations perform "Up the Creek (Without a Paddle)" and "A Song for You".
    Mary Kay Place sings "Baby Boy".
    Charo and Dinah sing a medley of American folk tunes.
    Dinah sings "I Didn't Mean to Love You" and "Yodel Blues".

  • September 14, 1976
    September 14, 1976
    Episode 219

    Dinah's guests are actor Michael Douglas, actress Connie Stevens, singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb, Country singer Waylon Jennings, comedian Lonnie Shorr and a phone call from Glen Campbell.

    Connie Stevens  sings "See You Then".
    Waylon Jennings performs "MacArthur Park".
    Jimmy Webber does "Christian No".
    Dinah sings "Didn't We".

  • September 13, 1976
    September 13, 1976
    Episode 218

    Dinah's guests are actor-comedian Don Knotts, boxing champ Muhammad Ali, singer-dancer Lola Falana, singer-songwriter Tom Sullivan, Dr. Joyce Brothers and comic Stan Kann.

    Lola Falana sings "Ali Is My Friend".
    Tom Sullivan sings "Leaning on a Bygone".
    Dinah, Tom and Lola sings "God Bless the Child".
    Dinah sings "That's When the Music Takes Me".

  • September 10, 1976
    September 10, 1976
    Episode 217
    First of two programs from the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Dinah's guests are Country singer Tennessee Ernie Ford, singer-songwriter Paul Williams, songstress Diana Trask, sportscaster Don Meredith, pop artist Ray Woolf, dancer Dave Galipilo, TV star Humphrey the Bear and Australian rock group Sherbet.
  • September 9, 1976
    September 9, 1976
    Episode 216
    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Lainie Kazan, actor Fernando Lamas, TV game show host Chuck Woolery, Dear Abby columnist Abigail Van Buren, impressionist-voice actor Frank Welker and rock band Three Dog Night. Highlights: Three Dog Night perform "Everybody Is a Masterpiece" and "Joy to the World". Lainie sings "The Man That Got Away". Chuck sings "Too Late". Dinah does "Fly Me to the Moon".moreless
  • September 8, 1976
    September 8, 1976
    Episode 215
    Dinah's guests are actress Nancy Walker, singer Pearl Bailey, comedienne Vicki Lawrence, actress Lynda Carter, singer-impressionist Marilyn Michaels and karate expert Emil Farkas. Highlights: Vicki sings "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia". Lynda sings "Help Me Make It Through the Night". Marilyn performs "Sentimental Journey" and "A Good Man Is Hard to Find". Dinah sings "I'm a Woman" and "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home".moreless
  • September 7, 1976
    September 7, 1976
    Episode 214

    Dinah's guests are actor Robert Stack, actress Bonnie Franklin, singer Diana Trask, comedian Joey Bishop and rock group Blood, Sweat and Tears.

    Blood, Sweat and Tears perform "You're the One" and "Hi-De-Ho".
    Bonnie Franklin sings "Lullaby of Broadway".
    Diana Trask sings "Let's Get Down to Business" and "Cry".
    Dinah sings "Killing Me Softly With His Song".

  • September 3, 1976
    September 3, 1976
    Episode 213

    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Shirley Jones, singer-dancer Melba Moore, Peanuts writer-animator Charles Schultz, actor Anson Williams and comedian Pat Paulsen.

    Melba Moore sings "Lean On Me" and "This Is It".
    Shirley Jones sings "One At a Time".
    Anson Williams sings "Let the Good Times Roll".
    Dinah sings "It Takes All Kinds of People".

  • September 2, 1976
    September 2, 1976
    Episode 212

    Dinah's guests are comedian Jerry Lewis, actor Chad Everett, composer Marvin Hamlisch, entertainer Charo and singer Julius LaRosa.

    Jerry and Dinah duet to "On the Sunny Side of the Street".
    Marvin Hamlisch performs "My Man's Gone Now".
    Julius LaRosa sings "Never, Never, Never".

  • August 31, 1976
    August 31, 1976
    Episode 211
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Betty White, comedian George Kirby, actress Charlotte Rae, Country singer Mickey Gilley, Dr. Joyce Brothers and Hollywood columnist Jim Bacon. Highlights: George does impressions of Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Charlotte sings "Merry Little Minuet". Mickey performs "Bring It On Home to Me," "I'll Fly Away" and "Don't All the Girls Get Prettier at Closing Time". Dinah does "Loneliness."moreless
  • August 30, 1976
    August 30, 1976
    Episode 210

    Dinah's guests are musician Maynard Ferguson, Country singer Freddy Fender, sportscaster Jim McKay and comedian Rich Little.

    Maynard Ferguson performs "Pagliacci".
    Freddy Fender sings "Vaya Con Dios".
    Dinah and Jim sings "You Made Me Love You".

  • August 27, 1976
    August 27, 1976
    Episode 209
    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Florence Henderson, singer Johnny Mathis, comedian Freddie Prinze, newsman Geraldo Rivera, actress Cindy Williams and comic George Miller. Highlights: Johnny sings, "I Only Have Eyes For You" and "Yellow Roses on Her Gown". Florence sings, "Let It Shine".
  • August 26, 1976
    August 26, 1976
    Episode 208
    Dinah's guests are Country singer Mel Tillis, comedian Ronnie Schell, actor Ralph Waite, actress Susan Blanchard and singer Al Wilson. Highlights: Mel sings, "Love Revival". Al sings, "I've Got a Feeling (We'll Be Seeing Each Other Again").
  • August 25, 1976
    August 25, 1976
    Episode 207
    Dinah's guests are actor Mike Farrell, actress Janice Lynde, singer Chuck Berry, TV game show host Geoff Edwards, comic Lonnie Schorr and Rep. Wilbur Mills (D-Ark) and his wife Polly. Highlights: Chuck performs "Roll Over Beethoven," "Carol," "Nadine (Is It You)". Janice sings "Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of My Life". Dinah sings "Hi-Lili-Hi-Lo".moreless
  • August 24, 1976
    August 24, 1976
    Episode 206
    Dinah's guests are actress-singer Bernadette Peters, singer Lou Rawls, musician Doc Severinsen, TV critic Cleveland Amory, singer Thom Bresh, comic Jim Varney and four young adults who are recovered alcoholics. Highlights: Bernadette sings "Mean to Me". Lou Rawls sings "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine". Dinah sings "Fever".
  • August 23, 1976
    August 23, 1976
    Episode 205
    Dinah's guests are singer Donovan, actor Barry Newman, actress Trish Stewart, comedian Shecky Greene, singer Dorothy Moore and Dr. Joe Takamine chairman of the AMA Committee on Alcoholism. Highlights: Donovan sings "Children of the World". Dorothy Moore sings "Misty Blue". Dinah sings "I Wrote A Song".
  • August 13, 1976
    August 13, 1976
    Episode 204
    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Diahann Carroll, TV game show host Monty Hall, actor Robert Urich, actress Ellen Corby and The Sylvers. Highlights: Ellen & Dinah duet with "Politics and Poker". The Sylvers perform "Cotton Candy" and "Boogie Fever". Dinah sings "Where Is Love?"
  • August 11, 1976
    August 11, 1976
    Episode 203
    Dinah's guests are actresses Valerie Harper and Cloris Leachman, Werner Erhard and Dr. Bob Fuller, past president of Oberlin College in Ohio. Highlights: A discussion of EST (Erhard Seminar Training), a consciousness-raising process, featuring its founder, Werner Erhard. Cloris sings "Make Your Own Kind of Music". Dinah & Valerie duet with "Looking for Space". Dinah sings "The Need to Be".moreless
  • August 10, 1976
    August 10, 1976
    Episode 202
    Dinah's guests are actor Hal Holbrook, actress Valerie Perrine, author Barbara Howar, singers Joe & Bing and the comedy duo Granat and Garrozo. Highlights: Joe & Bing perform "Barnstormer" and "You Can Dance to My Song". Dinah sings "Solitaire" and "Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?".
  • August 9, 1976
    August 9, 1976
    Episode 201
    Dinah's guests are actors Richard Crenna and Tom Bosley, singer-actress Annette Funicello and The Supremes. Highlights The Supremes perform "I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking" and "You're What's Missing in My Life". Dinah sings "Moon River" and "Your Song".
  • August 5, 1976
    August 5, 1976
    Episode 200
    Dinah's guests are actress Kathleen Lloyd, TV game show host Tom Kennedy, singer-actress Ren Woods of the Broadway show The Wiz, blues musician Taj Mahal, comedian Franklyn Ajaye and escape artist Steve Baker. Highlights: Ren sings "Home". Taj Mahal performs "Satisfied and Tickled Too" and "New E-Z Rider Blues". Kathleen sings "Desperado". Ren & Dinah perform "Ease On Down the Road". Dinah sings "The Party's Over".moreless
  • August 4, 1976
    August 4, 1976
    Episode 199

    Dinah's guests are singer-dancer-actor Joel Grey, singer-dancer actress Priscilla Lopez, actor Nick Benedict, fashion designer-writer Mary McFadden, Country musician-comedian Gary Mule Deer and R&B group Tavares.

    Tavares performs "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel".
    Priscilla Lopez sings "What I Did For Love".
    Dinah sings "Summertime" and "Walking in Rhythm".

  • August 2, 1976
    August 2, 1976
    Episode 198
    Dinah's guests are actress Sally Kellerman, actor Richard Thomas and his sister, ballerina Bronwyn Thomas, singer Natalie Cole and comedian Charles Nelson Reilly. Highlights: Sally sings "No One Told Me". Charles performs "The TV Repairman". Natalie Cole sings "Mr. Melody" and "Touch Me". Dinah sings "Bein' Green".
  • July 30, 1976
    July 30, 1976
    Episode 197

    Robert Klein is the substitute host, guests are singer Melissa Manchester, actress Virginia Mayo, comedienne Liz Torres, Latin Jazz musician Tito Puente, magician David Luna and football player Lynn Swann.

    Liz Torres sings "Mockin'bird Hill".
    Melissa Manchester sings "Happy Endings".
    Tito Puente and his Orchestra performs "Para Los Rumberos".

  • July 28, 1976
    July 28, 1976
    Episode 196

    Dinah's guests are actress Susan George, Emergency! actors Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe, TV game show host Alex Trebek, basketball star Julius Erving and paramedic Bob Hoff who demonstrates first-aid techniques.

    Susan George sings "I'll Get Over You".
    Dinah performs "No More Blues" and "Only Love Is Real."

  • July 27, 1976
    July 27, 1976
    Episode 195

    Dinah's guests are criminal lawyer F. Lee Bailey, singer Al Jarreau, comedian Norm Crosby and actor William Christopher.

    Al Jarreau sings "Rainbow in Your Eyes" and "Aqua De Beber".
    Dinah sings "Desafinado".

