Dinner for Five

Season 4 Episode 5

David Duchovny, Dax Shepard, Tim Blake Nelson, Stephen Root

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2005 on IFC

Episode Recap

Dax relates an anecdote involving an accident. He talks of being in the new Mike Judge film "3001" with Stephen Root.

Tim Blake Nelson relates how he got his big break with "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" via his friendship with Joel Coen.

Duchovny talks of getting a line reading during "The Rapture" which he didn't like. Everyone has their take about it, depending on their backgrounds.

Dax talks of getting a concussion which led to his mother seeing one of the happiest moments of his life.

Jon talks of playing 'himself' on "The Sporanos", taking a page from Duchovny on "The Larry Sanders Show."

Nelson talks of directing the film "O", based on Othello set against the backdrop of a modern-day school shooting. Dax talks of timing the movie properly, when dealing with topical events. Duchovny brings up "The House of D."

Stephen Root talks of Alan Alda co-starring with him on "The West Wing." He talks of consciously switching roles between comedy and drama so as not to get typecast.

Duchovny talks of "House of D" again and about working with his wife Tea Leonie. Tim Blake Nelson talks about working on the HBO movie "Warm Springs." Everyone talks about playing a real character.
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