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Dinner: Impossible

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With extraordinary skill and delicious results, Chef Robert Irvine delivers remarkable menus for either small groups or big crowds every week in spite of tremendous obstacles. In each mission, Chef Irvine is faced with culinary challenges that are unique to Dinner: Impossible in which he must overcome time restrictions, weather, personnel shortages, and interesting hurdles characteristic to the show, and creates a real risk that he may not complete his challenge.

Broadcast History:

Seasons 1-4 Master Chef Robert Irvine is presented with an unusual culinary challenge each week. Will he be able to come up with an authentic 18th century meal? Will he be able to create a rich culinary experience for 150 passengers on a luxury train? Watch one of the most respected and talented chefs in the world works with his two sous chefs, George and George, as he overcomes obstacles and delivers a culinary masterpiece.

Broadcast Time: 10 p.m. Wednesdays E/P (Seasons 1-3 half-hour, Season 4 one hour)

Season 5 Iron Chef and Restaurateur Michael Symon (Lola and Lolita in Cleveland, Ohio) takes on brand new challenges in season five, along with his sous chefs, Tim and Greg. Watch as this Culinary Institute of America graduate is challenged with missions most chefs would run from screaming, and enjoy the new rebel attitude as Michael and his Harley ride into each impossible dinner challenge.

Broadcast Time: 10 p.m. Wednesdays E/P (half-hour)

Seasons 6-8 Chef Robert Irvine returns to the show and is met with harder challenges and even more difficult venues for his trouble. These seasons included trips to the X Games, a roulette wheel that determined the number of diners, cooking for television casts and football teams, a fundraiser, and many more. Through it all, Irvine tried to maintain his cool and give everyone the culinary event of their lives.

Broadcast Time: 10 p.m. Wednesdays E/P (one hour)

Program Notes Robert Irvine was released after resumé discrepancies were exposed by Florida's St. Petersburg Times on February 17, 2008. He had taped three of the 13 one-hour episodes that had been ordered, which were burned off during the summer of 2008. The Food Network hired a new host, Michael Symon, and ordered 10 half-hour episodes that aired near the end of the summer 2008, although early press claimed these episodes would be one hour in length.

Dinner: Impossible with Chef Symon at the helm took a slightly different tone, which illustrated the differences between a restaurateur caterer and an event chef. Fewer dishes were produced in each episode, and Michael's laid-back attitude was poles apart from Robert's highly charged delivery. On November 20, 2008, 15 days after Symon's fifth episode, The Food Network quietly released a written statement that Robert Irvine would return the following March with six one-hour episodes, although the date was pushed to April 2009. In a Cleveland.com interview on November 21, 2008, Simon indicated he knew when he accepted the job that it was almost certain that it would be for one season, but his contract prevented him from discussing it until after the announcement.



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