  • July 23, 1976
    July 23, 1976
    Episode 194
    Dinah's guests are celebrity couples Lucille Ball and Gary Morton, James and Gloria Stewart and Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Also: a demonstration of preparing omelets. Highlights: Steve & Eydie duet with "Our Love Is Here to Stay". James & Gary perform "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" and "I Couldn't Carry Carrie". Dinah does a medley of "My Cup Runneth Over" and "Married".moreless
  • July 21, 1976
    July 21, 1976
    Episode 193
    Dinah's guests are Broadway star Mary Martin, actress Cindy Williams, composer Marvin Hamlisch, singers Jack Jones and Jim Stafford. Highlights: Marvin plays the "Theme from "Beacon Hill". Jack sings "What I Did For Love". Jim sings "It's Hard to Love a Fish".
  • July 19, 1976
    July 19, 1976
    Episode 192
    Dinah's guests are actor George Kennedy, comedian Joey Bishop, actress Eva Gabor, singer Frankie Avalon, songwriter Bernie Taupin and a fashion show featuring clothes and wigs designed by Eva. Highlights: Frankie sings "Thank You for That Extra Sunrise". Dinah sings "Your Song".
  • July 16, 1976
    July 16, 1976
    Episode 191
    Dinah's guests are actor-singer-dancer Fred Astaire, actress Debbie Reynolds, singer Ethel Waters, comedienne Nanette Fabray and dancer-actor Bobby Van. Highlights: Fred sings "Life Is Beautiful". Nanette and Bobby in a song-and-dance number perform to "I Got Rhythm". Ethel sings "Cabin in the Sky" and "Dinah". Fred & Dinah duet with "City of Angels".moreless
  • July 9, 1976
    July 9, 1976
    Episode 190
    Dinah's guests are McCloud star actor Dennis Weaver, singer-actor Pat Boone, singer Helen O'Connell, comedian Ronnie Schell, jazz guitarist George Benson, Dick Gregory (on tape) and Anne Cole modeling swimsuit fashions. Highlights: Pat sings "Young and Foolish". Helen sings "The Way We Were". George Benson performs "This Masquerade". Dinah & George duet on "Feel Like Makin' Love".moreless
  • July 8, 1976
    July 8, 1976
    Episode 189
    Dinah's guests are actor Gregory Peck, comedienne Lucie Arnaz, singer John Raitt, comic Morty Gunty and singer Donna Summer. Highlights: Lucie sings "Starlight". John performs "Papa's Gonna Make It Alright". Donna sings "Could It Be Magic" and "Try Me, I Know We Can Make It". Dinah sings "The Best of My Love" and "Testimonial".moreless
  • July 6, 1976
    July 6, 1976
    Episode 188
    Dinah's guests are singers Glen Campbell and Bobby Goldsboro, sportscaster Don Meredith and Tim Gallwey author of "The Inner Game of Tennis". Highlights: Glen sings "Bloodline". Bobby sings "Butterfly for Bucky".
  • July 1, 1976
    July 1, 1976
    Episode 187

    Dinah's guests are comedian-actor George Burns, actor Beau Bridges, Country singer Bobbie Gentry, M*A*S*H actors Jamie Farr and Gary Burghoff, The Dramatics and a Pirate Fashion Show.

    George Burns performs "Nora Malone," "Willy the Weeper," "I'll Buy a Ring and Change Your Name to Mine" and "High Society".
    Bobbie Gentry sings "Ode to Billie Joe".
    Dinah sings "Ain't Misbehavin'."
    The Dramatics perform "Treat Me Like a Man".

  • June 30, 1976
    June 30, 1976
    Episode 186
    Dinah's guests are TV host Ed McMahon, actress Penny Marshall, Country singer Lynn Anderson, comedian Robert Klein and the Little Angels, a Korean song-and dance group. Highlights: Lynn "Faithless Love" and "Never Loved Anyone More". Ed & Dinah duet with "Married". The Little Angels perform "Yohan Degon," "Get Me to the Church on Time" and "Stars and Stripes Forever". Dinah sings "The Best Is Yet to Come".moreless
  • June 29, 1976
    June 29, 1976
    Episode 185

    Dinah's guests are actor-writer-director Orson Welles, singer Eydie Gorme, actor Wayne Rogers, singing duo Seals & Crofts and a fashion show of Sandra Rhodes designs clothes modeled by Mrs. Edgar (Frances) Bergen, Mrs. Lorne (Rita) Greene, Mrs. George (Sherry) Peppard.

    Seals & Crofts sing "Get Closer" and "Baby Blue".
    Eydie Gorme sings "Quereme Mucho".
    Eydie & Dinah sing a Blues medley.

  • June 28, 1976
    June 28, 1976
    Episode 184
    Dinah's guests are actors Danny Thomas, Andy Griffith, and Don Knotts, singer Vikki Carr and comedian Jay Johnson. Highlights: Vikki sings "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" & "Bye Bye Blackbird". Dinah sings "Peaceful". Plus a musical medley of "San Francisco".
  • June 25, 1976
    June 25, 1976
    Episode 183
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Carol Channing, actors Joel McCrea and Robert Fuller, singer Peter Lemongello and Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass. Highlights: Carol sings "One's on the Way". Peter sings "Do I Love You". Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass perform "In the Mood" and "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain".moreless
  • June 23, 1976
    June 23, 1976
    Episode 182
    Jim Nabors is the substitute host for Dinah, actress Lynda Carter, comedienne Minnie Pearl, comedian George Gobel, the singing team of Clay Hart and Sally Flynn and boxer LaVonne Ludian. Highlights: Jim sings "I Ain't Down Yet" and "Take My Hand, Precious Lord". Clay & Sally sing "You Are So Beautiful". Lynda & Jim duet with "Long Tall Sally".moreless
  • June 21, 1976
    June 21, 1976
    Episode 181

    Dinah's guests are comedienne Phyllis Diller, bodybuilder-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor Steve Forrest, Country singer Tom T. Hall and TV game show host Jim McKrell.

    Tom T. Hall performs "I Remember the Day that Clayton Delaney Died" and "You Took a Big Bite Out of My Heart".
    Steve & Dinah duet with "There's A Small Hotel".

  • June 17, 1976
    June 17, 1976
    Episode 180

    Dinah's guests are singer Eddy Arnold, actors Gary Burghoff, and James Luisi, humorist Mort Sahl and wrestler Antoino Inoki.

    Eddy Arnold sings "Cowboy".
    Gary Burghoff performs "This Is My Lucky Day".
    Eddy & Dinah duet with "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?"

  • June 16, 1976
    June 16, 1976
    Episode 179
    Dinah's guests are actor Gregory Peck, actress Sandy Duncan, Broadway singer-actor Ted Ross, comedian John Byner, The Jackson Five and Ed Buckbee, director of the Alabama Space and Rocket Center. Highlights: Michael Jackson sings "One Day in Your Life" and "We're Almost There". Sandy & John duet with "Glory of Love". Ted sings "Don't Cry Girl". Dinah & The Jacksons do "Am I Blue". Dinah solos with "Without Him".moreless
  • June 14, 1976
    June 14, 1976
    Episode 178
    Dinah's guests are Country singer Mel Tillis, actress Mary Kay Place of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, comedian Marty Allen, weight doctor Neil Solomon and the Lockers dancers. Highlights: Mel sings "The New Green Light". The Lockers, in a song-and-dance number perform "Stuffin' the Bird". Dinah sings "Clap Your Hands".
  • June 11, 1976
    June 11, 1976
    Episode 177
    Jim Nabors is the substitute host for Dinah, guests are comedienne Minnie Pearl, singer-actress Bernadette Peters, actress Eva Gabor and Jessica Rains daughter of actor Claude Rains. Highlights: Minnie does "Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?" Bernadette sings "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)". Jim performs "Let Me Be There" and "Tomorrow Never Comes".moreless
  • June 9, 1976
    June 9, 1976
    Episode 176
    Dinah welcomes three celebrity couples, Meredith MacRae & Greg Mullavey, Juliet Prowse & John McCook and Chuck Woolery & Jo Ann Pflug. Highlights: Juliet & John duet with "Midnight Blue" and "For the Good Times". The four ladies sing "So Nice to Have a Man Around the House". Dinah solos with "Takes Two to Tango".moreless
  • June 8, 1976
    June 8, 1976
    Episode 175
    Dinah's guests are actor Jeff Bridges, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, comedian Bill Dana, singer-dancer Jonelle Allen and comic writer Kenny Solms. Highlights: Jonelle sings "Maybe This Time". Jeff sings "Heaven Promised Me". Dinah sings "Feeling Good" and "I'm Sorry".
  • June 4, 1976
    June 4, 1976
    Episode 174
    Dinah's guests are actor Bob Crane, comedian George Gobel, singer-actress Carol Lawrence, songwriter Lamont Dozier and former White House social secretary Letitia Baldridge. Highlights: George sings "Old Sam". Carol sings "People" and "Someone Who Can". Bob does "Groovin' on a Natural High". Dinah and Lamont do a medley of Dozier's tunes. Dinah sings "Serenata".moreless
  • June 3, 1976
    June 3, 1976
    Episode 173

    Dinah's guests are entertainer Ethel Merman, actor Vincent Price, singers Abbe Lane and Frankie Valli and comedian Jimmie Walker.

    Ethel Merman sings "I Got Rhythm".
    Abbe sings a Blues medley.
    Frankie Valli sings "Fallen Angel".
    Dinah sings "Silly Love Songs".

  • June 2, 1976
    June 2, 1976
    Episode 172

    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Tammy Grimes, TV game show host Alex Trebek, poet Maya Angelou, singer Jim Stafford and comic Michael Preminger.

    Tammy sings "They Didn't Believe Me".
    Maya performs "City Called Heaven".
    Jim and Dinah sing "I've Been Everywhere".

  • June 1, 1976
    June 1, 1976
    Episode 171
    Dinah's guests are actress Brenda Vaccaro, singer-actor Pat Boone, sportswriter Bud Greenspan, restaurateur Wally Ganzie and the singing-songwriting team of Ashford & Simpson. Highlights: Pat performs "Talk to the Animals". Ashford & Simpson sing "Somebody Told a Lie". Dinah sings "Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)".
  • May 28, 1976
    May 28, 1976
    Episode 170

    Dinah's guests are actor James Whitmore, comedienne Phyllis Diller, actor Earl Holliman, comedian-actor Jamie Farr and Country music singer Barbara Fairchild.

    Barbara sings "Under Your Spell Again".
    Earl sings "Girls".
    Earl and Dinah duet with "Love Is a Simple Thing".

  • May 27, 1976
    May 27, 1976
    Episode 169

    Dinah's guests are actor Jason Robards, actress Jacqueline Bisset, football star Alex Karras, actor Ralph Waite, Jazz pianist-composer Barbara Carroll and singer Rita Coolidge.

    Rita with Barbara on the piano sings "Mean to Me".
    Rita sings "Black Coffee".
    Dinah sings "Looking For Space".

  • May 25, 1976
    May 25, 1976
    Episode 168
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Carol Burnett, singer Anthony Newley, singer-actor Jim Nabors, The Pointer Sisters and comic Michael Greer. Highlights: Anthony sings "Teach the Children". The Pointer Sisters perform "Live Before You Die" and a Duke Ellington medley. Anthony & Dinah duet with "Good Ole Bad Ole Days".
  • May 24, 1976
    May 24, 1976
    Episode 167

    Dinah's guests are Senator Barry Goldwater, singer John Davidson, TV personality Dick Clark and singer-songwriter Lesley Gore.

