Dinah! - Season 3

(ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • September 9, 1977
    September 9, 1977
    Episode 216

    Dinah's guests are actors Edward Asner and LeVar Burton, model Cheryl Tiegs, Country singer Freddy Fender, actor Anthony Daniels who portrayed the robot C3P0 in the movie Star Wars and singer Mary MacGregor.

    Freddy sings "If You Don't Love Me" and "The Rains Came".
    Mary MacGregor sings "For a While" and "The Lady I Am".

  • September 8, 1977
    September 8, 1977
    Episode 215

    Dinah's guests are singer Aretha Franklin, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Dorothy Rodgers author of "A Personal Book" and the comedy team of Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon.

    KC and the Sunshine Band perform "I'm Your Boogie Man".
    Aretha Franklin sings "Break It To Me Gently".
    Dinah sings "The Sweetest Sounds".

  • September 7, 1977
    September 7, 1977
    Episode 214
    Dinah's guests are actor Harrison Ford and R2D2 from the film Star Wars, TV host Ed McMahon, singer Sarah Vaughan, baseketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and magician Berri Lee. Highlights: Sarah sings, "I'll Remember April".
  • September 6, 1977
    September 6, 1977
    Episode 213
    Dinah's guests are game show host Bob Barker, TV newsman Dan Rather, actress Susan George, singer Burton Cummings and comic Tom Dreesen. Highlights: Burton sings "Timeless Love."
  • September 1, 1977
    September 1, 1977
    Episode 212

    Dinah's guests are actor Bob Crane, singer-actress Carol Lawrence, stage and screen actor Maurice Evans, singer-actor Robert Clary, game show host Allen Ludden and actor-singer Larry Kert.

    Larry Kert sings "A Song for You" and "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight".
    Robert Clary sings "I Will Wait For You".

  • August 30, 1977
    August 30, 1977
    Episode 211

    Dinah's guests are singer Ray Stevens, musician Mickey Finn, harpsichordist Judith Norell and pianist-composer Walter Murphy.

    Ray sings "Feel the Music."

  • August 26, 1977
    August 26, 1977
    Episode 210

    Dinah's guests are baseball great Mickey Mantle, game show host Bert Convy, comedian Billy Crystal and England Dan & John Ford Coley.

    England Dan & John Ford Coley perform "It's Sad to Belong".
    Bert Convy sings "You've Let Yourself Go".

  • August 24, 1977
    August 24, 1977
    Episode 209

    Dinah's guests are TV game show host Alex Trebek, pianist Peter Nero, tennis player Vitas Gerulaitis, Alvin Kahn author of "Love and Hate on the Tennis Court" and the Bay City Rollers.

    Peter Nero performs "Send in the Clowns".
    Bay City Rollers do "You Made Me Believe in Magic".

  • August 22, 1977
    August 22, 1977
    Episode 208
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Phyllis Diller, actor Patrick Duffy, game show host Bob Eubanks, actor-musician-writer Tom Sullivan and singer-composer Martee Lebous. Also: a fashion show. Highlights: Dinah sings "Married". Tom sings "Sir Duke". Martee performs "Falling In and Out of Love".
  • August 18, 1977
    August 18, 1977
    Episode 207
    Dinah's guests are Rock singer Alice Cooper, singer-songwriter Paul Williams, Country singer Freddy Fender, author Joseph Wambaugh and comic Skip Stephenson. Highlights: Freddy sings "The Winter of My Life". Dinah sings "I'll Play for You". Alice Cooper moderates a fashion show featuring some of the costumed characters from his stage show.moreless
  • August 16, 1977
    August 16, 1977
    Episode 206
    Dinah's guests are actor Elliott Gould, actresses Brenda Vaccaro and Barbara Feldon, singer Roslyn Kind, sister of Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould's ex-sister-in-law and cartoonist Jules Feiffer. Highlights: Elliott performs "All the Things You Are" and "Don't Fence Me In". Rosalyn sings "Come Rain or Come Shine". Dinah sings "My Personal Property".moreless
  • August 4, 1977
    August 4, 1977
    Episode 205
    Dinah's guests are actor John Ritter and actress Suzanne Somers from Three's Company, daredevil Evel Knievel and the pop group Starbuck. Highlights: Starbuck performs "Everybody Be Dancin'" and "Moonlight Feels Right". Dinah sings "I Whistle a Happy Tune" and "It Ain't Necessarily So".
  • August 3, 1977
    August 3, 1977
    Episode 204
    Dinah's guests are actor Dennis Weaver, actress Elke Sommer, attorney F. Lee Bailey, composer Marvin Hamlisch and lyricist Carole Bayer Sager. Highlights: Marvin on piano "What I Did for Love". Carole sings "Sweet Alibis". Dennis sings "Make Love to Life". Dinah sings "Sweet Inspiration".
  • August 1, 1977
    August 1, 1977
    Episode 203
    Dinah's guests are actor McLean Stevenson, French actress Marie-France Pisier, Opera singer Richard Fredricks, R&B singer Philippe Wynne, former lead singer for the group "The Spinners" and Cajun singer-musician Doug Kershaw.
  • July 29, 1977
    July 29, 1977
    Episode 202
    Dinah's guests are comedian Joey Bishop, Country singer Barbara Mandrell, Dr. Joyce Brothers and singer-impressionist John Gary. Highlights: Barbara sings, "Married, but Not to Each Other". John sings "I'll Remember You". Dinah sings "How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved by You)".
  • July 27, 1977
    July 27, 1977
    Episode 201

    Dinah's guests are actresses Joanne Woodward, Jodie Foster, Susan Blakely, Barbara Eden and Cheryl Crawford author of "One Naked Individual".

    Barbara Eden sings "I Honestly Love You".

  • July 25, 1977
    July 25, 1977
    Episode 200
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Lucie Arnaz, singer-actor Jim Nabors, singers Don Ho and Kiki Dee and musical group The Society of Seven. Highlights: Kiki sings "Chicago". Jim sings "Today I Started Loving You Again". Society of Seven perform "Ease On down the Road" and "What I Did for Love". Don Ho & Dinah sing "Hawaiian Wedding Song".moreless
  • July 21, 1977
    July 21, 1977
    Episode 199

    Dinah's guests are TV personality Barbara Walters, actor-comedian Ted Knight, economist John Kenneth Galbraith and ABC programming executive Bob Shanks.

  • July 19, 1977
    July 19, 1977
    Episode 198

    Dinah's guests are actress Suzanne Somers, actor McLean Stevenson, comedienne Dody Goodman, singer Larry Gatlin and comedian Lonnie Shorr.

    Larry Gatlin sings "I Don't Want to Cry."

  • July 15, 1977
    July 15, 1977
    Episode 197
    Dinah's guests are comedian Bob Newhart, TV personality Dick Clark, actor Ralph Waite, the musical group Tavares and performers Eric Scott and Joe Conley. Highlights: Tavares perform "Goodnight My Love" and a medley including "All I Do Is Dream of You". Eric & Joe sing "Goody, Goody".
  • July 13, 1977
    July 13, 1977
    Episode 196

    Dinah's guests are actor George Montgomery, Star Wars actors Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, Nancy Drew actress Pamela Sue Martin, singer Marlena Shaw and psychologist Wayne Dyer author of "Your Erroneous Zones".

    Marlena sings "Go Away, Little Boy".

  • July 11, 1977
    July 11, 1977
    Episode 195
    Dinah's guests are TV host Ed McMahon, actor Richard Thomas, Ricky Jay author of "Cards as Weapons", magazine editor Paige Rense and Japanese chef Helen Funai. Highlights: Dinah sings a medley including "Just One of Those Things" and "Little Green Apples."
  • July 8, 1977
    July 8, 1977
    Episode 194
    Dinah salutes the 1950's with guests actor Tom Bosley, sportscasters Frank Gifford and Don Meredith with his wife Susan, Sha Na Na and The Mouseketeers and U.S. professional dance champions Linda Dean and Vernon Lee Brock. Highlights: Sha Na Na perform "Don't You Just Know It?" The Mousekeeteers do "Disco Mouse". Dinah sings "Cry Me a River".moreless
  • July 7, 1977
    July 7, 1977
    Episode 193
    Dinah's guests are actors James Whitmore and Robert Alda, singer-dancer-actor Ben Vereen, singer-actor Hal Linden and actress Nanette Fabray. Highlights: Hal sings "In My Own Lifetime" and "On the Street Where You Live". Robert sings "Luck Be a Lady". Nanette sings "The Sound of Music". Ben performs "Hello, Dolly!". Ben & Nanette do "Papa, Won't You Dance with Me?".moreless
  • July 6, 1977
    July 6, 1977
    Episode 192
    Dinah's guests are actor James Stewart and his wife Gloria who discuss dogs. Other guests are sportscaster Don Meredith, singer Joanie Sommers and dog trainer Bob Williams. Highlights: Joanie sings "Life Goes On" and "Everything". Dinah sings "Where Is Love?".
  • July 5, 1977
    July 5, 1977
    Episode 191
    Dinah salutes Bob Hope guests include entertainer Bob Hope, comedienne Lucille Ball, singer Rosemary Clooney, actresses Jane Russell, Rhonda Fleming and Dorothy Lamour. Highlights: Bob & Jane duet with "Seems Like Old Times". Dinah sings "I Can't Get Started".
  • June 30, 1977
    June 30, 1977
    Episode 190

    Dinah's guests are actress Rue McClanahan, singer Mary MacGregor, actor Patrick Duffy, comic Tom Dreesen and Bob Rosefsky author-financial analyst of "Financial Security for the Mature Family".

    Mary MacGregor sings "This Girl (Has Turned Into a Woman)".
    Dinah sings "I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'".

  • June 29, 1977
    June 29, 1977
    Episode 189
    Dinah's guests are producer-director Otto Preminger, comedian Robert Klein, singer Thelma Houston, actor Gary Frank and singer-guitarist Hoyt Axton. Highlights: Thelma sings "If It's the Last Thing I Do". Hoyt performs "You're the Hangnail in My Life".
  • June 28, 1977
    June 28, 1977
    Episode 188

    Dinah welcomes the children of famous parents, Desi Arnaz Jr., Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Robert Carradine, Vincent Van Patten and Jamie Lee Curtis.

