Dinner for Five

Season 1 Episode 5

Andy Dick, Daryl Hannah, Marilyn Manson

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 06, 2002 on IFC

Episode Recap

The episode is a guest short and everyone has suggestions on who to call on short notice. Rick James is everyone's funny favorite.

Andy Dick talks about his MTV show. The coversation turns to Broadway and the current hit, "The Producers."

Andy Dick brings up his experience of watching a Woody Allen film in Barcelona, Spain. Marilyn Manson's favorite is "Sweet and Lowdown" starring Sean Penn who Dick hung out with for a few hours.

Manson talks about Buñuel and Daryl Hannah chimes in with the difficulty in judging acting in a subtitled movie.

Manson explains his sometime frustrations with porn on pay-per-view and in hotels. Andy Dick mentions his favorite porn movie title.

Daryl talks about her "Blade Runner" experience, a creative high that hadn't been equaled for her. She also talks about her collaborative "Dancing at the Blue Iguana." Talk turns to various strip clubs.

Manson and Dick describe a film called "Groupie" that Manson made - which will never see the light of day because of the content.

Dick and the others talk about their creative secrets - writing after a lucid dream. Manson mentions he uses absinthe.
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