Dinner: Impossible

Season 6 Episode 3

Casino Craziness

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 22, 2009 on Food Network

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  • Robert has to feed 1200 people a dinner without sugar or salt, then when that is not bad enough, has to make a special dinner for some of the VIPs and finally another special dinner for 12 for charity. When things got worse he finds out he lost 30 min.

    I know all about how casino kitchens are laid out and this was hard enough with all the ingredients but to lose sugar and salt made it tougher. The kitchens are laid out in the outside of the casino and surround the gaming floor so there are long stretches between them.
    I liked how the chef got very creative with the chicken dish and chorizo, and all his dishes had his own flair.
    Making the special dinner for 12 was trying, but then losing the salads and having to scramble to replace them with something quickly is why Chef Robert is the right man for the job.
    This show is so much better now he is back.