Dinner for Five

Season 4 Episode 6

Bill Maher, Alanis Morissette, Rosanna Arquette, Bob Odenkirk

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 06, 2005 on IFC

Episode Recap

The opening teaser has Bob Odenkirk making fun of Bill Maher's acting background. Alanis Morissette talks of groupies for women musicians. Maher thinks its easier for musicians to communicate, as opposed to comedians.

Favreau asks about Bill Maher's post-9/11 controversy. Maher compares himself to an early casualty in "Saving Private Ryan." Maher takes exception to the mentioning of Howard Stern's courage but is much happier with his career since then. Favreau and Odenkirk bring up the problems of celebrities talking politics.

Rosanna Arquette is questioned about her unplanned appearance in Playboy magazine. Morissette talks of using her personal life in her music which is something Favreau did in "Swingers" but Jon thinks he can't do it again. Maher thinks celebrity failures make them more sympathetic.

Maher admits to his acting background (as seen in the pre-credits) and talks of how he transistioned to comedian and political commentator. Arquette comments on her early career and how she now finds herself in that age group that Hollywood finds uncommercial. Jon thinks its the same for men at that age. Arquette is over the anger of being 'put out to pasture.'

Odenkirk talks of finding the creators of "Tom goes to the Mayor" and producing their show. Favreau thinks Morissette's impending marriage will maker her music more mellow. Odenkirk joins the discussion of transitioning in the career.

Favreau asks Morissette of "Dogma", playing the role of God. Favreau mentions being at Morissette's first show. During the closing credits Maher says he's never touched a baby, leading to yet another Odenkirk joke at his expense.