Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - Season 23

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Season 29 : Episode 12

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  • 12/18/15
    Stops include a funky underground joint in Washington, D.C., known for knockout dumplings and ramen. Also: An Atlantic City pizza parlor serves a cheeseburger pie and chicken vodka; and a comfort food café in Colorado Springs has Rocky Mountain roast beef and king-sized cinnamon rolls on the menu.
  • Isle-Talian
    Episode 12
    Stops include Plymouth, Mass., for a unique plantain sandwich and wings gone bananas; Colorado Springs, where a neighborhood Italian spot serves up outrageous arancini and veal; and a Caribbean-pasta joint known for its jerk chicken penne and a curry "vegetti" dish.
  • Piggin' Out
    Episode 11
  • Bite Of Britain
    Episode 10
  • 10/9/15
  • 9/25/15
    Guy visits an Argentinian joint in Denver known for it's beef empanadas and veggie tarta; and a family-run barbecue restaurant in Bayport, Minn., where he's served a brisket sandwich and pulled pork. Also: He tastes a loaded chicken dish and Tex-Mex breakfast in Falmouth, Mass.
  • Beef It Up
    Episode 7
    Beef dishes are in the spotlight. Included: Sandwiches piled with steak and braised beef are on the menu at a Minneapolis gastropub; a Jewish deli in Atlanta serves Guy a fish specialty alongside their killer pastrami hash; and cheesesteak pretzels and a twist on traditional shepherd's pie are found at a funky café in Plymouth, Mass.moreless
  • Name That Kitchen
    Episode 6
    Green chili and mile-high burgers are found in Fort Collins, Colo. Also: Guy visits a breakfast-lunch café in Falmouth, Mass., known for its pickle chips and savory scone sandwich; and travels to a family-owned restaurant for soft-shell crab and kale soup.
  • Homeland Favorites
    Episode 5
    Food from diverse cultures. Included: a Greek joint in Denver known for delicious lamb ribs and a unique dessert. Also: tasty tacos al pastor and carnitas tamales in Richfield, Minn.; and an Atlanta spot's spin on shrimp and grits.
  • 8/7/15
    Comfort food is in the spotlight when Guy visits an Atlanta joint known for its chicken and biscuits and house-cured lox; and twin brothers serve Southern grub, including a brisket burger and chicken-fried ribs. Also: vegetarian specialties from a café in Fort Collins, Colo.
  • 7/31/15
    Cuisine from three different continents is highlighted during Guy's travels. Included: He eats Indian curry and Brazilian croquettes and seafood in Denver. Also: meat sandwiches in Atlanta.
  • Taste of Asia
    Episode 2
    Guy treats his taste buds to some Asian food during a trip to Las Vegas, during which he eats sushi and traditional udon, plus a pork dish and a new twist on grilled cheese. Also: Tons of meat and flavor are found at a Korean barbecue joint in Denver.
  • A Bowlful of Soul
    Episode 1
    In the Season 23 premiere, food that's comforting and soulful is found during a trip to Charlotte, where Guy visits a hangout known for collard greens and shrimp and grits; and Marc Summers joins the host in Culver City, Cal., for turkey chili and hot dogs served on cornbread buns. Also: a strip mall spot specializing in crepes in Las Vegas.moreless