    Dinah sings "God Bless the Child".

  • June 27, 1977
    June 27, 1977
    Episode 187
    Dinah's guests are actress Jacqueline Bisset, actor Fernando Lamas, singers Vic Damone and Maxine Nightingale, restaurateur Emilio Baglioni and comic Skip Stevenson. Highlights: Vic sings "Evergreen."
  • June 24, 1977
    June 24, 1977
    Episode 186
    Dinah's guests are actress Linda Lavin, Opera singer Roberta Peters, comics Pat Cooper, and Mike Neun, singer Al Jarreau and Gwen Davis author of "How to Survive in Suburbia When Your Heart's in the Himalayas". Highlights: Linda sings "New York State of Mind". Al sings "Loving You" and "Lock All the Gates". Dinah sings "Only Love Is Real".moreless
  • June 23, 1977
    June 23, 1977
    Episode 185

    Dinah's guests are actor Robert Reed, actress Bonnie Franklin, TV game show host Monty Hall, badminton players Chris Kinard and Pam Bristol, the Gospel group The Happy Goodman Family and coauthors Sam Janus and Barbara Bess of "A Sexual Profile of Men in Power".

    Bonnie Franklin sings "Summer Me, Winter Me".
    The Goodman Family performs "Hallelujah".

  • June 22, 1977
    June 22, 1977
    Episode 184

    Dinah's guests are singer-dancers Bobby Van and Donald O'Connor, actress Polly Bergen, actor Scatman Crothers, humorist Fred Smoot and the Hues Corporation.

    Scatman Crothers performs "Nagasaki".
    Hues Corporation sing "I Can't Put My Finger On It".
    Donald and Scatman duet with "Walking My Baby Back Home".
    Dinah sings "Riders to the Stars".

  • June 21, 1977
    June 21, 1977
    Episode 183
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Pearl Bailey, actor Norman Fell, actress Karen Grassle, singer Yvonne Elliman and and comic Rick Podell. Highlights: Yvonne sings "Hello, Stranger". Pearl sings "The Way We Were".
  • June 20, 1977
    June 20, 1977
    Episode 182

    Dinah's guests are singer Englebert Humperdinck, singer-dancer Lola Falana, comedian Jamie Farr and actress Julie Kavner.

    Engelbert Humperdinck sings "After the Lovin'".
    Dinah sings "I Believe In Miracles" and "A Woman's Work Is Never Done".

  • June 17, 1977
    June 17, 1977
    Episode 181

    Dinah's guests are singers Minnie Riperton and Helen O'Connell, columnist Erma Bombeck, author Irving Wallace and his daughter Amy Wallace co-authors of "The Book of Lists".

    Helen O'Connell sings "I Need to Be in Love".
    Minnie Riperton sings "Wouldn't Matter Where You Are".
    Dinah sings "Glory of Love".

  • June 16, 1977
    June 16, 1977
    Episode 180

    Dinah's guests are actor McLean Stevenson, comedienne Betty White, comedian Rich Little, animal psychologist Bea Lydecker and gospel group The Staples.

    The Staples perform "Pass It On".
    Dinah sings "You've Got a Friend".

  • June 15, 1977
    June 15, 1977
    Episode 179

    Dinah's guests are Three's Company actor John Ritter, Grizzly Adams actor Dan Haggerty, actress Beatrice Straight, Midge Costanza, assistant to President Carter and pop group The Babys.

    The Babys perform "Lookin' For Love" and "Wild Man".
    Dinah sings "Evergreen".

  • June 14, 1977
    June 14, 1977
    Episode 178
    Dinah's guests are Country singer Donna Fargo, actor Greg Mullavey, football's Ken Stabler, comic-singer Glenn Ash and Billy Hayes author of "Midnight Express". Highlights: Donna sings "Mockin' Bird Hill" and "Do I Love You?" Glenn does "Alabamy Bound".
  • June 13, 1977
    June 13, 1977
    Episode 177
    Dinah's guests are singer Jerry Reed, comic Steve Landesberg, actor Fred Berry, singer-actress Priscilla Lopez and tuna fisherman Manuel Silva. Highlights: Priscilla sings "Irma La Douce". Jerry sings "Don't Think Twice (It's All Right)". Dinah sings "Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You?".
  • June 10, 1977
    June 10, 1977
    Episode 176
    Dinah's guests are actor Michael Landon, singer-songwriter Paul Williams and sportscaster Phyllis George. Highlights: Dinah sings "All in Love Is Fair". Paul sings "Bugsy Malone".
  • June 9, 1977
    June 9, 1977
    Episode 175
    Dinah's guests are actor Hal Linden, actress Mackenzie Phillips, singer-songwriter Joe Raposo, Paula Morgan author of "Say Yes" and comic Steve Bluestein. Highlights: Dinah sings "Let There Be Love". A medley by Joe Raposo, including "Bein' Green" and "Sing."
  • June 8, 1977
    June 8, 1977
    Episode 174
    Dinah's guests are comic actor Don Knotts, singer-actor Frankie Avalon, teenage actress Kristy McNichol, game-show host Alex Trebek and tennis player Torben Ulrich. Highlights: Frankie sings "Splish Splash" and "Laura". Dinah sings "Express Yourself".
  • June 6, 1977
    June 6, 1977
    Episode 173
    Dinah's guests are actress Angie Dickinson, actor Rock Hudson, game show host Chuck Woolery, author and juvenile court judge Joseph N. Sorrentino and Chef Howard Helmer. Highlights: Rock sings "How to Handle a Woman". Chuck sings "Painted Lady" and "Growing Up in a Country Way".
  • June 3, 1977
    June 3, 1977
    Episode 172
    Dinah discusses the Oscars with Academy Award winning actresses, Olivia de Havilland, Shelley Winters, Shirley Jones and Eva Marie Saint and and film historian Robert Osborne author of "Academy Awards Illustrated". Highlights: Dinah sings a medley of movie theme songs, including "Never on Sunday" and "I'm Easy."
  • June 2, 1977
    June 2, 1977
    Episode 171

    Dinah's guests are actor Robert Fuller, singers Mary MacGregor and Ed Ames, comedian Ronnie Schell and Mary Conroy author of "The Rational Woman's Guide to Self-Defense".

    Mary MacGregor sings "This Girl".
    Ed Ames sings "Sunrise, Sunset".

  • June 1, 1977
    June 1, 1977
    Episode 170
    Dinah's guests are actor Mike Farrell, comedian Robert Klein, President Carter's sister Christian evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton and The Andray Crouch Disciples. Highlights: The Andrae Crouch Disciples perform "Take Me Back" and "This is Another Day". Dinah sings "Georgia On My Mind".
  • May 31, 1977
    May 31, 1977
    Episode 169
    Dinah's guests are actress Nanette Fabray, columnist Abigail Van Buren, singer Lou Rawls, singer-songwriter Kenny Rankin and actor Anthony Quayle. Highlights: Kenny sings "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Here's That Rainy Day". Anthony & Dinah duet with "Mad Dogs and Englishmen".
  • May 30, 1977
    May 30, 1977
    Episode 168
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Danny Thomas, actress Joyce DeWitt, singer Nick Maloof, Dr. Robert Linn author of "The Last Chance Diet" and The Sylvers. Highlights: The Sylvers perform "High School Dance" and "Hot Line". Dinah & Danny sing "My Baby Just Cares For Me".
  • May 26, 1977
    May 26, 1977
    Episode 167

    Dinah's guests are actor Tony Curtis, actress Diahann Carroll, comedian Martin Mull, actor Robert Powell of the film Jesus of Nazareth and vocal group Hot.

    Hot performs "Angel In Your Arms" and "You Can Do It".
    Diahann Carroll sings "The Way We Were" and "You and Me Against the World".
    Dinah and Martin duet with "Normal".
    Dinah sings "I Don't Know How to Love Him".

  • May 25, 1977
    May 25, 1977
    Episode 166
    From Houston, Dinah's guests are actress Farrah Fawcett-Majors and her father Jim Fawcett, actor Wayne Rogers, actor Cliff Robertson and his wife actress Dina Merrill.
  • May 24, 1977
    May 24, 1977
    Episode 165
    From Houston, Dinah's guests are actress Farrah Fawcett-Majors, comedienne Lucie Arnaz, actor Wayne Rogers, comedian Dan Rowan, singer Kay Starr, journalist-writer-actor George Plimpton and actor Dick Van Patten and his son Vincent.
  • May 23, 1977
    May 23, 1977
    Episode 164

    Dinah's guests are actress Kate Jackson, comedienne Betty White, actor James Brolin, singers Marvin Gaye and Guanda.

    Dinah sings "So Far Away".
    Marvin Gaye sings "I Heard It Through the Grapevine".
    Guanda sings "Let Them Talk".

  • May 20, 1977
    May 20, 1977
    Episode 163
    A Salute to George Abbott. Dinah's guests are dancer-actor Gene Kelly, actor Richard Widmark, singer-actor Hal Linden, actor Tom Bosley, actress Jean Stapleton and special guest producer-director George Abbott.
  • May 19, 1977
    May 19, 1977
    Episode 162

    Dinah's guests are actor McLean Stevenson, bodybuilder-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, singer Shaun Cassidy, game show host Chuck Barris and singer-actor Beau Kayser.

    Shaun Cassidy performs "Da Doo Ron Ron".
    Dinah sings "I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'".

  • May 18, 1977
    May 18, 1977
    Episode 161
    Dinah's guests are actor Robert Blake, comedienne Betty White, Country singer Jessi Colter and actress Susan Sullivan. Highlights: Jessi sings "I'm Not Lisa" and "Diamond in the Rough". Dinah sings "Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow".
  • May 17, 1977
    May 17, 1977
    Episode 160
    Dinah's only two guests are actor Charles Bronson and his wife actress Jill Ireland. Highlights: Jill sings, "Vaudeville Man". Dinah sings, "Moon in Vermont".
  • May 16, 1977
    May 16, 1977
    Episode 159

    Dinah's guests are comedienne Lucille Ball, actors James Garner and James Coburn.