    John sings "Everytime I Sing a Love Song".
    Lesley sings "Can't Seem to Live Our Good Times Down".
    Dinah sings "Travelin' Band" in various musical .

  • May 21, 1976
    May 21, 1976
    Episode 166

    Comedian Joey Bishop co-hosts, guests are singer-actress Cher, singer Lynn Anderson, actors Peter Strauss and Richard Anderson and magician Harry Blackstone Jr.

    Lynn sings "All the King's Horses".
    Joey sings "Your Cheatin' Heart".
    Lynn, Joey and Dinah sing "Daddy Sang Bass".

  • May 20, 1976
    May 20, 1976
    Episode 165
    Dinah's guests are actress Liv Ullman, comedian Freddie Prinze, actor Robert Fuller, R&B singer Al Wilson and singer-actress Lisa Hartman. Highlights: Al sings "I've Got a Feeling (We'll Be Seeing Each Other Again)" and "The Snake". Lisa sings "Pickin' Up the Pieces". Dinah sings "I Feel a Song (in My Heart)". Freddie & Dinah duet with "Bill Bailey (Won't You Please Come Home)".moreless
  • May 19, 1976
    May 19, 1976
    Episode 164
    Dinah's guests are TV talk show host David Frost, actor Rod Steiger, Country singer Charley Pride, singing duo Dave and Sugar and pop group The Sylvers. Highlights: Charley sings "Oklahoma Morning" and "My Eyes Can Only See as far as You". The Sylvers perform "Boogie Fever" and "Cotton Candy". Dave & Sugar do "The Door Is Always Open". Dinah sings "Midnight Special" and "Saved".moreless
  • May 18, 1976
    May 18, 1976
    Episode 163

    Dinah's guests are Vice President Spiro Agnew and his wife Judy, Agnew discusses his novel "The Canfield Decision" and offers views on the press and briefly talks about his resignation of the Vice Presidency, singer-songwriter Paul Williams and British singer Maxine Nightingale.

    Paul sings "Don't Call It Love".
    Maxine sings "Right Back Where We Started From".

  • May 17, 1976
    May 17, 1976
    Episode 162

    Dinah's guests are Country singer Glen Campbell, actors Charlton Heston and Cliff Robertson, comic Mike Neun, Bill Steed and The Christy Minstrels.

    Glen Campbell sings "Don't Pull Your Love (Out)".
    Christy Minstrels perform "Ballad for Americans".
    Glen and Dinah duet with "All I Have to Do Is Dream".

  • May 14, 1976
    May 14, 1976
    Episode 161
    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are actor Ed Asner, singing duo Bill Davis & Marilyn McCoo, entertainer Charo and The Checkmates. Also four dancing models are featured in a fashion segment. Highlights: The Checkmates perform "All Alone by the Telephone" and "Body Language". Billy & Marilyn sing "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" and "I Hope We Get to Love in Time". Dinah sings "Honky Cat" and "Vivacious Me".moreless
  • May 13, 1976
    May 13, 1976
    Episode 160
    From Las Vegas, DInah's guests are comedian George Kirby, singers Aretha Franklin and Sergio Franchi, comic Lonnie Shorr and Big Julie, organizer of Vegas gambling junkets. Highlights: Aretha sings a medley of tunes from the film "Sparkle". Sergio sings "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blue" and "What I Did for Love". Dinah sings "Until It's Time for You to Go".moreless
  • May 12, 1976
    May 12, 1976
    Episode 159

    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are actor-singer-dancer Joel Grey, actor-comedian Bill Cosby and his 7-year-old son Ennis, comic David Brenner, actress Jane Powell, The Hues Corporation and The Oak Ridge Boys.

    Jane sings a medley of hits.
    Hues Corporation sing "Rock the Boat".
    Dinah sings a Blues medley.


  • May 11, 1976
    May 11, 1976
    Episode 158
    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are singer-actor Howard Keel, singer-dancer Lola Falana, Country singer Mel Tillis, comedian Ronnie Schell and MGM Lyon. Highlights: Lola sings "My Eyes Adored You". Howard performs a medley of hits. Mel sings "Love Revival" and "The Morning After Baby Let Me Down". Dinah sings "The Hungry Years".moreless
  • May 10, 1976
    May 10, 1976
    Episode 157
    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are singer-actor Hal Linden, TV game show host Bob Barker, singer Natalie Cole and singer-dancer Paul Jabara. Highlights: Hal sings "The Trolley Song" and "What I Did for Love". Natalie sings "Sophisticated Lady". Paul performs "Yankee Doodle Dandy". Dinah sings "Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?"moreless
  • May 7, 1976
    May 7, 1976
    Episode 156
    A Salute to Michael Landon. Dinah's guests are Michael Landon and his wife Lynn, actor Lorne Greene, actresses Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson and Karen Morris, 1974 America's Junior Miss. Highlights: Karen sings "Someday, Soon". Dinah sings "Bein' a Cowboy".
  • May 6, 1976
    May 6, 1976
    Episode 155
    A Salute to Hollywood Squares. Dinah's guests are TV game show host Peter Marshall, comedienne Joan Rivers, actress Rose Marie, comedians Paul Lynde, Rich Little and George Gobel. Highlights: Dinah and Peter sing "Comedy Tonight".
  • May 5, 1976
    May 5, 1976
    Episode 154
    A Salute to Loretta Lynn. Dinah's guests are Country singer Loretta, her sister singer Crystal Gayle, Owen Bradley, Loretta's record producer, Happy Days actors Ron Howard and Anson Williams and a phone interview with Gregory Peck. Highlights: Loretta Lynn sings "When the Trains Go Rolling By". Crystal Gayle sings "Somebody Loves You". Anson Williams sings "Never Can Say Goodbye". Loretta & Dinah sing a medley of Loretta's hits.moreless
  • May 4, 1976
    May 4, 1976
    Episode 153
    Dinah's guests are Welcome Back Kotter actor John Travolta, Happy Days actor Donny Most, comedian Redd Foxx of Sanford & Son, TV game show host Bob Barker and stand-up comedienne Elayne Boosler. Highlights: John sings "Let Her In". Donny sings "Lay Me Down". Dinah sings "Here, There and Everywhere".
  • May 3, 1976
    May 3, 1976
    Episode 152
    A salute to college theater life at Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.) Dinah welcomes guests Charlton Heston, Cloris Leachman, Ann-Margret, Richard Schaal and Claude Akins. Highlights: Ann-Margret & Dinah sing, "She Loves Me".
  • April 30, 1976
    April 30, 1976
    Episode 151
    Dinah's guests are actress Joanne Woodward, singer Tony Orlando, musician Doc Severinsen, Country singer Freddy Fender and lecturer-consumer advocate Connie Lapin. Highlights: Freddy sings "You Lose a Good Thing". Doc performs "Spanish Dreams". Tony & Freddy sing "La Bamba". Doc & Dinah do "They Can't Take That Away From You".
  • April 29, 1976
    April 29, 1976
    Episode 150
    Dinah's guests are actress Jane Fonda and her father acting legend Henry Fonda, actor Elliott Gould, Country singer Donna Fargo and The Miracles. Highlights: The Miracles perform "Love Machine" and "Do It Baby". Donna sings "Sing for Your Supper" and "Mr. Doodles". Jane & Dinah sing "With a Little Help from My Friends".moreless
  • April 28, 1976
    April 28, 1976
    Episode 149

    Dinah's guests are actors Billy Dee Williams and Don Adams, actresses Mary Kay Place of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley, TV game show host Bob Barker and Country singer-musician Thom Bresh.

    Don and Dinah sing "Indian Love Call" ala Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald.
    Tom sings "Homemade Love".
    Dinah sings "I Write the Songs".

  • April 27, 1976
    April 27, 1976
    Episode 148
    Dinah's guests are actors Raymond Burr and Barry Newman, Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and Country singer Roger Miller. Highlights: Ella sings "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "I Only Have Eyes For You". Roger sings "You Do Little Things to Me". Roger, Ella and Barry perform "Scat". Ella & Dinah do a medley of jazz standards.moreless
  • April 26, 1976
    April 26, 1976
    Episode 147
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Betty White, singer-actress Florence Henderson, actor Gary Burghoff and singer Jim Stafford. Highlights: Florence sings a medley of "We Made It Happen" and "I Got Love". Jim performs fragments of funny, original tunes. All join in for "Talk to the Animals". Dinah sings "The Hungry Years".
  • April 23, 1976
    April 23, 1976
    Episode 146
    Dinah's guests are comedian Bill Cosby, actor John Amos, singer-songwriter Tom Sullivan, tennis star Martina Navratilova and Country & Western band Asleep At the Wheel. Highlights: Tom sings "Lady for an Evening". Asleep at the Wheel perform "Nothing Takes the Place of You" and "Take Me Back to Tulsa". Dinah sings "Fat Albert" with Bill.moreless
  • April 22, 1976
    April 22, 1976
    Episode 145

    Dinah's guests are entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., singer Jack Jones, singing duo Bill Davis & Marilyn McCoo, comic Mike Neun and stuntman-director Hal Needham. Also offbeat men's fashions are modeled.

    Sammy does a medley of "Now That We're in Love" and "I Write the Songs".
    Jack sings "Send in the Clowns" and "Once in a While".

  • April 21, 1976
    April 21, 1976
    Episode 144

    Dinah's guests are actress Bea Arthur, singer-actor Hal Linden, lyricist Jule Styne and gardener Jerry Baker.

    Beatrice sings "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man".
    Beatrice and Dinah sing "Someplace to Be Bad".
    Dinah sings "A Most Unusual Day" and "Birth of the Blues".
    All join in for "Gypsy".

  • April 20, 1976
    April 20, 1976
    Episode 143
    Dinah's guests are actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr., football star Terry Bradshaw, comedian Dick Gautier, Arnold & Thompson and a Hong Kong Fashion Show. Also a Salute to the year 1926.
  • April 19, 1976
    April 19, 1976
    Episode 142
    Dinah's guests are Country singers Hoyt Axton and Don Williams, comedians John Byner and Norm Crosby, singer-bandleader Billy Eckstine and singer-comedienne Kaye Ballard. Highlights: Hoyt performs "Flash of Fire" and "Evangellina". Kaye sings "I See a Man". Billy does "Yes, I Can". Don sings "You're My Best Friend".
  • April 15, 1976
    April 15, 1976
    Episode 141
    Dinah's guests are musican-actor Desi Arnaz Sr. and his son Desi Arnaz Jr., pianst Victor Borge and his daughter Rikki Borge and TV host Art Linkletter with four people who appeared on Art's old House Party TV series. Highlights: Desi Sr. & Dinah sing "Yours". Dinah sings "Deed I Do".
  • April 13, 1976
    April 13, 1976
    Episode 140

    Dinah's guests are entertainer Pearl Bailey, singers Ray Stevens and Lana Cantrell, Broadway musical writers Gretchen Cryer & Nancy Ford, comic duo Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon.

