Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

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  • Denver restaurant

    I was sitting here watching an old show S23E6 fort Collins they say they make the best green chili in I don't think so,I may not have a restaurant but I make the best green chili in Denver,those who have had it will tell you mine is the by the way love all your shows
  • Great show, lousy person, lousy restaurants

    I love the show, it does indeed show us amazing hidden gems. He's not such a nice guy however in real life and restaurants which he claims ownership suck big time.
  • Guy Fieri, Sad!

    I met Guy in Jackson Hole ,WY. I was very excited until I met him, he is the biggest jerk ever. Watched them film a show and what I witnessed was just totally fake. When he walks up to some customers to ask how they like the food, it is totally fake. They film the question earlier and then film guy asking it later and splice them together. He is the most disgusting and obnoxious television personalities I have ever met, and I drive them for a living. He hates his fans, he acts like they all get on his nerves. Sad!
  • Repulsive Americana

    Grotesque and quintessential repulsive USA.

  • Boring

    obnoxious show and boring host
  • Still #1

    While some hate Guy, there is no denying that DDD is still the number one most popular show for discovering great places to eat.
  • iam ANGRY

    I am really mad, even more than the guy on the photo

    Iam fighting ffor justice while everyone is sat eating food and this show helps people to eat.

    nooooooooooooo there will be another season

    What 16 years of food I need to go to food network to have a discussion with.....
  • Love this show

    Great show. Wish I had his job.
  • suggestion

    Love your Show. i thought i pass on to guy that if you add sweet baby rays barbeque sauce to your meatballs,you have a nice sweet surprise. give it a try!! yummy.
  • Nice concept - Bad implementation

    The idea for this show is pretty good, but I just can't stand to watch this guy! The fact that he drives around to a variety of places showcasing different foods is fine, but watching him stuff his face all over the country is so unappetizing that it makes me want to avoid both the Food Network and going out to eat! Could they have found a more unappealing host?
  • MsKatessouthernkitchen@gmail.com

    I was ate the Mississippi Days in Portland Oregon with some friends. I ate at a Vendor cart called

    Ms Kate's Southern kitchen. The food was fantastic! If you are every in Portland check them out they had the best biscuits and gravy with bacon and egg and the most tender chicken all between a huge biscuit.
  • diners drive- ins and dives

    I noticed Guy is driving a 68 camaro rs-ss 396 car in some shows and a 67 ss car in some. Was wondering if both were his. and wish he would give a quick history on them. Love the show!
  • Fun to see Mom & Pop restraunts across the country feeding people their own creations! You all have inspired us to do the same.Three years ago we opened a cool BBQ joint In Indiana, Rick's Smokehouse & Grill.Exciting to see your dream become a reality!

    Love the show! Me & my family watch it all the time.Fun to see how everyday folks make their dreams a reality! We have done the same in Terre Haute ,Indiana~ My husband & I have recently opened a BBQ joint in our hometown.Guy has inspired us to follow our dreams,take a chance,& create a restraunt that is drawing folks from 2 hours away to come & eat!`Awesome to have a place people love to come to! Thank you *Diners,Drive-Ins & Dives* for your inspiration! Guy is fun to watch & it is neat to see mom & pop restraunts all across the country feeding people in their hometowns & loving it! We enjoy kicking back on a Sunday afternoon to watch your show.If Guy is ever in Indiana be sure to stop in & have some Ribs with us....*The best BBQ in town is RICK'S...Smokehouse*
  • Guy Fieri takes viewers across America to the kitchens of diners, drive-ins, and dives, the show's namesake.

    I love this show so much! First of all, even though I was born at the very beginning of 1995, I could have just as easily been born in the 50's, the heart of the diner era. I love oldies music and jukeboxes and if I was born in the 50's, I would be my age now no later than 1972 (which I am also a total flower-child, by the way, but that's a different story.) I'm not a fancy person, so I think diners are awesome, and I think it's even more awesome that they made a behind-the-scenes style show about it. Whoever thought of this, I you a looooooooong thank you note!
  • Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives is one great show!

    I found out so much great food from places I never even heard of. Including the state I live in. Every time I see that show, I get hungry because the food that they show looks so good and I bet it tastes even better. One of my favorite episodes is when Guy looks for great B.B.Q. place like thet place where they have big pieces of meat. Another one of my favorite episodes is when Guy looks for some Seashore Shacks because there was a burger shack where they had the biggest burgers I have every seen and their milkshakes are made with real ice cream. Just writting this is making me hungry.
  • next time your in florida/check out eyepoppin'cheesesteaks! in citrus co. fl.real chzsteaks&hoagies so big your eyeballs will pop out!rolls,soda,cakes all imp. from philly & they cut all there own meat to! there's just to much to tell about this place!!!

    they have been @present local 1-1/2yrs, prior they owned the only other chz steak place in town, which they sold to retire. they cut all their own steak, and grind&make their own burgers too. prior to the chz steak buisness they owned their own butcher shops in citrus co. and new jersey too.
    they are all originaly from NJ and know how it's dun.
    check it out- cheesesteak and hoagies so big yur eyeballs pop out!! open kitchen floor plan, small but all you really need! mouthwatering, fast and 3/4 lbs of meat on a 12" bun shipped in from philly! tastykakes, birchbeer, blackcherry soda too. yummy!!
  • Diners Dive-ins and Dives

    Guy is a riot. This is one of the best "travel" shows on the food network. The breakfast episode is the best. A shame the show doesn't air more often. Everybody can think of a couple of "local joints" that would serve good old fashioned comfort food.I'm reminded of a place called "Green Oak Cafe". A mom and pop operation @ a local mall. It was around for years! I have yet to see anyone that could make a better Rueben sandwich in St.Louis. The mall forced them to close down and replaced it with a food court. I miss that place. Food courts are evil!!!
  • One of my new favorite shows.

    I have watched this show many times on the Food Network and I love it. The like Guy's personality and style. Plus the places he visits are cool. I didn't know that this guy won the Next Food Network star. I thought he was a pro on what he was doing. The food on the show looks so good. It doesn't look good for you, but who cares? I like how each episode is different. Hopefully new episodes will air, but I wonder what the theme will be. Everytime I see that this show is going to be on, I try to watch because it's a great show.