    Dinah sings "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face."

  • May 13, 1977
    May 13, 1977
    Episode 158

    Dinah salutes Father Knows Best with cast Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Billy Gray and Lauren Chapin. Other guests include singer-actress Florence Henderson and Opera singer Shirley Verrett.

    Dinah sings "The Second Time Around".

  • May 12, 1977
    May 12, 1977
    Episode 157
    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Jim Nabors, singer Johnny Mathis, comedian Flip Wilson and Opera singer Beverly Sills. Highlights: Beverly sings "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". Johnny performs a Stevie Wonder medley including "Sir Duke". Jim sings "Release Me". Johnny & Beverly duet with "Indian Summer". Beverly and Dinah sing "Un bel di vedremo" from Madame Butterfly.moreless
  • May 11, 1977
    May 11, 1977
    Episode 156
    Dinah's guests are actor Rob Reiner, and his wife actress Penny Marshall, singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka and his wife Leba and Samuel Dunkell author of "Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body". Highlights: Neil performs "Song" and "Tin Pan Alley". Dinah & Neil duet with "Laughter in the Rain".
  • May 10, 1977
    May 10, 1977
    Episode 155
    Dinah's guests are actors Henry Fonda and Vincent Price, singer Tony Bennett and comedian Jonathan Winters. Highlights: Tony sings a medley including "That Old Black Magic" and "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree".
  • May 9, 1977
    May 9, 1977
    Episode 154
    Dinah's guests are Jim Henson and the Muppets, his wife Jane Henson, puppeteer Frank Oz, singer-songwriter Paul Williams, actress Sandy Duncan, entertainer Ethel Merman and singer-actress Florence Henderson who join in and help Kermit the Frog celebrate his 21st birthday.Highlights: Kermit the Frog sings "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face". Paul sings "Evergreen". Ethel sings "There's No Business Like Show Business". Florence sings "Never Never Land".moreless
  • May 6, 1977
    May 6, 1977
    Episode 153
    Dinah's guests are rock performers David Bowie and Iggy Pop, singer Rosemary Clooney, comedienne Ruth Buzzi, comedian George Kirby and The Miracles. Highlight: Iggy & Bowie perform "Sister Midnight" and "Fun Time". Rosemary sings "Come On-a My House". The Miracles perform "The Bird Must Fly Away". Dinah sings "Southern Nights".
  • May 5, 1977
    May 5, 1977
    Episode 152
    A Special Visit with the Music Makers. Dinah's guests are comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, folksinger Janis Ian, Country singers O.C. Smith and Mickey Gilley and from the Beach Boys singer-songwriter Bruce Johnston. Highlights: O.C. sings "The Simple Life". Mickey sings "She's Pulling Me Back Again". Charles performs "Kids". Dinah sings "I Write the Songs".moreless
  • May 4, 1977
    May 4, 1977
    Episode 151
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Phyllis Diller, singers Sarah Vaughan and Lynn Anderson and England Dan & John Ford Coley. Highlights: Lynn sings "Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man" and "Desperado". Sarah sings "Golden Slumbers" and "Tenderly". Phyllis performs "Before the Parade Passes By". Dinah sings "This One's for You".
  • May 3, 1977
    May 3, 1977
    Episode 150
    Dinah's guests are Country singers Roger Miller and Kenny Rogers, sportscaster Don Meredith, singer-songwriter Kenny Rankin, jazz musician Jean-Luc Ponty and gameshow host Bob Eubanks. Highlights: Roger sings "Sweet Music Man". Kenny Rogers sings "I Wasn't Man Enough". Kenny Rankin performs "When Sunny Gets Blue". Jean-Luc sings "New Country".
  • May 2, 1977
    May 2, 1977
    Episode 149
    Dinah's guests are pop singer Melissa Manchester, comic announcer Gary Owens, Country music singer Billie Jo Spears, game show host Chuck Woolery and jazz musician Chuck Mangione. Highlights: Chuck sings "Painted Lady". Billie Jo performs "I'm Not Easy". Melissa sings "Be Somebody".
  • April 29, 1977
    April 29, 1977
    Episode 148
    Dinah's guests are actresses Jean Stapleton and Isabel Sanford, actor John Ritter, impressionist Frank Welker and dancer-actress Paula Kelly. Highlights: Dinah sings "Those Were the Days". Paula sings "It Takes a Whole Lot of Human Feeling".
  • April 28, 1977
    April 28, 1977
    Episode 147

    Dinah's guests are actresses Bette Davis and Jane Fonda, actors Robert Wagner and Peter Strauss.

    Bette Davis sings "I Wish You Love".
    Dinah sings "One of a Kind".

  • April 27, 1977
    April 27, 1977
    Episode 146

    Dinah's guests are actress Jean Simmons, actor Vincent Price, comedian Rich Little, actor Ben Johnson and DJ Rick Dees.

    Rick Dees sings "Bionic Feet"
    Dinah sings "Desperado".

  • April 26, 1977
    April 26, 1977
    Episode 145
    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Ann-Margret, Country singer Loretta Lynn, singer-songwriter Mac Davis, actor Scatman Crothers and comic George Miller. Highlights: Mac sings "Thunder in the Afternoon" and "Picking Up the Pieces". Scatman does "I Got Rhythm". Dinah sings "Down with Love".
  • April 25, 1977
    April 25, 1977
    Episode 144

    Dinah's guests are actresses Valerie Perrine and Susan Sullivan, singer-dancer Lola Falana and comedienne Dody Goodman. Dinah discusses being a single woman.

    Lola sings "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" and "I Who Have Nothing".
    Dinah sings "Too Late Now".

  • April 22, 1977
    April 22, 1977
    Episode 143

    Dinah's guests are Pearl Bailey and her daughter Dee Dee Bellson, Mel Tillis and his daughter Pam and Mel Torme and his son Steve March.

    Steve March sings "Ease On Down the Line"
    Mel Tillis sings "Burning Memories".
    Pearl Bailey sings "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You".
    Dinah sings "Child of Mine".
    Steve and Mel duet with "Lulu's Back in Town".

  • April 21, 1977
    April 21, 1977
    Episode 142
    Visiting with their dogs, Dinah's guests are TV game show host Bob Barker, actor Richard Thomas and his wife Alma, singer Bobby Vinton, actress Jessica Walter and dog show judge Evelyn Monte. Highlights: Dinah sings "I Feel Love". Bobby sings "You Are Love".
  • April 19, 1977
    April 19, 1977
    Episode 141

    Dinah's guests are actors David Carradine, Fred Williamson and James Darren, actress Hattie Winston, juvenile court judge Joseph Sorrentino and singer Mel Shannon.

    James Darren sings "You Take My Heart Away".
    Dinah sings "Undun".

  • April 18, 1977
    April 18, 1977
    Episode 140
    Dinah's guests are actress Suzanne Pleshette, actors Dean Jones and Ken Berry, actress Eva Gabor, singer-actress Annette Funicello and animator Ward Kimball. Highlights: Ken sings "Sooner or Later" and a Walt Disney medley including "Give a Little Whistle". Dinah sings "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah".
  • April 14, 1977
    April 14, 1977
    Episode 139
    Dinah's guests are singer-dancer-actor Joel Grey, TV host Ed McMahon, comedian Marty Allen, singer-actress Linda Hopkins and psychiatrist Frederick J. Hacker. Highlights: Ed & Dinah duet with "How About You?" Joel sings "Lean on Me". Linda performs "Preaching Blues" and "Fare Thee Well". Marty & Linda do "When the Saints Go Marching In".moreless
  • April 13, 1977
    April 13, 1977
    Episode 138

    Dinah's guests are producer-writer-director-actor Orson Welles, actor Richard Crenna, entertainer Charo and the Hues Corporation.

    Dinah sings "Snowbird".

  • April 11, 1977
    April 11, 1977
    Episode 137
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Carol Burnett, comedian-actor Dick Van Dyke, writer Carl Reiner and actress Betty White. Highlights: Dinah sings "Diamonds and Rust".
  • April 8, 1977
    April 8, 1977
    Episode 136
    Dinah's guests are singer-songwriter Paul Williams, actor David Doyle, the Keane Brothers musical group, animal trainer Joan Embery and cross-country walkers Bill and Pat Gormally. Highlights: Paul sings "Let Me Be the One" and "I Never Had It So Good". Keane Brothers perform "Cute".
  • April 7, 1977
    April 7, 1977
    Episode 135
    Dinah's guests are comedian-actor Don Knotts, comedian George Gobel, ventriloquist Shari Lewis, musician George Benson, Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci and Portia Nelson author of "There's a Hole in My Sidewalk". Highlights: George Benson performs "Everything Must Change" and "Gonna Love You More". Shari & Lamb Chop perform "The Minute Waltz".
  • April 6, 1977
    April 6, 1977
    Episode 134

    Dinah's guests are singer Bobby Goldsboro, actor Dan Haggerty, TV host David Frost, singer Thelma Houston and comedian Martin Mull.

    Bobby Goldsboro sings "Me and the Elephant".
    Thelma Houston sings "Don't Leave Me This Way".

  • April 5, 1977
    April 5, 1977
    Episode 133
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Carol Channing, comedienne Phyllis Diller, actresses Debbie Reynolds and Jill Ireland. Highlights: Dinah sings "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "Have You Never Been Mellow?" Carol "One's on the Way". Jill does "Little Boy Lost". Debbie sings "Baby Face".
  • April 1, 1977
    April 1, 1977
    Episode 132

    Dinah's guests are actors Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, TV game show host Alex Trebek, violinist Itzhak Perlman and pop group Pablo Cruise.

    Pablo Cruise performs "Tonight My Love, Tonight".
    Dinah sings "Goofus".