    Pearl and Dinah duet with "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You".
    Ray performs "Cornball".
    Lana sings "I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way".
    Gretchen and Nancy do "Changing".
    Ray and Dinah sing "Night and Day".

  • April 9, 1976
    April 9, 1976
    Episode 139

    Dinah's guests are actress Cicely Tyson, actor Art Carney and his wife Barbara Carney, Shaft star actor Richard Roundtree and actor Paul Eichel.

    Art and Dinah duet with "Skylark".
    Dinah sings "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year" and "Mockingbird".

  • April 8, 1976
    April 8, 1976
    Episode 138

    Dinah's guests are comedian Frank Gorshin, singer-actor Pat Boone, actress Susan Clark and Jack Valenti, President of the Motion Picture Association of America.

    Pat and Dinah do a medley of songs about April,
    Susan sings "When You've Gone Away".
    Pat sings "Glory Train".
    Frank sings "April Showers".

  • April 6, 1976
    April 6, 1976
    Episode 137

    Dinah's guests are actor Walter Matthau, TV game show host Monty Hall, dancer-actor Bobby Van, Walter's co-stars from the film Bad News Bears actors Brett Marx and George Gonzales and The Oakridge Boys.

    Oakridge Boys of "Heaven Bound".
    Dinah sings "South Rampart Street Parade".

  • April 2, 1976
    April 2, 1976
    Episode 136
    Dinah's guests are actor-director-writer-producer Orson Welles, mime Marcel Marceau, TV talk show host Dick Cavett and Country singer Roy Clark. Highlights: Roy Clark sings "If I Had to Do It All Over Again I'd Do It With You". Dick & Dinah duet with "Your Cheating Heart".
  • March 31, 1976
    March 31, 1976
    Episode 135
    Dinah's guests are singer Mac Davis, comedian Richard Pryor, actress Lynda Carter, comic Tom Dreesen and Roots author Alex Haley. Highlights: Mac sings, "Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham".
  • March 30, 1976
    March 30, 1976
    Episode 134
    Dinah's guests are actor James Earl Jones, Golfer Sandra Palmer, Reverend Jesse Jackson, singers Gino Vannelli and Jim Stafford. Highlights: Gino sings "People Gotta Move" and "Keep on Walking". Jim sings "Go Down Gamblin'". Dinah sings "This Could Be the Start of Something Big".
  • March 29, 1976
    March 29, 1976
    Episode 133
    Dinah's guests are from the film The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox, actor George Segal, actress Goldie Hawn, actor Conrad Janis, comic Sid Gould, screenwriter Mel Frank and Segal's Jazz Band, comprised of George, Conrad, Goldie's father and Mel's son.
  • March 26, 1976
    March 26, 1976
    Episode 132

    Dinah's guests are actress Nanette Fabray, actor Donald O'Connor, Hollywood columnist Rona Barrett, singing duo Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. and writer Michael Preminger.

    Marilyn and Billy duet with "I Hope We Get to Love in Time".
    Dinah sings "In the Still of the Night" and "What Is This Thing Called Love?"

  • March 25, 1976
    March 25, 1976
    Episode 131

    Dinah's guests are actress Connie Stevens, comedian Marty Allen, actor Scatman Crothers, singer Joanie Sommers, producer-manager Irving Fein (the late Jack Benny's manager) and John Lamont.

    Scatman performs "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter".
    Joanie sings "Swearin' to God".

  • March 24, 1976
    March 24, 1976
    Episode 130

    Dinah's guests are from the film The Sunshine Boys actors George Burns, Walter Matthau and Richard Benjamin and writer Neil Simon.

    Dinah sings "Make 'Em Laugh".
    A clip from "The Sunshine Boys" is shown.

  • March 23, 1976
    March 23, 1976
    Episode 129
    Dinah's guests are actress Sandy Duncan, The Spinners, Country singer Tanya Tucker, TV game show host Allen Ludden, Record producer Thom Bell, pianist-actor Dominic Savage and Ed Buckbee director of the Alabama Space and Rocket Center. Highlights: Tanya sings "Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You". The Spinners perform "Love or Leave". Thom and the Spinners do a medley of hits.moreless
  • March 22, 1976
    March 22, 1976
    Episode 128
    Dinah's guests are singer-dancer Lola Falana, comedian John Byner, sportscaster Frank Gifford, football star Terry Bradshaw and singer-songwriter Tom Sullivan. Highlights: Lola & Tom duet with "Delta Dawn". John sings "We've Only Just Begun". Frank does "Tears on Pillow". Tom sings "Yes, I'm Ready". Terry sings "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry".moreless
  • March 19, 1976
    March 19, 1976
    Episode 127
    Dinah's guests are actor Georg Stanford Brown,comedians Pat Paulsen and Charles Nelson Reilly, TV game show host Geoff Edwards, the rhythm-and-blues group Creative Source and psychologist Richard Corriere. Highlights: Creative Source performs "Sincerely". Dinah sings "I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me".
  • March 17, 1976
    March 17, 1976
    Episode 126

    Dinah's guests are Country singer Buck Owens & the Buckaroos, actress Nanette Fabray, actors James Darren and Gary Burghoff and psychic Kenny Kingston.

    Buck Owens & the Buckaroos perform "Battle of New Orleans".
    James Darren sings "Love Will Keep Us Together".
    Gary does "You're Gonna Hear From Me".
    Dinah, Buck & the Buckaroos do "Crawdad".
    Dinah sings "I'm Sorry".

  • March 16, 1976
    March 16, 1976
    Episode 125
    Dinah's guests are TV game show host Bob Barker, songstress Kay Starr, singer Jim Stafford and 14-year-old singer Scotty Plummer. Highlights: Kay sings "Swearin' to God". Jim does "Mr. Bojangles" and a medley of "One of Those Songs". Scotty performs "Bill Bailey". Dinah & Kay duet with "I'm Through with Love". Dinah sings "The Best Is Yet to Come".moreless
  • March 12, 1976
    March 12, 1976
    Episode 124

    Dinah's guests are celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor, singer Jaye P. Morgan, comedians George Kirby, and Dick Gautier, songstress Maureen McGovern and cooking author Merle Ellis.

    Jaye P. Morgan sings "Keep the Customer Satisfied".
    Dinah and Jaye duet with "You've Got to See Mama Ev'ry Night".
    Maureen McGovern sings "Even Better Than I Know Myself" and "Living in the City".
    Dinah sings "Show Me".

  • March 11, 1976
    March 11, 1976
    Episode 123

    Dinah's guests are baritone Robert Merrill, actress Bonnie Franklin, actor Robert Fuller, bandleader Lawrence Welk and comedian Jamie Farr.

    Bonnie sings "You're the Cream in My Coffee".
    Dinah sings "Married".
    All join in for "Sweet Adeline".

  • March 10, 1976
    March 10, 1976
    Episode 122

    Dinah's guests are actors Jack Lemmon and Henry Fonda and comedian John Byner.

    Jack sings "I Wanna Know, Honey".
    Dinah and Jack duet with "It's Easy to Remember".
    John does impressions of singers.
    Dinah sings "The Days of Wine and Roses".

  • March 9, 1976
    March 9, 1976
    Episode 121

    Dinah's guests are comedian Joey Bishop, singer Vic Damone, actor Anson Williams, actress Louise Lasser and screenwriter-author Gail Parent.

    Vic Damone sings "Feelings".
    Anson does "Hooked On a Feeling".
    Vic and Dinah duet with a medley of hits.
    Dinah sings "Solitaire".

  • March 8, 1976
    March 8, 1976
    Episode 120
    Dinah's guests are singer Helen Reddy, singer-actor Frankie Avalon, comedian Dick Shawn, singer Ren Woods, Marvin Rosenblum, organizer of the "Hands Across America" campaign and a denim-fashion show from Jag Fashions. Highlights: Helen sings "Somewhere in the Night". Frankie does a disco version of "Venus". Ren sings "Sure As I'm Sittin' Here" and a medley of "happy" songs.moreless
  • March 5, 1976
    March 5, 1976
    Episode 119
    A show saluting People Magazine second anniversary. Dinah's guests are Kojak star actor Telly Savalas, actress-model Margaux Hemingway, Country singer Charlie Rich, singer Phoebe Snow and the publication's managing editor, Richard B. Stolley. Highlights: In the audience, Dinah chats with more celebrities, including Edith Head, Jack Albertson, the Captain & Tennille, Shari Lewis, Timothy Bottoms.moreless
  • March 4, 1976
    March 4, 1976
    Episode 118

    Dinah's guests are actress Joan Hackett, TV game show host Bob Barker, singer-dancer Lola Falana, comedian Robert Klein and author Laurence Peter.

    Lola Falana sings "Feelings".
    Joan Hackett performs "Lady With a Braid".
    Dinah sings "Nearer".

