Dinner: Impossible

Food Network (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Spring Training Tangle
      Coach Dickie Noles welcomes Chef Robert to Clearwater, Florida, where the Philadelphia Phillies have their spring training camp. Indeed, it is the only time of the year that one can see the major league players and the minor league players practice alongside each other. To celebrate, Chef Robert will create dishes using ingredients from the major league and the minor league to entertain 200 baseball players.moreless
    • Mission in the Mud
      Mission in the Mud
      Episode 12
      Only Dinner:Impossible and Chef Robert can transform rain and camping into a fine dining experience. Chef Robert prepares dinner for 45 people—a $15,000 gourmet meal that was sold at auction to benefit Friends of Great Smoky National Park. No one else at Blackberry Farm can do it with a camp stove, little pots, and a campfire in six hours of pouring rain quite like Chef Robert can!moreless
    • Caffeine Crash
      Caffeine Crash
      Episode 11
      It's certainly no coffee break when Chef Robert has to prepare a meal for 150 customers at Peet's Coffee and Tea Roasting Facility in Alameda, California. Chef Robert has to use coffee or tea in every dish he creates, and must cook the dish using a method that is used to make coffee or tea, such as steaming, brewing, or roasting. To scorch his mission even more, Chef Robert must also serve three little dishes to the 50 employees at Peet's for their coffee break.moreless
    • Judgment Day
      Judgment Day
      Episode 10
      Classic food combinations are being "divorced" Dinner:Impossible style as Chef Robert revamps liver-and-onions, cookies-and-milk, fish-and-chips, as well as others. With these newly "single" ingredients Chef Robert must prepare new partnerships that will impress 200 FOX executives and Judge Lynn Toler as they celebrate TV's Divorce Court's 2000th episode.
    • Speed Dating Downfall
      At the speed dating company Hurry Date, Adele, the co-founder, asks Chef Robert to make the perfect meal with several ingredients he's been "set up" with. He has only seven hours to prepare a date-friendly experience for 100 guests. Not only that, Chef Robert plays Cupid for his kitchen helper Brooke. It's a saucy episode to say the least...moreless
    • Disney Dilemma
      Disney Dilemma
      Episode 8
      Chef Robert makes his way again to Disney World for a mission to regale 400 volunteers as they celebrate Family Volunteers Day. He will have no problem playing Prince Charming with the lovely Disney Princesses at his side as he cooks through 9 hours to prepare all the ingredients fit for royalty.moreless
    • Robert's Lost Mission
      It's the hit TV show LOST's newest character, Chef Robert! He must deliver a fantastic meal to the cast and crew of the show LOST, albeit he is "stranded " on a deserted beach in Hawaii!
    • Balloon Blowup
      Balloon Blowup
      Episode 6
      For the 29th annual Red Rock Balloon Rally, Chef Robert finds himself in Gallup, New Mexico, where his mission is a puzzle high up in the sky. He must put together the pieces of his assignment throughout the mission with the help of five hot air balloons that have been launched. Chef Robert has seven hours to create a great meal for two hundred balloon pilots and sponsors, but first he must shop for a menu that can only guess what is in the five hot air balloons aloft above him.moreless
    • Pirate Peril
      Pirate Peril
      Episode 5
      Chef Robert is sailing the seven seas with Captain Stitch and a boatload of pirates during the Pirates in Paradise Festival in beautiful Key West, Florida. Chef Robert is surrounded by fun-loving bona-fide pirates and they recruit Chef Robert to create for 150 pirates a genuine buccaneer menu that should include sea turtle, hardtack, bone soup, pickled preserves and yummy stuff to prevent scurvy. Ahoy mateys!moreless
    • Destroyer Disaster
      Chef Irvine helps celebrate the USS Wayne E. Meyer, the Navy's new destroyer, but his celebrations will be stopped by not one, but two missions that he must complete in one day.
    • Ironman Obstacles
      Chef Irvine faces new complications when his challenge mirrors the Ironman Arizona for which he's been sent to cook. Not only must he fulfill his usual goal, but he'll be given two additional tests to meet in order to succeed.
    • Dorm Food Doom
      Dorm Food Doom
      Episode 2
      Chef Robert gets in touch with his inner undergrad when he visits the University of North Carolina where he's tasked with preparing dinner for 100 students. The catch? All his ingredients must be foraged from the dorms, and he has to dress up what he finds into gourmet fare.
    • Boxed In: Terminal Trouble
      Chef Irvine faces a challenge so vast it may be his doom. He's sent to Philadelphia's Packer Avenue Marine terminal where he has seven hours to prepare a stick-to-your-ribs lunch for 150 longshoremen hungry from loading and unloading the ships. Unfortunately, his ingredients are in the shipping containers found over the hundred or so acres of the terminal, he's cooking in an empty parking lot in a kitchen also crafted from the containers, and he has to make exotic fare look appetizing to this meat-and-potatoes crowd.moreless
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