  • March 31, 1977
    March 31, 1977
    Episode 131
    Dinah's guests are actress Susan Saint James, actor Peter Fonda, comedian Billy Crystal, singer Anne Murray and Rufus featuring Chaka Khan. Highlights: Dinah & Susan duet with "London Homesick Blues". Rufus performs "Hollywood". Anne Murray sings "Sunday School to Broadway".
  • March 30, 1977
    March 30, 1977
    Episode 130
    Dinah's guests are bandleader Lawrence Welk, singer-dancer-actor Ben Vereen, actor Marc Singer, golfer Judy Rankin, child star Danielle Spencer and football player John Cappelletti. Highlights: Ben sings "I'll Play For You". Dinah sings "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?"
  • March 29, 1977
    March 29, 1977
    Episode 129
    Dinah's guests are singer Wayne Newton, TV personality Dick Clark, comedian Larry Storch, actress Susan George and singer Glenn Smith. Highlights: Wayne sings "One, Two, Three," "Cry Me a River," "Georgia on My Mind". Glenn performs "House of Blue Lights".
  • March 28, 1977
    March 28, 1977
    Episode 128
    Dinah's guests are actor George Kennedy, singers Mel Tillis and Tommy Leonetti, comics George Kirby and George Miller and Brig. Gen. Thomas C. Casaday of the Civil Air Patrol. Highlights: Mel sings "Heart Healer". Tommy sings "Crossroads". Dinah & Mel duet with "What Time of Day?"
  • March 25, 1977
    March 25, 1977
    Episode 127
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Bob Hope, TV game show host Bob Barker, actress Jean Stapleton, actor David Hasselhoff, French actress Marie-Christine Barrault and Senator Birch Bayh.
  • March 24, 1977
    March 24, 1977
    Episode 126
    Dinah's guests are singer Eddy Arnold, singer-songwriter Phil Harris, singer-comic Jim Stafford, Wayne Cochran and C.C. Riders and Bodine Jackson Balasco, an authority on gambling. Highlights: Eddy sings "Cowboy". Phil does "Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine". Wayne Cochran & C.C. Riders perform "Sea Cruise," "Rainy Night in Georgia" and "Midnight Train to Georgia".moreless
  • March 23, 1977
    March 23, 1977
    Episode 125

    Dinah's guests are comedienne Phyllis Diller, journalist Shana Alexander, guitarist Robert White, singer-songwriter John Valenti, Dr. Milton Friedman and Adolfo Fashion Show.

    Robert White sings "When You and I Were Young, Maggie".
    John Valenti sings "I Wrote This Song".

  • March 22, 1977
    March 22, 1977
    Episode 124
    Dinah's guests are Country singer Kenny Rogers, comedian Lonnie Shorr, US military analyst Daniel Ellsberg and the musical duo Ashford & Simpson. Highlights: Kenny sings "Lucille" and "Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Love?". Dinah sings "Cherish". Ashford & Simpson perform "So Satisfied" and "Tried, Tested and Found True".
  • March 21, 1977
    March 21, 1977
    Episode 123
    Dinah's guests are comedian Joey Bishop, actress Katharine Ross, impressionist Frank Welker and William Connett director of the IRS for Southern California. Highlights: Dinah & Joey duet with "I Can't Get Started". Dinah sings "Like a Sad Song".
  • March 18, 1977
    March 18, 1977
    Episode 122
    Dinah's guests are actor Chad Everett, actress Bonnie Franklin, comedian Tom Dreesen, Country singer Sonny James and sports writer Bud Greenspan author of "We Was Robbed". Highlights: Dinah sings "Right Back Where We Started From". Bonnie sings "How Long Has This Been Going On?" Sonny performs "You're Free to Go". Dinah & Sonny duet with "Bright Lights, Big City".moreless
  • March 17, 1977
    March 17, 1977
    Episode 121
    Dinah's guests are actor-singer Pat Boone, Country singer Roy Clark, actors Bob Crane and Wayne Rogers, singer Dick Kellman and an Augustus-Tarra Fashion Show. Highlights: Pat sings "A Child Is Born". Roy performs "Thank God and Greyhound". Dinah sings "September Song".
  • March 16, 1977
    March 16, 1977
    Episode 120
    Dinah's guests are actress Dyan Cannon, poet Maya Angelou, comedienne-actress Harriet Nelson and actress Karen Grassle. Highlights: Dinah sings "I'm A Woman".
  • March 15, 1977
    March 15, 1977
    Episode 119
    Dinah's guests are actor William Holden, actress Stefanie Powers, Roots cast members actor Louis Gossett Jr. and actress Madge Sinclair and Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass. Highlights: Louis sings "Handsome Johnny". Dinah sings "Release Me".
  • March 14, 1977
    March 14, 1977
    Episode 118
    Dinah's guests are comedian John Byner, actress-singer Rita Moreno, actor Stacy Keach, Lyn Tornabene author of "Long Live the King", Betty Ford's press secretary Sheila Weidenfeld and singer-musician Warren Kline. Highlights: Stacy & Warren perform "Sweet Lady". Dinah sings "One of a Kind," "San Francisco" and "My Own True Love".
  • March 11, 1977
    March 11, 1977
    Episode 117

    Dinah's guests are Rocky actors Sylvester Stallone, Burgess Meredith and Burt Young, comedian Ronnie Schell and The Sylvers.

    The Sylvers sing "Hot Line".

  • March 10, 1977
    March 10, 1977
    Episode 116
    Dinah's guests are actor Richard Harris and his wife actress Ann Turkel, actress Linda Lavin, Country singer Crystal Gayle, comedian Franklyn Ajaye, Jazz singer Roy Ayers and restaurateur Ken Hansen. Highlights: Crystal sings "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue". Linda sings "Just Imagine". Roy sings "Searching". Dinah sings "Wave".
  • March 9, 1977
    March 9, 1977
    Episode 115
    Dinah's guests are producer-writer-director-actor Orson Welles, actors Peter Strauss, former President Gerald Ford's son actor Steven Ford and model-actress Lauren Hutton. Highlights: Dinah sings "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else" and "Where is the Love?"
  • March 8, 1977
    March 8, 1977
    Episode 114
    Dinah's guests are singer Eydie Gorme, Country singer Charley Pride, journalist Daniel Schorr, comedian Bobby Kosser and French chef Michel Guerard. Highlights: Eydie sings "Every Time We Say Goodbye" and "Just One of Those Things". Charley sings "She's Just an Old Love Turned Memory" and "A Whole Lotta Things to Sing About".moreless
  • March 7, 1977
    March 7, 1977
    Episode 113
    Dinah's guests are actor Cliff Robertson, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, singer Vivian Reed and actresses Jane Alexander and Uta Hagen. Highlights: Dinah sings "Hey, Hey". Vivian sings "Sweet Georgia Brown". Charles does "The Sadder-but-Wiser Girl for Me".
  • March 4, 1977
    March 4, 1977
    Episode 112

    Dinah's guests are actress Ann-Margret, singer Natalie Cole, comic-impressionist Fred Travalena, makeup artist George Masters and Olympic gold medalist skater Dianne de Leeuw.

    Ann and Dinah duet with "My Favorite Things".
    Natalie Cole sings "Party Lights".
    Dinah sings "Moonlight in Vermont".

  • March 3, 1977
    March 3, 1977
    Episode 111
    Dinah's guests are actor Mike Farrell, singers Anthony Newley, and Jim Stafford and singer-dancer Lola Falana. Highlights: Anthony sings "Who Can I Turn To?" Jim sings "Turn Loose My Leg". Dinah & Jim duet with "What'll I Do?" Lola performs "For the Good Times".
  • March 2, 1977
    March 2, 1977
    Episode 110
    Dinah's guests are actress Anne Bancroft, singer Steve Lawrence, writer Paddy Chayefsky, Mrs. Carl (Estelle) Reiner and Mrs. Dom (Carol Arthur) DeLuise. Highlights: Anne, Estelle and Carol sing "Dinah". Steve sings "I Love You". Dinah sings "I've Got You Under My Skin".
  • March 1, 1977
    March 1, 1977
    Episode 109
    Dinah's guests are actor Michael Landon, actress Valerie Perrine, singer-songwriter Barry Manilow and journalist Geraldo Rivera. Highlights: Dinah sings "How Deep Is the Ocean?" Barry performs "Daybreak".
  • February 28, 1977
    February 28, 1977
    Episode 108
    Dinah's guests are Alex Haley author of "Roots", cast members from Roots actors Robert Reed, Leslie Uggams, Georg Stanford Brown and LeVar Burton, musician-composer Quincy Jones and producer David L. Wolper. Highlights: Dinah and Leslie sing a medley including "Memphis Blues," "Blues in the Night" and "St. Louis Blues."
  • February 25, 1977
    February 25, 1977
    Episode 107

    Dinah's guests are Country singer Loretta Lynn, actor McLean Stevenson, comedian Harvey Korman, singer-dancer Melba Moore, pianist-arranger Walter Murphy and the England Dan & John Ford Coley musical group.

    England Dan & John Ford Coley sing "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" and "Nights Are Forever Without You".
    Loretta Lynn sings "She's Got You".
    Melba Moore sings "Lean On Me".
    Walter Murphy performs "A Fifth of Beethoven".