  • March 3, 1976
    March 3, 1976
    Episode 117
    Dinah's guests are singer David Bowie, actor Henry Winkler, comedienne Nancy Walker, actress Candy Clark, singer Natalie Cole, karate instructor Dwayne Vaughn and psychologist Thelma Moss. Highlights: David Bowie sings "Stay" and "Five Years". Natalie Cole sings "Inseparable".
  • March 2, 1976
    March 2, 1976
    Episode 116
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Bob Hope, singer-actress Debbie Reynolds, actress Louise Fletcher, comedienne Hermione Baddeley and singer Mel Tillis. Highlights: Mel sings "Mental Revenge," "Storms Never Last". Dinah & Hermione duet with "Underneath the Arches". Dinah sings "Without Him".
  • March 1, 1976
    March 1, 1976
    Episode 115
    Salute to the 50's. Dinah's guests are singer Tennessee Ernie Ford, The Platters, Laverne & Shirley stars actresses Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, comic Lonnie Shorr and TV game-show host Chuck Woolery. Highlights: Tennessee Ernie Ford sings "Big Mable Murphy" The Platters perform "Guilty" and a medley of hits. Chuck sings "Lonestar Hotel". Dinah & Tennessee Ernie "Half As Much," "My Happiness". Penny & Cindy sing a little ditty on their heads.moreless
  • February 27, 1976
    February 27, 1976
    Episode 114
    A special salute to the Grammy awards. Dinah's guests are singers Andy Williams, Neil Sedaka and Bill Withers, TV critic Cleveland Amory and Broadway actress-singer Virginia Capers. Highlights: Andy sings "Feelings" and "Tell It like It Is". Neil does "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" and "Bad Blood". Bill Withers performs "Ain't No Sunshine" and "I Wish You Well". Virginia sings "Measure the Valley". Dinah sings "Killing Me Softly with His Song".moreless
  • February 26, 1976
    February 26, 1976
    Episode 113
    Dinah's guests are actor Lloyd Bridges, writer Carl Reiner, his son actor Rob Reiner, singer-actor Hal Linden, Country singer Freddy Fender and Adolfo Men's Fashion Show. Highlights: Freddy sings "You'll Lose a Good Thing". Hal sings "Sunrise, Sunset". Dinah & Hal duet with a love medley. Dinah sings "It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House".moreless
  • February 25, 1976
    February 25, 1976
    Episode 112
    Dinah has a special visit with actor Raymond Burr, guests are actress Barbara Hale, actor Don Galloway, Starsky & Hutch stars
    David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser, The Hudson Brothers and singer-lyricist-actress Molly Picon. Highlights: The Hudson Brothers perform "Spinning the Wheel". Raymond & Dinah duet with "Where Does Love Go?" Molly sings "What the People Make a Living From".moreless
  • February 24, 1976
    February 24, 1976
    Episode 111
    Dinah has a special visit with Carroll O'Connor and his wife Nancy, actors Jack Palance and Burgess Meredith and Italian chef Erman Gildo. Highlights: Dinah and Carroll sing "Grey Sundays In". Dinah performs "Come Back to Sorrento."
  • February 23, 1976
    February 23, 1976
    Episode 110
    Dinah's guests are The Waltons cast with creator Earl Hamner Jr. and actors Richard Thomas, Michael Learned, Ralph Waite, Ellen Corby, Will Geer, Judy Norton, Jon Walmsley, Eric Scott, Mary Elizabeth McDonough, David Harper and Kami Cotler. Highlights: A musical salute to 1932 by Dinah. Ellen & Will sing "I Remember It Well". Jon & Ellen sing "Ironing Board Blues".moreless
  • February 20, 1976
    February 20, 1976
    Episode 109
    Dinah's guests are actor Chad Everett, Country singer Tammy Wynette, comedian Harvey Korman, comedienne Totie Fields and The DeFranco Family. Highlights: Tammy sings "Till I Can Make It On My Own", "Amazing Grace" and "I'll Fly Away". The DeFranco Family perform "I Thought You Might Like to Know" and "Drummer Man". Tammy & Dinah duet with "Country Road". Dinah sings "Fly Away".moreless
  • February 19, 1976
    February 19, 1976
    Episode 108
    Dinah's guests are actor Ben Gazzara, singer-actor Jim Nabors, football player Lynn Swann, sportscaster Don Meredith, entertainer Charo and Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods. Highlights: Jim sings "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods perform "Hole in My Sole". Charo & Dinah duet with "La Yenka". Dinah sings "The Way I Want to Touch You".moreless
  • February 18, 1976
    February 18, 1976
    Episode 107

    Dinah's guests are actress Karen Valentine, actor Barry Newman, comedian David Steinberg, Country singer Charley Pride, actor-stuntman Thom Bresh, baseball player Johnny Bench and polygraph examiner Al Burdick.

    Charley Pride sings "The Happiness of Having You".
    Barry and Dinah duet with "Manhattan".
    Dinah sings "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover".

  • February 17, 1976
    February 17, 1976
    Episode 106
    Dinah's guests are Captain & Tennille, actor David Groh, comedian Jimmie Walker, singer-actress Florence Henderson and comedian Stan Kann. Highlights: The Captain & Tennille perform "Love Will Keep Us Together" (in Spanish) and "Lonely Nights". Florence & Dinah duet with "The Lady Is a Tramp". Dinah & the Captain & Tennille do "Mr. Bojangles".moreless
  • February 16, 1976
    February 16, 1976
    Episode 105

    Dinah's guests are actors Roy Scheider and Edward Asner, singer-songwriter Michael Murphey, singer Leslie Uggams and comedian George Gobel.

    Edward and Dinah duet with "S Wonderful".
    Leslie sings "I Want to Make It Easy For You".
    Michael Murphey sings "Wildfire".

  • February 13, 1976
    February 13, 1976
    Episode 104
    Dinah's guests are actor Richard Dreyfuss, golfer Arnold Palmer, singer-dancer-actor Ben Vereen, Country singer Roger Miller and champion hot-pepper eater Juan C. Sanchez. Highlights: Ben sings "You Make Me Feel Brand New". Roger performs "You Are My Sunshine" and "Me and Bobby McGee". Dinah does "Winning" concluding the show honoring award winnersmoreless
  • February 12, 1976
    February 12, 1976
    Episode 103

    Dinah's guests are actor Vincent Price, singer Anne Murray, singer-songwriter Morris Albert, composer Henry Mancini, Miss America Tawny Godin and Joan Embery from the San Diego Zoo.

    Henry and Dinah perform "The Days of Wine and Roses".
    Henry plays "Mr. Lucky".
    Anne Murray sings "Snowbird" and "Everything Old is New Again".
    Morris Albert sings "Feelings" and "Sweet Loving Man".
    Dinah sings "Moon River" accompanied by Henry Mancini on the piano.

  • February 11, 1976
    February 11, 1976
    Episode 102
    Dinah's guests are Kojak star actor Telly Savalas, TV game show host Peter Marshall, actress Lee Meriwether and actor Buddy Ebsen from Barnaby Jones, comedian Marty Allen and producer-director Howard W. Koch.
  • February 10, 1976
    February 10, 1976
    Episode 101
    A salute to award-winning celebrities continues. Dinah's guests are actor Peter Ustinov, former football star turned actor Fred Williamson, The Lettermen and two stuntmen. Highlights: The Lettermen perform a medley of their hits, sing "The Best of My Love" and are joined by Fred for "Goodnight, Well It's Time to Go."moreless
  • February 9, 1976
    February 9, 1976
    Episode 100
    Dinah's guests are comic actor Don Knotts, comedian Richard Pryor, tennis champ Jimmy Connors, sportscaster Don Meredith, Cajun singer Doug Kershaw and rodeo champ Larry Mahan. Highlights: Doug sings "Natural Man" and "Louisiana Man". Dinah performs "Bill."
  • February 6, 1976
    February 6, 1976
    Episode 99

    Dinah's guests are actor Hal Linden of Barney Miller, comedian Rich Little, singer Bobby Goldsboro and actor Jack Albertson.

    Hal sings "In My Own Lifetime".
    Jack sings "More I Cannot Wish You".
    Bobby sings "Honey".
    Dinah and Rich do a selection of novelty tunes.

  • February 5, 1976
    February 5, 1976
    Episode 98
    Salute to the Bicentennial Year. Dinah's guests are actor Robert Young, singer Kenny Rogers, actor-dancer Joel Grey and Senator John Warner, national administrator of the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration. Highlights: Joel performs a George M. Cohan medley. Kenny sings "Love Lifted Me". Dinah does "A Fella Needs a Girl".
  • February 4, 1976
    February 4, 1976
    Episode 97
    A tribute to top-selling recording artists. Dinah's guests are Country singers Marty Robbins and C.W. McCall, The Temptations, singers Helen O'Connell and Bob Eberle and attorney Larry Thompson. Highlights: Marty sings "El Paso" and "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife". C.W. McCall performs "Convoy". The Temptations perform "Darling Stand By Me" and "Keep On Holding". Helen & Bob do a big-band medley. Dinah sings "Love Will Keep Us Together".moreless
  • February 3, 1976
    February 3, 1976
    Episode 96

    Dinah's guests are comedian Joey Bishop, actor James Coco, actress Marisa Berenson, TV game show host Bert Convy and singer-songwriter Tom Waits.

    Tom Waits sings "Warm Beer and Cold Women".
    Dinah sings a blues medley.

  • February 2, 1976
    February 2, 1976
    Episode 95
    Dinah's guests are actor Charles Durning, designer Edith Head, comedian Don Adams, actor Fred Williamson and entertainment columnist Radie Harris. Highlights: Dinah sings "I Oughtta Be in Pictures" and "The Way We Were". Also a fashion show featuring clothes worn in the film Lombard and Gable.
  • January 30, 1976
    January 30, 1976
    Episode 94
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Carol Channing, TV game show host Bob Barker, actress Bonnie Franklin and R&B singer Esther Phillips. Highlights: Esther sings "What a Diff'rence a Day Makes".
  • January 29, 1976
    January 29, 1976
    Episode 93
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Ruth Buzzi, R&B singer Al Green, Country singer Ronnie Milsap, pop singer David Geddes and Dr. Joyce Brothers. Highlights: Al sings "Sha-La-La" and "Full of Fire". Ronnie performs "I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)" and "Just in Case". David does "The Last Game of the Season (A Blind Man in the Bleachers)" and "Run Joey Run". Dinah sings "There's a Man in My Life".moreless
  • January 27, 1976
    January 27, 1976
    Episode 92
    Dinah's guests are Country singer Charlie Rich, actor Wayne Rogers, Country performer David Wills, comedian Stan Kann and the Staple Singers. Highlights: Charlie sings "Since I Fell for You" and "Feel like Going Home". The Staple Singers perform "Let's Do It Again" and "Whole Lotta Love". David does "Queen of the Starlight Ballroom". Charlie & Dinah duet with "Mellow Melody".moreless
  • January 26, 1976
    January 26, 1976
    Episode 91
    Dinah's guests are actress Sally Struthers, entertainer Rod McKuen, actor Jack Gilford, musician Lionel Hampton and singer-impressionist Dean Scott. Highlights: Lionel performs "Airmail Special". Rod McKuen and Lionel Hampton perform "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" and "How High the Moon". Dean sings "The Children's Song". Dinah sings "Leaving on a Jet Plane".moreless
  • January 23, 1976
    January 23, 1976
    Episode 90
    Dinah's guests are Opera star Roberta Peters, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, actor Mike Farrell, rock group War and family therapist Dr. Gerald Walter Smith. Highlights: Roberta sings "I Love You So". War performs "Low Rider" and "Smile Happy". Mike does "Dear Old Donegal". Dinah sings "Alright, Okay, You Win".
  • January 22, 1976
    January 22, 1976
    Episode 89

    Dinah's guests are actress Mary Tyler Moore, comedienne Betty White, singer-actor-dancer Joel Grey and pop duo Seals & Crofts.

    Joel Grey sings "The More I See You".
    Dinah and Joel duet with "It Couldn't Please Me More".
    Seals and Crofts perform "Advance Guards".
    Dinah sings "Saved".

  • January 21, 1976
    January 21, 1976
    Episode 88

    Dinah's guests are actress Jane Fonda, musician Chet Atkins, singer Stephanie Mills and from The Monkees, Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones, and Boyce & Hart singers & composers Bobby Hart & Tommy Boyce, who wrote several of The Monkees hit songs.

    A medley of The Monkees hits.
    Chet performs "The Night They Burned Atlanta".
    Stephanie sings "This Empty Place".
    Jane and Dinah duet with "We've Been Everywhere".

