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Season 29 : Episode 6

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Season 29 : Episode 7

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  • Triple D Nation: Poke, Pork And Chicken Parm
    Guy Fieri is checking in on some of his favorite joints serving up a bite for any time of day. Up in Chicago, things have changed a lot for Guy's poker buddies. In Denver, a triple threat is adding some new biscuit sandwiches and a couple new late-night items.
  • Pretzels, Pork And Paella
    Guy Fieri digs into everything from pretzels to paella. In Bozeman, Montana, breakfast is served with a Mexican pork masterpiece and a French toast Monte Cristo. In Little Rock, Arkansas, a microbrewery serves up elevated pub grub.
  • Sandwiches, Southern And South Of The Border
  • From Pork To Pasta
    Episode 20
    Guy Fieri digs into everything from pork to pasta on this trip.
  • Far East Flavorfest
    Episode 20
  • Culinary Journey
    Episode 19
    Guy Fieri hits the road for on an off-the-chain culinary journey.
  • 8/24/18
    A mix of land and sea, featuring a few favorite spots across the country. Included: a chef full of personality in Portland, Oregon, making people smile with seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Triple D Nation: Sammies, Snacks and Seafood
    Guy Fieri visits one of his favorite places from the first season in Seattle to see what new Greek goodies they're cooking. Also, Cuban cuisine has really taken off in Minneapolis since DDD's visit.
  • Tasty Traditions
    Episode 17
    Guy Fieri dives into dishes steeped in tasty tradition. Included: a funky spot in Seattle makes their name with scratch-made Russian piroshki; a tucked-away joint in Kona serves up a bite of culture with their authentic Hawaiian cuisine.
  • Fusion Of Flavors
    Episode 17
  • 7/27/18
  • Playin' Chicken
    Episode 14
    Guy Fieri samples chicken all over the country. Included: a joint cooking it Nashville hot-style and putting a gourmet twist on a burger in Alameda, California; and French-styled chicken in Lansing, Michigan.
  • Italian, Hawaiian and Colombian
    Guy Fieri digs into a multicultural flavorfest. Included: a poke place in Hawaii and its island specialties; and a Italian spot in San Carlos, California, putting tasty twists on their homemade pasta.
  • 6/8/18
    Guy Fieri samples delicious dishes on both coasts. Included: a funky joint in Palo Alto, California, making fresh California cooking like spicy pork and knockout gnocchi; and a bakery-restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina, making major meatloaf.
  • 5/25/18
    Guy Fieri grabs some barbecue and Southern comfort. In Seattle, a funky joint smokin' up ribs and dishin' out brisket chili. In Wilmington, North Carolina, a breakfast-brunch spot getting dirty with their biscuits.
  • Grab and Grub
    Episode 10
    Guy Fieri dives into joints where people can literally grab all kinds of grub. Included: a Chicago-style spot in Tucson, Arizona, firing up deep-dish pie and twisted-up breadsticks; and a funky pub in Wilmington, North Carolina, spicin' up duck wings.
  • Seafood and Savory
    Episode 9
    Guy Fieri samples seafood and savory sensations. Included: a place in Miami, Florida, that puts oxtails on their pizza and crab in their pasta; and a fantastic food truck dishin' out shrimp burgers in Lansing, Michigan.
  • 4/6/18
    Guy Fieri tries all kinds of killer grub. In Lansing, Michigan, an out-of-this-world pizza joint where the pie comes with a surprise; and in Wilmington, North Carolina, standout sandwiches bring a taste of Philly to the South.
  • Lights-Out Latin
    Episode 7
    Guy tastes all kinds of amazing Latin specialties. In Miami, Florida, a husband-and-wife team dishing out primo Peruvian sandwiches. In Wilmington, North Carolina, a funky joint cooking up the flavors of Panama. And in Tucson, Arizona, a funky fresh spin on tacos and carne asada.
  • 3/9/18
    Guy Fieri crosses the nation to grab some international grub. In Dallas, a Thai joint serves noodles, curry, and green papaya salad. In Miami, a Latin place dishes up empanadas and a unique plantain sandwich.
  • 3/2/18
    Guy Fieri digs into dishes featuring dough. A Hawaiian joint in Arizona is featured that serves island specialties, like a meaty bun. A saucy sandwich and spinach dip in Arizona is also spotlighted.
  • 2/9/18
    Guy travels to Phoenix where an unusual joint makes barbecue fries and puts a new spin on chilaquiles. In Boulder, a pizza place loads up the pies and their meatball grinder. Later, a Dallas spot cranks out different kinds of chicken.
  • Bird and Beef
    Bird and Beef
    Episode 3
    Guy travels the country to dig into bird and beef. In Longmont, Colorado, a fried chicken emporium serves up their specialty along with chicharrones. In Dallas, a spot smokes duck and piles up brisket. In Phoenix, a Mexican joint dishes out barbacoa and gorditas.
  • 1/19/18
    Guy uncovers some surprising culinary discoveries. Included: a grocery store that serves out-of-bounds Nepalese-Tibetan specialties in Columbus, Ohio; and a Mexican spot that serves standout seafood tacos and unique mole in Dallas.
  • Mom's Kitchen
    Episode 1
    Guy Fieri hits the road and grabs grub straight out of Mom's kitchen.