  • February 24, 1977
    February 24, 1977
    Episode 106
    Dinah's guests are the cast of Welcome Back, Kotter actors Gabriel Kaplan, John Travolta, Marcia Strassman, John Sylvester White, Robert Hegyes, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs and Ron Palillo. Highlights: Dinah sings "If I Had a Million".
  • February 23, 1977
    February 23, 1977
    Episode 105
    Top Gold Hit Record Winners. Dinah's guests are comedian George Carlin, singers Ray Charles, Burton Cummings and Mary MacGregor. Highlights: Burton sings "Stand Tall" and "I'm Scared". Mary sings "Torn Between Two Lovers". Ray sings "Blues for Big Scotia". Dinah & Ray sing "I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'".
  • February 22, 1977
    February 22, 1977
    Episode 104
    Special TV Star Emmy Winners. Dinah's guests are actors Tony Randall and Richard Thomas, comedian Harvey Korman, composer Burt Bacharach, sportscaster Don Meredith and Georgette Klinger skin care expert. Highlights: Burt performs "Us". Dinah sings "Ragtime" and "A House is Not a Home".
  • February 21, 1977
    February 21, 1977
    Episode 103
    Dinah's guests are The Doobie Brothers, singer-songwriter Paul Williams, comedienne Lily Tomlin, actor Gary Frank and The Memphis Horns. Highlights: The Doobie Brothers perform "It Keeps You Runnin'", "Black Water" and "Long Train Runnin'". Dinah and the Doobie's sing "Takin' It to the Streets".
  • February 18, 1977
    February 18, 1977
    Episode 102

    Dinah's guests are Country singer Merle Haggard, actor Claude Akins and comedienne Ruth Buzzi.

    Merle Haggard sings "Okie From Muskogee" and "White Line Fever".
    Merle and Claude duet with "Movin' On".
    Dinah sings "Silver Wings".

  • February 17, 1977
    February 17, 1977
    Episode 101
    Dinah's guests are actress Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda cast actress Valerie Harper, actor David Groh, actress Julie Kavner and Nancy Walker, Kenneth McMillan, Ray Buktenica, Nancy Lane and psychologist Wayne Dyer, author of "Your Erroneous Zones". Also: butcher Merle Ellis demonstrates how to "butterfly" shrimp. Highlights: Dinah & Valerie sing "Manhattan". Dinah sings "Junk Food Junkie".moreless
  • February 15, 1977
    February 15, 1977
    Episode 100
    Dinah's guests are Country singers Tennessee Ernie Ford and Glen Campbell, singer-songwriter John Hartford and TV game show host Alex Trebek. Highlights: Dinah, Tennessee Ernie, Glen, John perform "Proud Mary". Glen & John perform "Gentle on My Mind". Dinah sings a salute to Stephen Foster.
  • February 14, 1977
    February 14, 1977
    Episode 99
    Dinah's guests are actor James Stewart and his wife Gloria Stewart, TV game show host Allen Ludden and his wife comedienne-actress Betty White and actor-singer Hal Linden and his wife Frances Linden. Highlights: Jimmy Stewart performs "Ragtime Cowboy". Hal & Frances sing "Just in Time".
  • February 11, 1977
    February 11, 1977
    Episode 98

    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are comedian Jackie Gleason, actor Danny Thomas, actress Rita Moreno, ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy and New Zealand entertainer Frankie Stevens.

    Dinah and Jackie duet with "Call Me Irresponsible".
    Frankie Stevens sings "The More I See You" and "More".
    Dinah and Danny duet on "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby".
    Dinah solos with "Desperado".

  • February 10, 1977
    February 10, 1977
    Episode 97
    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are boxing great Muhammad Ali, singers Barry White, Freddy Fender and and Abbe Lane, comedian Norm Crosby and The Treniers. Highlights: Dinah sings "Sing Me" and "Loneliness". Freddy sings "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" and "Living It Down". Abbe Lane sings a medley including "Volare" and "Tarantella". The Treniers perform "House Party".moreless
  • February 9, 1977
    February 9, 1977
    Episode 96

    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are comedian Redd Foxx, actress Bonnie Franklin, sportscaster Frank Gifford and The Supremes.

    The Supremes sing "You're the Heart of Me" and "Let Yourself Go".
    Dinah sings "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face".
    Frank & Dinah duet with "Good Times, Good Music, Good Friends".

  • February 8, 1977
    February 8, 1977
    Episode 95

    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are TV game show host Monty Hall, singer Dick Haymes, The Pointer Sisters, comedian Lonnie Shorr and rock group Brick.

    The Pointer Sisters sing "You Gotta Believe".
    Brick performs "Dazz".

  • February 7, 1977
    February 7, 1977
    Episode 94

    From Las Vegas, Dinah's guests are entertainer Bob Hope, singer Sammy Davis Jr., singer-dancer Donald O'Connor, composer Marvin Hamlisch and comedian Andy Kaufman.

    Dinah sings "Corner of the Sky".
    Sammy Davis Jr. sings "I Write the Songs".
    Donald O'Connor does "Change Partners".
    Marvin Hamlisch performs "Music and the Mirror".
    Andy Kaufman sings "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss".

  • February 4, 1977
    February 4, 1977
    Episode 93
    Dinah's guests are actor Charlton Heston, actress Deborah Kerr, Phyllis actresses Cloris Leachman and Lisa Gerritsen and The Jeffersons actress Isabel Sanford and co-star actor Damon Evans. Highlights: Damon sings "Feeling Good". Dinah sings "I Was Too Busy".
  • February 3, 1977
    February 3, 1977
    Episode 92
    Dinah's guests are TV personality Dick Clark, bandleader Lawrence Welk, singers Bobby Vinton and Natalie Cole and comedian-actor Jamie Farr. Highlights: Dinah sings "Do You Remember These?". Bobby Vinton sings a medley including "Roses Are Red," "Blue on Blue," "Blue Velvet," "Please Love Me Forever". Natalie Cole sings "I've Got Love on My Mind".moreless
  • February 2, 1977
    February 2, 1977
    Episode 91
    Dinah's guests are actor Jack Klugman, singer-actor Jim Nabors, baseball star Johnny Bench, Pro football quarterbacks Fran Tarkenton and Ken Stabler and 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner. Highlights: Dinah sings "Down with Love". Johnny does "Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine". Jim sings "Cuando Calienta el Sol".
  • February 1, 1977
    February 1, 1977
    Episode 90
    Dinah's guests are actress Marlo Thomas, actor Sylvester Stallone and his brother musician Frank Stallone, singer-songwriter Kenny Nolan, folksinger-actor Theodore Bikel and the musical group Valentine. Highlights: Dinah sings "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and "My Eyes Adored You". Kenny sings "I Like Dreamin' ". Valentine performs "Take You Back" and "Here I Am". Theodore sings "Marieke" and "Those Were the Days".moreless
  • January 31, 1977
    January 31, 1977
    Episode 89
    Dinah's guests are comedian Joey Bishop, actresses Talia Shire and Carrie Snodgress, Country singer Larry Gatlin and Harry Browne author of "Complete Guide to Swiss Banks". Highlights: Dinah sings "There's a Kind of Hush". Larry sings "Broken Lady" and "Statues Without Hearts".
  • January 27, 1977
    January 27, 1977
    Episode 88
    Dinah's guests are actress Merle Oberon, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, actor Richard Dimitri, Cole Lesley, Noel Coward's assistant and The Sylvers. Highlights: Dinah sings "By Myself" and "If Love Were All". The Sylvers perform "Hot Line" and "Disco Showdown". Charles does "Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage, Mrs. Worthington".
  • January 26, 1977
    January 26, 1977
    Episode 87

    Dinah's guests are TV host Ed McMahon, singer Aliza Kashi, Country music singer-songwriter Sammi Smith, comedian Kelly Monteith and actor-director Larry Jacobs.

    Ed McMahon and Dinah duet with "Nice Work If You Can Get It".
    Aliza Kashi sings "Feelings".
    Larry Jacobs performs "Welcome Back, Kotter theme".
    Sammi Smith sings "I Just Want to Sing".

  • January 25, 1977
    January 25, 1977
    Episode 86
    Dinah's guests are actress Cindy Williams, author William F. Buckley, singer-songwriter Tom Waits and 1976 Miss Universe Rina Messinger. Highlights: Dinah sings "My Man" and "Too Late Now". Tom sings "Step Right Up".
  • January 24, 1977
    January 24, 1977
    Episode 85
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Liberace, comedian Shecky Greene, musician Doc Severinsen, singer-actress Michele Lee, model Twiggy and pianist Vince Cardell. Highlights: Liberace plays "Feelings" and "That Old Feeling". Michele sings "If You Know What I Mean". Shecky & Liberace do "Swanee". Liberace and Vince perform "Tea for Two".
  • January 21, 1977
    January 21, 1977
    Episode 84

    Dinah's guests are Roots cast members, actors Ed Asner, Ralph Waite, Ben Vereen and LeVar Burton and "Roots" producer Stan Margulies.

    Ben Vereen sings "Grandma's Hands" and "Our Love is Here to Stay".
    Dinah and Ben duet with "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head".
    Dinah sings "What the World Needs Now is Love", "The Lady is a Tramp" and "Alexander's Ragtime Band".

  • January 20, 1977
    January 20, 1977
    Episode 83
    Dinah's guests are actress Valerie Perrine, actors Peter Finch, David Soul and Richard Jordan and musician Chuck Mangione. Highlights: Chuck performs "Love the Feeling" and "Chase the Clouds Away". Dinah sings "Soft".
  • January 19, 1977
    January 19, 1977
    Episode 82
    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Kitty Carlisle, folksinger Judy Collins, baseball player Maury Wills, actor Phil Foster and singer Peter Lemongello. Highlights: Dinah sings "At Long Last Love". Judy sings "Special Delivery" and "Everything Must Change". Peter sings "Do I Love You?"
  • January 18, 1977
    January 18, 1977
    Episode 81
    Dinah's guests are actor Mike Farrell, impressionist Fred Travalena, singers Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, singer-songwriter Don McLean and George Schindler author of "Magic with Everyday Objects". Highlights: Nancy Sinatra and Lee perform "Indian Summer" and "Summer Wine" Don sings "Vincent," "Mountain of Morn" and "Circus Song".
  • January 17, 1977
    January 17, 1977
    Episode 80
    Dinah's guests are actress Debbie Reynolds, actor Jeff Bridges, singer Lani Hall, funk music singers Bo & Ruth and costume designer Helen Rose. Highlights: Lani sings "That's When Miracles Occur" and "Early Morning Strangers". Dinah sings "A Woman's Work". Bo & Ruth sing "Easy Loving".
  • January 14, 1977
    January 14, 1977
    Episode 79
    Dinah's guests are actor Rod Steiger, comedian George Kirby, TV game show host Alex Trebek, singer Jane Olivor and Australian Rock Group Sherbet. Highlights: Dinah sings "You'd Better Love Me". Sherbet performs "If I Had My Way" and "Howzat". Jane sings "Some Enchanted Evening".
  • January 13, 1977
    January 13, 1977
    Episode 78

    Dinah's guests are actor David Birney, singer-actress Diahann Carroll, actresses Rita Moreno and Susan George and Reverend Cleophus Robinson.