  • January 20, 1976
    January 20, 1976
    Episode 87
    Dinah's guests are comedian Arte Johnson, actor Dick Gautier, singer Dolly Parton, the Hues Corporation, and New York Times food editor Craig Claiborne. Highlights: Dolly sings "We Used To" and "Love Is like a Butterfly". Dick does "Bein' Green". Hues Corporation performs "You Showed Me What Love Is" and "I Got Caught Dancing Again". Dinah sings "A Quiet Thing".moreless
  • January 19, 1976
    January 19, 1976
    Episode 86
    Dinah's guests are Playboy editor Hugh Hefner, singer-actress Barbi Benton, singer-actor Pat Boone, actress Nanette Fabray, singer-musician D'Aldo Romano and rock band The Doobie Brothers Highlights: Pat sings "Glory Train". Barbi sings "Ain't That Just the Way". The Doobie Brothers perform "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)". D'Aldo sings "This Is My Life".moreless
  • January 16, 1976
    January 16, 1976
    Episode 85
    Dinah concludes the week from Las Vegas with guests singer Ethel Merman, entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., actress-singer Charo, singer-dancer-actor Ben Vereen, comedian Billy Crystal and the David and Goliath ballet-acrobatic act. Highlights: Ethel sings "Nothing Can Stop Me Now". Sammy performs "Song and Dance Man". Ben does a medley featuring "Corner of the Sky," "Aquarius," "Hair," "Prayer" and "Jesus Christ Superstar". Charo sings "La Salsa".moreless
  • January 15, 1976
    January 15, 1976
    Episode 84
    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, singer Chuck Berry, comedian Pat Henry, musician Al Hirt, Broadway child performer Ralph Carter and mentalist the Amazing Kreskin. Highlights: Al performs "Lover, Come Back to Me". Chuck does a medley of his hits. Barry sings "I Write the Songs". Ralph performs "Sidewalk Tree". Dinah sings "I'm A Brass Band".moreless
  • January 14, 1976
    January 14, 1976
    Episode 83

    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are singer Jose Feliciano, comedians George Kirby and Norm Crosby, The Mills Brothers, Lassie and her trainer Rudd Weatherwax.

    Jose sings "Angela".
    Mills Brothers sing a medley of past hits.
    George Kirby doing impressions of various performers does "Going to Chicago (Blues)".

  • January 13, 1976
    January 13, 1976
    Episode 82
    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are actor McLean Stevenson who enters riding Bertha the Elephant, singer-dancer Lola Falana, The Staple Singers and comedian Mike Neun. Highlights: Lola sings "I Want to Be Where You Are" & "Come See About Me". The Staple Singers do a medley of hits and perform "Let's Do It Again". McLean & Dinah duet on "For Once in My Life". Dinah sings "When Day Is Done".moreless
  • January 12, 1976
    January 12, 1976
    Episode 81
    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are singer Wayne Newton, comedian Don Rickles, singer Jerry Vale, TV personality Des O'Connor and Circus performer juggler El Gran Picasso. Highlights: Wayne sings "Once in a Lifetime". Little Richard performs "Lucille". Dinah sings "All in Love is Fair".
  • January 8, 1976
    January 8, 1976
    Episode 80
    Dinah's guests are actor Michael Douglas, singer Helen Reddy, Underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, actor Scatman Crothers, bellman Donald Karabasch and Australian Mollie Stewart, winner of a trip to Hollywood to meet Dinah and Pauline Johnson, public-relations representative for an airline.Highlights: Helen sings "Until It's Time for You to Go". Scatman does "Do Something". Dinah sings "Smack Dab in the Middle".moreless
  • January 7, 1976
    January 7, 1976
    Episode 79
    Dinah's guests are actor George Peppard, TV game show host Monty Hall, comedians Lonnie Shorr and Stan Kann, The Pointer Sisters and The Statler Brothers. Highlights: The Pointer Sisters sing "Goin' Down Slowly" and "Save the Bones for Henry Jones". The Statler Brothers perform "I'll Go to My Grave Loving You". George, Monty & Dinah sing "Bye Bye Blackbird".moreless
  • January 5, 1976
    January 5, 1976
    Episode 78

    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Hal Linden, comedienne Liz Torres, singer Kenny Rankin, James Jones author of "From Here to Eternity".and Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass.

    Hal sings "I'll Never Pass This Way Again".
    Kenny sings "Up From the Skies".
    Liz sings "Down On Me".
    Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass perform "Satin Sheets".

  • January 2, 1976
    January 2, 1976
    Episode 77
    Dinah's guests are actors Edward Asner and Gig Young, comedian Ronnie Schell, singer Aliza Kashi, butcher Merle Ellis and Rhythm and Blues group Graham Central Station. Highlights: Aliza sings "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling". Graham Central Station perform "Your Love". Dinah sings "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again".
  • December 31, 1975
    December 31, 1975
    Episode 76
    New Year's Episode, Dinah welcomes guests actresses Zsa Zsa Gabor and Karen Valentine, singer Frankie Laine, "Dear Abby" columnist Abigail Van Buren, bandleader Guy Lombardo and Journalist Helen Thomas author of "Dateline: White House". Highlights: Frankie sings, "On the Sunny Side of the Street". Karen Valentine sings while Guy Lombardo conducts to "Auld Lang Syne".moreless
  • December 30, 1975
    December 30, 1975
    Episode 75
    Dinah's guests are actor Vincent Price, rocker Alice Cooper, singer Frank Sinatra Jr., comedian Larry Storch and singer Millie Jackson. Highlights: Vincent and Dinah do a medley of songs about food. Frank performs "Easy Come, Easy Go". Millie sings "Loving Arms" and "I Still Love You, Still Love Me."
  • December 29, 1975
    December 29, 1975
    Episode 74

    Dinah's guests are actor Richard Chamberlain, actress Deborah Kerr, author Joseph Wambaugh, actor Abe Vigoda and jazz singer Al Jarreau.

    Richard and Dinah sing "On a Clear Day".
    Al sings "We Got By" and "Sweet Potato Pie".

  • December 26, 1975
    December 26, 1975
    Episode 73
    Dinah welcomes the cast of Emergency!; actor Robert Fuller, singer-actress Julie London, actors Bobby Troup, Kevin Tighe, Randolph Mantooth and real-life paramedic Bob Hoff. Other guests include alto clairinetist Ray Pizzi and family counselor Dr. Gerald Walker Smith. Highlights: Bobby & Robert perform "Mountain Greenery". Ray performs "Madalena". Dinah sings "Love Will Keep Us Together".moreless
  • December 24, 1975
    December 24, 1975
    Episode 72

    Dinah's guests are actor Rock Hudson, comedian Dom DeLuise, actress Sally Struthers, comic actor Marty Feldman and 12 Disney characters.

    Sally sings "Jingle Bells".
    Dom sings "Deck the Halls".
    Rock and Dinah duet with "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".
    Marty sings "Happy Holiday".
    Dinah sings "Silent Night".

  • December 23, 1975
    December 23, 1975
    Episode 71
    Dinah's guests are singer Anthony Newley, tennis star Chris Evert, sportscaster Don Meredith, comic Mike Neun and Burt & Jane Boyar authors of "World Class". Highlights: Anthony sings, "Who Can I Turn To?" and "Love Has the Longest Memory". Don, Mike and Dinah sing, "The Cover of the Rolling Stone". Dinah closes with "Feeling Good".moreless
  • December 22, 1975
    December 22, 1975
    Episode 70

    Dinah's guests are TV host Ed McMahon, comedian Jerry Lewis, singer Sonny James, musician Jose Perez, journalist Tom Braden and author Connie Spooner.

    Sonny sings "There Goes My Everything".
    Dinah sings "So What's New?"

  • December 19, 1975
    December 19, 1975
    Episode 69
    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Robert Goulet, composer Burt Bacharach, and his father, syndicated columnist Bert Bacharach, singer Jo Stafford, her husband, musical conductor Paul Weston, and their daughter, Amy. Highlights: Robert sings "Someone to Give My Love To". Burt performs "No One Remembers My Name". Jo sings "Embraceable You". Jo & Paul perform "I Love Paris". Amy sings "You Belong to Me".moreless
  • December 18, 1975
    December 18, 1975
    Episode 68
    Dinah's guests are performer Rod McKuen, singer Petula Clark, actress Carol Wayne, Dr. Joyce Brothers, comedian Norm Crosby and pop group Deadly Night Shade. Highlights: Rod sings "Sleep Warm". Deadly Night Shade performs "Dance, Mr. Big, Dance".
  • December 17, 1975
    December 17, 1975
    Episode 67
    Dinah's guests are author Truman Capote, actor Barry Newman, actor-comedian Ted Knight and rock duo Flo and Eddie. Highlights: Ted sings "The Man Who Used to Be". Barry does "Glad to Be Unhappy". Flo and Eddie perform "Rebecca". Dinah sings a medley of big-band tunes.
  • December 16, 1975
    December 16, 1975
    Episode 66
    Dinah's guests are actors George Burns, Walter Matthau and Richard Benjamin and screenwriter Neil Simon with a film clip from The Sunshine Boys in this program of a salute to Vaudeville. Musical Highlights: Dinah sings, "Make 'Em Laugh" and "Brother Can You Spare A Dime?".
  • December 15, 1975
    December 15, 1975
    Episode 65
    Dinah's guests are actresses Olivia de Havilland, Natalie Wood, Theresa Merritt and Florence Henderson and Mary Lawrence who compiled the book "Mother and Child", which features paintings of mothers and children. Highlights: Theresa sings, "Happy Talk". Florence sings, "Scarlet Ribbons".
  • December 12, 1975
    December 12, 1975
    Episode 64
    Dinah's guests are actor Jack Palance, actress Sandy Duncan, The Smothers Brothers, singer Bobby Vinton, comedian George Kirby and singer Joey English. Highlights: Bobby sings "Travelin' Band". George sings "I Honestly Love You".
  • December 11, 1975
    December 11, 1975
    Episode 63
    Dinah's guests are actor Paul Michael Glaser, TV game show host Bob Barker, Basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, singer-actress Carol Lawrence and comedian Dick Gautier. Highlights: Carol sings "After Today" and "All the Time in the World". Dinah sings "My Guy."
  • December 10, 1975
    December 10, 1975
    Episode 62
    Dinah's guests are actor George Peppard, singer-actor Hal Linden, The Hudson Brothers and singer Aliza Kashi. Highlights: Hal sings "You've Made Me So Very Happy". The Hudson Brothers perform "With Somebody Else". Hal & Dinah duet with "The Best Thing for You". Dinah sings "That's Where the Music Is".
  • December 9, 1975
    December 9, 1975
    Episode 61
    Dinah's guests are actors Ralph Bellamy and Richard Thomas, Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, singer Jaye P. Morgan and comedian Fred Travalena. Highlights: Dizzy accompanies Dinah on the trumpet for "Meditation" and does a trumpet solo of "Tanga". Dinah sings "Whispering" and "Camelot".
  • December 8, 1975
    December 8, 1975
    Episode 60
    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Jim Nabors, comedienne Ruth Buzzi, singer-dancer-actor Ben Vereen, composer Michel Legrand, evangelist Reverend Ike and gospel singer Anastasia Jones. Highlights: Jim sings "Turn Around" and "The Windmills of Your Mind". Ben sings "Grandma's Hands" and "Watch What Happens". Anastasia does "You Can't Lose with the Stuff I Use".moreless
  • December 5, 1975
    December 5, 1975
    Episode 59
    Dinah's guests are comedian-actor Redd Foxx, actress Nanette Fabray, comedian Norm Crosby, singer Timmie Rogers, songwriter-actor Tommy Butler and pop group Abba. Highlights: Redd & Timmie duet with "'Tis Autumn". Nanette & Dinah duet with "The Gentleman Is a Dope". Tommy performs "Precious Memories". Abba performs "SOS". All join in for "There'll Be Some Changes Made".moreless
  • December 4, 1975
    December 4, 1975
    Episode 58

    Dinah's guests are Mr. Television comedian Milton Berle, Country singer Donna Fargo, former director of the FBI Clarence M. Kelley, actor Whitman Mayo and Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods.

    Donna Fargo sings "Whatever I Say".
    Dinah sings "Fly Me to the Moon".

  • December 3, 1975
    December 3, 1975
    Episode 57
    Dinah's guests are boxing champ Muhammad Ali and his wife Khalilah, singer Tony Orlando and comedian Billy Crystal. Highlights: Tony and Dinah sing a medley of tunes chronicling the life of a fighter. Dinah sings "Travelin' Band".
  • December 2, 1975
    December 2, 1975
    Episode 56
    Dinah's guests are actress Natalie Wood, actor Robert Wagner, singer Anne Murray, actor John Amos and magazine editor David Scherman. Highlights: Anne sings "Sunday Sunrise" and "The Call". Dinah sings "Hooray for Hollywood".
  • December 1, 1975
    December 1, 1975
    Episode 55
    Salute to Lucille Ball. Dinah's guests are Lucille Ball, her daughter Lucie Arnaz, Lucy's mother Dee Dee Ball, Vivian Vance, Zsa Zsa Gabor and public-relations representative Charles Pomerantz. Highlights: Lucie sings her version of "Mame". Dinah performs "Hey, Look Me Over" and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"
  • November 28, 1975
    November 28, 1975
    Episode 54
    Dinah's guests are actress Lee Grant, comedienne Totie Fields, TV game show host Bert Convy, economist Eliot Janeway and soul group Tavares. Highlights: Tavares performs "It Only Takes a Minute" and "The Love I Never Had". Bert sings "Look At That Face". Dinah sings "It Never Entered My Mind".
  • November 26, 1975
    November 26, 1975
    Episode 53
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Carol Burnett, actress Lilli Palmer, Country singer Marty Robbins and singer Eydie Gorme. Highlights: Marty performs a medley of his hits. Eydie sings "But Not for Me". Dinah solos on "Happiness Is."
  • November 25, 1975
    November 25, 1975
    Episode 52
    Dinah's guests are actor Danny Thomas, actress Susan Saint James, singer Steve Lawrence and comedian Morty Gunty. Highlights: Steve sings "Now That We're in Love". Dinah & Steve do "How Long Has This Been Going On?" Dinah sings "Clap Your Hands".
  • November 24, 1975
    November 24, 1975
    Episode 51
    Dinah's guests are actor-singer-dancer Fred Astaire, singer Tony Bennett and singer-songwriter Paul Williams. Highlights: Fred Astaire sings "The Way You Look Tonight," "Something's Gotta Give" and "Cheek to Cheek." Tony Bennett sings "There'll Be Some Changes Made" and "I Left My Heart in San Francisco". Paul Williams sings "We've Only Just Begun," "Rainy Days and Mondays".moreless
  • November 21, 1975
    November 21, 1975
    Episode 50

    From New York. Dinah's guests are newsman Mike Wallace, comedian Alan King, actress Stephanie Mills and Blood, Sweat and Tears.

    Blood, Sweat and Tears perform "Life" and "HiDeHo".
    Stephanie Mills sings "Home" and "Ease On Down the Road".
    Dinah sings "My Personal Property".

  • November 20, 1975
    November 20, 1975
    Episode 49

    From New York. Dinah's guests are Opera star Beverly Sills, Country singer Charley Pride, actor Anthony Perkins, composer Marvin Hamlisch and guitarist Barry Zweig.

    Beverly Sills sings "A Kiss in the Dark".
    Beverly, Charley and Dinah sing "Glow-Worm".
    Dinah sings "Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home".

  • November 19, 1975
    November 19, 1975
    Episode 48
    From New York, Salute to the Broadway hit "Chicago". Dinah's guests are singer-dancers Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera, comedian Robert Klein, dancers Tony Stevens and Christopher Chadman and a fashion show featuring designer-style clothes that are homesewn. Highlights: "I'd Do Anything," "Me and My Baby," "Whatever Lola Wants," "Christopher Street," "Try to Remember," "When My Baby Smiles at Me," "Mack the Knife" and "Nowadays."moreless
  • November 18, 1975
    November 18, 1975
    Episode 47
    From New York, Dinah's guests are newsman Walter Cronkite, singer Peggy Lee, singer-actor Alfred Drake, ballet dancer-choreographer Edward Villela, Jim Henson and The Muppets. Highlights: Peggy Lee sings "Saved" and "Love Me or Leave Me". Alfred performs "Where Is the Life That Late I Led?" Kermit & Dinah duet with "What Kind of Frog Am I?" Alfred & Dinah duet with "Wunderbar".moreless
  • November 17, 1975
    November 17, 1975
    Episode 46

    From New York, Dinah's guests are actor Yul Brynner, entertainer Ethel Merman, singer-actor Robert Preston, TV talk show host Dick Cavett and New York City Mayor Abraham Bearne.

    Ethel Merman sings "Riding High" and "There's No Business Like Show Business".
    Yul and Dinah duet with "Shall We Dance?"

  • November 14, 1975
    November 14, 1975
    Episode 45

    Dinah has a salute to Tony Orlando and Dawn's for their fifth anniversary as a group. Guests include TV personality Dick Clark, comedian Freddie Prinze, comedienne Ruth Buzzi and singer actor Jim Nabors, Tony Orlando and Dawn singers, Joyce Vincent Wilson & Telma Hopkins.

    Tony and Dinah sing "You Say the Sweetest Things".

  • November 13, 1975
    November 13, 1975
    Episode 44
    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Ann-Margret, singer-songwriter Mac Davis, comedian George Carlin and the Manhattan Transfer. Highlights: Ann-Margret sings, "Look What Happened to Mabel". Mac performs "Naughty Girl". Manhattan Transfer perform "Operator".
  • November 12, 1975
    November 12, 1975
    Episode 43
    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Bing Crosby, comedian Phil Harris, singer-actor Pat Boone and artist Dong Kingman. Highlights: Bing sings, "True Love" with Dinah. Phil does "Watermelon Wine". Pat sings, "Love Letters in the Sand".
  • November 11, 1975
    November 11, 1975
    Episode 42
    Dinah's guests are comedian Don Rickles, singer-actor Pat Boone, entertainer Charo and Country singer Roy Acuff. Highlights: Roy sings, "Back in the Country". Dinah and Charo do "Guantanamera". Don and Dinah perform tunes written by comedians.
  • November 10, 1975
    November 10, 1975
    Episode 41
    Dinah's guests are actor McLean Stevenson, singer Vikki Carr, Country singer Larry Gatlin and Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY). Highlights: Vikki sings, "It Had to Be You" and "As Time Goes By". Larry does "Delta Dirt" and "The Heart."
  • November 7, 1975
    November 7, 1975
    Episode 40
    A Salute to composer John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb. Dinah's guests are singer-actress Liza Minelli, Broadway star Chita Rivera and composers John Kander and Fred Ebb. Highlights: Liza sings, "Nowadays" Chita sings, "How Lucky Can You Get?" and "My Coloring Book"
  • November 6, 1975
    November 6, 1975
    Episode 39

    Dinah's guests are actor Peter Graves, comedienne Betty White, actress Ellen Corby, singer Billy Preston and hula-hoop experts Derek Nuuhiwa & Mat Plendl.

    Billy Preston sings "Fancy Lady" and "Song of Joy".
    Dinah sings "No More Blues" and "Walk Right In".

  • November 5, 1975
    November 5, 1975
    Episode 38

    Dinah's guests are Soul singer James Brown, singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka, singer Frankie Laine and Country performer Freddy Fender.

    James Brown performs a medley of his hits.
    Neil Sedaka sings "Bad Blood" and "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do".
    Frankie Laine sings "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me".
    Freddy Fenders sings "Secret Love"
    Dinah sings "Solitaire" with piano accompaniement by Neil Sedaka.

  • November 4, 1975
    November 4, 1975
    Episode 37
    Dinah's guests are actress Jean Stapleton, Country singer Tammy Wynette, comedian Dom DeLuise and The Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr and his wife Treena. Highlights: Jean sings "A Lazy Afternoon". Tammy performs "I Still Believe in Fairy Tales". Dinah & Tammy duet with "Thank God I'm a Country Girl".
  • November 3, 1975
    November 3, 1975
    Episode 36
    Dinah's guests are singer Petula Clark, actor Robert Blake, comedienne Lucie Arnaz, Ricky Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band and TV Guide critic Cleveland Amory. Highlights: Petula sings "Downtown". Petula and Friends perform "With a Little Help from my Friends/When I'm 64/Yesterday". Ricky Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band perform "Rock and Roll Lady."moreless
  • October 31, 1975
    October 31, 1975
    Episode 35
    Dinah's guests are the cast of the TV series M*A*S*H, Alan Alda, Harry Morgan, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr, Larry Linville, Gary Burghoff, Mike Farrell, David Ogden Stiers and William Christopher. Highlights: The show features a salute to 1951. Christopher plays "Maple Leaf Rag" on the piano. Loretta sings "How Long Has This Been Going On?" Gary performs a drum solo, "Cute."moreless
  • October 30, 1975
    October 30, 1975
    Episode 34
    Dinah's guests are singer Olivia Newton-John, singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder, actress Sally Struthers and comedian John Byner. Highlights: Stevie sings "Visions" and "You Are the Sunshine of My Life". Olivia sings "Pub With No Beer" and "Tucker Box". Dinah & Olivia duet on "You Got Your Troubles". Sally performs "Alice". John does "Pony Boy".moreless
  • October 29, 1975
    October 29, 1975
    Episode 33
    Dinah's guests are actor Andy Griffith, baseball great Willie Mays, actress Barbara Eden, Reverend Billy Graham and singer Natalie Cole. Highlights: Andy, Barbara and Dinah sing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree". Barbara & Dinah sings "Joy to the World". Natalie Cole sings "This Will Be". Dinah sings "Love Will Keep Up Together".moreless
  • October 28, 1975
    October 28, 1975
    Episode 32

    Dinah's guests are politican Robert Kennedy Jr., actress Cybill Shepherd, comedian Joey Bishop, comedienne Rhonda Bates and Ebony magazine's fashion director Eunice Johnson and fashion editor Audrey Smaltz.

    Dinah and Joey sings "The Man I Love".