    Rita Moreno sings "Meantime".
    Reverend Cleophus Robinson performs "Wrapped Up in Jesus".
    Dinah sings "Who Will Buy?" and "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight".

  • January 12, 1977
    January 12, 1977
    Episode 77

    Dinah's guests are actor Fernando Lamas, comedian Ronnie Schell, singer-songwriter John Valenti, singer-actress Elly Stone, fitness expert Dr. Neil Solomon, Perri Wickham, Mrs. Randy O'Neil, a speed-reading instructor and an 8-year-old speed-reading course graduate.

    John Valenti sings "Anything You Want".
    Elly Stone sings "Alexander's Song".
    Dinah sings "It's All Right With Me".

  • January 11, 1977
    January 11, 1977
    Episode 76
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Bob Hope, General William Westmoreland, singer Johnny Bristol, actress Patty Duke Astin, TV game show host Chuck Woolery and comedian Andy Kaufman. Highlights: Chuck sings "Too Late". Johnny sings "She Came Into My Life".
  • January 10, 1977
    January 10, 1977
    Episode 75
    Dinah's guests are actress Eileen Brennan, actor Robby Benson, comedian Lonnie Shorr, musician Doc Severinsen, Hollywood columnist Marilyn Beck, singer Keith Sargent and the Keane Brothers. Highlights: Doc performs "Melody". Keane Brothers do "God Loves Little Girls" and "Goodbye Mama and Papa". Keith sings "Midnight Blue". Robby sings "It's Too Late for Me".moreless
  • January 7, 1977
    January 7, 1977
    Episode 74
    Dinah's guests are actor Ben Gazzara, soul group Gladys Knight and the Pips, Country singer Marty Robbins and TV game show host Bob Barker. Highlights: Dinah sings "This Is the Life" and "Wave". Marty sings "Among My Souvenirs" and "When I Was Young". Gladys Knight and the Pips perform "Part Time Love" and "Daddy Could I Swear, I Declare".moreless
  • January 6, 1977
    January 6, 1977
    Episode 73
    Dinah's guests are actors Chill Wills and James Carroll Jordan, comedian Norm Crosby, singer Norma Donaldson, Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders. Highlights: Wayne Cochran & the C.C. Riders perform "It's All Right". Norma sings "If He Walked into My Life".
  • January 5, 1977
    January 5, 1977
    Episode 72
    Dinah's guests are producer-writer-director-actor Orson Welles, actor Vincent Price, actress Lee Grant and author-journalist Shana Alexander. Highlights: Dinah sings "Saved", "Ain't She Sweet", "Happy Days Are Here Again" and "I'm Nobody's Baby".
  • December 30, 1976
    December 30, 1976
    Episode 71
    Dinah's guests are actor Sean Connery, actress Jill Ireland (wife of Charles Bronson), comedian George Kirby and Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band. Highlights: Dinah sings "I Didn't Know What Time It Was". Jill sings "Hello and Goodbye". Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band performs "I'll Play the Fool".
  • December 29, 1976
    December 29, 1976
    Episode 70

    Dinah's guests are actress Valerie Perrine, singer-actor Pat Boone, impressionist Frank Welker, Jazz bassist Pat Collins, fashion designer Bob Mackie and a Cole swimsuit fashion show.

    Pat Boone sings "The Lines of Age".
    Dinah sings "Beautiful".

  • December 28, 1976
    December 28, 1976
    Episode 69
    Dinah's guests are comedian Joey Bishop, actor Sylvester Stallone, financial columnist Sylvia Porter and the Ritchie Family. Highlights: The Ritchie's perform "The Best Disco in Town" and "Brazil".
  • December 27, 1976
    December 27, 1976
    Episode 68
    Dinah's guests are TV host David Frost, actors Richard Jordan and Ralph Waite, singer Bill Wray and the musical group Tavares. Highlights: Dinah sings "Jeremiah Peabody's Pills". Tavares performs "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel". Bill Wray sings "River City (Rock 'n' Roll)" and "I'm in Love".
  • December 24, 1976
    December 24, 1976
    Episode 67
    Dinah's guests are actor Rock Hudson, actress Nancy Walker, Olympic decathlon winner Bruce Jenner and his wife Chrystie, impressionist Frank Welker, singer-songwriter Tom Sullivan, James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir. Highlights: The Choir performs "Oh What a Pretty Baby". Dinah & Rock sing "The 12 Days of Christmas".
  • December 23, 1976
    December 23, 1976
    Episode 66
    Dinah's guests are actor Walter Matthau, actresses Ruth Gordon and Linda Lavin, theatre director-critic Harold Clurman and England Dan and John Ford Coley. Highlights: Dinah sings "If You Really Love Me". Linda sings "My Ship". England Dan & John Ford Coley perform "Nights Are Forever Without You".
  • December 22, 1976
    December 22, 1976
    Episode 65
    Dinah's guests are actress Anne Baxter, singer-actress Rita Moreno, singer Rosemary Clooney and authors Joyce Haber ("The Users") and Judith Viorst ("How I Got to Be 40 and Other Atrocities"). Highlights: Rosemary sings "Too Long at the Fair". Dinah sings "Looking for Space".
  • December 21, 1976
    December 21, 1976
    Episode 64
    Dinah's guests are actor Tony Curtis, comedian Billy Crystal, singer Jon Lucien and magician Doug Henning. Highlights: Dinah sings "Magic to Do" and "Just You and I". Jon sings "Laura" and "Seems Like".
  • December 20, 1976
    December 20, 1976
    Episode 63
    Dinah's guests are actress Maggie Smith, comedic actresses Alice Ghostley, Charlotte Rae and Karen Valentine and comedian Paul Lynde. Highlights: Dinah sings "We're Having a Party" and "Love is a Simple Thing". Alice sings "I Always Say Hello to a Flower". Charlotte does "Make Someone Happy". All join in for "Everybody's Doing It".moreless
  • December 17, 1976
    December 17, 1976
    Episode 62

    Dinah's guests are actors William Holden, Lee Marvin and Ray Walston, actresses Carol Lynley and Mary Martin and director Josh Logan.

    Dinah sings "Some Enchanted Evening".
    Other songs include, "I Talk to Trees" and "They Say It's Wonderful".

  • December 16, 1976
    December 16, 1976
    Episode 61
    Dinah's guests are actress Shelley Winters, boxer Ken Norton, Country singer Mickey Gilley, actor Robert Hegyes and the musical group Dr. Hook. Highlights: Dinah sings "Lonely Night". Dr. Hook performs "A Little Bit More". Mickey Gilley does "Lawdy Miss Clawdy".
  • December 15, 1976
    December 15, 1976
    Episode 60
    Dinah's guests are actor Robert Stack, comic actor Phil Silvers, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, model Suzy Chaffee, Opera singer Diane Johnson and DJ Rick Dees and the Disco Duck. Highlights: Rick performs "Disco Duck". Dinah sings "Speak Low" and "Your Song". Diane sings "Vissi d'arte" from Puccini's "Tosca".
  • December 14, 1976
    December 14, 1976
    Episode 59
    Dinah's guests are singer John Davidson, singer-dancer Melba Moore, Oral Roberts & his wife Evelyn, actor-comedian Don Harron as Charlie Farquharson and hula-hoop champions Lorna Lyasato and Joann Barnes. Highlights: Dinah sings "Mountain Greenery" and "Lead Me On".
  • December 13, 1976
    December 13, 1976
    Episode 58

    Dinah's guests are comedian Don Rickles, Country singer Mel Tillis, actors Gary Burghoff and John Schuck.

    Mel Tillis sings "Burning Memories".
    Dinah sings "Fernando".

  • December 10, 1976
    December 10, 1976
    Episode 57

    Dinah's guests are Senator Barry Goldwater, comedienne Betty White, actor Hal Linden, singer Kelly Garrett and musician Walter Murphy.

    Kelly Garrett sings "It's Too Late".
    Walter Murphy performs "A Fifth of Beethoven".

  • December 8, 1976
    December 8, 1976
    Episode 56
    Dinah's guests are poet-composer-singer Rod McKuen, Country singer Donna Fargo, singer Rosemary Clooney and Blood, Sweat & Tears. Highlights: Blood, Sweat & Tears perform "You've Made Me So Very Happy". Rosemary Clooney sings "Music" and "Tea for Two". Rod sings "Will We Ever Find Our Fathers?"
  • December 7, 1976
    December 7, 1976
    Episode 55
    Dinah's guests are actor Bill Bixby, actress Sandy Duncan, comedienne Totie Fields, comedian Alan King and pianist Peter Duchin. Highlights: Dinah and Totie duet with "Glory of Love" and "Makin' Whoopee". Peter performs "Feelings" and "Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma".
  • December 6, 1976
    December 6, 1976
    Episode 54
    Dinah's guests are actresses Natalie Wood, Dina Merrill and Cicely Tyson, Search for Tomorrow actress Mary Stuart, singer Dorothy Moore and fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo. Highlights: Dinah sings "You're Driving Me Crazy" and "Loneliness". Dorothy sings "Misty Blue".
  • December 3, 1976
    December 3, 1976
    Episode 53
    Dinah's guests are singing and acting couple Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes, actors David Groh and Donny Most and K.C. & the Sunshine Band. Highlights: K.C. & the Sunshine Band perform "Shake Your Booty". Donny sings "All Roads". Dinah sings "Solitaire".
  • December 2, 1976
    December 2, 1976
    Episode 52

    Dinah's guests are producer-writer-director-actor Orson Welles, actor Rob Reiner and actress Dyan Cannon.