  • October 27, 1975
    October 27, 1975
    Episode 31
    Dinah's guests are actor Wayne Rogers, journalist William F. Buckley, singer Mel Tillis and comedian Norm Crosby. Highlights: Mel sings "Stomp Them Grapes" and "Pretty Lady". Mel & Norm duet with "Detroit City". Dinah sings "Send in the Clowns".
  • October 24, 1975
    October 24, 1975
    Episode 30
    A tribute to Bob Hope's 25 years in television. Dinah's special guest entertainer Bob Hope with guests singers Tony Bennett and Glen Campbell, actor Mike Connors and comedian Jerry Colonna. Highlight: Dinah shows a clip from Bob's first TV appearance, in which he and Dinah sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Tony sings "Life Is Beautiful". Glen sings "Rhinestone Cowboy".moreless
  • October 23, 1975
    October 23, 1975
    Episode 29
    Dinah's guests are actors David Janssen, John Amos and David Groh, comedian Redd Foxx and Memory expert Harry Lorayne. Highlights: John sings "The Snake". Dinah sings "How to Handle a Woman" and "99 Miles From LA".
  • October 22, 1975
    October 22, 1975
    Episode 28
    Dinah's guests are comedian Sid Caesar, singer Bill Hayes, singer Gisele Mackenzie and actor Orson Bean. Highlights: Gisele sings "If". Sid performs "I May Be Wrong". Bill sings "Wanderin'". Dinah sings "Comedy Tonight".
  • October 21, 1975
    October 21, 1975
    Episode 27
    Dinah salutes the cast of Happy Days with Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Donny Most, Erin Moran and Pat Morita.
  • October 20, 1975
    October 20, 1975
    Episode 26
    Dinah's guests are Country legend Johnny Cash his wife June Carter Cash The Cash Family, The Tennessee Three, Country-singer songwriter Carl Perkins and Jack Ruth. Highlights: Johnny sings, "Folsom Prison Blues" & "Lonesome to the Bone". June sings, "Hey, Good Lookin'". Johnny & June duet with "Darling Companion". Carl sings "Born to Lose". Dinah sings "For the Good Times" and "Country Cooking".moreless
  • October 17, 1975
    October 17, 1975
    Episode 25
    Dinah's guests are actors Yul Brynner and William Shatner, singer Anne Murray, The Mills Brothers and Essence Magazine editor Marcia Gillespie. Highlights: The Mills Brothers perform, "Between Winston-Salem and Nashville, Tennessee". Anne Murray sings "Love Song". William Shatner sings "Taxi".
  • October 16, 1975
    October 16, 1975
    Episode 24
    Dinah's guests are actor Lorne Greene, comedian Jan Murray, comic actor Bob Denver and TV game-show hosts Gene Rayburn and Chuck Woolery. Highlights: Dinah sings, "He Loves Me".
  • October 15, 1975
    October 15, 1975
    Episode 23
    Dinah's guests are actor Edward Asner, singer Teresa Brewer, entertainer Charo, actor Hume Cronyn and his wife actress Jessica Tandy. Highlights: Teresa sings a medley with "It Had to Be You" & "I've Got A Crush On You". Charo sings "Before the Next Teardrop Falls". Dinah sings "Oom-Pah-Pah".
  • October 14, 1975
    October 14, 1975
    Episode 22

    Dinah's guests are actress Deborah Kerr, singer Diana Ross and singer-actress Shirley Jones.

    Diana Ross sings "Do You Know Where You're Going To?"
    Shirley Jones sings "Chasing Shadows".
    Dinah sings "Down With Love" and "How Lucky Can You Get?"

  • October 13, 1975
    October 13, 1975
    Episode 21
    Dinah's guests are actors Sean Connery and Michael Caine currently starring in the film The Man Who Would Be King, singer Dionne Warwicke, Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds and a Lucie Ann Fashion Show. Highlights: Dionne and Dinah sing "My Funny Valentine" and "Feelings". Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds perform "Winners and Losers" and "Fallin' in Love."moreless
  • October 10, 1975
    October 10, 1975
    Episode 20
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., Opera singer Beverly Sills, comedian Dick Gautier and The Spinners. Highlights: Beverly & Dinah sing, "Around the World," "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" & "Bill Bailey". The Spinners perform, "Games People Play". Dinah sings "My Blue Heaven".
  • October 9, 1975
    October 9, 1975
    Episode 19

    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Pat Boone, actress Carol Wayne, comedian Robert Klein and "Dear Abby" columnist Abigail Van Buren.

    Pat sings "Goody Goody".
    Dinah sings "Rainy Day People".

  • October 8, 1975
    October 8, 1975
    Episode 18

    Dinah's guests are comedian Freddie Prinze, Country singer Freddy Fender, actress Stockard Channing and Sports-documentary producer Bud Greenspan.

    Freddy sings "Before the Next Teardrop Falls".
    Dinah, Freddie and Freddy sing "Cielito Lindo".
    Dinah sings "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".

  • October 7, 1975
    October 7, 1975
    Episode 17
    Dinah's guests are Country performer Roy Clark, Country singer Tanya Tucker, comedian Henry Gibson and actor-director-costume designer Geoffrey Holder. Highlights: Tanya sings, "Lizzie and the Rainman" Roy and Dinah sing, "Wildwood Flower", "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee" and "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street".
  • October 6, 1975
    October 6, 1975
    Episode 16
    Dinah's guests are Emergency! actor Robert Fuller, singer Jaye P. Morgan, comedian Norm Crosby, actress Deborah Raffin and the Hues Corporation. Highlights: Jaye sings, "Never Can Say Goodbye". Hues Corporation perform "Love Train". Dinah and the Hues Corporation sing "Love Corporation". Dinah sings "Send in the Clowns".
  • October 3, 1975
    October 3, 1975
    Episode 15
    Dinah's guests are director Francis Ford Coppola, actor David Niven, singer Johnny Mathis, comedian John Byner and singer Buffy Sainte-Marie. Highlights: Buffy sings, "Until It's Time For You to Go" Johnny sings, "When Will I See You Again?" and "The Way We Were" Dinah sings, "It Ain't Necessarily So".
  • October 2, 1975
    October 2, 1975
    Episode 14
    Dinah's guests are actress Lee Meriwether, Tennis pro Arthur Ashe, comic Lonnie Shorr and singer Kelly Garrett. Highlights: Songs included are "Until the Real Thing Comes Along", "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show".
  • October 1, 1975
    October 1, 1975
    Episode 13
    Dinah's guests are actor Peter Lawford, TV game show host Bob Barker, Country Singer Diana Trask and The Spinners. Highlights: The Spinners perform, "Games People Play", "If I Didn't Care", "Hound Dog" and "Hello, Dolly!". Diana sings, "There Has to Be a Loser". Dinah and the Spinners sing, "One of a Kind Love Affair".moreless
  • September 30, 1975
    September 30, 1975
    Episode 12
    Dinah's guests are actors Henry Fonda and Carroll O'Connor, comedian Dick Gautier, Broadway actress Lisa Kirk and singer-actor Mel Bryant Highlights: Carroll & Dinah duet with "Sometimes I'm Happy". Dick sings "April in Paris" and "A Lot of Livin' to Do". Lisa sings "The Man I Love" and "Tap Your Troubles Away". Mel sings "You're My Girl".moreless
  • September 29, 1975
    September 29, 1975
    Episode 11
    Dinah's guests are composer Marvin Hamlisch, comedienne Ruth Buzzi, singer-dancer Melba Moore and actor Roy Scheider. Highlights: Marvin performs "The Way We Were".
  • September 26, 1975
    September 26, 1975
    Episode 10
    Dinah's guests are boxer Muhammad Ali, The Hudson Brothers, singer Ray Stevens and dancer Sandy Lemmon. Highlights: Dinah sings, "Mean to Me" and "You Always Hurt the One You Love".
  • September 25, 1975
    September 25, 1975
    Episode 9
    Dinah's guests are singer Sonny Bono, sportscasters Don Meredith and Frank Gifford, Los Angeles Rams quarterback James Harris and Mary Conroy author of "The Rational Woman's Guide to Self-Defense". Highlights: Sonny sings a medley of "Boogie On Reggae Woman", "Love is the Opening Door" and "Hang On in There Baby". Dinah and Sonny duet with "Your Mama Don't Dance". Dinah solos with "That's Life".moreless
  • September 24, 1975
    September 24, 1975
    Episode 8
    Dinah's guests are actor Bob Crane, actress Karen Valentine, comedienne Rose Marie, game-show host Chuck Woolery and Country singer T.G. Sheppard. Musical Highlights: Bob Crane plays the drums while Dinah sings, "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone". T.G. performs "Devil in the Bottle" & "Trying to Beat the Morning Home". Chuck Woolery sings "If".moreless
  • September 23, 1975
    September 23, 1975
    Episode 7
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Lucille Ball, actor George Segal, comedian John Byner, The World's Greatest Jazz Band and Dinah's cue card man, Bob Hatton. Highlights: World's Greatest Jazz Band performs, "South Rampart Street Parade" and "Anything Goes". Bob sings, "I'm Old Fashioned" George and the band sing, "Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?"moreless
  • September 22, 1975
    September 22, 1975
    Episode 6
    Dinah's guests are actors David Niven, and James Whitmore, singer Peggy Lee and The Lettermen with a salute to the year 1948. Highlights: Peggy sings "I've Got You Under My Skin". Dinah sings "You've Made Me So Very Happy".
  • September 19, 1975
    September 19, 1975
    Episode 5
    Dinah's guests are actress Lee Grant, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, Country singer Johnny Rodriguez, TV game show host Alex Trebek and White House photographer David Kennerly. Highlights: Charles sings "The Sadder-but-Wiser Girl for Me". Johnny performs "Just Get Up and Close the Door" and "See See Rider". Dinah sings "The Sweetest Sounds".moreless
  • September 18, 1975
    September 18, 1975
    Episode 4
    Dinah's guests are actress-comedienne Nancy Walker, actor Wayne Rogers, Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) and singer-dancer-game show host Bobby Van, with a salute to the year 1964. Highlights: Senator Goldwater performs "When the Saints Go Marching In". Dinah sings "Ragtime Cowboy Joe".
  • September 17, 1975
    September 17, 1975
    Episode 3
    Dinah's guests are actor William Shatner, entertainer Charo, comedian Norm Crosby, actress Denise Nicholas and singer Major Harris. Highlights: Major sings "Loving You Is Mellow". William sings "How to Handle a Woman".
  • September 16, 1975
    September 16, 1975
    Episode 2

    Dinah's guests are actor Robert Blake of "Baretta", actress Ellen Corby of "The Waltons", singer-actress Bernadette Peters, Country singer Freddy Fender and policeman Jim Starr.

    Freddy sings "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" and "I Love My Rancho Grande".
    Bernadette sings "I Love"
    Jim Starr sings "Alone Again (Naturally)".

  • September 15, 1975
    September 15, 1975
    Episode 1
    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Hal Linden, actress Cloris Leachman, comedian Joey Bishop and Martin Poriss consumer advocate and author of "How to Live Cheap but Good". Highlights: Hal sings "Long Before I Knew You" and "Just in Time". Joey and Dinah duet with "Born to Lose".