    Dinah sings "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight".

  • December 1, 1976
    December 1, 1976
    Episode 51

    Dinah's guests are Country singer Loretta Lynn, actor Michael Landon, singer-songwriter Paul Williams and actress Phyllis George.

    Dinah sings "All in Love is Fair".
    Paul Williams sings "Bugsy Malone".

  • November 30, 1976
    November 30, 1976
    Episode 50

    Dinah's guests are actor William Holden, actress Connie Stevens, comedian-actor Ted Knight and pop group Average White Band.

    Average White Band performs "Pick Up the Pieces".
    Dinah and Ted sing "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows".

  • November 29, 1976
    November 29, 1976
    Episode 49
    Dinah's guests are actor Henry Winkler, actresses Mary Kay Place and Didi Conn and singer Melissa Manchester. Highlights: Melissa sings "Monkey See, Monkey Do". Dinah sings "Lover" and "My Heart Stood Still.".
  • November 26, 1976
    November 26, 1976
    Episode 48
    Dinah's guests are impressionist-comedian George Kirby, Country singer Lynn Anderson, pop group Abba, rock group Wild Cherry and Miss Teenage America Cathy Durden. Highlights: Abba performs "Fernando". George performs "Sailor Man". Lynn sings "Rose Garden". Wild Cherry performs "Play That Funky Music".
  • November 24, 1976
    November 24, 1976
    Episode 47

    Dinah's guests are actor Charlton Heston, comedian-actors George Burns and Red Buttons and Ken Murray author of "The Body Merchant".

    Songs include, "I'm Easy", "All the Way", "High Hopes" and "The Look of Love".

  • November 23, 1976
    November 23, 1976
    Episode 46
    Dinah's guests are singer Barry White and his wife Glodean, Love Unlimited and the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Also Muhammad Ali on film. Highlights: Love Unlimited Orchestra performs "My Sweet Summer Suite". Barry sings "Don't Make Me Wait Too Long". Dinah sings "Love's Theme". Love Unlimited perform "I Can't Let Him Down".moreless
  • November 22, 1976
    November 22, 1976
    Episode 45
    Dinah's guests are actor Rock Hudson, comedienne Carol Burnett, Opera singer Beverly Sills, comedian Harvey Korman, singer Eydie Gorme and a Lucie Ann Fashion Show. Highlights: Dinah, Carol, Beverly and Eydie sing "Bosom Buddies". Eydie sings "What I Did for Love". Beverly performs "When You're Away". Dinah solos with "This Masquerade".moreless
  • November 19, 1976
    November 19, 1976
    Episode 44

    Dinah's guests are actor Lee Majors, actress Beatrice Arthur, comic actor Don Knotts, TV game show host Bob Barker and Producer Norman Lear.

    Dinah & Bea duet with "My Way".
    Dinah sings "The Games People Play".

  • November 18, 1976
    November 18, 1976
    Episode 43
    Dinah's guests are news anchor Walter Cronkite, actor Carroll O'Connor and actress Cloris Leachman. Highlights: Dinah sings "Remembering You". Cloris sings "And That's the End of the News".
  • November 17, 1976
    November 17, 1976
    Episode 42

    Dinah's guests are singer Sonny Bono, TV personality Dick Clark, actor Peter Graves, actress Loretta Swit and comedian Redd Foxx.

    Sonny and Dinah sing "The Beat Goes On".
    Dinah sings "Them There Eyes".

  • November 16, 1976
    November 16, 1976
    Episode 41
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Lucille Ball and her husband producer Gary Morton, actor Gale Gordon, comedienne Carol Burnett, actress Valerie Harper and Circus Producer Kenneth Feld. Highlights: Dinah, Lucy and Valerie sing "Hey, Look Me Over".
  • November 15, 1976
    November 15, 1976
    Episode 40
    Dinah's guests are entertainer Bob Hope, actor Fred MacMurray, actor David Janssen who talks about his role in Two Minute Warning, actresses Sally Struthers and Harriet Nelson. Highlights: Dinah & Bob duet on "Baby It's Cold Outside". "Jack" a tribute to Jack Benny by Dinah. Sally sings "Nobody Cares About the Railroad Anymore" and "Come On Over".moreless
  • November 12, 1976
    November 12, 1976
    Episode 39
    Dinah's guests are singer-actor-dancer Fred Astaire, actor Mike Connors, comedian Dick Martin, sportscaster Jim McKay, Roy Silver and Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5. Highlights: The Jacksons perform, "Enjoy Yourself" and "Dreamer".
  • November 11, 1976
    November 11, 1976
    Episode 38
    Dinah salutes the cast of from the 12th Precinct Barney Miller, actors Hal Linden, Max Gail, Abe Vigoda, Jack Soo and Danny Arnold. Highlights: Dinah sings "I Love a Cop". Hal & Dinah duet with "Sunday in New York". Jack does "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You".
  • November 10, 1976
    November 10, 1976
    Episode 37
    Dinah's guests are the cast of TV's The Practice actors Danny Thomas, Dena Dietrich, David Spielberg, Shelley Fabares, Didi Conn and Mike Evans. Highlights: Dinah sings "Danny Boy". Dinah & Danny duet with "The Best Thing for You". Mike does "Workin' at the Car Wash Blues".
  • November 9, 1976
    November 9, 1976
    Episode 36
    Dinah's guests are the cast of Laverne and Shirley stars Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, Michael McKean, Eddie Mekka, Betty Garrett, David Lander and Phil Foster. Highlights: Penny & Cindy sing, "I Believe". Dinah sings, "Making Our Dreams Come True". Eddie does "Fannette". Betty performs "I'm Still Here".
  • November 8, 1976
    November 8, 1976
    Episode 35

    Dinah's guests are Charlie's Angels actress Kate Jackson, actors Richard Hatch, Jack Albertson and Gary Burghoff and singer-actress Bonnie Franklin.

    Dinah and Jack duet with "If I Could Be With You".
    Gary Burghoff sings "Melancholy Baby".

  • November 5, 1976
    November 5, 1976
    Episode 34
    Dinah's guests are singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, his group Lady Flash, TV personality Dick Clark, actress Sally Kellerman and comedian Stan Kann. Highlights: Barry performs "I Write the Songs". Dinah sings "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do".
  • November 4, 1976
    November 4, 1976
    Episode 33

    Dinah's guests are actor Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey actor-author of "When I Was Young" and former co-star of Richard's from the 1960's TV series Dr. Kildare, Country singer Tammy Wynette, TV game show host Peter Marshall and singer-actor Anson Williams.

    Dinah sings "Don't Rain on My Parade" and "Dr. Kildare Theme".
    Anson Williams sings a medley of songs.
    Peter Marshall sings "I Miss Nat".

  • November 3, 1976
    November 3, 1976
    Episode 32
    Dinah's guests are Wonder Woman star actress Lynda Carter, sportscaster and former Miss America Phyllis George, Alice star actress Linda Lavin, actors James Carroll Jordan and Richard Jordan of the Captains and the Kings mini-series. Highlights: Lynda sings "Anyone Can Whistle". Dinah sings "Consider Yourself", "And I Love Him" and "I Love You So".moreless
  • November 1, 1976
    November 1, 1976
    Episode 31

    Dinah's guests are Country singer Glen Campbell, pop singer Bobby Goldsboro, sportscaster Don Meredith and Tim Gallwey author of "The Inner Game of Tennis".

    Glen Campbell sings "Bloodline".
    Bobby Goldsboro sings "Butterfly for Bucky".


  • October 29, 1976
    October 29, 1976
    Episode 30

    Dinah's guests are entertainer Bob Hope, actress Lana Turner, actor Dean Jones, pianist Peter Nero and comedian Lonnie Shorr.

    Peter Nero performs "Tara's Theme".
    Dinah sings "Time and Love".

  • October 28, 1976
    October 28, 1976
    Episode 29
    Dinah's guests are comedienne Phyllis Diller, Ken Murray, entertainer-author of "The Body Merchant", singer Mike Neun, the L.A. Mime Co. and a Bonwit Teller Futuristic Fashion Show. Highlights: Mike does "Goofus". Dinah sings "I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues".
  • October 27, 1976
    October 27, 1976
    Episode 28

    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Robert Goulet, composer Michel Legrand, actress Deborah Raffin and comedian Ronnie Schell.

    Michel Legrand performs "There'll Be a Song" and "Ask Yourself Why".
    Robert Goulet sings "Summer Me, Winter Me" and a medley including "Camelot".
    Dinah sings "Get Out of Town".

  • October 26, 1976
    October 26, 1976
    Episode 27
    Dinah and It Takes Two with celebrity couples Carroll O'Connor & wife Nancy O'Connor, Bill Bixby & wife Brenda Benet Bixby and Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. Highlights: Dinah sings "It Takes Two" and "Only Love Is Real". Marilyn & Billy duet with "You Don't Have to Be a Star" and "Easy Way Out".moreless
  • October 25, 1976
    October 25, 1976
    Episode 26

    Dinah's guests are producer-director-writer-actor Orson Welles, actor Cliff Robertson, singer Maureen McGovern and Gladys Knight & the Pips.

    Maureen McGovern sings "I'm Easy".
    Gladys Knight & the Pips sings "So Sad the Song" and "I Feel a Song (In My Heart)".
    Dinah sings "Corner of the Sky" and "Desperado".

  • October 22, 1976
    October 22, 1976
    Episode 25

    Dinah's guests are actor Jack Lemmon, Gladys Knight & the Pips, tennis pro Billie Jean King, singer Eddie Rabbitt and impressionist-voice actor Frank Welker.

    Gladys Knight & the Pips perform "So Sad the Song" and "I've Got to Use My Imagination".
    Eddie Rabbitt sings "Rocky Mountain Music".
    Dinah sings "Embraceable You" and "The Best of My Love".

  • October 21, 1976
    October 21, 1976
    Episode 24

    Dinah's guests are actor Vincent Price, actress Susan Clark, TV game show hosts Allen Ludden and Don Cornelius, comedian Jay Leno, fashion designer Mary McFadden and pop group The Whispers.

    The Whispers perform "One for the Money".
    Dinah sings "The Song is Love" and "I'm Easy".

  • October 20, 1976
    October 20, 1976
    Episode 23
    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Rita Moreno, actresses Michael Learned and Nancy Dussault, singer Melissa Manchester, poet Maya Angelou and a Karl Lagerfeld fashion show. Highlights: Dinah sings "I Enjoy Being a Girl". Melissa sings "Help is On the Way" and "A Fool in Love". Rita and Nancy duet with "I Wish I Were in Love Again". Dinah & Melissa sing "Mockingbird".moreless
  • October 19, 1976
    October 19, 1976
    Episode 22

    Dinah's guests are TV game show host Chuck Woolery, mimes Shields & Yarnell, comedian Ronnie Schell and ex-bank robber Willie Sutton.

    Dinah sings "I Got Love" and "It Ain't Necessarily So".
    Chuck sings "Deja Vu".
    Lorene Yarnell performs "Applause".

  • October 18, 1976
    October 18, 1976
    Episode 21

    Dinah's guests are actress-dancer Cyd Charisse and her husband singer-actor Tony Martin, TV game show host Monty Hall, sportscaster Curt Gowdy, comedian George Miller and the Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan. 

    Dinah sings "Sing Me" and "I Didn't Mean to Love You".
    Tony Martin sings "What I Did For Love".

  • October 15, 1976
    October 15, 1976
    Episode 20
    Dinah's guests are actor Charlton Heston, actress Karen Valentine, Opera Singer Robert Merrill, comic Fred Travalena and The Platters. Highlights: Dinah sings, "Make Your Own Sunshine". The Platters perform "Only You," "Twilight Time," "Love, There's Enough for Everyone". Robert Merrill sings "The Whiffenpoof Song".
  • October 14, 1976
    October 14, 1976
    Episode 19

    Dinah's guests are singer Mel Torme, TV game show host Geoff Edwards, actress-model Ann Turkel, comic Ed Bluestone, The Manhattans and Cosmetics-firm beauty director Armande Della Maria.

    Mel Torme sings "Isn't It a Pity?"
    Dinah and Mel duet with "Day by Day".
    The Manhattans perform "Kiss and Say Goodbye".

  • October 13, 1977
    October 13, 1977
    Episode 18

    Dinah's guests are singer Tony Bennett, musician Woody Herman, jazz pianists Leonard Feather and Chick Corea and trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie and All That Jazz in a salute to jazz music.

    Woody Herman performs "Long, Long Journey".
    Tony Bennett sings "Autumn Leaves".
    Tony and Dizzy perform "Summertime".

  • October 12, 1976
    October 12, 1976
    Episode 17
    Dinah's guests are actress Valerie Bertinelli, Israeli political leader Moshe Dayan, comedian Charles Nelson Reilly, actor Ralph Waite and The Manhattan Transfer. Highlights: Dinah sings, "The Sweetest Sounds" and "Hava Naglia".
  • October 11, 1976
    October 11, 1976
    Episode 16
    Dinah's guests are comedienne-actress Nanette Fabray, singer Kenny Rogers, reporter Geraldo Rivera, singer-actress Lonette McKee and England Dan & John Ford Coley. Highlights: Dinah sings "Good Day Sunshine". Lonette sings "Spaghetti is Straight (Until It Hits Hot Water)".
  • October 8, 1976
    October 8, 1976
    Episode 15
    Dinah's guests are actor McLean Stevenson, comedian Rich Little, comedienne-actress Betty White, musical group The Staples and animal psychologist Bea Lydecker. Highlights: Dinah sings "You've Got a Friend". The Staples perform "Pass It On" & "Take Your Time". Dinah & McLean duet on "A Dog's Life".
  • October 7, 1976
    October 7, 1976
    Episode 14
    Dinah's guests are singer-actor Robert Goulet, actress Sally Struthers, comedian Norm Crosby, comedienne Vivian Vance and musical group LaBelle. Highlights: Robert sings "Melinda". LaBelle performs "Lady Marmalade" and "Isn't It a Shame". Dinah sings "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face".
  • October 6, 1976
    October 6, 1976
    Episode 13

    Dinah's guests are TV's Galloping Gourmet Chef Graham Kerr and his wife Treena authors of "The New Seasoning", comedian Robert Klein, singer Joanie Sommers and pop group Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods.

    Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods perform "Teenage Rampage".
    Joanie sings "I Write the Songs".

  • October 5, 1976
    October 5, 1976
    Episode 12
    Dinah's guests are comedian Sid Caesar, actresses Lee Grant, Maureen Stapleton and Marsha Mason and her husband producer-writer-director Neil Simon. Highlights: Dinah sings "I'll Never Fall in Love Again," "I'm a Brass Band," "Big Spender," "My Personal Property". Sid performs "Real Live Girl".
  • October 4, 1976
    October 4, 1976
    Episode 11

    Dinah's guests are actor Ed Asner, "Roots" author Alex Haley, singer-actor Pat Boone, actress Debralee Scott and Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band.

    Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band perform "A Fifth of Beethoven".
    Pat Boone sings "I Won't Be Home Tonight".
    Dinah sings "Alexander's Ragtime Band".

  • October 1, 1976
    October 1, 1976
    Episode 10

    Dinah's guests are Country singer Loretta Lynn, writer-author Gore Vidal, comedian David Steinberg and The Culinary Olympic Chefs.

    Loretta & Dinah duet with "Me & Ole C.B." and "Rhinestone Cowboy".
    Loretta Lynn sings "Somebody Somewhere".
    Dinah sings "Until It's Time for You to Go".

  • September 30, 1976
    September 30, 1976
    Episode 9

    Dinah's guests are Rosalynn Carter (wife of President Jimmy Carter), singer Anthony Newley, singer-actress Florence Henderson and The Muppets.

    Florence Henderson sings, "Who Can I Turn To?"
    Anthony Newley sings, "Teach the Children" and "The Entertainer".
    Dinah, Anthony and Florence sing "Happy Together".

  • September 29, 1976
    September 29, 1976
    Episode 8

    Dinah's guests are actor-dancer Donald O'Connor, Six Million Dollar Man actor Lee Majors, singer-actor Jimmy Dean, columnist Erma Bombeck and songstress Vicki Sue Robinson.

    Dinah sings "Good Times, Good Music and Good Friends".
    Vicki Sue Robinson sings "Turn the Beat Around".

  • September 28, 1976
    September 28, 1976
    Episode 7

    Dinah's guests are singer-actress Rita Moreno, actress Bonnie Franklin, singer-dancer-actress Priscilla Lopez, Silent film actress Vivian Reed and singer-songwriter Dee Dee Bridgewater.

    Bonnie Franklin sings "Applause".
    Dee Dee Bridgewater sings "If You Believe".
    Priscilla Lopez sings "Nothing".
    Vivian Reed sings "God Bless the Child".
    Rita Moreno sings "I'm Going Back".


  • September 27, 1976
    September 27, 1976
    Episode 6
    Dinah's guests are Country singers Tennessee Ernie Ford and Charley Pride, pop singer Debbie Bryne, Australian folk artists Bill and Boyd, singing duo Dave and Sugar, Australian disc jockey Barry Crocker, comedian Ugly Dave Grey and the Bay City Rollers.Highlights: Dinah sings "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?" and "Waltzing Matilda". Bill and Boyd perform "Five Miles to Gundee Gai". Bay City Rollers perform "Dedication". Barry does "Corner of the Sky", "All the Way" and "That Old Feeling". All join in for "Pub with No Beer".moreless
  • September 24, 1976
    September 24, 1976
    Episode 5

    Dinah's guests are Tony Orlando & Dawn, actor-comedian Freddie Prinze, comedian George Carlin, comedienne Ruth Buzzi, comic Jerry Martinez and models-dancers with Jag Fashion Show.

    Tony Orlando & Dawn perform "Gimme a Good Old Mammy Song".
    Dinah and Tony sing a medley of songs.
    Dinah sings "Rainbow in Your Eyes".

  • September 23, 1976
    September 23, 1976
    Episode 4

    Dinah's guests are singer-songwriter Paul Anka, lyricist-musician Sammy Cahn, singer-actress Annette Funicello, humorist Art Buchwald and French chef Robert Pascal.

    Annette & Paul duet with "Put Your Head on My Shoulder".
    Paul sings "The Painter," "Wildflower" and "(You Bring Out) The Best In Me".
    Sammy, Dinah and Paul perform "It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House," "I Love Paris" and "A Touch of Class".

  • September 22, 1976
    September 22, 1976
    Episode 3
    Dinah's guests are Sanford and Son actor-comedian Redd Foxx and actress-comedienne LaWanda Page, celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress Jessica Walter, pop group Janice and a Bullock's Fashion Show. Highlights: Janice performs "Make It Easy On Yourself".
  • September 21, 1976
    September 21, 1976
    Episode 2

    Dinah's guests are actors Andy Griffith and Robert Blake, singer-dancer Juliet Prowse, actress Mackenzie Phillips, yoga author-expert Yogi Bikram and the Bay City Rollers.

    Bay City Rollers perform "Rock and Roller" and "I Only Wanna Be With You".
    Dinah and Juliet sing "Everything Old is New Again".
    Dinah sings "Do It Again".

  • September 20, 1976
    September 20, 1976
    Episode 1

    Dinah's guests are actor Dick Van Dyke, actress Mary Tyler Moore, writer Carl Reiner, singers Pratt & McClain and the 3rd Generation Steps, a tap dancing group.

    Pratt & McClain perform "Happy Days" and "California Cowboy".
    Dick sings "Blue Moon".
    Dick & Dinah duet with "Buttons and Bows" and "Enjoy Yourself, It's Later than You Think".